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three pairs of lovers with space



Four lists are given here:

1. All known novels published in print in which Greek love is at least arguably the main theme.

2. Some others in which it is a significant theme.

3. A small selection of high-quality Greek love stories that can be read on this website and either have not published before or have only ever been published online.

4. Plays published in print with Greek love as their main theme. 

Within these four lists, stories are arranged in alphabetical order of the authors' surnames. Pen names are preferred over real names. Cross-referencing is provided for authors who published books listed here under different names. Many (not too) short stories are included. All translations mentioned are into English.

Contributions to these lists will be most welcome.


Novels in which Greek love is at least arguably the main theme

Aciman, André, Call Me By Your Name, New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2007.  The finely-portrayed love affair of a youth in the Italian Riviera with a 24-year-old American house-guest.  Though the youth is 17, the tone of the affair is pederastic rather than gay, the love fulfilling needs at a particular stage of life rather than implying a coming-out for either lover.

Adelswärd-Fersen, Jacques d', Lord Lyllian: Messes Noires, Paris: Léon Vanier, 1905, translated from the French as Lord Lyllian: Black Masses, Asphodel Editions, Vermont, 2005.  A novel with a pederastic protagonist satirising the scandal in which the author had been embroiled with some Parisian schoolboys.

Adelswärd-Fersen, Jacques d', Le Baiser de Narcisse (The Kiss of Narcissus), Paris: Léon Vanier, 1907. The story, set in Sicily and Verona of a 16-year-old seminary student loved by both a 23-year-old French painter and a priest, but himself in love with a girl who dies.

Altman, Scot [Francis Duffield Shelden], The Chronicles of the Starcross Complex, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1986.  Crude American pederotica set and partly first published in the 1960s-70s.

Altman, Scott [Francis Duffield Shelden]. See also his books published under the names Wallington Fuger, Frank Torey and Peter Zupp.

[Anon.], Lettres amoureuses d’un frère à son élève (Love Letters from a Priest to his Pupil), Alexandria: Durando [Brussels: Jules Gay], 1878. Of several later editions, two published in Paris in 1884 by Librairie anticléricale and P. Fort were titled Lettres d’un  ignorantin à son élève (Letters of an Ignoramus to his Pupil). The first story in French to give an accurate and positive account of Greek love, consisting of 52 letters (most of them probaby authentic) written 1869-70 by Brother Joseph, a boarding-school teacher, to his ravishing 14-year-old pupil Marius: he confesses his love, and the boy proving responsive, it is fully and passionately consummated, many kinds of sex as well as pedication being described.

[Anon.], L'arcane indien. Récit apocryphe (The Indian Enigma. Apocryphal Story), anonymously translated into French from the original Portuguese, allegedly in the 19th century, and published with an introduction and notes by Jean-Claude Féray, Paris: Quintes-feuilles, 2002. An account purportedly written around 1800 by one Apollinaire, who had travelled to India to rescue a friend imprisoned by the Goa Inquisition for the unnameable sin. Apollinaire develops a passionate friendship with Kristoffer, a twelve-year-old Danish boy living in India, as well as witnessing up close the initiation rites of the Karakadakang tribe.

Argiri, Laura,  The God in Flight, New York: Random House, 1994.  The passionate and tempestuous love affair of an undergraduate and professor at Yale University in 1878-82 told in exquisitely lush prose.  Though the undergraduate is 17 at the most critical time, he is described as looking 14, and the lovers see themselves as man and boy in a pederastic affair.

Arsand, Daniel, Des Amants, [Paris:] Stock, 2008, translated from the French by Howard Curtis as Lovers, New York: Europa Editions, 2012.  Short tragedy set in France in 1749 about the forbidden love of a young nobleman and a peasant boy of 15.

Ashford, Kent, The Singalong Tribe, London: GMP, 1986. PDF. Realistic novel by an informed journalist about boy-prostitutes in Manila using their bodies and their cunning to survive.

Atkins, Catherine, When Jeff Comes Home, New York: Puffin, 1999. Set in California, 16-year-old Jeff, kidnapped by a man for sex when he was 13, is reluctantly returned by his kidnapper to his family and has great difficulty readjusting to life with them.

Banner, Keith, The Life I Lead, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1997. The story told from several viewpoints of a married Indiana father and bus driver who suddenly falls in love with a little boy.

Berliner, Ross, The Manhood Ceremony, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1978. PDF. The psychological transformation of a happy and beautiful boy of 12 abducted, raped and taken traveling across the eastern USA by a psychopath.

Bernard, Frits, using the pen name Victor Serviatius for the 1st edition, Vervolgde Minderheid, Rotterdam: Enclave, 1960, translated from the Dutch by A. Ronaldson as Persecuted Minority, Amsterdam: Southernwood Press, 1989. ReviewThe love story of a 15-year-old boy and his teacher, discovered by the boy's father from a letter.

Bernard, Frits, using the pen name Victor Serviatius for the 1st edition, Costa Brava, Rotterdam: Enclave, 1960, translated from the Dutch by A. Ronaldson, Amsterdam: Southernwood Press, 1988. PDF. Review. A simple and sweet unconsummated love story about a Venezuelan film producer and a boy of twelve together escaping the outbreak of civil war in Spain in 1936.

Berube, R. G., Peg Boy, USA, 2013. Review. Rather unrealistic account of a 12-year-old Peruvian boy resorting to prostituting himself in San Francisco at the time of the Gold Rush of 1848.

Besson, Philippe, En l'absence des hommes, 2002, translated from the French by Frank Wynne as In the absence of Men, London: Heinemann, 2002. The awakening of an aristocratic Parisian boy of 16, sexually with a doomed young schoolmaster-turned-soldier, and platonically with the middle-aged writer Marcel Proust. Set in 1916.

Beysson, Louis, Geri ou un premier amour, Lyon: A Vingtrinier, 1876. Translated from the French by Laetitia Collier as Geri's Secret, Paris: Quintes-Feuilles, 2020. Victor from Lyon is sent to a religious boarding-school in Switzerland, where he strikes up a passionate and romantic friendship with Geri, a younger Florentine boy, a friendship with sufficiently obvious amorous undertones to have limited the novel's publication.

Birken, Heinz [Eichen, Heinrich], Jede Liebe ist Liebe (Every Kind of Love is Love), Copenhagen: COQ, 1981. In German only. Review. The passionately happy love affair of an East Berliner of 14-15 with a youth two years older is allowed to flourish by those around, but then abruptly broken off when his family have to move to West Berlin. The pederastic character of the story is underlined by the boy finding final solace in love with a bereaved man.

Bloxam, John Francis, “The Priest and the Acolyte” in The Chameleon, Oxford, 1894.  Read on this website. An earnest and melodramatic short story.

Bradbury Robinson, C. J., A Crocodile of Choirboys, San Diego: Phenix Books, 1970. Set in Cambridge, the often erotic story of three differently-spelt Stephens: a Cambridge choirboy, his teacher (well-travelled in lands with rich boysexual opportunities) and a philosophy undergraduate, the latter two in love with the first.

Bradbury Robinson, C. J., Young Thomas, San Diego: Greenleaf Classics, 1971. Review. An exploration of the relationship between Thomas, a mischievous highly-intelligent prep school boy of 10, and a schoolmaster obsessed by his beauty and sense of fun. Set in the 1960s, their interaction is refreshingly free (as was then imaginable) and amusing, Thomas being well aware of his hold on the teacher and the other boys taking their mutual affection for granted.

Bradbury Robinson, C. J., Bare Knees, Boy Knees, San Diego: Greenleaf Classics, 1971. A post-modern story heavy in literary allusions centred on a woman in a New York City mental hospital who shares the obsession with slightly pre-pubescent boys of the other characters of both genders.

Bradbury Robinson, C. J., Arabian Boys, San Diego: Greenleaf Classics, 1972. In a failing battle to repress his pederastic desires, a British inspector goes to a fictional Middle Eastern country to help its westernising ruler stamp out homosexuality, while a visiting compatriot happily indulges his.

Bradbury Robinson, C. J., More Please No More, London: Out Now Press, 2011.­­ Review of William's Mix sectionExcerpts from two of the author's older books listed here plus "William's Mix", a newly published story.

Bradbury Robinson, C. J., Words for Love Perhaps, London: Out Now Press, 2015.  Review of Minor Incidents section. A re-issue of his A Crocodile of Choirboys together with Minor Incidents, a revised version of the same.

Bradley, Marion Zimmer, The Catch Trap, New York: Ballantine, 1979. The love affair of two trapeze artists in the 1940s USA, a boy of 14-15 and a man seven years older.

Bushuyev, Dmitry, Дми́трий Бушуев, Na kogo pohohz Arlekin На кого похож Арлекин (Whom Harlequin Loves), Tver: Kolonna, 1997. In Russian only.  The love affair of a 22-year-old teacher and his pupil of 14 set in a small town in the 1990s.

Caminha, Adolfo, Bom-Crioulo, Rio de Janeiro: D. de Magalhães, 1895, translated from the Portuguese by E. A. Lacey as Bom-Crioulo, The Black Man and the Cabin Boy, San Francisco: Gay Sunshine, 1982.  PDF. Review. The love affair of a black sailor and blond 15-year-old, remarkably explicit for its time.

Campbell, Robert [Robert Meriwether Wren], Singularities, book 1, Amsterdam: Acolyte, 1989.  PDF. A collection of pederastic short stories with widely varying settings and characters, none explicit (as most were from this publisher) and some excellent.

Campbell, Robert [Robert Meriwether Wren], "My Father's Story" in the NAMBLA Bulletin, Volume X, Nos. 6 (June 1989) pp. 12-16 & 8 (October 1989) pp. 6-12. Read on this website. A fine adaptation of a true incident in 399 BC (originally recounted by Xenophon in his Anabasis), when a mercenary captain and a captive boy found spontaneous love through honour, its sexual frankness at amusing odds with the conceit that it been originally written for the author when he was 14 by his father.

Campbell, Scott, Touched, New York: Bantam, 1996.  Set in Michigan in 1980 and concerning the miserable mayhem for all concerned that inevitably ensues when a boy of twelve is suddenly inspired to tell his mother he has been "touched" over a few months by a nerdish boy-lover. This is worth reading for its cleverness in telling the story convincingly from several points of view rather than its portrayal of a shallow Greek love affair.

Casey, Charles, The Monkey Cages, Amherst, Massachusetts: Lethe, 2018. The love affair of a sixteen-year-old boy and his football coach, a Korean War veteran, in Boise, Idaho in 1955, with the real-life setting of the scandal that erupted there over sex between men and adlescent boys.

Chaamba, Abdallah [François Augiéras], Le Vieillard et l'enfant (The Old Man and the Child), privately printed [Périgueux], 1949; published Paris: éditions de Minuit, 1954. A romanticised version of the author's life in his retired uncle's fortress in a Saharan oasis in 1944. Though he had really been 19 when his uncle seduced him, he makes himself appear younger and their love affair as pederastic.

Chaamba, Abdallah. See also books published under the name François Augiéras.

Chase, Gamelyn, Redemptor Domus, [np.:] Pen Press, 2010. An over-the-top story, told from the points of view of three boys, about a Catholic boarding-school in Wales in the years 1946-50, where the priests not only take sexual advantage of the boys, but turn doing so into a remunerative business with little need for caution. Widely criticised for being over-written.

Chee, Alexander, Edinburgh, New York: Welcome Rain, 2001. Novel in two parts, each from the perspective of a different character. The first is Fee, a Korean-American boy who sings with the Pine State Boys' Choir from age 12 until his voice changes when he's 15, and there meets and falls in unrequited love with a boy the same age as well as experimenting sexually with another. The choir director is a gifted musician with a streak of darkness: he drugs the boys in his care in order to abuse them sexually, driving at least two to suicide. We then fast forward some years and the narration is taken up by the choir director's 17-year-old son, attending a boarding school, unaware of his distant father's past and in a happy relationship with a girlfriend -- until he meets and falls hard for his new swim coach, who turns out to to be the adult Fee.

Chen Sen 陳森, Pinhua baojian 品花宝鉴 (Precious Mirror for Ranking Flowers), 1849. Various love affairs between upper-class young men and boys acting in Beijing operas.

Chetwynd, Douglas [Revd. Michael John de Clare Studdert], Belles-bottom boys: A fantasy, privately printed, Hindhead, Surrey, undated [1997/9]. PDF. Fairly well-written story set on an abandoned and isolated oil-rig in the North Sea transformed into a boarding-school for 14 boys of various nationalities, aged 10 to 18, all selected and trained for their beauty and appetite for sex. The supposed author, said to be 15, relates in great and sometimes very funny details how the boys sexually entertain monthly groups of adult visitors with pantomines (including a hilarious boy-love version of Cinderella) and other titillating games.

Chetwynd, Douglas [Revd. Michael John de Clare Studdert]. See also his books published under the name Mario Kochany.

Chigo Kannon engi 稚児観音縁, illustrated scroll, early 14th century. Published in Nihon Emaki Taisei, vol. 24, Chūokōronsha, 1979. Translated from the original Japanese by Margaret Childs as “The Story of Kannon’s Manifestation as a Youth” in Partings at Dawn: An Anthology of Japanese Gay Literature edited by Stephen D. Miller, qv.  Read on this website. Explaining the origin of the eleven-headed statue of the Buddhist deity Kannon at Hasadera, the story of how Kannon took the form of a boy to being comfort and love to a lonely monk of sixty.

Chigo no sōshi 稚児之草紙 (A Book of Acolytes), illustrated manuscript roll, Daigo-ji temple in Kyoto, 1321. Published in Inagaki Taruho and Ihara Saikaku, Taruho-ban 'Nanshoku ōkagami.', Tokyo, 1977, vol. 2. In Japanese only.  Five erotically explicit short stories about sex between Buddhist monks and boy acolytes.

Chubb, Ralph, The Sun Spirit: a Visionary Phantasy, privately printed, Aldermaston, 1931.  A visionary drama in which Lucifer is routed by an androgynous divine boy.

Chubb, Ralph, The Heavenly Cupid: or, the True Paradise of Loves, privately printed, Aldermaston, 1934.  Mostly a long prophetic essay on the arrival on earth of a third sex, but also includes some poetry.

Chubb, Ralph, The Secret Country: or, Tales of Vision, privately printed, Aldermaston, 1939.  A collection of allegorical fables rather in the style of the medieval romances of knights in armour and handsome yellow-haired princes, and of descriptions of the author's visionary experiences.

Chubb, Ralph, The Child of Dawn: or, the Book of the Manchild, privately printed, Aldermaston, 1948.  PDF. A book of prophecies of the redemption of Albion by the boy-god Ra-el-phaos..

Chubb, Ralph, Flames of Sunrise: a Book of the Man-Child Concerning the Redemption of Albion, privately printed, Aldermaston, 1954.  More prophecies like those in The Child of Dawn.

Dantzig, Rudi van,  Voor een Verloren Soldaat, Amsterdam: Arbeiderspers, 1986,  translated from the Dutch by Arnold Pomeranz as For a Lost Soldier, London: Bodley Head, 1991. PDF. Autobiographical novel in which the future Dutch choreographer recounts his brief love affair at 12 with a Canadian in the army liberating the Netherlands in 1945 and poignantly describes his sense of loss at the man's sudden disappearance.

Davenport, Guy, "The Death of Picasso" in Eclogues, San Francisco: North Point Press, 1981. Journal entries of the Dutch philosopher Adriaan van Hovendaal, who takes on a troubled fifteen-year old boy named Sander, and helps him remake himself on the professor’s private island “Snegren.” Sander had been sexually extremely precocious and learns on the island the possibilities of a more chaste existence, but the eroticism between him and his mentor is clear.

Davenport, Guy, "Apples and Pears: het erewhonisch schetsboek, Messidor – Vendémiaire 1981” in Apples and Pears and other short stories, San Francisco: North Point Press, 1984. Extended continuation of van Hovendaal’s journals, taking place in Amsterdam and the island of Snegren. A social experiment in the vein of Fourier’s utopian concept of the “Harmony.” Adolescent sexuality of all varieties at play here; Adriaan’s relation with Sander develops further; the friendship between two twelve-year-old boys Hans and Jan explores sexual dimensions; a visitor to the island named Joris has a deep interest in the boys but is kept at some distance from them; a twelve-year-old ragamuffin named Wolfgang finds his way into the experiment; various Danes making experimental films on youthful sexuality enter into the picture. Illustrated with pen and ink drawings by the author.

Davenport, Guy, A Table of Green Fields, New York: New Directions, 1993. Greek love is central to two of the stories. "Gunnar and Nikolai", a short story about a young sculptor who develops a semi-pederastic relation with a boy model, with a curious plot-twist. "O Gadjo Niglo": one of Davenport’s few non-utopian stories of pederastic affairs, taking place in a decidedly un-enlightened Scandinavia, first between the young narrator and a younger boy, then between him and an older youth. Written with interestingly limited use of punctuation.

Davenport, Guy, The Death of Picasso, Washington, D.C.: Shoemaker & Hoard, 2003. Two of the stories have a Greek love theme. "The Owl of Minerva", a contrast of stories: an army major Mikkel visits a former teacher at his military school to thank him for his understanding of a relationship he had with a teacher, Magnus Rasmussen, at the school who had saved him from poverty as a boy, and had him live with him and allowed him to attend the school. And then: two twelve-year-old boys, one Magnus’s son, together discover an abandoned house, clean it up, and camp out in it, and get boyishly intimate without any actual sex. "The Playing Field", episodes from the early days of Mikkel and Magnus’s lives together.

