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three pairs of lovers with space



being Chapter 2 of The Memoirs of a Voluptuary (Paris, 1905)

When I opened my eyes next morning, I found Bob already awake, and he greeted me with a cheery, "Good-morning!"

"Is it time to get up yet, Bob?" I asked, after returning his salutation.

"Very nearly," he replied. "How is your cock this morning?"

"It feels rather funny," I said, as I pushed down the clothes and exposed it. "Do you know, I was dreaming last night about you playing with it."

Bob laughed. "That accounts for things then. I woke up early this morning, and had a feel, and your cock was as stiff as a poker." A few minutes later a servant mocked at the door to call us, so we rose and dressed leisurely, getting downstairs just in time for breakfast.

It was Sunday, but the Rutherfords were not very strict Sabbatarians, and after we got back from church Bob gave me a lesson in billiards, while in the afternoon the colonel took us for a drive. As we were leaving the following day, we stayed up rather longer after dinner than on the previous evening, and it was eleven o'clock ere we reached the privacy of our bedroom.

"We had better go to sleep early tonight, Charlie," said Bob, as he began to undress. "We shall have to be up in good time tomorrow morning as there are a lot of things I want to do before leaving." I was in hopes of renewing the last night's experiences. However, I said nothing, but when we had got into bed I slyly slid my hand under Bob's nightshirt and took hold of his cock; finding it quite stiff.

He was unable to resist the temptation, and, turning round, exclaimed, "I say, Charlie! Will you suck it?"

"If you like, I replied. "But put the light on first; I want to be able to see. Bob got out and lighted the lamp, after which he returned to bed and lay down with his legs apart. I knelt between them, and took hold of his genital organ, pulling down the skin as far as it would go. The idea of what I was about to do overcame me for a moment with its strangeness, but my hesitancy did not last long, and, lowering my head, I took the purple top between my lips. As I touched it, its silky softness fascinated me, and I shut my mouth tighter on it, letting my tongue wander all round the knob.

"You are doing it a treat," said Bob, as he wriggled his bottom under my luscious caresses; "it feels ripping." I took his cock farther into my mouth, and sucked and tickled it with my tongue, carrying out the operation with a will, the pleasure I was giving to Bob seeming to pass by a sympathetic vibration into my own body.

"You are a good hand at this," said Bob presently. "I'm sure I shan't be long coming. I'm tickling all over already."

"Will you let it come in my mouth?" I enquired in some doubt, pausing and raising my head.

"Yes. Why not? It won't hurt. But go on again; don't leave off," Bob returned. I continued thereupon, and soon Bob began to writhe and twist with voluptuousness. "Oh! I say. It’s too dee-licious," he cried huskily, as I sucked with all my strength. "Keep at it," he went on, squeezing me between his knees.

The climax was evidently approaching; he gasped deeply two or three times, and then cried in a suppressed voice, "Look out, Charlie. It's coming. Oh, oh!"

His cock sensibly swelled and stiffened, seeming to fill my mouth, and next moment it began to quiver and jump, knocking against my teeth, while at the same time out gushed the hot, thick sperm, shooting in jets on to my tongue and palate. I did not move, however, but continued sucking, as I did so swallowing the discharge, which was of a peculiar and indescribable flavour, but not disagreeable, as I thought; and all the time Bob lay limp and exhausted, his eyes shut and his mouth slightly open. I found him so when at last I lifted up my head, but as I looked at him his eyelids parted and our gaze met.

"That was a one," he said. "You know how to do it properly, Charlie, and no mistake. I felt as if I were going to pieces, and all the little atoms were whirling round and round in all kinds of beautiful sensations and trying to rush towards your mouth. Did you swallow the spunk when it came?"

"Yes," I replied, "it wasn't nasty. I rather like sucking you. You'll let me do it again, won't you?"

"You needn't ask that. I shall be ready anywhere," Bob replied; adding,

"I think we had better get to sleep now."

"There isn't time for you to do me, I suppose, is there?" I asked.

"I don't think we had better go in for any more tonight; Charlie. It's rather late, you know. We shall have plenty of chances when we get to school."

"Do you do this sort of thing at school?" I asked, with some curiosity.

"Oh, rather! I've had lots of fun down there. I can do anything with Mrs. Percival, and I will get you put into my room, so you can depend on having a jolly good time. Now, let’s settle down, after I've blown out the light." He extinguished the lamp, and came back to bed.

"Come close to me, Bob, and hold my cock, will you? Then I shall go to sleep all right," I said. He obeyed my instructions, somewhat soothing the warmth of the emotions which had taken hold of me, and after a time I sank into a calm slumber.

School photo. 1893

Neither of us awoke until we were called next morning, and we then both got up at once, dressing ourselves as quickly as possible. We were busily occupied after breakfast in getting ready for our departure, and at last, after a very kindly farewell from Lady Florence, drove off to the railway station, whither Colonel Rutherford accompanied us. I felt some regret at so soon having to leave the pleasant household, but amid the excitement of the journey this was soon forgotten, while the arrival at the school soon supplied plenty to occupy my attention, It was only a small private establishment, there being but a score or so of pupils, who were of varying ages from ten or eleven upwards, Bob being the eldest; it was, however, very select, having a reputation in this respect; The Revd John Percival was the principal, and there were two assistant masters, named Ferguson and Chadwick.

