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This is the only website known to us that is devoted to the history of Greek love, but for those with a broad interest in it, here are listed in alphabetical order some websites that seem in different ways likely to be found useful or interesting.  Descriptions intended to be useful supplements to shallow perusal of the sites themselves are given to help you decide if they would interest you. All but the three noted are in English.



A long-standing messaging board for those attracted to boys, its main focus is on the present. The subject-matter and quality of the posts are extremely variable, and if you browse it at random, you are quite likely to be bored or offended.  The key to using it satisfyingly is its format, which can also be off-putting before its value is understood, but which makes it easy to follow what the posters you have found to be interesting have to say, while ignoring the rest.  The most interesting are exceptionally well-informed and insightful about Greek love, and, happily from the point of view of this website, tend to be the most interested in its history.



Rather than itself saying much, this site has by a very long shot "the most comprehensive list of boy-related links ever compiled." Though the focus is on what about boys and Greek love interests those attracted to them today, it is a wonderful resource for the boy's place in culture, the record of which is obviously historical.


British Public Schools

Despite the title, a French website devoted to "films and books on the sexuality of boys and their sexual love affairs with each other (special friendships) and with men (pederasty)."


Consenting Juveniles

If you have read enough on this website to conclude that Greek love, depending on individual circumstances, has brought about much the same mixture of joy and grief as other forms of love, then you may wonder why you have never heard of boys experiencing it positively in recent times. Apart from vigorous suppression by the law and a deeply hostile culture, meaning that attempts to practise it are few and tend to end in severe grief, the answer is simple: censorship. The boy who over time is not persuaded by relentless assertion in the media that he must have  been harmed by his sexual experience with a man (however wonderful it had felt at the time) and dares to say so, will face disbelief or disaster.  Consider the recent case of Milo Yiannopoulos, whose successful career was destroyed the moment the media caught onto the positive things he said about his seduction at thirteen of a priest.

Consenting Juveniles is a brave, new venture into giving voice to the victims society genuinely refuses to hear, the minors of either gender who have often been reduced to misery by the forced destruction of their love lives.  A few of the cases date from the less intolerant times with which this website is concerned.


Every Farthing

A website whose purpose is purely humane: to rescue those attracted to boys today from the miserable low-esteem that usually results from society's one-sided portrayal of them, achieved by presenting the other, decent side through stories, essays, poetry and more.  With this objective and its banner of "You Are Your Story", it might be considered the counterpart for men of the Consenting Juveniles website. However, there is much more reading for pleasure to be found here, especially the books by Jay Edson offered for free download, of which Marcus and Me is one of the finest Greek love novels ever written.


Historic Archives - Male Nude Swimming

Despite having nothing to say about Greek love, this website is of interest because positive attitudes to male homosocial nudity and the practice of Greek love have not only often flourished under the same conditions, but have also fallen into severe disfavour over the last half-century due to many of the same social changes. An eye-opener for anyone who does not realise we live in exceptionally prudish times.


Les Diagonales du Temps 

A blog in French with some fine articles on Greek love in the arts and literature, it is an especially valuable resource for the history of Greek love in France.


Male Homosexual Attraction to Minors Information Center

A thorough and objective survey of all the known psychiatric literature pertaining to pederasty.


Perseus Digital Library

Here are to be found, in original Greek or Latin with English translations, most of the surviving texts from the golden age of Greek love in Europe, before Christianity began the demonisation of it.



A French website with a substantial archive of scholarly articles dedicated to "the factual, literary and artistic history of homosexuality" with emphasis on the French, pederastic and modern.


Rictor Norton

Devoted to "Gay History & Literature", but including Greek love and lesbianism within its remit.  Concentrated on English history and with essays slightly marred by a fixation on fighting the overwhelming historical evidence for a "constructionist" view of sexual history, this website is invaluable for its presentation of copious rare primary sources, especially for the 18th and 19th centuries.



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