Davenport, Guy, Wo Es War, Soll Ich Werden: the restored original text, Champaign, Illinois: The Finial Press, 2004. The pederastic relationship between Pascal and Holger from the NFS Grundtvig school, interwoven with the story of an English drummer boy and an older soldier who were executed for sodomy, and with all sorts of interludes involving the main cast of characters introduced in Davenport's previous "Grundtvig" pieces. A rare limited edition containing the full original text (edited finalized by the author) of the novella earlier published in The Drummer of the Eleventh North Devonshire Fusiliers, qv. This much longer version goes into greater detail concerning the love affair between teacher Holger and his beloved Pascal.

Davidson, Michael, "Atti Innominabili" in Jeremy VII, London, 1970. Read on this website. A short story set in an Apulian fishing village, in which jealousy between a boy of 15 and a loose girl of 14 over the love of an older boy leads to a small fight and devastating consequences for all three when the police interfere.

Doherty, Susan, Monday Rent Boy, Penguin Random House, 2024. Two friends and altar-boys aged 13 to 16 are sexually preyed upon by a Catholic priest in Somerset in the 1980s. Eventually they triumph over a horrendous conspiracy by unspeakably-evil pederasts, linking sex abuse by Catholic priests to the dark web.

Downey, Rod, The Moralist, Florida: Great Mirror Press, 2001. Review. A self-impressed American pederast of 50 is provoked by the dire fate of like-minded friends to use his professional skills in public relations to take on public media over the morality of Greek love while fighting off the inevitable retaliatory efforts of the authorities to entrap him over his current boy-friend of 13.

Drevet, Patrick, Une Chambre dans le Bois, Paris: Gallimard, 1989, translated from French by James Kirkup  as A Room in the Woods, London: Quartet, 1991.  Evocative, but excessively descriptive account of a Greek love affair set in the Jura in 1957.

Dueweke, Stephen, Playing Soldiers in the Dark, Chicago: Bagman Press, 1992. PDF. A playful, delightful, literary, and slightly whacky romp through the homosexual awakening of 14-year-old Jim Brandekker and his schoolteacher Shannon O'Donnelly's protective infatuation for him.

Dukahz, Casimir [Brian Otto Drexel], Shakespeare's Boy, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1991.  A story of the erotic encounters with men of a Shakespearean boy actor which, despite having no pretences to historical realism, is still deeply disappointing for its demonstration of the aged author's once exceptional wit turned flat.

Du Maurier, Daphne, “Ganymede”: short story in The Breaking Point, London: Gollancz, 1959. Not du Maurier’s best writing, but an imaginative, darkly comic (mis)treatment of Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice. Contains some skilful plot twists which end by suggesting there exist fates far worse than a quietly ecstatic boy-inspired death.

Duvert, Tony, Paysage de fantasie, Paris: Les éditions de Minuit, 1973, translated from the French by Sam Flores as Strange Landscape, New York: Grove Press, 1975. A disjointed but Prix-Médicis-winning account, devoid of punctuation and challenging to follow, of the lives of some boys of 8 to 14 brought to live in an old chateau serving partly as a pederastic bordello.

Duvert, Tony, Journal d'un innocent, Paris: Les éditions de Minuit, 1976, translated from the French as Diary of an Innocent, Los Angeles: Semiotext(e), 2010.  A socially challenging and sexually explicit account of a man's sexual adventures with a tribe of adolescent boys in a place resembling North Africa.

Duvert, Tony, Quand mourut Jonathan, Paris: Les éditions de Minuit, 1978, translated from the French by D. R. Roberts as  When Jonathan Died,  London: GMP, 1991 PDF. Review. The tragic love story, critically acclaimed at the relatively liberal time of its publication, initiated by an emotionally neglected boy of eight to ten with a young artist.

Duvert, Tony. See also his short stories included in JFV's biographical and literary compilation, Tony Duvert: Un homme parle (Tony Duvert: A Man Speaks), 2017, first published on this website, 2023. Read here.

Edson, Jay, Marcus and Me, New York: Mind Glow Media, 2008. PDF. ReviewThe deeply-touching story of an eleven-year-old who impulsively elopes from a grim children's home with a free-spirited young man and travels with him across the U.S.A. in the hippy heyday of 1967.

Edson, Jay, Koan, USA: Last Farthing, 2010. PDFThe gripping story of a man courting disaster  through his wish to protect a boy of 11 he had come to love; set at the time of public hysteria about satanic sex abuse in the 1980s.

Edson, Jay, Simon's Diary, Lincoln, Maine: Every Farthing, 2015. A thoughtful boy of 11 living in a coal-mining community in W. Virginia tries to make sense of a confusing world.

Edson, Jay.  See also a book published under the name J.H.

Edward, Alan, "First of the Month" in Pan, a magazine about boy-love, 3, November 1979, Amsterdam: Spartacus, pp. 8-12. Read on this website. A very forward 13-year-old comes on to a choirmaster who begins to suspect he is the ghost of a chorister who died a century earlier.

Edward, Alan, "The Keeper" in Pan, a magazine about boy-love, 9, November 1981, Amsterdam: Spartacus, pp. 14-17. Read on this website. Set in England, a man on a tryst with a schoolboy of 12 crashes his car and has a vision of paradise.

Edward, Alan, Kit, Amsterdam: Coltsfoot Press, 1983. PDF. ReviewThe moving story of  a boy of 12, placed in an asylum after losing his parents and being declared autistic, gradually coming together with a man placed there for sexual involvement with boys, the latter's conflict with society wittily critiqued through his exchanges with his  intelligent but conservative psychiatrist.

Edward, Alan, "Pacific 4-6-0" in Pan, a magazine about boy-love, 19, July 1984, Amsterdam: Spartacus, pp. 12-15. Read on this website. Set in England in the 1950s, a boy of 11 in love with one of 13 accompanies him on a train-spotting excursion to the countryside and finds his dreams come true.

Edward, Alan,  The Fire-Worshipper, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1994. PDF. The story of a 13-year-old chorister in an imaginary England where old pagan religion had prevailed over Christianity, resulting in a society of advanced but semi-pastoral people where talented boys sing and dance and openly make love in elaborate religious celebrations.

Edwards, W. "Parking Lots, French Fries and Changes" in the NAMBLA Bulletin, Volume XV, No. 8 (December 1994) pp. 29-31. Read on this website. A well-written, moving and realistic short story set in South Carolina, in which a man recounts the disintegration under social pressure of his two-year love affair with a boy of 12 to 14.

Eisenhardt, Jens, Kim, min Elskede, Copenhagen: Borgen, 1981, translated from the Danish by Stephen Foster as Kim, My Beloved, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1988. PDF. Review. A 30-year-old schoolmaster's introspective account account of his consummated love for a boy pupil of 15, set in provincial Denmark in 1962.

Essebac, Achille [Henri-Louis-Achille Bécasse], Luc, Paris: L'Édition Moderne, Ambert, 1902. PDF (in French).  The romantic vicissitudes of a choirboy loved by a painter and repelled by a forward woman.

Essebac, Achille [Henri-Louis-Achille Bécasse], L’Élu (The Chosen One), Paris: L'Édition Moderne, Ambert, 1902. PDF (in French). Two women desiring a beautiful Roman schoolboy of 16 attempt to thwart his blossoming Greek love affair with a French ceramist of 22.

Esser, Kevin, Street Boy Dreams, New York: The Sea Horse Press, 1983.  PDF Review. The love affair of a teacher and a Hispanic street-boy of 13-14 in an unspecified American city. Advertised as autobiographical.

Esser, Kevin, "A Bird in Hand" in Fag Rag 40, 1983, Boston Massachusetts: The Fag Rag Collective, p. 4. A 12-year-old neswpaper boy understands the narrator's sexual interest in him and offers himself.

Esser, Kevin, "Arizona Blues" in Pan, a magazine about boy-love, 18, May 1984, Amsterdam: Spartacus, pp. 15-17. Read on this website. The narrator's brief encounters with two American and one Mexician boy, aged 12-14.

Esser, Kevin, "Luther" in Pan, a magazine about boy-love, 20, October 1984, Amsterdam: Spartacus, pp. 17-19. Read on this website. Brief and wistful account of a boy of 13 with whom the narrator had an affair for a year.

Esser, Kevin, "Midsummer Sorcery" in Nambla Journal Seven, San Francisco: Garrett, 1986, pp. 24-26. Read on this website. 12-year-old Kim passes the day set off fireworks with the narrator someone where in the American mid-west, and thus rekindles their recently  dwindling passion for an evening of love.

Esser, Kevin, "Fallen Angel" in Nambla Journal Seven, San Francisco: Garrett, 1986, pp. 51-52. A brief window into narrator Kevin's special friendship with eight-year-old Jimmy, during which the latter has his first dry orgasm.

Esser, Kevin, Dance of the Warriors, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1988.  PDF. Review. Sci-fi about two pubescent boys fighting their way to freedom in a militaristic and fundamentalist mid-21st century America.

Esser, Kevin, Something Like Happiness, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1993.  PDF. Midwest-American Andy, 14 and sexually active with other boys, drifts towards pot-smoking and commercial sex until he falls in love with Matthew, a younger boy who hero-worships him.

Esser, Kevin, NAMBLA Topics 8. Voodoo: An excerpt from a novel in progress, New York: North American Man-Boy Love Association, 1998. Later published in full online as 3 volumes. Set in the author's home state of Illinois, mailman Jake and his writer friend Doc have a series of sexual liaisons with boys aged 8 to 16.

Esser, Kevin, "Crytogram" and "Confirmation" in Thamyris, issue 1, New York: Ariels's Pages, Winter 2002, pp. 18-25. PDF. Two short stories, of which by far the better is the 2nd, a moving and realistic account of an exuberant boy of 13 inducing a much-loved great-uncle to give him gentle sexual initiation on the night of his confirmation.

Fane, Olivia, On Loving Josiah, London: Arcadia, 2011. The boyhood of Josiah, stolen from his unconventional parents by the British authorities and sent to a childrens' home, where his only relief is an intense friendship at fifteen with a Latin tutor in his thirties, a friendship that soon leads to accusations of molestation.

Foelske, Walter, Cousin Cousin, MännerschwarmSkript Verlag, 1997. In German only. Review. Beautiful 14-year-old Konrad moves to Cologne and falls in love with his 25-year-old cousin Rudolf and fights passionately to win him despite opposition from Rudolf's fiancé. Includes a long and  exquisitely recounted scene of consummation.

Frazier, G. M., Return to Innocence, Namenlosen Press, 1999; 2nd, amended & self-published edition, 2011. After his mother is arrested for making and selling erotic videos of him, 13-year-old Tommy Jackson is sent to a home and counselling centre for abused boys run by respected psychiatrist Glen Erskine, where he recovers until the nature of the love he shares with one of his counselors is discovered and their relationship is destroyed. Tommy blames Erskine for this and strikes back by accusing him of molesting him, setting the stage for a harrowing courtroom drama. The 1st edition takes Erskine's side, though he has merely been hoisted on his own petard; the 2nd has removed what the author calls "the more prurient aspects."

Freedman, B.J., A Natural Lizard Activity, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1994. PDFThe life, with emphasis on its Greek love aspect, of Kim, a free-spirited 13-year-old in the Californian counterculture of the early 1980s.

Freedman, B.J., TBoaTYO, Los Gatos: California: Smashwords, 2013. A comic love story set in 1984, in which the Californian lover of the Kim of his preceding book goes off to Manila in search of boys, but is pursued by vigilantes when his boysexual novel, The Body of a Ten-Year-Old (whence TBoaTYO), is unexpectedly a bestseller.

Fuentes, Luis Miguel, "Coco" in Thamyris, issue 2, New York: Ariel's Pages, 2002/3. PDF. Miguel, 13 and clearly the author, and his 11-year-old boyfriend Coco are drugged and raped by a man with unexpected dramatic consequences. Though most of Fuentes's stories were apparently true, this one has story-telling from the point of view of the other protagonists that must be partly fiction.

Fuger, Wallington [Francis Duffield Shelden],  Solos, Duets & Improvisations, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1989.  PDFErotic stories involving various younger and older boys at a Canadian boarding-school.

Fuger, Wallington [Francis Duffield Shelden]See also his books published under the names Scott, Altman, Frank Torey and Peter Zupp.

Geraci, Joseph,  Loving Sander,  Swaffham, Norfolk: GMP, 1997. Review. A delicate and honest portrayal of the love relationship of a Dutch boy of 10 to 12 with an American residing in Amsterdam, set in the early 1990s just as the Netherlands was retreating from its tolerance of Greek love, hitherto exceptional for modern Europe.

Ghâli, Gamîla [Annie Messina], Il mirto e la rosa, Palermo: Sellerio, 1982. Translated from the Italian by Jessie Bright as The Myrtle & the Rose, New York: Italica, 2009. Review. A beautifully-written tale set around the turn of the 1st millenium in the world of the 1,001 Nights about the passionate love affair of an Arabian prince and a beautiful slave-boy of 12 to 15.

Ghâli, Gamîla.  See also her book published under her real name.

Gilbert, Peter & Tom Holt, Adam and the Paradise Garden, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1992. PDFReview. Erotic, mystery thriller involving the disappearance of pubescent boys to a stormy island off Scotland.

Gilbert, Peter & Tom Holt,  A Boy’s Sweet Sorrow and Satisfaction, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1994. PDFErotic sequel to the preceding, set in England and involving a cast of well-to-do men and pubescent boys of more varied background.

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Green, G. F., In the Making: The Story of a Childhood, London: Peter Davies, 1952. PDF. The story of Randal Thane, an English boy, between the ages of five and fourteen, but mostly set at the prep school he was sent to at ten and concerned with his passionate love for a older boy there.

Green, G. F., The Power of Sergeant Streater, London: Macmillan, 1972. Atmospheric novel about three British civil servants attracted to beautiful sarong-wearing local boys in colonial Ceylon.

Griffin, David [Robert Cecil Romer Maugham, 2nd Viscount Maugham]. See books published under his real name, Robin Maugham.

Guersant, Marcel, Jean-Paul (John Paul), Paris: Editions de Minuit, 1953. The loves, mostly for boys, of a youth from 1927, when he was 15, until his death in 1935; daringly frank for the times.

Guibert, Hervé, Voyage avec deux enfants (Voyage with Two Children), Paris: Les Éditions de Minuit, 1992. Two Frenchmen embark on an expedition to Morocco with two pubescent boys, one of whom is later identified as the author's 15-year-old lover.

Gutzman, D. H., Debauched Genius, The Loves of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, [unidentified publisher], 2021. A mostly historically-accurate ficionalisation of the great Russian composer, concentrating on his passionate love affairs with boys and youths, and the tensions between them and his need for social acceptance.

H., J., This Too Is Love, privately printed, [USA], 2004. PDF. Twelve stories about Greek love that are each complete in themselves, but also form a composite account of one man's story, inspired by the American author's own life.

H., J.  See also books published under the pen name Jay Edson.

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Henri, Philippe, "Eric" in Pan, a magazine about boy-love, 16, July 1983, Amsterdam: Spartacus, pp. 17-23. Read on this website. A 26-year-old aviation official rescues a boy of 13 from being caught stealing in a supermarket with unexpected, happy consequences.

Herbart, Pierre, L'âge d'or (The Age of Gold), Paris: Gallimard, 1953. A lyric, melancholy memoir of the author's relationships with boys, and one girl, ranging from his first intimacy with a friend at the age of 16 on the beach of his native Dunkirk to his relationship in the Provence with 14-year-old Mathieu.

Hocquenghem, Guy, Les petits garcons (The Little boys), Paris: Albin Michel, 1983. A racy and thinly veiled novelisation of the French Coral affair of 1982, in which some questionably pederastic goings-on in a school for disabled boys led to some very eminent men being severely harassed by the French injustice system with false charges (and shamefully abandoned by their  expected allies) helped by an unscrupulous judge and a crooked police informer.

Holland, Isabelle, The Man Without a Face, Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1972.  Excellent and moving story of redemption, love and loss involving an American boy of fourteen and a man disfigured by burning whom he seeks out for tuition. The sexual element of their relationship manifests itself only obliquely at the end.

Hunt, Chris, Street Lavender, London: GMP, 1986. PDF. Set in the 1880s, a lively and moving recounting of the vicissitudes of a boy from the East End of London who resorts to sex with men alternately to escape poverty and for emotional salvation.

Hunt, Chris, Mignon, London: GMP, 1987.  PDF. The adventures in the world of Elizabethan theatre of an effeminate French boy refugee of 15, the book's title deriving from his earlier service as a catamite of the French King Henry III. Includes a brilliant portrayal of the boy-loving playwright Christopher Marlowe.

Huston, Bo, The Dream Life, New York: St. Martin's Press, 1993. PDF. Review. The tale of a 14-year-old and his 33-year-old privately-engaged tutor who elope and travel across America.

Icard, Renaud, Olmetta ou l’Amour et l’Ange (Olmetta or Love and the Angel), expurgated version, Rouen: Impr. Wolf, 1946; unexpurgated Paris: Quintes-feuilles, 2013.  The friendship of a young French artist and a Corsican fisherboy taken on as a model for the god Eros. The first draft was written much earlier, in 1908.

Inagaki Taruho 稲垣 足穂, “Hanamegane” in the journal Shinchō, 1924. Translated from the Japanese by Jeffrey Angles as “Pince-Nez Glasses” in Harrington Gay Men’s Fiction Quarterly 7 no. 1 (2005) pp. 3-12. Nostalgic reminiscences covering seven years of requited but unconsummated love for a younger schoolfellow with whom the narrator fell in love seeing him singing in English on a train.

Inagaki Taruho 稲垣 足穂, “R-chan to S no hanashi” in the journal Josei (Women) August 1924. Translated from the Japanese by Jeffrey Angles as “The Story of R-chan and S” in Modanizumu: Modernist Fiction from Japan, 1913-1938 compiled & edited by William Jefferson Tyler, Univ. of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, 2008, pp. 359-375. A touching love story born out of a middle school boy’s obsession with a younger boy who stands perfectly for the cosmopolitan lifestyle he aspires to.

Jenkins, Luke,  A Question of Motive, Milton Keynes: AuthorHouse UK, 2008.  A prosaic account of the life of an English "heterosexual boy-lover" from his birth in the 1940s until his imprisonment in the 1990s, focused on his multiple sexual liaisons with boys of mostly thirteen.

Kauffmann, Walt, "A Lombardi" in NAMBLA Bulletin (New York), Vol. XVIII, No. 3, December 1997, pp. 16-25. An extract from an intended, but never-published, novel set in the USA in 1976, in which Walt, 27, photos five boys at a marina, leading to flirtation with one of 13 and full sex with another already-experienced one.

Kennedy, Brian, The Arrival of Fergal Flynn, [np.:] Gardners, 2004.  A 16-year-old boy enduring a difficult childhood in Belfast in the 1980s flourishes when he begins a love affair with a handsome young priest.

Kent, Chris.,  Boys in Shorts, San Francisco: GLB, 2000. PDFSixteen readable but improbable, crude and relentlessly erotic short stories, mostly pederastic (whether man/boy or older/younger boy) and set in England.

Kent, Chris,  The Real Tom Brown’s School Days,  San Francisco: GLB, 2002. PDFA pederotic parody of Hughes's celebrated novel, but set in the 20th century and without its emotion or compelling plot.

Kent, Chris, Boys Will Be Boys: Two Novellas, San Francisco: GLB, 2003.
     “Coral Island Boys”, the first of the novellas, is an erotic parody of R. M. Ballantyne’s The Coral Island (1857). Jim recounts being shipwrecked at 14 with Jamie, 12, and Jack, 16, on an idyllic island in the South Seas, where they live in loving bliss and have adventures with savages and pirates before being rescued by the Royal Navy Captain of Jim’s dreams. The sex is tolerably realistic (with Kent taking a deserved introductory swipe at Golding for unrealistically omitting it from his Lord of the Flies). Much the best of Kent’s stories. PDF.
     “Little Big Men”, the other novella, is set in a benevolently-run boys’ orphanage with a dark secret, in perhaps the late 19th century. The sex described is both between boys of similar age and man/boy, but the most overtly pederastic is depicted as nefarious (with anachronistic hints of 21st-century morality). Like most of Kent’s writing, it is readable, but the excessive promiscuous sex comes at the cost of a plausible plot, character development or deep emotion. PDF.

Kent, Chris, The Ram Stam Boys, San Francisco: GLB, 2004. PDF. Coming of age novella mostly set in a Scottish boarding school, recounting the sexual adventures of Guy Tilson, 15 and expecting a conventional heterosexual future, with the 1st to 6th form fellow members of the Ram Stam Boys' pop group. Guy’s encounter with 30-year-old farm labourer Dan, who helps him discover his true self, and his love affair with sweet Peter, 12, are insightful and titillating. Realistic and full of adolescent humour. 

Kent, Chris, Bravehearts, San Francisco: GLB, 2005. PDF. Readable nonsense concentrating on various adolescent homosexual pairings, of which the main one between Scottish Jamie (initially 14) and English Robert (initially 12) is pederastic in character. Supposedly set in the time of the English King Edward I's ultimately failed conquest of Scotland, but the author made no attempt to grasp the most basic historical background or to gain any feel for 14th century manners, while the characters and plot are as shallow as his usually are.

Kochany, Mario [Revd. Michael John de Clare Studdert], As Schoolboys from their Books,  Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1993.  PDFErotic goings-on at an English preparatory school.

Kochany, Mario [Revd. Michael John de Clare Studdert], Wars of the Rowzies, privately printed, Hindhead, Surrey, 2000. PDF. The witty story, enlivened by sexy frolicking, of two rival groups of boys, some schoolboys led by a 16-year-old and some boy scouts led by stuck-up 15-year-old Hank. In between is Farmer Gates torn between his love for the latter and the self-repression demanded by British society of the day.

Kochany, Mario [Revd. Michael John de Clare Studdert], The Infernal Pentagram, privately printed, Hindhead, Surrey, 2001. PDF. Moderately funny and convoluted story set in then-present-day England about a couple, their 11-year-old-son, his 14-year-old friend and their 19-year-old lodger, all of who are bedding two or three of the others.

Kochany, Mario [Revd. Michael John de Clare Studdert]. See also his book published under the name Douglas Chetwynd.

Kuiper, Esgo Taco Feenstra, Jeugdige zondaars te Konstantinopel (Youthful Sinners in Constantinople), Amsterdam: D. Buys, 1905. A short story whose curious Dutch protagonist is given a tour of the boy prostitution scene in Constantinople, both freelance and in brothels, and rescues an eight-year-old from falling into it.

Lagail, Dr. A.-S. [Alphonse Gallais], Les Mémoires du Baron Jacques: Lubricités infernales de la noblesse décadente, "Priapeville": Librairie Galante, [1904]. Translated from the original French by Richard West as The Memoirs of Baron Jacques: the diabolical debaucheries of our decadent aristocracy, Vancouver: Ageneios Press, 1988. The apocryphal memoirs of Jacques Adelswärd-Fersen, recently convicted of inciting boys to debauchery, with wildly scurrilous stories about his social circle.

Laurie, Michael, White Fire,  London: Quality Press, 1948. Well-written tragedy involving a teacher in love with a boy he has tutored since prep school and whom he encourages at 16 in his love affair with an older youth of 18.

Leachman, Matthew J., "To Soothe the Savage Beast" in NAMBLA Bulletins XXIII 4 14-18, XXIV 1 14-18 & 2 13-17. Elsket, an invented mediaeval-sounding kingdom, is conquered by brutish mercenaries whose leader represses its Greek love customs until two boy harpers put on a performance none can forget.

Lees-Milne, James, The Fool of Love, London: Robinson, 1990.  The aristocratic love triangle with tragic outcome of an English boy of 15-17, his shallow mother, and a German who comes into their lives as a prisoner-of-war, set in 1917-9.

Lieshout, Ted van, Mijn meneer (My Gentleman), Amsterdam: Querido, 2012. 11-year-old Ted writes eighteen letters to the Virgin Mary about his sexual liaison with a man, describing his confusion about it. An only slight fictionalisation of the real story published earlier (and listed under biographies). Unfashionably ambivalent about Greek love for the late date of publication.

Li Yu 李漁, "Cuìyǎ lóu" 萃雅樓 in Shí'èr lóu 十二樓 (Twelve Towers), 1658.  Translated from the Chinese by Patrick Hanan as "House of Gathered Refinements" in Tower for the Summer Heat, Columbia University Press, 1998. Read on this website. One in a collection of twelve short stories by Li, a tale of revenge by a boy deceitfully lured away from his lovers and castrated on the instigation of a powerful imperial minister who, historically, was executed for corruption in 1565.

Loup, Jean, "The Master of Pausias" in Pan, a magazine about boy-love, 4, February 1980, Amsterdam: Spartacus, pp. 10-13. Read on this website. A lost astronaut in the distant future lands on a hitherto unreachable planet and meets the boy of his dreams.

Love, F. W., Jail Bait Boy, San Diego, California: Greenleaf Classics, 1976. Erotic and pederastic novel [no more known].

Love, F. W., Chicano Chicken, San Diego, California: Greenleaf Classics, 1978. Crudely-expressed and relentless American erotica about a man of 26 and various boys.

Loveboy, Rob, The Nazi’s Boy, [Scotts Valley, California:] CreateSpace, 2014.  The story, allegedly based on a true one, of a Polish boy eagerly pandering to the pederastic zeal of German soldiers during the 2nd World War, too obsessively erotic for a compelling story.

Lowenthal, Michael, Avoidance, Minneapolis: Graywolf Press, 2002. Jeremy, a graduate student of 28, has had sex, but no serious affairs, with a few women and a man. Instead, his emotional life revolves around his work at Ironwood, a sleepaway summer camp for boys of 10-15 in the Vermont woods, where he has a series of close friendships with boys. The sexual aspects of his feelings for boys only become clear to him when he and emotionally-wounded 14-year-old Max fall in love. They hug and kiss, but Jeremy is thrown into turmoil when Max reveals that Jeremy's lifelong friend Charlie, Ironwood's current director, has wanked him against his will, making him remember his jealousy of Charlie when they had been 14-year-olds at Ironwood, and Charlie whad been sexually involved with their 50-something mentor Ruff.

Lund, Asger [Frydenlund, Kjeld Asger] writing originally as Richard Steen, Drengen og dolken, Copenhagen: D. F. T., 1963. Translated from the Danish, expanded and revised by the author as Asger Lund, and illustrated by him as Richard Steen,  as  The Boy and the Dagger, Amsterdam: Spartacus, 1982. PDF. Light and entertaining, swashbuckling adventure story set in 1592 in Europe and Morocco about a German boy of 14 and his aristocratic lover of 24.

Lund, Asger [Frydenlund, Kjeld Asger], "Sleigh Boy" in Pan, a magazine about boy-love, 1, June 1979, Amsterdam: Spartacus. Read on this websiteA beautiful pubescent boy is thrice mysteriously delivered at night to the narrator by a horse-drawn sleigh, then disappears, leaving the narrator to wonder if it was his imagination until he is introduced to the boy at a dinner party.

Lund, Asger [Frydenlund, Kjeld Asger], The Hardrod Kid, Copenhagen: Catamite, 1982. The homoerotic escapades of Ronald Hart, beginning when he was 14.

Mackay, John Henry, Die Buecher der Namenlosen Liebe von Sagitta, first edition, Paris [Berlin], 1913; new edition, [Berlin,] 1924, translated from the German by Hubert Kennedy as Sagitta's Books of the Nameless Love, Concord, California, 1988. Review.

Mackay, John Henry, Der Puppenjunge: die Geschichte einer namenlosen Liebe aus der Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, 1926, translated from the German by Hubert Kennedy as The Hustler: The Story of a Nameless Love from Friedrich Street,  Boston: Alyson, 1985. Review. The unfortunate tale of the love of a naive and idealistic young publisher's assistant for a fifteen-year-old hustler set in the sexual underworld of 1920s Berlin by one who knew it well.

Mallery, Daniel,  Strange Catharsis, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1993. PDF. A new house parent at a boarding-school in the Scottish highlands finds himself challenged by his unravelling sexual attraction to a variety of its boys.

Maltese, William and Wayne Gunn, Ardennian Boy, Albion, New York: MLR Press, 2007. A sensuous fictionalisation of the passionate love affair between French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, begun when the 16-year-old Rimbaud came by invitation to live in Verlaine’s home in Paris in 1871 and finally coming to a violent end 21 months later.

Mann, Thomas, Der Tod in Venedig, Frankfurt: S. Fischer, 1912, translated from the German by H. T. Lowe-Porter as Death in Venice, London: Martin Secker, 1928. PDF of a translation by Martin C. Doege. ReviewHolidaying alone in Venice in 1911, Gustav von Aschenbach, a distinguished author in his 50s is suddenly smitten by Tadzio, a beautiful Polish boy of 14 staying in his hotel. Aschenbach follows him around the epidemic-struck city exchanging looks and smiles until he expires watching the boy playing on the beach, without their ever having spoken. Autobiographically inspired.

Marlowe, Edmund, Alexander's Choice, [Scotts Valley, California:] CreateSpace, 2012; 2nd, slightly amended edition, London: Arcadian Dreams, 2022. Article linking to reviews. The story of Alexander Aylmer, a beautiful boy of 13-14 at Eton, England's most famous public school. Befriended by Julian, an older boy secretly in love with him, he becomes desperate when personal tragedy strikes and Julian, faced with opposition to their friendship, soon after drops him.  Alexander then stumbles on true Greek love with his young English master as his salvation, but the year is 1984 and the dark age in which Greek love in Europe had quietly survived for three centuries has recently been giving way to something more frightening.

Matthews, Kenneth, Aleko, London: Peter Davies, 1934. PDFAbout an English teacher at a Greek boarding-school who falls in love with a pupil of sixteen.

Maugham, Robin, using the pen name David Griffin for the first edition, The Wrong People,  New York: Paperback Library, 1967. Revised edition, London: Heinemann, 1970.  PDF. A fine psychological drama about two pederasts, one a naive and idealistic English schoolmaster, and the other a much older and  jaded American, set mostly in Morocco of the 1960s.

Maugham, Robin, Testament: Cairo 1898, London: Michael De Harrington, 1972, 31 pp. Fine and poignant short story about an English soldier in Egypt who, after being rebuffed by a fellow soldier of 16 he had fallen for, has an exquisite liaison with a very willing felucca boy of 14, but abandons him on realising his plan to take him back to England is impractical.

Maugham, Robin. “Drums” in In Touch, issue no. not known, Los Angeles, 1973/81. Republished under the name “Tarou” in Robin Maugham, The Boy from Beirut and Other Stories, ed. Peter Burton, San Francisco: Gay Sunshine, 1982. A man in Africa sleeps with his 13-year-old houseboy but resists whipping him as he had done before in remembrance of a chorister at his prep school.

McDonald, Melanie, Eromenos, Florida: Seriously Good Books, 2011.  A fictionalisation of the highest-profile Greek love affair ever, that of the Roman Emperor Hadrian and Antinous, the Greek Bithynian boy deified following his untimely death; refreshingly for a recent novel on this subject, it does not pretend they were gay.

McLaughlin, Ian, “Sleeping Partner” in Pan, a magazine about boy-love, 15, March 1983, Amsterdam: Spartacus, pp. 15-18. Read on this website. Whimsical banter with erotic innuendo about a stay by the author's 13-year-old nephew with mumps and his friend.

Meier-Jobst, Max, Die Sache mit Peter (The Thing about Peter), Norderstedt: Books on Demand, 2017. Autobiographical novel set in the late 1990s about a boy of 13, long attracted to males, seduced by a man of 30, the Peter of the title. Too honest for mainstream publication in this era.

Meier-Jobst, Max, Bonustrack: Mein Leben mit Peter und andere Geschichten (Bonus track: My life with Peter and other stories), Norderstedt: Books on Demand, 2018. A sequel to the preceding story of 13-year-old Max and his 30-year-old lover, preceded by ten short stories about boys growing up outside the mainstream, some also with a Greek love theme.

Messina, Annie, La palma di Rusafa (Rusafa's Palm), Milan: Mondadori, 1989. Much in the style of The Thousand Nights and One Night, entwined tales set across the Islamic world of the 8th century with Greek love as a persistent theme. The starting point is an Andalusian Arab knight's quest to find his wife and son lost in Damascus.

Messina, Annie.  See also her book published under the name Gamîla Ghâli.

Miyazawa Hishino 宮澤 ひしを, Kuraku-gai 苦楽外 (Beyond Joy and Pleasure), Tokyo: Kadokawa, 2022, 178 pp. [Translated into French as Kurage, Marcinelle, Hainault: Vega Dupuis, 2023]. Sensitive and poetic black-and-white manga set at the seaside in Japan, about the love affair between a stranded young salaryman suffering from a childhood trauma and Kazuki, a 13-year-old boy who invites him into his home and seduces him. Erotic but not graphically so; beautifully drawn and written.

Montherlant, Henry de,  Les Garçons, Paris: Gallimard, 1969, translated from the French by Terence Kilmartin as The Boys, London: Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1974.  PDF. An amended version of his play La Ville dont le prince est un enfant.

Moorhouse, Frank, "The Everlasting Secret Family: An Erotic Memoir in Six Parts", one of four unrelated stories in The Everlasting Secret Family and Other Secrets, Sydney, 1980.  PDF. A philosophically detached Australian erotic story about a boy of 13 seduced by a prominent politician who later seduces the latter's son of 13 with his approval, consciously forming a historical chain.

Morrison, Danny, On the Back of the Swallow, Cork: Mercier Press, 1994.  Written from prison by an Irish Republican, a story of the crushing hostility of society to the passionate love affair of a man of 23 and a boy of fifteen who had reminded him of a best friend lost at that age,

Murchison, Colin, The Chronicles of St. Barnabas, [Amsterdam:] BL Classics, 1986.  PDFPederotica set at a New England boarding-school for choirboys, and recounted by a master there; quite well-written as such things go and said on good private authority to be a true story.

Nicholls, Bron, Reasons of the Heart, Penguin Australia, 1993. Review. The unusually  realistic story of an Australian boy-lover stretching from his own childhood in the 1950s until his resumption in the 1970s of intimacy with the young man who, as a boy of 11 to 17, had been the love of his life.

Nicholson, John Gambril, In Carrington's Duty Week: A Private School Episode, London: John Ouseley, 1910. PDF The semi-autobiographical story of a man chastely pursuing an unresponsive boy of twelve.

Nicholson, John Gambril, The Romance of a Choir Boy, London: F.E. Murray, 1916. 2nd edition, edited with cuts by Andrew May, Callum James Books, 2013, PDFTormented semi-autobiographical account of a young Edwardian vicar's restrained and unconsummatedly passionate friendship with a choirboy he sponsored, rich in period detail. The 2nd edition omits descriptions of cricket, hymns etc. thought unlikely to interest 21st-century readers.

Notchtree, Patrick C., The Secret Catamite 1: The Book of Daniel, Limebury Books, 2012.  The first of a fictional trilogy inspired by the English author's life, and concentrating on his love affair between the ages of 10 and 14 with a boy two years older, in 1956-60.

O., Rachid, L'enfant ébloui (The Dazzled Child), Paris: Gallimard, 1995.  The fictionalised autobiography of a boy in Rabat in the 1980s, who at 13 began a love affair with his Arabic teacher; valuable for its insight into modern Moroccan mores.

Onstott, Kyle and Lance Horner, Child of the Sun, Greenwich, Connecticut: Fawcett, 1966. PDF A fictionalised biography of the man-loving 3rd century Roman boy Emperor Elagabalus, thoroughly researched and concentrating on his loves from the age of 13.

"Penumbra", "A Boy With Three Names" in Pan, a magazine about boy-love, 21, December 1984, Amsterdam: Spartacus, pp. 26-29. Read on this website. A frustrated boarding-school master feeling melancholy at the end of term cheers up when he finds 14-year-old aristocrat left behind and keen to seize the opportunity for time with him, an opportunity far from wasted.

Pepper, Oscar, Ethan James: A Boylove Story, North Charleston, South Carolina: Createspace, 2012. The poorly-written story of how pederast Oscar meets Ethan, 13, dead a year later, and their relationship turns from lust to love as Oscar elbows Ethan's drug-addled parents aside and secures the boy's dying wish.

Peters, Fritz,  Finistère, London: Victor Gollancz, 1951.  PDF. The liaison in the late 1920s of an American boy of 15, living in France with his divorced mother, and a youngish homosexual teacher, resulting in tragedy from the typical reaction of the boy's family to homosexuality, the age difference not then being a particular issue.

Peters, Scott, "Being Compassionate" in Pan, a magazine about boy-love, 6, September 1980, Amsterdam: Spartacus, pp. 12-17. Read on this website. 13-year-old Cory is deeply frustrated immobilised in the school infirmary after an accident, until an unusually enlightened and perceptive nurse encourages the dorm master to visit him and bring his fingers to the rescue, leading on to better things.

Peyrefitte, Roger, Les Amitiés Particulières, Marseille: Jean Vigneau, 1943. Translated from the French by Felix Giovanelli, New York: Vanguard Press, 1950, and by Edward Hyams as Special Friendships, London: Secker & Warburg, 1958. PDF of the latter translation combined with lithographs by Gaston Goor published in the French edition (Paris: Flammarion) of 1953. Review. The superlatively well-recounted tragic love affair of a 12-year-old and a sophisticated 14-year-old aristocrat at a French Catholic boarding school in the 1920s. Won the Prix Theophraste Renaudot in 1945.

Peyrefitte, Roger, "Le Baron de Gloeden (The Baron von Gloeden)" in Les Amours singulières (Strange Loves), Paris: Jean Vigneau, 1949. Read on this website in four parts: I; II; III; and IV. One of the two contrasting stories (of which the other, “La maitresse du piano”, is not of Greek love interest), a fictionalised biography of the German photographer Wilhelm von Gloeden, who made Sicilian boys his life.

Peyrefitte, Roger, L'Exilé de Capri, Paris: Flammarion, 1959. Translated from the French by Edward Hyams as The Exile of Capri, London: Secker & Warburg, 1961. A fictionalised biography of French industrial aristocrat and boy-lover Jacques d'Adelswärd-Fersen (1880–1923), who spent most of his life as a refugee in Capri, following a scandal in his youth.

Peyrefitte, Roger, Roy, Paris: Albin Michel, 1979. The only translation from the French is an anonymous online one. PDF. Review. A satire on life in California in 1977-8 seen through the wild erotic adventures of 13-year-old beauty Roy Clear, mostly with rich and powerful men.

Picano, Felice, An Asian Minor, New York: Sea Horse Press, 1981.  Written as an autobiography between the ages of twelve and fourteen of the much-desired Trojan boy Ganymede, famous in Greek legend for being abducted by Zeus, in its language, tone and illustrations, this is whole-heartedly modern American and gay, and could hardly be less Greek in sentiment.

Puzin, Claude, Louis de Bourbon ou le soleil maudit (Louis of Bourbon or the Sun Cursed), Paris: T. G., 2007. Well-researched and historically-sound fictonalisation of the tragic story of a legitimated son of Louis XIV, disgraced at fourteen for embroilment in a pederastic secret society.

Rapp, Adam, Little Chicago, Hand Print, 1998. When it emerges that 11-year-old "Blacky", living outside Chicago, has been sexually abused by a neighbour, he is cruelly bullied at school and neglected by the adults who should have helped him.

Rast, P.-D., Pédérastie active (Active Pederasty), Paris: Société des Bibliophiles, 1907. The bourgeois narrator tells of his delight in full sexual liaisons with two peasant brothers in their early teens in the Beauce countryside, plus the story of their elder brother active with men and other boys from the age of 11, all of it richly suggestive of a rural culture in which Greek love was commonly resorted to as a natural alternative to the impracticalities of heterosex for the young.

Reid, Forrest, The Garden God: A Tale of Two Boys, London: D. Nutt, 1906. PDF The tragic love story of two fifteen-year-old boys at a boarding school, not necessarily more than platonic, but with pederastic undertones coming from classical Greek references and its depiction of boys as a romantic and aesthetic ideal.

Remington, John, "A Gift from Santa. Memoir of a 1950 Man/Boy/Boy Mentor Relationship" in NAMBLA Bulletin, Vol. XVII, No. 3, December 1996, pp. 20-27. Read on this websiteThe short story, rich in imaginative allegory, of how a twelve-year-old boy acquired prize-winning literary gifts from a man nicknamed Santa; set in the USA in 1950 and too fantastic to be the memoir it purports to be.

Rifbjerg, Klaus, "Frække Jensen" ("Naughty Jensen"), one of the short stories in his Og andre historier (And other stories), Copenhagen: Glydendal, 1964. The relationship, sexual and otherwise, between a band of boys and a small shopkeeper in the outskirts of Copenhagen.

Rochefort, Christiane, Printemps au parking (Spring in the Parking Lot), Paris: Bernard Grasset, 1969. A teenage boy escapes from his suburban complex one spring day of 1966 and meets a male student of 26. They fall in love at once without at first understanding they have, the story being a cry for freedom founded on the idea that social barriers exist in people's heads and can be fast overcome through awareness of sexuality.

[Rocco, Antonio], l'Alcibiade fanciullo a scola, Venice, 1651, translated from the Italian by J. C. Rawnsley as Alcibiades the Schoolboy, Amsterdam: Entimos Press, 2000. Read on this websiteReviewFramed as the entertaining story of a lusty schoolmaster's ultimately successful attempts to convince his beautiful pupil Alcibiades through reason that he should accept him as his lover, their dialogue is in effect a well-reasoned polemic in favour of Greek love, priceless for its insight into 17th-century thinking on the subject.

Rogers, Paul T., Saul's Book, New York: Pushcart, 1982.  The story of a Puerto Rican boy hustler in New York, dominated from the age of thirteen by a middle-aged criminal lover modeled on the author.

Russell, Paul, The Coming Storm, New York: St. Martin's Press, 1999. A 25-year-old new gay teacher at a traditional boys' school in upstate New York embarks on an affair with a pupil of 16 confronting his own homosexuality, leading to collisions with dark secrets from the school's past.

Ryde, Peter,  A Good Start, Considering,  London: GMP, 1999. PDF. The heart-rending story over a year, 1946-7, of Alan Carey, an orphan sent at eleven to a boy's home where he was habitually violated by a sadist who also sabotaged the love affair with an older boy that was his only emotional succour.

S., Brad, "Joe and the Hustler" in the NAMBLA Bulletin, Vol. XXII No. 3 (September 2002), pp. 22-26. Read on this website. Tentatively listed here as fiction (since it could be strictly autobiographical), a poignant short story set in the USA, evidently at a time when there was a fair amount of public hysteria over pederasty, in which a curious boy of 11 introduces himself to a local old man with a certain reputation and an unexpected friendship ensues until the man’s sister intervenes in the name of protection.

Sadi of Shiraz سعدی شیرازی, “On Love and Youth” in Gulistan (The Rose Garden), completed 1258. Translated from the original Persian as “Chapter 5: Love and Youth” in The Gulistan of Sa'di: Bilingual English and Persian Edition with Vocabulary by Wheeler M. Thackston, Bethesda, Maryland: Ibex Publishers, 2008, pp. 104-123. The Gulistan is a collection of short stories and verse that contain Sadi's reflections on the human condition and advice for his readers. Nineteen of the twenty-one stories in the 5th chapter are about homoerotic relationships between men and their young male beloveds: masters with slaves, princes with youthful subjects, teachers with schoolboys, etc.

Saikaku, Ihara, 井原 西鶴, Nanshoku Ōkagami 男色大鑑, Ōsaka, 1687, translated from the Japanese by P.G. Schalow as The Great Mirror of Male Love, Stanford, 1990. Article with synopsis linking to some of the stories.  The greatest compilation of boy-love stories ever produced, the first twenty concern the love affairs of samurai with boys of their own class and the remaining twenty the liaisons of kabuki boy actors, together offering unparalleled insight into wakashudō, the Japanese "way of loving boys."

Saint Ours [Claude-Achille Clarac], Un ange à Sodome (An Angel at Sodom), Paris: Authier, 1973. Seven remarkably well-written short stories with pederastic themes and penned by an unsuspected French ambassador. Their titles translate as: The Diary of an Angel, The Abduction of Ganymede, The Sandcastle (Oukhaidour), The Stable of the Centaurs, The Judge and the Assassin, Chronicle of a Monsoon, and The End of the World.

Saul, Jack, The Sins of the Cities of the Plain or The Recollections of a Mary-Ann, with Short Essays on Sodomy and Tribadism, 2 volumes, London: [William Lazenby], 1881. Read the Greek love content. The purportedly true memoir from the age of ten of a young London prostitute, whose earliest homosexual adventures described were with much older boys while some of his sexual encounters as a young man were with boys. Saul's true story, albeit as full of Greek love, was too different for his memoir to be considered non-fiction.

Saylor, Steven, “Death by Eros” in A Gladiator Dies Only Once, New York: St. Martin's Press, 2005.  One of nine excellent short stories about Roman sleuth Gordianus the Finder, this is a beautifully told and historically realistic story of unrequited Greek love set in Naples in 75 BC.  Gordianus is asked by a wealthy Greek to discover who has murdered his only son, a cold beauty of fifteen.

Schulman, Sarah, The Child, New York: Carroll & Graf, 2007.  Depressing and uninspiring story about an American boy of fifteen panicked into murder when his affair with a man is exposed, noted here because it involves a man/boy liaison, but nevertheless very 21st-century and far-removed from Greek love in sentiment and ethos.

Scott Moncrieff, Charles, "'Evensong and Morwe Song" in New Field, Winchester, 1908. Read on this website. A very short story in which the headmaster of a fictional public school expels a boy for seducing a younger one, and reflects on his hypocrisy on dicovering that the boy is the son of the younger boy he himself had seduced in his schooldays.

Serviatius, Victor, pen name of Frits Bernard, qv.

Sharma, Pandey Bechan, Choklat, Calcutta: Bisvin Sadi Pustakalaya, 1927, translated from the Hindi by Ruth Vanita as ‘Chocolate’, and Other Writings on Male-male Desire, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2006. Eight stories about the love of early teen boys with a negative tone intended to draw attention to and hence eradicate homosexuality in India; unusually revealing.

Shellhart, Gary, Kite Music, Austin, Texas: Banned Books, 1988. PDFFine story of a young American teacher in Thailand in 1967 finding fulfillment and acceptance of his love of boys, lovingly depicting Thai culture and contrasting it with the brutal bigotry of the protagonist's homeland; slightly marred by a sub-plot involving misplaced American patriotism.

Somtow, S. P., Delicatus. The First Book of Nero and Sporus, Bangkok: Diplodocus, 2023. A gripping and well-written fictionalisation of the true story of the Roman Emperor Nero’s boy-wife Sporus by an author who wears lightly a profound familiarity with Roman society. This first of two novels recounts Sporus’s life before he became Nero’s catamite.

Somtow, S. P., Imperatrix. The Second Book of Nero and Sporus, Bangkok: Diplodocus, 2023. A sequel to the preceding novel, continuing Sporus’s story until Nero castrated and “married” him.

Soulié de Morant, George, Bijou-de-ceinture, ou le jeune homme qui porte robe, se poudre et se farde, roman, Paris: Flammarion, 1925, translated from the French by Gerald Fabian & Guy Wernham as Pei Yu: Boy Actress, San Francisco: Alamo Square, 1991. PDF. The possibly true story recounted by a French sinologist of a Chinese boy opera actor loved by several men, beginning in 1895, when he was ten.

Stadler, Matthew, Allan Stein, London: Fourth Estate, 1999. A young American teacher already in trouble over an affair with a boy comes to France on an ostensible literary quest, has another affair with Stéphane, the 15-year-old son of his hosts, and they elope.

Steen, Richard, alternative pen name of Asger Lund [Kjeld Asger Frydenlund], qv.

Stenbock, Count, "The True Story of a Vampire" in Studies of death: romantic tales, London: David Nutt, 1894. Read on this website. Hungarian vampire Count Vardalek, a guest in a Styrian castle, implicitly falls in love with his host's son, on the cusp of puberty, leading to the deaths of the boy and his father.

Stewart, Angus, Sandel, London: Hutchinson, 1968. ReviewThe moving but realistic and semi-autobiographical love story, set implicitly in the late 1950s, of an Oxford undergraduate and an exceptionally talented choirboy aged 12 to 13.

Stöwer, Ulrich, Antinous, Geliebter! Ein Schicksalsjahr für Kaiser Hadrian (Antinous, Beloved! A Fateful Year for the Emperor Hadrian), Frankfurt am Main: Ullstein, 1983. The tragedy of the mysterious death at 19 of Antinous, loved since he was 13 by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, is unravelled through the protagonists' letters and diaries.

Tavel, Ronald, Street of Stairs, heavily & almost unintelligibly abridged version: New York: Olympia, 1968; unabridged version published on the author's website before 2009. PDF. Multiple narratives focussed on Mark, an American living in Tangier and in love with teenage boy thief Hamid.

Taylor, George [Adolf Hausrath], Antinous, Leipzig, 1880. Translated from the German by Mary J. Safford as Antinous: A Romance of Ancient Rome, New York: William S. Gottsberger, 1882. PDF.  A staunchly Protestant Theology professor's rendition of the story of the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his beloved youth Antinous, unusual for the 19th century in being open about the sexual nature of their love, but presenting it as oppressive and degrading, and juxtaposing it with the morally superior behaviour of some Christians.

Tesch, Gerald [Jerry Tschappat], Never the Same Again, New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1956. PDF. Psychological thriller set in the USA about a lonely boy of 13 whose passionate friendship with a 30-year-old petrol station manager is brutally broken up by suspicious authorities.

Thomas, Mark, "Letting Go" in Pan, a magazine about boy-love, 21, December 1984, pp. 16-18. Read on this website. Sad little skit in which the narrator expresses ambivalent feelings about the boy of 11 he loves acquiring a new lover, enigmatic because it’s not clear if the narrator is the boy’s father.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), Panthology One, Amsterdam: Spartacus, 1981. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. Ten short stories and one poem of varying quality by ten authors, all with a boy-love theme and with settings ranging from ancient Rome to the mediaeval Near East and the then-present day.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), Panthology Two,  Amsterdam: Coltsfoot, 1982. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. An American memoir, some clever pseudo-ancient verse, and short stories by ten authors, all with a boy-love theme and with settings in the then-present day, mostly in England and the USA.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), Panthology Three,  Amsterdam: Coltsfoot, 1984. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. Fourteen writings by ten authors, five being stories set in the then present-day USA and the others ranging from ancient Rome to contemporary England and the Arabic world, all but one involving Greek love.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), Panthology Four, Amsterdam: Coltsfoot, 1984. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. Nine stories with settings ranging from four continents in the then present to one far in the future, most of them rather escapist.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), The First Acolyte Reader, Amsterdam: Acolyte, 1986. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. Besides one ramble, ten boy-love stories, one set in Athens and the others in the USA and England, nine of them in the then-present and the last in a dystopic future 1995.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), The Second Acolyte Reader, Amsterdam: Acolyte, 1987. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. Ten boy-love stories of very varied quality set in the then present-day, one each in India, Britain and Greece, the rest in the USA.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), The Third Acolyte Reader, Amsterdam: Acolyte, 1988. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. Twelve short stories of mostly poor quality, of which ten involve Greek love; while most have American or English settings, the best two are set in Athens and Moscow.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), The Fourth Acolyte Reader, Amsterdam: Acolyte, 1990. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. Six moderately-good short stories set in the USA, Manila and London in the then-present day.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), The Fifth Acolyte Reader, Amsterdam: Acolyte, 1991. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. Nine short stories of very variable quality set in four continents in the 20th century. By far the two best are not fiction, but memoirs of boyhood set in France and New York.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), The Sixth Acolyte Reader, Amsterdam: Acolyte, 1991. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. Eleven short stories and one poetry collection of very variable quality with later 20th century settings in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), The Seventh Acolyte Reader, Amsterdam: Acolyte, 1992. Synopsis and review with links to PDFsNine short stories set n the USA, England and (in one case) Spain, 1940-92, all of them of at least reasonable quality, four of them recounted in the first person by a boy.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), The Eighth Acolyte Reader, Amsterdam: Acolyte, 1992. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. Thirteen short stories all set in the then-present USA or England, except for one set in a future America. The longest is a boring ghost story; the others are quite good.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), The Ninth Acolyte Reader, Amsterdam: Acolyte, 1993. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. Thirteen short stories, all (with one mediaeval exception) set in the ten-present USA, England, Italy or Crete. All but one or two involve Greek love, all are readable and some are very good.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), The Tenth Acolyte Reader, Amsterdam: Acolyte, 1994. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. Thirteen short stories by eight authors, set mostly in the anglosphere and all in the 20th century, a few good but most dull.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), The Eleventh Acolyte Reader, Amsterdam: Acolyte, 1995. Synopsis and review with links to PDFs. Thirteen short stories by nine authors, mostly quite good, all set in the then-recent or near-future anglosphere except for one each set in Marrakech and Santo Domingo.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden] (edr.), The Twelfth Acolyte Reader, Acolyte Press, Amsterdam, 1996.

Torey, Frank [Francis Duffield Shelden]. See also his books published under the names Scott Altman, Wallington Fuger and Peter Zupp.

Turk, Ruth, More Than Friends, New York: Bantam, 1980.  A realistic depiction of a love affair of several years between a married father and a teenage boy, but a little depressing in its approving account of the letting down of others in the various characters' quests for self-fulfilment. Set in New England in the late 1970s.

Varjac, Franck, L'agneau chaste (The Chaste Lamb), Paris: ELA La Différence, 2000. A beautiful, tender, sad novella about a 13-year-old boy and a 32-year-old man who fall in love, densely written from the point of view of the teenager. Some passages are explicit but never crude nor vulgar.

Vernon, Frances, The Fall of Doctor Onslow, London: Andre Deutsch, 1994. PDFA fine fictionalisation of the true drama of Charles Vaughan, Harrow's greatest headmaster, obliged to resign in 1859 over an affair with a boy.  Though deliberately not an accurate telling of Vaughan's story, it is staggeringly authentic in its presentation of Victorian thinking.

Weston, Patrick [Gerald Bernard Francis Hamilton], Desert Dreamers: a Novel of Friendship, London: At the Sign of the Tiger Lily, 1914. The story of an Englishman who falls in love with an Algerian boy-guide while on holiday in Biskra.

Williams, Ned, Street Kid: A Rent Boy's Tale, "independently published", 2019. A man of 45 recalls his life as a rent boy aged 13 to 19 in a provincial English city between the mid-fifties and early sixties.

Williams, Roger, Lunch with Elizabeth David, London: Little, Brown & Co., 1999. Review. A riveting and convincing portrait of the appealing boysexual writer Norman Douglas and his liaison become lifelong friendship 1911-51 with the cockney boy Eric Wolton, unfortunately mingled with a dull and barely-connected account of two uninteresting British families 1985-94.

Windham, Donald, Two People, New York: Coward-McCann, 1965. PDF. Forest is a married man of 34, American, living in Rome. Marcello is a 17-year-old Roman boy who likes girls and has a girlfriend but hasn't slept with her yet: instead, since he was 15 he's been cheerfully having sex with men for money. The pair meet and have a quiet, brief, bittersweet love affair.

Wolfe, Peter Thomas, You Can Be a King if You are Brave, privately published, 2023. Review. Two tragic and sadly realistical love stories between men and boys of 14, with the same protagonist in both: as a boy with a violent bully as a father, Adam Townsend falls in love with his teacher in Australia; two decades later, as an aid worker in Rangoon, he responds to a street boy's longing for his love.

Woltz, Randy, "Love at Sea" in Pan, a magazine about boy-love, 11, March 1982, Amsterdam: Spartacus, pp. 18-22. Read on this website. The Youth Director on an American cruise ship has an affair with a beautiful 13-year-old with mother troubles unexpectedly resolved.

Worthy, Simon, The Chronicles of the Koster Dilemma, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1986. PDFThe numerous sexual liaisons of a American boy between the ages of 12 and 15.

Yaref, Youri [Jean-Claude Féray], Angkor, une dernière fois (Angkor, a Last Time), Paris: Quintes-feuilles, 2005. Fate brings together two visitors to the ruins of Angkor, the capital city of the medieval Khmer empire. The two share a love for Angkor, the surrounding landscape and the local boys. A novelistic homage to Cambodia.

Yaref, Youri. See also his books published under the names Didier Denché, Jean-Claude Féray and Louis Geschenk.

Ye Dingluo 葉鼎洛, Nanyou 男友 (Boyfriends), Shanghai: Liangyou tushu, 1927. About a sexual liaison between a young teacher and boy pupil in a provincial college.

Yeo, Robin (editor), All Boys Together, Swaffham, Norfolk: GMP Publishers, 2000. Review.   An anthology of eighteen short stories, ranging from the purportedly fictional to the purportedly autobiographical and set between the third and last decades of the twentieth century, worldwide, though mostly in England. Mostly pederastic to some degree.

Zuixihu Xinyue Zhuren 醉西湖心月主人 (The Moon-Heart Master of the Drunken West Lake), Biàn ér chāi 弁而釵 (Caps with Hairpins), 1628/44.  Four erotic short stories about men and boys entitled "Chaste Love", "Gallant Love", "Virtuous Love" and "Marvelous Love".

Zuixihu Xinyue Zhuren 醉西湖心月主人 (The Moon-Heart Master of the Drunken West Lake), Yi-chun Xiang-zhi 宜春香質 (Pleasant Spring and Fragrant Character), 1628/44. Read an excerpt on this website.  Four pederotically explicit stories titled Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon.

Zupp, Peter [Francis Duffield Shelden], The Chronicles of the Desert Ranch School, [Amsterdam:] BL Classics, 1985. PDFVery American pederotica, too relentless to allow for much else.

Zupp, Peter [Francis Duffield Shelden], The Chronicles of Fenway Academy, [Amsterdam:] BL Classics, 1985. PDFErotic story of a teacher and boy of 13 at a boarding-school in New England.

Zupp, Peter [Francis Duffield Shelden].  See also his books published under the names Scott Altman, Wallington Fuger and Frank Torey.


Novels in which Greek love is a significant theme

Abele, Rudolph von, The Vigil of Emmeline Gore, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Riverside Press, 1962. A woman dying of leukaemia looks back on a life she sees as useless, including her unhappy marriage with a man she caught having sex with a hotel serving-boy.

Aitken Will, Terre Haute, New York: Delta, 1989. Review. A year in the life of an American boy of 14 to 15 with a father who reacts violently to his homosexuality. His liaisons include ones with an abusive museum director who kills himself when threatened with exposure and finally a sympathetic 20-year-old French exhange student.

Albery, Nobuko, The House of Kanze, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1985. A historical romance set in 14th century Japanese about the founder of the Noh theatre in Japan, Zeami Motokiyo, who, between the ages of twelve and seventeen, was the Shogun's beloved.

Andersen, Richard, Straight Cut Ditch, New York: Ashley Books, 1979.  Satire set in an American high school for boys with pederastic faculty.

Anderson, Poul, "Eutopia" in Dangerous Visions edited by Harlan Ellison, New York: Doubleday, 1967. Science fiction short story set in parallel universes with different values, especially towards homosexuality: the protagonist flees one realm where he could be executed for having seduced his host's son, but can be open about his love of a boy in another.

[Anon.,] كِتَابُ أَلْفُ لَيْلَةٍ وَلَيْلَة (The Thousand Nights and One Night), 7th to 19th centuries. Translated from the Arabic many times since 1708 under different names and with varying content. Article linking to Greek love stories. A vast collection of enthralling stories within one framing one, all set in and around Islamic lands.

[Anon.,] Laura Middleton: Her Brother and Her Lover, Brussels [Paris], 1890. Read the Greek love content. Erotic novel set in Britain narrated by a youth of 16 or 17 who visits distant upper-class relations surnamed Middleton, where he seduces their maidservant, their daughter Laura (two years older than him), her brother (aged 14 or 15) and her suitor (aged 27), as well as enjoying threesomes.

[Anon.,] The Power of Mesmerism, Moscow: the Nihilists [Amsterdam: Auguste Brancart], 1891. Read the Greek love content. Erotic novella in which 18-year-old Frank returns home to Devon from four years schooling in Germany, where he learned to mesmerize, ie. hypnotize people into doing his sexual will. Heterosexual transgressions are described with the same enthusiasm as pederastic ones.

Augiéras, François, L'Apprenti Sorcier, Paris: Julliard, 1964, translated from the French by Sue Dyson as The Sorcerer's Apprentice, London: Pushkin Press, 2001.  While living under the masochistic mentorship of an unorthodox priest of 35 in the countryside of the Dordogne, a teenager has a passionate, lyrically-described love affair with a postboy of twelve.

Augiéras, François. See also a book published under the name Abdallah Chaamba

Bardet, Daniel (writer) and François Dermaut (illustrator), Les Chemins de Malefosse. Tome 4: Face de Suie (The Malefosse Paths. Volume 4: Sootface), Grenoble: Glénat, 1987. A colour graphic adventure novel set in France in 1589. In a one-page scene, two Spanish guards equate  Sootface, the 14-year-old boy protagonist, to a pretty girl, and set out to rape him..

Behr, Mark, Die Reuk van Appels, South Africa: Queillerie, 1993. Translated from Afrikaans by the author as The Smell of Apples, London: Abacus, 1995.  Apartheid South Africa of the early 1970s seen through the eyes of an Afrikaans boy of 11, who has his best friend to stay and sees him being sexually assaulted by his father.

Behr, Mark,  Embrace, London: Abacus, 2001.  The partly autobiographical story of an Afrikaans boy of 10-13 sent in the 1970s to an exclusive musical academy where at thirteen he begins sexual liaisons with both his best friend and his choirmaster.

Blais, Marie-Claire, Le Loup, Montreal: Éditions du Jour, 1972. Translated from the French by Sheila Fischman as The Wolf, Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1974. Monologue by a human wolf intended as a moral examination of love, including pederasty.

Bosc, Jean, Le Vice marin, confessions d'un matelot (The marine vice, confessions of a seaman), Paris: Pierre Douville, 1905. Review. The supposedly true story of a boy sailor who resists joining in the pederasty depicted as then commonplace in long sea voyages.

Brodkey, Harold, Profane Friendship, New York: Farrar Straus & Giroux, 1994. The friendship of an American novelist’s son brought up in Venice and Onni, a slightly older local boy in the 1930s, resumed in 1946, by when the adolescent Onni' character had darkened, having whored himself to German soldiers during the war.

Bunda, Jared, St. Matthews Passion, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press,, 1988. PDF. The story of a beautiful  American boy at an English boarding-school, only slightly erotic for a novel from this publisher. The main love affair described is between two boys of 14, but the boys of their year are the sexual targets of aggressive older boys and a sub-plot involves benevolent older lovers of boys who come to enjoy their company in a neighbouring country house. The author was apparently unaware of imposing impossibly American vocabulary on English characters.

Bunda, Jared, The Well-tempered Schoolboy, Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1992. PDF. A more compelling sequel to the author's St. Matthews Passion in which his still 14-year-old hero runs away to Amsterdam in search of his long-lost father and gets involved in a nefarious pederastic conspiracy.

Burgess, Melvin, Nicholas Dane, London: Andersen, 2009. When 14-year-old Nicholas’s mother dies, he is condemned to a boys’ “care” home, where he is bullied and (inevitably in a novel determined to feed on and inflame popular prejudices) sexually abused by evil pederasts.

Burroughs, William, The Naked Lunch, New York: Grove, 1959.  A non-linear narrative without a clear plot of the travels of an American fugitive; originally banned for obscenity (including the pedication of boys).

Campbell, James [James Campbell Reddie], The Amatory Adventures of a Surgeon, Moscow: The Nihilists [Amsterdam: Auguste Brancart], 1881. Read the Greek love content. An erotica novella mostly describing the adventures of a country surgeon with females of 13 and upwards, but with these preceded by a description of his sexual orgies with boys of various ages at a boarding school he was sent to at 14.

Campbell, Michael, Lord Dismiss Us, London: Heinemann, 1967. PDF. A love affair between boys two years apart in age set in an English public school at a time in the 1960s when the headmaster was trying to stamp out such liaisons.

Carcaterra, Lorenzo, Sleepers, 1995. After a lark goes horribly wrong and injures a man, four New York friends aged 12-15 are condemned to imprisonment in the Wilkinson Home for Boys in upstate New York, 1967-8, where they are beaten and raped by sadistic guards. Thirteen years later, they, now in diverse occupations, successfully seek their revenge.

Card, Orson Scott, Songmaster, New York: Dial, 1980. Fantasy set in the future about Ansset, a beautiful "songbird" (a boy arrested on the cusp of puberty for five years because of the emotional power of his singing) assigned to the emperor and suspected of sharing his bed (though in fact anybody assigned a songbird would be far too enlightened to descend to have sex with one). Finally, Ansset and a young man fall in love and have sex with fatal consequences.

Carr Caleb, The Alienist, New York City: Random, 1994. Crime thriller set in New York City in 1896, involving some real historical characters such as Theodore Roosevelt and about the investigation into gruesome serial killings of boy prostitutes.

Castellani, Christopher, All This Talk of Love, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Algonquin, 2013. The aged patriarch of an Italian-American imigrant family looks back regretfully to the 1960s when his reaction to discovering his 14-year-old son's love letters to a waiter in their restaurant led to the boy's suicide.

Chee, Alexander, Edinburgh, New York: Welcome Rain, 2001.  A semi-autobiographical account of the long-term effects for a boy of 12 and his friends after having been bullied into sex with the director of their American boys' choir school, mixed with the protagonist's confusion coming out as androphile.

Cleland, John, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, 2 vols., London: G. Fenton, 1749. Read the Greek love content. The earliest English erotic novel, banned for centuries, primarily heterosexual, but with 15 pp. devoted to two successive stories of Greek love interest, one a graphic description of an older youth pedicating a younger.

Cooper, Susan, King of Shadows, New York: Margaret K. McElderry, 1999. Children's book about Nat Field, a gifted actor of 11 or 12 who joins a prestigious all-boy acting company and travels from his North Carolina home to London to play at the reconstructed Globe Theatre. There he finds himself transported back in time to 1599 and strikes up a deeply loving friendship with William Shakespeare. The ostensible reason for the pair's attachment to one another is that Nat's father and Shakespeare's son both died in tragic circumstances, but there's a distinctly romantic tinge to the proceedings that is no accident: Cooper, best known for her classic The Dark Is Rising sequence, has said that the book was originally intended as a love story between Shakespeare and a boy actor, and that a gay friend of hers told her he wished he'd had the book to read when he was 10.

Corlett, William, The Gate of Eden, London: Hamish Hamilton, 1974. Peter, a 15-year-old boy at loose ends, strikes up a friendship with a lonely elderly man, a former literature teacher at a boys' school who lost his job following a scandal about his involvement with a boy of which we never learn the full details. Peter eventually finds a possessive girlfriend his age and drifts away from his older friend, but years later looks back at the friendship with warmth and some regret.

Corvo, Baron [Frederick William Rolfe], Stories Toto Told Me, London: John Lane at The Bodley Head, 1898. PDF. ReviewThe adventures of a 14-year-old Italian peasant told by himself: none are pederastic, but they are sensually suffused with the boy-loving author's appreciation of boys and inspired by his not-necessarily-consummated love affair with a boy of this name.

Couperus, Louis, De Berg van Licht (The Mountain of Light), 3 volumes, Amsterdam: L. J. Veen, 1904-5.  Translated from the original Dutch into German only.  A psychological novel of the man-loving Roman boy Emperor Elagabalus, presenting his story as as the tragedy of a Syrian soul unhappily transplanted to Rome.

Couperus, Louis, De Komedianten, Rotterdam: Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 1917. Translated from the original Dutch by Jacobine Menzies-Wilson as The Comedians: A Story of Ancient Rome, London: Jonathan Cape, 1926. A theatre company, including two beautiful pubescent boy twins who play the female roles, visits Rome late in the 1st century AD and have adventures with muscular gladiators who warmly befriend them. No sex is mentioned, but the pederastic aura and allusions are umistakeable.

Davenport, Guy, "The Dawn in Erewhon" in Tatlin!, New York: Charles Scribner’ Sons, 1974. Introduces Dutch philosopher Adriaan van Hovendaal and his highly sexually liberated young Dutch friends. Much bucolic invocation of Greek pederasty scattered throughout.

Davenport, Guy, The Jules Verne Steam Balloon, San Francisco: North Point Press, 1987. Four of the stories involve Greek love or explore the erotic beauty of boys from within a pederastic sensibility.. "The Meadow" is a bucolic sketch of Dutch youths, some from the van Hovendaal clan, picnicking and camping out. "The Bicycle Rider" is centered on the love between two Danish boys, Anders and Kim, based loosely on the main characters of the Danish film Du Er Ikke Alene, as well as an attempt by their Danish schoolmaster Hugo to save the fifteen-year-old youth of the story's title from doing himself in with drugs. The school bringing together the main characters is the “NFS Grundtvig,” a new center for many of Davenport’s later stories. A man-boy relation between twelve-year-old Pascal and teacher Holger is introduced, a love affair figuring significantly in future works. "The Jules Verne Steam Balloon” and "The Ringdove Sign" both explore further the bucolic and utopian life of students and faculty of the NFS Grundtvig school, including Hugo and his wife Marianne’s son Franklin, Kim’s age.

Davenport, Guy, The Drummer of the Eleventh North Devonshire Fusiliers, San Franscisco: North Point Press, 1990. Four short stories, of which two involve Greek love or explore the erotic beauty of boys from within a pederastic sensibility, plus a more obviously Greek love novella. "Colin Maillard", a very short story based on a photograph by Bernard Faucon of the same name, depicting children play a reversed version of blind man’s bluff, in which all players but the seeker are blindfolded. A vague homoeroticism haunts the story warmly. PDF. "Badger", a particularly unusual but typically bucolic story of a twelve-year-old boy named Allen and his dog Badger and various friends, with flashes of an encounter between Allen and a handsome young sailor. PDF. "Wo Es War, Soll Ich Werden", the novella, a cut version of Davenport's later novel of the same name, qv.

Davenport, Guy, The Cardiff Team, New York: New Directions, 1996. Five stories involve Greek love or explore the erotic beauty of boys from within a pederastic sensibility. "The Messengers", a vaguely erotic encounter of Franz Kafka with two youths at an Austrian spa, who are somehow angels, Castor and Pollux... "The Meadowlark": a young adolescent boy explores a meadow and his blossoming himself. "The River": four Danish boys spending the afternoon in a pine forest by a river, swimming and doing arithmetic, and being both frank and modest about and within their friendships. "Concert Champêtre in D Minor": more frolicking of the narrator of aforegoing “The River” and his friends and brother. "The Cardiff Team”: typically precious twelve-year-olds Sam and Walt and their precocious mentor/guardians entice an initially reluctant friend Cyril into their world of boyish friendship and high culture.

Davies, Robertson, World of Wonders, Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, 1975. The third of a trilogy, this recounts the evolution of Magnus Eisengrom, the world's greatest magician, who aged eight, in Ontario in 1918, runs away to see a carnival and is fascinated by a magician there who, after  kidnapping and sodomising him, teaches him his repertoire.

Denché, Didier [Jean-Claude Féray], La friponnière (The Rascal), Paris: Quintes-feuilles, 2009. Two murder victims are discovered in Paris; both were active on an online boy-love forum. Forum member Philippe Sourphères is marshalled by the police to help solve the crimes. He, in turn, seeks help with the development of a dream-programming technique he has invented, which could enable people to have experiences forbidden in real life. The plot thickens when Sourphères takes a liking to the chief detective's eleven-year-old son. Cover art by Dutch artist Mario de Graaf.

Denché, Didier [Jean-Claude Féray], Dieu lui-même n’en sait rien (God Himself Knows Nothing About It), Paris: Quintes-feuilles, 2018. Thirteen-year-old Émilien de Nanqueraye disappears in Normandy. Suspects include his piano teacher, who is a boy lover, as well as a Japanese robotics engineer who has developed a beautiful and intelligent adolescent humanoid. Then another boy disappears, and at the same time crop circles turn up that appear to have a bearing on the disappearances. A reflection on the subjects of artificial intelligence, sexual robots and boy love.

Denché, Didier. See also his books published under the names Jean-Claude Féray, Louis Geschenk and Youri Yaref.

Dilke, Christopher, The Rotten Apple, London: Macdonald & Co., 1968. PDF. The decision of a relatively enlightened housemaster at a minor boarding-school not to report the  sexual liaison of two of his boys to the harsh headmaster leads to protracted infighting. Interesting for the varied attitudes of the day towards schoolboy homosexuality, the disputed issues being its potential for cure and contagion, and not at all that the affair uncovered was between a senior and junior boy.

Disch, Thomas M., The Priest, London: Millenium, 1994. A novel playing on public hysteria over pederasty to drive home a fiercely anti-Catholic message, about an American priest blackmailed over past sex with boys who switches mind and body with a mediaeval French bishop.

Drinnan, Neil, Glove Puppet, New York: St. Martin's, 1998. Set in Sydney in the 1980s-early 1990s, the story until he reaches 20 of a junkie whore's son adopted at seven, who at twelve seduces his adoptive father before proceeding to prostitution and drugs.

Duggan, Alfred, Family Favourites, London: Faber & Faber, 1960.  The lively and historically convincing autobiography of a fictional Praetorian Guard, mostly about his time as personal bodyguard and confidant of the early 3rd century teenage Roman Emperor Elagabalus, who, as depicted, really did at 14 scandalise Rome through his open sexual dalliances with well-endowed men.

Duvert, Tony, L'île atlantique, Paris: Les éditions de Minuit, 1979. Translated from the French as Atlantic Island, Los Angeles: Semiotext(e), 2017. Set in the soul-crushing suburbs of a remote island off the coast of France, the story of a group of boys aged 7 to 14 who carry out a series of burglaries. Adult life is savagely satired, while the boys's thieving and the love and sex between the older and younger boys is empathetically portrayed. However, the latter (omitted from the only film version) is incidental to the plot.

Ebers, Georg, Der Kaiser, 2 volumes, Stuttgart: E. Hallberger, 1881. Translated from the German by Clara Bell as The Emperor, New York: William S. Gottberger, 1881.  An Egyptologist's scholarly novelisation of the story of the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his loved boy Antinous, adapted to 19th century taste with the physical nature of Hadrian's passion only hinted at and Antinous made to drown himself out of unrequited love for a Christian maiden.

Edson, Jay, A Path to All Places, USA: lulu.com, 2017. Available as a free download from the author's website. Beginning in a psychiatric hospital in Maine and ending in a Tasmanian anarchist community, this is primarily an enquiry into the nature of insanity, but includes a love affair between a man and a boy of 12.

Elan, Rob [William Robert Williamson], Lucky Lips, Amsterdam: Acolyte, 1991.  Dull story set in an American school in 1964, centred on an 11-year-old and his older friends and including a little pederasty.

L'Erotin [Alphonse Momas], Nos Petites Pensionnaires (Our Little Boarding-School Girls), Vol. 3: En Pension (Boarding), Paris: Isidore Liseux, 1910. Erotic novel about a boy disguised as a girl at a convent school, who seduces a master not unwilling to perform the sexual act despite discovering the youth's real sex.

Essebac, Achille [Henri-Louis-Achille Bécasse], Partenza… vers la Beauté! (Departure... towards Beauty), Paris: Chamerot & Renouard, 1898. PDF (in French). The diary of a 23-year-old Parisian travelling the length of Italy, rich in descriptions of the physical charms of thelocal adolescent boys encountered, and autobiographically-inspired.

Essebac, Achille [Henri-Louis-Achille Bécasse], Dédé, Paris: Ambert, 1901, translated from the French into German only.  The tragically-concluded love affair of two schoolboys, aged 14 to 16, boarding in Paris.  Though this relationship cannot be labeled pederastic, the appeal of adolescent boys to men is a strong underlying theme.

Esser, Kevin, Mad to be Saved, New York: Gay Presses, 1985. An "almost entirely" (in the author's words) autobiographical novel, set in Sandburg, Illinois, ca. 1973-4, with an ambisexual protagonist drawn towards adolescent boys and a theme of the self-destruction involved in the search for identity.

Firbank, Ronald, Concerning the Eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli, London: Grant Richards, 1926. Amusing novella in which the eponymous Cardinal Archbishop dies of a heart attack in his Cathedral while chasing, naked, a sexually-teasing choirboy around the aisles.

Fishback, Jere' M., Josef Jaeger, Round Rock, Texas: Torquere Press, 2009.  Review. The adventures and sexual awakening of a 13-year-old fictional nephew and ward of SA leader Ernst Roehm, chosen for his beauty to star in a propaganda film for the new Third Reich, who accepts an unscrupulous Hitler Youth leader of 20 as his lover whilst also having a moving affair with a Jewish boy his age.

Fishback, Jere' M., Buckspan, Round Rock, Texas: Prizm, 2013. Florida, 1963: when 15-year-old loner Tyler's 19-year-old half-brother Devin comes home from prison, Tyler falls in love with him, and, over the ensuing three years, comes out of his shell and shines in basketball and auto mechanics.

Frame, Ronald, The Lantern Bearers, London: Duckworth, 1999. Review. The story of a boy of 14's intense involvement in the summer of 1962 with a brilliant composer (clearly but rather unfairly based on Benjamin Britten), ending depressingly in false accusation.

Gide, André, L'immoraliste, Paris: Mercure de France, 1902. Translated from the French by Dorothy Bussy as The Immoralist, New York: Knopf, 1930. PDF The story of a man who travels through Europe and North Africa, attempting to transcend the limitations of conventional morality by surrendering to his appetites (including his attraction to young Arab boys), while neglecting his wife.

Gide, André, Les Faux-monnayeurs, Paris: Gallimard, la Nouvelle Revue française, 1925.  Translated from the French by Dorothy Bussy as The Counterfeiters, New York, 1927. PDF. A complex plot the main thread of which is that Parisian adolescent Bernard runs away from home to stay with his friend Olivier, whose uncle Édouard takes him off as his secretary, while a jealous Olivier allows himself to be seduced and turned nasty by a rich and diabolical writer. When Bernard leaves Édouard, Olivier returns to be the latter's secretary and they finally succumb to feelings neither had been able to express before, and end up in bed together.

Golding, Paul,  The Abomination, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2000. A cynical man living a gay life in London, described in unpleasant, graphic detail, recalls his past, including a lengthy affair with a master at his prep school, which, though hardly edifying, is a relatively less grim and interesting part of his story, convincingly described.

Gomez-Arcos, Agustin, L'Agneau Carnivore, Paris: Stock, 1975. Translated from the French by William Rodarmor as The Carniverous Lamb, Boston: David Godine, 1984. Review. Winner of France's Prix Hermès as the best first novel of 1975, this story of the all-encompassing love of two Spanish brothers six years apart in age is the ultimate paean to brotherly erotic love and a profound challenge to the supposed asexuality of pre-teen boys.

Grass, Günter, Die Blechtrommel, Darmstadt: Hermann Luchterhand, 1959. Translated from the German by Ralph Manheim as The Tin Drum, New York: Random House, 1961. The story of a German boy in Danzig before and during the 2nd World War, including a significant pederastic character, Greff, a greengrocer who kills himself after getting into trouble for his involvement with boys.

Guyotat, Pierre, Tombeau pour cinq cent mille soldats. Gallimard, Paris, 1967. Translated from the French by Romain Slocombe as Tomb for 500,000 soldiers, London: Creation Books, 2003. A violent collision of brutal warfare and sexual ecstasy, said to have hallucinated by the author as a young soldier during the Algerian war, where the novel is set. Includes at least one lengthily-described sexual encounter between a boy of 15 and his general.

Hale, Keith, Clicking Beat on the Brink of Nada, Amsterdam: Spartacus, 1983. The life and homosexual loves of an Arkansas schoolboy of 17, including a consummated affair with his younger brother's best friend of 14.

Hanley, James, Boy, London: Boriswood, 1931. ReviewA relentlessly grim story ending in death of a stowaway boy of thirteen from Liverpool, raped and generally mistreated.

Hansen, Joseph, Job's Year, New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1983. PDF. In twelve month-by-month chapters covering 1980, a year of loss, 57-year-old actor Oliver Jewitt reflects regretfully on a past that included driving two men out of town whom he had sought for sex when he was eleven, and describes a present which includes succumbing to the advances of a boy of sixteen.

Harper, Steven, Danny, Book View Café, 2015. A teenage runaway is driven to prostitute himself in Florida and writes a fantasy about Ganymede which gradually merges with his own life.

Hartnett, P-P., I Want to Fuck You, London: Pulp Fiction, 1998. PDF. Review. Depressing novel about the sexual longings of a variety of characters whose paths cross behind the façade of a suburban Tokyo apartment block, including a boy of twelve with a strong crush on his gym teacher, who tries to repress his longing to fuck such a young boy, while an older pupil of 15 sets out to seduce him more overtly.

Hosseini, Khaled, The Kite Runner, New York: Riverhead Books, 2003. A novel conveniently demonising the Taliban with boy rape just after they had become the Americans' ach-foe. In Kabul in 1978, ten-year-old Amir not only fails to come to the rescue of his loyal friend Hassan when he is raped by an older bully, Assef, but, already tormented by guilt, compounds it by betrayal. In 2000, Amir, now living in California, hears that Hasan has been executed by the Taliban and his son Sohrab taken to an orphanage, so he atones for the past by returning to Kabul to find him, and rescues him from the Taliban official who had taken him as his catamite and turns out to be the adult Assef.

Hulse, Charles G., In Tall Cotton, New Jersey: Lyle Stuart, 1987. PDF. The story of a family forced from its home in the American Midwest by the Great Depression, narrated by its youngest, a sexually precocious boy of six to fourteen much desired by men, who has a love affair with an older boy cousin.

Hunt, Chris, The Bisley Boy, London: GMP, 1995. PDF. Lively rendition of the "legend" invented by Bram Stoker that the English Queen Elizabeth I was really a man, a boy having been substituted when the real princess died aged nine, and luckily a boy who was more than happy to be seduced at fourteen by the Lord High Admiral.

Hunt, Chris, Duval's Gold, Swaffham, Norfolk: GMP, 1997. The story of a boyhood and youth in the early 18th century, set mostly in London's criminal underworld and new molly houses, this is only pederastic in so far as the main character begins his sexual adventures with men at fifteen.

Istrati, Panait, Kyra Kyralina, Paris, 1923. Translated from the French by Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno, Greenfield, Massachusetts: Talisman, 2010. Autobiographical-sounding novel in which an old man recalls his childhood as as a blond Romanian boy seduced and loved in turn by a ship's captain and a bey in Istanbul before more brutal experiences. Remarkably outspoken about homosexuality for its time.

James, Henry, The Turn of the Screw, Collier's Weekly Magazine, USA, 1898. PDF.  Highly-acclaimed novella about the governess of a boy and girl who sees the ghosts of two dead employees, the male one of whom had been a powerful influence on the boy, with vague suspicions of their having had a sexual liaison.

Johnson, Richard, A Kind of Hush, London: Robson, 1999. A gang of four boys who have run away from sexual abuse pose as rent boys in London and heroically beat up would-be clients in this even-cruder-than-usual self-serving attempt by a careerist in the child abuse industry to ride the wave of the public's salacious delight in stories whetting its hysteria on the subject.

Kazantzakis, Nikos Νίκος Καζαντζάκης, O Christós Xanastavrónetai Ο Χριστός Ξανασταυρώνεται, 1954. Translated from the Greek by Jonathan Griffin as Christ Recrucified, Oxford: Bruno Cassirer, 1954. The attempts of a Greek village in Turkey to stage a passion play in 1921, involving a rich variey of colourful characters including the Turkish Agha of the village who lives "for the pleasures of raki and pretty boys", and two of the said boys.

Kent, Chris,  The Boys of Swithins Hall,  San Francisco: GLB, 1999. PDFHomoerotic goings-on at a boys' boarding-school in England and on holiday, narrated by a young schoolmaster, almost all involving adolescents of similar age, but with a little pederasty mixed in.

Kent, Chris, Luverboy's Memories, San Francisco: GLB, 2004. PDF. A series of stories following the adventures, sexual and otherwise, of one Ben Kingsley, aged 11 to mid-teens. Some negatively-depicted Greek love mixed with positive accounts of sex between same-aged boys.

Kent, Chris, Beautiful Dreamers, San Francisco: GLB, 2006. PDF. The erotic remiscences of Donald when he was a pupil aged 11-13 at a Scottish boys' grammar school, having sex with boys around his own age, two of whom were also having passionate love affairs with men, affairs he betrayed out of jealousy posing as self-righteousness.  Too much sex in an inadequate plot.

King, Donald, Diary of a Gay Love Hustler, North Hollywood, California: Barclay House, 1970. Cheap American erotica about a young man who had begun prostituting himself at the age of 13.

Konradin, Ein Jünger Platos: aus dem Leben eines entgleisten (A disciple of Plato: from the life of one derailed), Leipzig: Spohr, 1914. The life and male loves of Theodor from boyhood on in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, including sex with a boy in Capri, and ending with the suicide of himself and 16-year-old Lorenzo following not-quite-consummated love affair.

Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng 蘭陵笑笑生 (The Scoffing Scholar of Lanling) [Anon.], Jin Ping Mei 金瓶梅, manuscript begun by 1596 and finished by 1606, published ca. 1618. First translated from the Chinese (from an altered 1695 edition and with scandalous passages in Latin) by Clement Egerton as The Golden Lotus, 4 vols., London: Routledge, 1939. First translation of the 1st edition by David Tod Roy as The Plum in the Golden Vase or, Chin P’ing Mei, 5 vols., Princeton, New Jersey:Princeton University Press, 1993.

Lauder, Stuart, Winger's Landfall, London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1962. The protagonist get himself a job on a passenger liner with a view to discovering the fate of his teenage half-brother who had disappeared from it. He sneers at or is suspicious of the queers on the ship while happily carrying on with a 15-year-old himself. 

L'Heureux, John, The Medici Boy, New York: Astor+Blue Editions, 2013. Review. The story of the boy model for Donatello's 15th-century statue of David, with much about his Greek love affairs. Some of the rich sources for Florentine pederasty have been taken on board, but the author still failed to grasp its pre-modern dynamics and missed a great opportunity to explain how it operated with the stunning cultural effect it had.

Li Yu 李漁 (attributed), Rouputuan 肉蒲團 , written 1657, published 1693. Translated from the Chinese by Patrick Hanan as The Carnal Prayer Mat, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1996. Read the Greek love content. The sexual adventures of a scholar who devotes himself to sexual pursuits against the advice of a Buddhist abbot and keeps two page-boys for sexual relief between his seduction of women.

Lombard, Jean, L'Agonie (The Agony), Paris: Albert Savine, 1888. In French only.  A decadent novel of Rome in the reign of Elagabalus (himself depicted as thoroughly depraved), with a boy-loving main character obsessed with androgyny.

Martin, Douglas A., Wolf, New York: Nightboat, 2020. Based on a true American story sensationalised by the media in ca. 2001 about two boys aged 12 and 13 who murdered their abusive father at the behest of a man sexually involved with them and whom they loved. Told from the boys' perspective.

Martin, Jacques, Les aventures d'Alix (The Adventures of Alix), 28 volumes (the last 9 co-authored), the first 15 originally published as serials in the magazine Le Journal de Tintin, Brussels: Le Lombard, 1948-79, the remainder Brussels: Casterman, 1981-2009. A high quality bande dessinée series with visually stunning and generally historically accurate depictions of its mid-1st century BC setting about the adventures in many lands of Alix, a Gallo-Roman youth. The Greek love theme hangs on the intimate friendship of the hero with Enak, an Egyptian boy of 14. Though it is never plainly stated that their love is erotic, the author, after having acknowledged it would be legitimate to see them as a typical ancient erastes and eromenos (though it was not his original intention), eventually revealed that was how he had come to see them himself. The Greek love vibes are increased by constant visual celebration of adolescent male beauty, sometimes nude. The 27 relevant books (of which the later, co-authored ones are of much less interest) are: 2. Le sphinx d'or (The Golden Sphinx), 1949-50; 3. L'Île maudite (The Cursed Island), 1951-2; 4. La Tiare d'Oribal, 1955-6, translated into English as The Sacred Helmet, London: Ward Lock, 1971; 5. La Griffe noire, 1957-9, translated into English as The Black Claw, London: Ward Lock, 1971; 6. Les Légions perdues (The Lost Legions) 1962-3; 7. Le Dernier Spartiate (The Last Spartiate), 1966-7; 8. Le Tombeau étrusque (The Etruscan Tomb), 1967-8; 9. Le Dieu sauvage (The Wild God), 1969; 10. Iorix le grand (Iorix the Great), 1971-2, in which the eponymous hero mocks Alix for caring about his wounded boy, though a girl is in love with him; 11. Le Prince du Nil (The Prince of the Nile), 1973, in which Enak abandons Alix, but is readily forgiven, and the princess who helped bring them back together dies of unrequited love for the older boy; 12. Le Fils de Spartacus (The Son of Spartacus), 1974, in which under-water boys frolick with a Roman dignitary in a Tiberian manner; 13. Le Spectre de Carthage (The Ghost of Carthage), 1976, in which another girl in love with Alix chides him in vain for talking only of Enak; 14. Les Proies du volcan (The Prey of the Volcano), 1977; 15. L'Enfant grec (The Greek Child), 1979, set in Athens, including a gymnasium where men gaze admiringly at the naked adolescent athletes; 16. La Tour de Babel (The Tower of Babel), 1981; 17. L'Empereur de Chine (The Emperor of China), 1982; 18. Vercingétorix (Vercingetorix), 1985; 19. Le Cheval de Troie (The Trojan Horse), 1988; 20. Ô Alexandrie (O Alexandria), 1996; 21. Les Barbares (The Barbarians), 1998; 22. La Chute d'Icare (The Fall of Ikaros), 2001; 23. Le Fleuve de jade (The River of Jade), 2003; 24. Roma, Roma... (Roma, Roma …), 2005; 25. C'était à Khorsabad (It was at Khorsabad), 2006; 26. L'Ibère (Iberia), 2007; 27. Le Démon du Pharos (The Demon of Pharos), 2008; 28. La Cité engloutie (The Sunken City), 2009.

Massie, Allan, Augustus, London: Bodley Head, 1986. A fictional autobiography of the first Roman emperor, in which his friend and advisor Maecenas is depicted having an affair with a Gallic slave-boy of 15. The author's take on this is jarringly modern, with Maecenas portrayed as camp and with a sexual orientation that sets him apart from others, suggesting the author's understanding of Roman thought is superficial.

Matzneff, Gabriel, Isaïe réjouis-toi (Isaiah rejoice), Paris: la Table ronde, 1974. A fictionalisation of the three-way love affair of the author, his wife and an English schoolboy of 16 which wrecked his marriage. The first of Matzneff's many published writings to reveal his love of boys.

Matzneff, Gabriel, Îvre du vin perdus (Drunk on Lost Wine), Paris: la Table Ronde, 1981. Review. Nil Kolytcheff, an avid lover of pubescent girls and boys with a strong resemblance to the author, reflects on his passionate three-year love affair with a girl in Paris between trips to Manila and Colombo for sex with boys with his extremely active boysexual banker friend Rodin, his devastating portrait of whom is superbly funny. A more explicit fictionalisation of happenings only sme of which were recounted in the author's later-published journals.

Matzneff, Gabriel, Harrison Plaza, Paris: la Table ronde, 1988. In French only. The adventures in the Philippines in 1987 of four Frenchmen, of whom two are fictional lovers of girls, another a ridiculous lover of boys (based on a friend of the author), and the main character is based on the author himself (who likes both girls and boys, but is joined in Manila by his 14-year-old Parisian girlfriend, whose passionate love affair with him is perhaps the central theme).   A sequel to his Îvre du vin perdus, qv.

Maugham, Robin, The Corridor, London: William Kimber, 1980. Following a car crash, aspiring actor Rodney Croft reviews his life from eleven to early manhood, including the attempts to seduce him of the sports teacher at his English boarding school.

McCullough, Colleen, The First Man in Rome, New York: Morrow, 1990. A realistic and well-reasearched political thriller of Rome, 110-100 BC in which one of the main characters, a youngish Sulla, is depicted as attracted to boys as well as women and has an affair with a fourteen-year-old boy actor he teaches to read.

Mellman, Larry, The Ballot Boy, New Mexico: NineStar, 2022. An tale of intrigue narrated by a poor boy of 14 to 16 brought into politics through arbitrary selection to count the ballot for the election of a new doge of Venice in 1368. He lusts for older males and witnesses a cleric burn for sodomising a boy of 13, but the advertising of this superficially well-researched novel as a gay romance is sincere: the characters' sensibilities are modern American, not mediaeval (and, in any case, superficially drawn).

Menen, Aubrey, Fonthill: A Comedy. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1974. A light-hearted recounting of the true story of the immensely rich pederast William Beckford, socially ruined in 1784 over a liaison with a boy.

Miller, Stephen D. (editor), Partings at Dawn. An Anthology of Japanese Gay Literature, San Francisco: Gay Sunshine, 1996.  Despite the subsidiary title and editorial downplay, the first, pre-20th-century half of this collection of short stories and excerpts from longer ones is as nearly purely pederastic as to be expected of traditional Japan.

Moonen, A., Stadsgerechten (City Dishes), Amsterdam: De Bezige Bij, 1978. Autobiographical novel in the form of a diary describing sexual experimentation with boys and women.

Moore, Oscar, A Matter of Life and Sex, London: Paper Drum, 1991. Grim, autobiographical novel in which a young man dying of AIDS recalls his sex life graphically, beginning with encounters in the 1970s with men in public lavatories at the age of 14.

Moravia, Alberto, Agostino, Milan: Bompiani, 1944. First translated from the Italian by Beryl de Zoete, London: Secker & Warburg, 1947. The loss of innocence of a sensitive boy of 13 one summer at the seaside, mostly concerning his mother, but also due to his involvement with a gang of rough local boys led by a pederastic lifeguard.

Murdoch, Iris, The Bell, London: Chatto & Windus, 1958. Highly-acclaimed bestseller about a Gloucestershire lay Anglican community, whose leader is attracted to teenage boys and has been in trouble over a 15-year-old pupil now come back into his life as an alcoholic adult..

Murdoch, Iris, Henry and Cato, London: Chatto & Windus, 1976. The two eponymous characters are childhood friends, of whom Cato abandons the Roman Catholic pristhood to go away with a boy of 17 with whom he is in love, only for the boy to turn against him and later kidnap him to extort Henry's money.

O’Neill, James,  At Swim, Two Boys, London: Scribner, 2001. Set in Dublin in the year leading up to the Easter Uprising of 1916, the love affair of two mid-teen Dublin boys who attract first the sexual interest and then the protection of a convicted boy-lover.

Pasolini, Pier Paolo, Ragazzi di vita, Milan: Garzanti, 1955, first translated from the Italian by Emile Capouya as The Ragazzi, New York: Grove Press, 1968. The grim lives of boy hustlers in a post-war Roman slum.

Pasolini, Pier Paolo, Una vita violenta, Milan: Garzanti, 1959, translated from the Italian by William Weaver as A Violent Life, London: Jonathan Cape, 1968. The life from 1948 to 1958 of a Roman slum-boy involved in hustling and petty crime.

Perrin, André, Mario, Paris: Julliard, 1955. In French only. A group of saboteurs in the French Resistance accept their chief sleeping with a boy of 14 who has attached himself to them.

Petronius (probably C. Petronius Arbiter), Satyricon, ca. AD 65, frequently translated from the Latin, first by William Burnaby as The Satyricon, London, 1694. A novel about the misadventures of a poor but educated youth in love with a faithless boy, surviving only in fragments, but offering rich insight into how pederasty was practised among low-life Romans.

Peyrefitte, Roger, L’Oracle, Paris: Jean Vigneau, 1948. Autobiographically-inspired novel about the time in Greece of Jean Guibert, a Hellenophilic young archaeology professor, including an incident when he was assigned by parents to retrieve their son from the yacht of a pederast to whom they had entrusted him. Of special Greek love interest is the 1968 Flammarion edition with 22 lithographs by Gaston Goor.

Peyrefitte, Roger, Alexandre le Grand (Alexander the Great), Paris: Albin Michel, 1981. Third of a trilogy, giving  an account of Alexander’s last seven years, including his love affair with the Persian boy eunuch Bagoas.

Prime-Stevenson, Edward, Left to Themselves: Being the Ordeal of Philip and Gerald, New York: Hunt & Eaton, 1891. PDFDescribed by the author as "a romantic story in which a youth in his latter teens is irresistibly attracted to a much younger lad" and "homosexual in essence", two New York boys of 12 and 17 bond while having a series of adventures.

Prokosch, Frederic, The Missolonghi Manuscript, New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1968. Autobiographical musings in a fictional diary of Lord Byron's last three months in 1824, including frankly described erotic liaisons with boys and women. Based on Byron's real journals.

Puzin, Claude, Louis de Bourbon ou le soleil maudit (Louis of Bourbon or the Accursed Sun), Paris: T. G., 2007.  Historically accurate novel about a legitimated son of Louis XIV of France who was inducted into a secret pederastic order of chivalry at 14 and died in disgrace soon after.

Randolph, Alexander, The Mail Boat, New York: Holt, 1969. PDF. The love affair of two Americans on a little Italian island recounted through their letters: the young woman, Martha, is incensed because Oscar, her sophisticated older lover, is clearly more interested in 13-year-old Mario, the most beautiful of the local boys.

Raven, Simon, Fielding Gray, London: Anthony Blond, 1967.  Review.   Partly autobiographical and set in 1945 in a public school where liaisons between younger and older boys are pervasive, at seventeen the golden schoolboy of the title triggers disaster through ill-conceived seduction of an unsuitable boy his age.

Reid, Forrest, Uncle Stephen, London: Faber & Faber, 1931. PDFAn orphaned 15-year-old runs away from his step-mother and goes to live with his unknown and mysterious uncle, and has loving relationships with both him and a poacher so intense one may guess that they were underpinned by Greek love.

Reid, Forrest, Denis Bracknell, London: Faber & Faber, 1947.  A young tutor comes to stay with a wealthy family and gets intensely involved with their unwordly, moon-worshipping son of 15. At most, only obliquely pederastic.

Renault, Mary [Eileen Mary Challans], The Last of the Wine, London: Longmans, Green & co., 1956. An exceptionally authentic depiction of Athens during the Peloponnesian war presented through the beautifully-told story of an aristocratic boy recounted in the first person and including his typical love affair with a young man.

Renault, Mary [Eileen Mary Challans], The Mask of Apollo, London: Longmans, Green & co., 1966. Set all around the Greek world of the 4th century BC, but especially in Syracuse, the story narrated in the first person of the fictional travelling Athenian actor Nikeratos, much involved in the circle of Plato and his disciple Dion. Besides the latter two being depicted as former lovers, the main character's affairs are almost exclusively with boys and the story ends with a superbly moving introduction to the 14-year-old Alexander of Macedon and his love, Hephaistion.

Renault, Mary [Eileen Mary Challans], Fire From Heaven, London: Longman, 1970. A brilliantly imagined and convincing depiction of the childhood of Alexander the Great down to his accession aged 20. Greek love as a theme hangs mostly on two characters: Alexander's father Philip whose penchant for boys brings nemesis in the form of an alienated former eromenos, and Philip's unattractive, great Athenian enemy Demosthenes, on the look out for a replacement for his slave-boy/catamite.

Renault, Mary [Eileen Mary Challans], The Persian Boy, London: Longman, 1972. Review. The beautifully-written fictional autobiography of a real eunuch boy loved by Alexander the Great; the last three quarters bring Alexander's last seven years to accurate and deeply-moving life.

Renault, Mary [Eileen Mary Challans], The Praise Singer, London: John Murray, 1978.  A fictional autobiography of the poet Simonides of Keos down to the expulsion of the Peisistratidai from Athens in 510 BC, focused on the role in that of the unrequited passion of the tyrant's brother Hipparchos for the boy Harmodios.

Rice, Anne, Cry to Heaven, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1982. Review. The haunting and beautifully-written story of an 18th-century Venetian boy treacherously castrated who makes the best possible of it by becoming a highly successful opera singer in an age when castrati were stars, besides having countless affairs with both sexes; clearly well-researched.

Richey, Hursty [Clyde Richey], Near Fatal Attraction, Port Washington, New York: Ashley, 1977. PDF. A grisly tale of sex and violence in an American boy scout troup relieved by its final third in which the narrator has a love affair with a pubescent.

Rofheart, Martha, Fortune Made His Sword. New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1972. The story of the English King Henry V told by five narrators, with Richard II, the King during his childhood, depicted as pederastic.

Romains, Jules, Hommes de bonne volonte: Tome XXVII le 7 octobre, Paris: Flammarion, 1946. Translated from the French as Men of Good Will: Volume XXVII. The Seventh of October, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1946. The last in a series cumulatively amounting to one of the longest novels ever and mostly about two friends, is set in 1933 and includes description of sexual dalliance in Tunisia between Frenchmen and uninhibited and beautiful local boys.

Saba, Umberto, Ernesto, written 1953, posthumously published Turin: Einaudi, 1975. Translated from the Italian by Mark Thompson, Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1987. A largely autobiographical novel set in Trieste in 1898, including the 16-year-old apprentice clerk's affair with a labourer of 28 and subsequent falling for a boy violinist two years younger.

Saikaku, Ihara, 井原 西鶴, Kōshoku ichidai otoko 好色一代男, Ōsaka, 1682, abridged and translated from the Japanese by Hamada Kengi as The Life of an Amorous Man, Vermont, 1964. Read the Greek love content. The love life of a lustful plebeian between the ages of six and sixty, including liaisons with 3,742 women, 725 boys, and other males whilst still a boy himself.

Saikaku, Ihara, 井原 西鶴, "Koinoyama Gengobei monogatari 恋の山源五兵衛物語", the last of five stories in Kōshoku gonin onna 好色五人女, Ōsaka, 1686. Translated from the Japanese by Wm. Theodore de Bary as "Gengobei, the Mountain of Love" in Five Women Who Loved Love, Rutland, Vermont, 1956. Read on this website. A man devoted to the love of boys loses two to death, is tricked into accepting a girl who is in love with him, and decides there is no difference between the two kinds of love.

Saikaku, Ihara, 井原 西鶴, Nippon Eitaigura 日本永代蔵 (The Eternal Storehouse of Japan), Ōsaka, 1688. Short stories about townsmen, at least two of which Greek love featured, both translated from the Japanese by G. W. Sargent in his The Japanese Family Storehouse, or the Millionaire's Gospel Modernized, Cambridge University Press, 1959.

Saikaku, Ihara, 井原 西鶴Buke giri monogatari 武家義理物語, Ōsaka, 1688, translated by Caryl Callahan as Tales of Samurai Honor, Tokyo, 1981. Article linking to Greek love content.  Twenty-six short stories illustrating the samurai code of honour, of which five are to some extent pederastic.

Saikaku, Ihara, 井原 西鶴, Saikaku Okimiyage  置土産 (Saikaku's Parting Gift), Ōsaka, 1693. Fifteen stories concerned principally with the vicissitudes of former rakes and courtesans, of which at least three had Greek love content.

Saikaku, Ihara, 井原 西鶴Yorozu no Fumihōgu 万の文反古 (A Miscellany of Old Letters), Ōsaka, 1696. Seventeen short stories written as letters in at least one of which Greek love was the main theme, "Letter from a Buddhist Priest telling his Friend that his Lover comes to him", translated indirectly from the Japanese by E. Powys Mathers in his Eastern Love, vol. VII (London, 1928). Read on this website. A priest describes falling in love with a boy of 14 or 15 at a temple he is staying in, and getting an unexpectedly favourable reply to a love letter he sends him.

Salas, Floyd, Tatoo the Wicked Cross, New York: Grove Press, 1967. Prize-fighter Aaron D'Aragon, 15, is consigned to a jail farm in California where his best friend submits to being a man's "pussy" and other boys are gang-raped by the inmates.

Santi, Piero, Ombre Rosse (Red Shadows), Florence: Vallecchi, 1954. In Italian only. An almost anthropological novel about people seeking casual sexual encounters in the cinemas of Florence, most heartfelt and autobiographical in its account of the man/boy scene there, which, at least for the boys, had nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Sartre, Jean-Paul, "L'enfance d'un chef" in Le Mur (The Wall), Paris: Gallimard, 1939; translated from the French by Neville Spearman as "The Childhood of a Leader" in Intimacy and other stories, London: Peter Nevill, 1949. PDF. Novella recounting the mental development from the age of four of one Lucien Fleurier who, as an adolescent, has a sexual liaison with Achille Bergère, a surrealist pederast of thirty, which he ends out of fear it will prevent him becoming a leader.

Saylor, Steven, The Judgment of Caesar, New York: St. Martin's Press, 2004. Review. Roman sleuth Gordianus finds himself in Egypt in 48 BC, where Julius Caesar is trying to mediate between sibling competitors for the crown, Cleopatra and Ptolemy. Drawing on the best evidence, usually ignored in popular fiction, the teenage royals are depicted as in a love triangle with Caesar, allowing the author to explore the dynamics of Greek love. Dramatic and well-researched, albeit the author makes Ptolemy 15, apparently unaware of the evidence he was 13.

Strieber, Whitley, Billy, New York: Putnam, 1990.  Chilling American thriller about a 12-year-old boy kidnapped by a psychopath, pederastic in so far as the man had a sexual motive.

Sturgis, Howard, Tim, London: Macmillan, 1891. Review.   The apparently innocent though passionate love story of a boy of 9 to 14 and one four years older, set mostly at Eton, England's pre-eminent school attended by the author at that time, innocent enough of sexual implication to draw unashamed tears from Gladstone, the Etonian prime-minister of the period.

Telfer, Dariel, The Corrupters, London: Frederick Muller, 1964. Poorly-reviewed murder mystery with a pederastic character. [Further information sought].

Tóibín, Colm, The Magician, New York: Scribner, 2021. A fictionalisation of the true story of Thomas Mann (1875-1955), the Nobel Prize-winning author of the novella Death in Venice, honest about his love of boys.

Tournier, Michel, Le Roi des Aulnes, Gallimard, Paris 1970. Translated from the French by Barbara Bray as The Erl-King, Collins, London 1972. The life story of a misfit Frenchman from his miserable schooldays to his life as a mechanic, a prisoner of war under the Nazis, and eventually a scout for the Nazis in Prussia, charged with kidnapping young Aryan boys for recruitment at an elite school. The complex eroticism of male desire for the boy is deeply interwoven with stunning explorations in mythology, language, theology, philosophy, and especially the rise of authoritarianism and totalitarianism. Internationally best-selling novel and winner of the Prix Goncourt.

Tralow, Johannes, Irene von Trapezunt, Wiesentheid: Doremiersche Verlags, 1947. In German only. The story of a Byzantine princess who became the great love of Mehmed II, the boy-loving Ottoman conqueror of Consantinople. Highly regarded for its vivid depiction of Constantinople in its early Turkish period. [Further information sought]

Tremain, Rose, Sadler's Birthday, London: Macdonald & Co., 1976. Review. 76-year-old Jack Sadler looks back over his life as a servant in a country house: a lonely life, except for his one love, Tom, an evacuee boy of 11-16 whom he had an emotional and sexual relationship during the Second World War.

Vallejo, Fernando, La virgen de los sicarios, Bogotá: Alfaguara, 1994. Translated from the Spanish by Paul Hammond as Our Lady of the Assassins, London: Serpent's Tail, 2001. Returning to his home city of Medellin in Colombia in the 1990s, and after thirty years' absence, a writer in his 50s finds it transformed by violence which takes the lives of the two mid-teen boy prostitutes/contract killers with whom in turn he has love affairs.

Vance, James, and Dan Burr, with an introduction by Alan Moore, Kings in Disguise, New York: W. W. Norton, 1988. Read the Greek love content. In this esteemed and compelling black-and-white graphic novel set in California in 1933, Freddie Bloch, 13, homeless and adrift after his father disappears, tries to find his way in the hobo jungles of the Great Depression. In a five-page scene he meets a hobo who tries to seduce him, but runs away.

Verburg, Alex, Het huis van mijn vader (My Father's House), Amsterdam: De Arbeiderspers, 2002. The story of Floris van Zevenhoven between the ages of ten and fifteen, including his first sexual experiences with both sexes and his affair at thirteen with a man ten years older.

Verheul, Kees, Een jongen met vier benen (A Boy with Four Legs), Amsterdam: Querido, 1982. In Dutch only. Essentially autobiographical biographical account of a childhood, including the author's secret love affair at 14 with a friend's father.

Wheat, Carolyn, Dead Man's Thoughts, New York: St. Martin's Press, 1983. Review. Suspenseful murder mystery, in which the main character, a Legal Aid lawyer, is the only one who doesn't believe that her boy-loving colleague, Nathan Wasserstein, could have been murdered by Paco, a boy hustler with whom he was involved.

White, Edmund, A Boy's Own Story, New York: Dutton,  1982. Semi-autobiographical novel set in the USA in the 1950s describing the early homosexual experiences of the 15-year-old narrator, the first with a boy of 12 who takes the initiative.

White, Edmund, Hotel de Dream, New York: Ecco, 2007. A writer dying of tuberculosis in Florida in 1900 writes a novel about a boy prostitute he knows.

Yanagihira, Hanya, The People in the Trees, New York: Doubleday, 2013. The life of a Nobel Laureate pederastic scientist inspired by a jaundiced imagining of the real Dr. Carleton Gajdusek.

Yourcenar, Marguerite, Mémoires d'Hadrien, Paris: Librairie Plon, 1951, translated from the French by Grace Frick as Memoirs of Hadrian, London: Secker & Warburg, 1955.  A fictional autobiography of the Roman Emperor Hadrian written in the form of a letter with much about his passion for the boy Antinous, whom he deified.

Ziegler, Alexander, Die Konsequenz (The Consequence), Zurich: Schweizer Verlahshaus, 1975.  In German only. Autobiographical novel set in 1974, eight years later than the true story, about the dire consequences faced by an actor and a boy of 16 caught having a love affair.

Zilinsky, Ursula, Middle Ground, Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1968. PDFExcellent love story of a half-Jewish boy of fifteen and the reluctant commandant of the concentration camp in Austria to which both are consigned.

Zubro, Mark Richard, A Simple Suburban Murder, New  City: St. Martin's Griffin, 1988. Two gay amateur sleuths solve the mystery of a teaching colleague's murder in Chicago, uncovering teen boy prostitution along the way.


Stories never in print offered on this site

Edward, Alan, The Gods of Babylon, distributed as a PDF, 2005.  PDF.

Esser, Kevin, Voodoo, 3 vols. written 1997-2001, of which only a fraction published offline as NAMBLA Topics 8. Voodoo: An excerpt from a novel in progress., qv. above. Vol. 1 Pepper's Book PDF; vol. 2 Jack's Diary PDF; vol. 3 Summer's Spell PDF. Set in the author's home state of Illinois, mailman Jake and his writer friend Doc have a series of sexual liaisons with boys aged 8 to 16.

Esser, Kevin, Revolution, apparently published online, 2002/3. PDF. A short story in which the narrator lusts after and introduces to fellatio an adlescent paperboy and his friend while musing angrily on the hypocrisy of recent society in condemning Geek love and desexualising boys.

Esser, Kevin, Salvation, distributed as a PDF, 2003. PDF. The sexual adventures of one Mike with various boys in the author's usual setting of fictional Sandburg in Illinois.

Esser, Kevin, Dreamboy Variations, published on the Johnny Proudly Presents website, 2005. PDF. Described by the author as "one man's erotic adventures through the boyscape of modern America."

Freeman. Steven, Sunshine Boy, ca. 1990s. First published here 2021.  Read on this websiteThe first two chapters only of a novel set in England, mostly in the early 1970s: reaching puberty, hot new boy movie star Simon, 13, finds life with his feminist mother no longer enough for him and reaches out to an interested successful writer in his fifties.

Freeman. Steven, Marcus, ca. 2001. First published here 2022. Read on this website. The first chapter only of an intended novel set in an 18th-century English inn: 15-year-old Marcus has been enthusiastically serving much more than victuals to some of the men who frequent the inn, and hopes to escape the boysexual innkeeper and his grim wife by eloping with one of them.

Marlowe, Edmund, The Segestan Boy, 2016. First published here, 2022.  Read on this website. Set in Sicily in 307 BC. 13-year-old Charikles, a noble boy of Segesta, is experiencing first love with a young man when disaster strikes in the form of Agathokles, the cruel tyrant of Syracuse. A chapter that can stand on its own from an intended series of novels.

Nicholson, Stephen, Julian's Destiny, 2018. First published here, 2023. Read on this website. A sketch for a sequel to Edmund Marlowe's Alexander's Choice, following the adventures and misfortunes of Julian Smith, the main character left living by Marlowe and now confirmed as exclusively boysexual.


Published Drama

Cripps, Richard Vere, writing anonymously, Nero and Sporus, a play, [Dijon: M. Darantière], 1924.  A positive interpretation of the love affair of the Roman Emperor Nero and his boy Sporus (contemptuously depicted by the ancients).

Fry, Stephen, "Latin! or Tobacco and Boys" in his Paperweight, London: Mandarin, 1992. Premiered Cambridge 1979.  Won first prize at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 1980. About the love affair of a boy of thirteen and a schoolmaster at a prep school. 

Gellert, Roger [John Holmstrom], Quaint Honour, London: Secker & Warburg, 1958.  Premiered at the Arts Club, London, 1958. A frank portrayal of the liaisons between older  and younger boys in a boys' house at public school.

Montherlant, Henry de, La Ville dont le prince est un enfant, Paris: Gallimard, 1951.  Premiered Geneva, 1952, translated from the French by Henry Reed as The Land where a Child is King for broadcast by the BBC, 1962, but not apparently published in English.  A play about the love of a boy of 15-16 for one of 11-12 hypocritically challenged by the Abbot at their Catholic boarding-school.

Otway, Travers [Edward J. Miller], The Hidden Years, London: Faber & Faber, 1948.  Premiered 1947. The chaste, but forbidden and clearly Greek, love affair of a house captain and a boy of 15 at an English boys' boarding school is discovered. The play thus treats of "a problem, the existence of which is known to all who have been at a public school" (author's foreword).

Wang Jide 王骥德, Nan wanghou 男王后.  First published in full in Sheng Ming zaju 盛明杂剧 (Northern drama of the high Ming) edited by Shen Tai 沈泰, 1629. Translated from the original Chinese by Sophie Volpp as “The Male Queen” in her Worldly Stage: Theatricality in Seventeenth-Century China, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Asia Center, 2011, pp. 264-314. Composed 1600/11. Dramatisation of the historical love story of beautiful boy Han Zigao, who at 16 in ca. 554 became the favourite concubine of the general who was to become the Emperor Wen of Chen. 



If you would like to leave a comment on this webpage, please e-mail it to greek.love.tta@gmail.com, mentioning in the subject line either the title or the url of the page so that the editor can add it.


Anonymous 54,   18 August 2021

Burroughs’ Wild Boys should be added to this list. 


Editor   19 August 2021

I realise there are many references to sex between boys in Burroughs' The Wild Boys, but can you explain why you consider it pederastic?

* * * * *

Anonymous 93,  7 April 2022


Cooper, Susan, King of Shadows, New York: Margaret K. McElderry, 1999. Children's book about Nat Field, a gifted actor of 11 or 12 who joins a prestigious all-boy acting company and travels from his North Carolina home to London to play at the reconstructed Globe Theatre. There he finds himself transported back in time to 1599 and strikes up a deeply loving friendship with William Shakespeare. The ostensible reason for the pair's attachment to one another is that Nat's father and Shakespeare's son both died in tragic circumstances, but there's a distinctly romantic tinge to the proceedings that is no accident: Cooper, best known for her classic The Dark Is Rising sequence, has said that the book was originally intended as a love story between Shakespeare and a boy actor, and that a gay friend of hers told her he wished he'd had the book to read when he was 10.

Corlett, William, The Gate of Eden, London: Hamish Hamilton, 1974. Peter, a 15-year-old boy at loose ends, strikes up a friendship with a lonely elderly man, a former literature teacher at a boys' school who lost his job following a scandal about his involvement with a boy of which we never learn the full details. Peter eventually finds a possessive girlfriend his age and drifts away from his older friend, but years later looks back at the friendship with warmth and some regret.

Tremain, Rose, Sadler's Birthday, London: Macdonald & Co., 1976. 76-year-old Jack Sadler looks back over his life as a servant in a country house: a lonely life, except for his one love, Tom, an evacuee boy of 11-16 whom he had an emotional and sexual relationship during the Second World War.

Windham, Donald, Two People, New York: Coward-McCann, 1965. Forest is a married man of 34, American, living in Rome. Marcello is a 17-year-old Roman boy who likes girls and has a girlfriend but hasn't slept with her yet: instead, since he was 15 he's been cheerfully having sex with men for money. The pair meet and have a quiet, brief, bittersweet love affair.

Editor,  8 April 2022

Thank you very much for this superb contribution. I especially appreciate your extraordinary helpfulness in providing full details exactly as needed here.

* * * * *


Anonymous 113,  3 November 2022

Chee, Alexander, Edinburgh, New York: Welcome Rain, 2001. Novel in two parts, each from the perspective of a different character. The first is Fee, a Korean-American boy who sings with the Pine State Boys' Choir from age 12 until his voice changes when he's 15, and there meets and falls in unrequited love with a boy the same age as well as experimenting sexually with another. The choir director is a gifted musician with a streak of darkness: he drugs the boys in his care in order to abuse them sexually, driving at least two to suicide. We then fast forward some years and the narration is taken up by the choir director's 17-year-old son, attending a boarding school, unaware of his distant father's past and in a happy relationship with a girlfriend -- until he meets and falls hard for his new swim coach, who turns out to to be the adult Fee.

Lowenthal, Michael, Avoidance, Minneapolis: Graywolf Press, 2002. 28-year-old Jeremy, a graduate student writing a thesis on the Amish, has had sex with "three or four" women and one man, but no serious partnerships. Instead, his emotional life revolves around his work at Ironwood, a sleepaway camp for boys 10-15 that runs for two months every summer in the Vermont woods and is staffed entirely by men except for the tomboyish camp nurse. Jeremy has had a series of close friendships with boys, including a 13-year-old Amish lad, but the sexual aspects of his feelings for boys only become clear to him when he meets and falls for attitudinal, emotionally-wounded 14-year-old camper Max. Jeremy and Max develop a loving bond, including hugs and kisses, but Jeremy is thrown when Max reveals that Jeremy's lifelong friend Charlie, Ironwood's current director, has masturbated him against his will. Jeremy then has to face up to how close he came to doing the same thing, and to an aspect of his own boyhood that he's preferred to forget: when he and Charlie were 14-year-olds at Ironwood, Charlie was sexually involved with their 50-something mentor Ruff, and Jeremy was jealous because he wanted to sleep with Ruff himself.