This being the opening day of term, there was no work in particular to be done; and I was mostly occupied in making acquaintance with my new comrades, who behaved very well to me, due no doubt in a great degree to my position as a friend of the senior boy. Bob busied himself in showing me over the school and playground, and introducing me all round, so I soon came to the conclusion that school would not prove at all a bad place, and felt sure, that I should be happy there.

One thing, however, struck me, and that was the easy air with which some of the boys used words, many of which I did not know, but others I recognised as having heard from the menservants at home sometimes, and which I knew were bad, being what are called "swear words"; I had once when very young repeated such a word in the presence of my father, who was extremely angry, asking me where I had heard it; and when I said that a groom had used the word in front of me he had the man in his study and severely reprimanded him, at the same time forbidding me to go to the stables any more.

When I was alone for a few minutes with Bob, I spoke to him about the language I had heard made use of, but he laughed and cut me short, saying, "Look here, Charlie! Don't you be a muff. You'll hear plenty of that here, I dare say, but you'll soon get used to it. I don't swear much myself, as I think it's rather bad form, but don't you be such a fool as to cut up about it to anybody else." This quite satisfied me, and I determined not to refer to the subject any more.

"Oh, look!" cried Bob, as a little later on we were strolling towards the house. "Do you see that chap coming along?" and he nodded towards a lad of my own age, or perhaps a little more, who was approaching us.

"We shall see a good deal of him, as he will be in our dormitory; Mrs. Percival has been talking to me about the arrangements, and we are going to have a room right away from the others with four beds in it. Of course, I said I wanted you to be with me, and she told me that would be all right. And then she mentioned this chap. He's a sort of relative of mine, and I believe he's an awfully decent little fellow, although I've only seen him once before. He's a duke, you know - the Duke of Surrey; my mother belongs to that family. My cousin, whom I was telling you about, Lord Henry Wilmot, is this kid's uncle, and he has often told me that he is a very nice youngster, which means, I think, that he is all right for a lark; anyhow, we shall soon know. Well, as he is related to me, Mrs. Percival thought it would be a good idea to put him in our room. I don't quite know yet who the fourth is to be; Mrs. Percival said something about it, but I didn't exactly catch."

by John Singer Sargent, 1887

By this time the object of our conversation had neared us. He was a very good-looking boy, with chubby, fair cheeks, wavy chestnut hair, and a pair of fine dark-blue eyes, sparkling with merriment.

"Hallo, Jimmy!" shouted Bob, "how are you getting on? This is Charlie Powerscourt - a new boy. He's going to be in our room, so I've been wanting to introduce you. He's an awfully decent sort, and I'm sure you will like him."

I felt rather abashed at Bob's eulogy, and the colour rose into my cheeks, but the young duke soon put me at my ease by his warm greeting. "I'm glad I am going to be put with some decent chaps," he said. "I know you are all right, Bob, although I didn't think you would remember much about me. And Powerscourt here looks game, so I am sure we are in for a good time."

The three of us were soon talking together as if we had known each other all our lives, so that the time passed quickly, especially for me, and the day came to an end almost before I had time to realise it. After supper, Mr. Percival read prayers and our youthful company was told off to the dormitories.

The room assigned to us was in the east wing, and situated right at the end of a corridor, being at some distance from the other sleeping apartments.

"I was put here," Bob explained, "being the oldest boy in the school, and Mr. Percival looks upon me as a sort of monitor. We are never disturbed here, as old Percival trusts me to see that everything goes on properly, and I have never given him any cause for interference by kicking up a shindy; so, as I am in charge, you will know how to conduct yourselves. There is one jolly thing about this room, which is that there are wooden shutters to the windows. Of course, we are not supposed to close them, but when we want to have some extra fun we can easily do so, and then we could keep the light on as long as we like. The windows face the stables too, so in any case there would be very little chance of the light being noticed." The duke had undressed and got between the sheets in a wonderfully short space of time, and before Bob and I had nearly got our clothes off.

"You chaps are as slow as tortoises," he shouted at us from the depths of his bed." Why don't you buck up? Or do you want to stick about there all night?"

"Now then, Jimmy, you be civil," laughed Bob." Remember, I am in charge here, and I shall have to show my authority if you give us any cheek."

"Oh! I say.. I like that," returned the person addressed. "Shut up; and don't start giving yourself airs," and he put his fingers to his nose in the sauciest manner imaginable.

"That is gross disrespect, and deserves punishment. Doesn't it Charlie?" said Bob, smiling mischievously. Just wait a minute." As soon as he had slipped off the remainder of his clothing and donned his night-shift, in which I followed his example, Bob strode across to the duke's bed, calling to me to join him.

"Now, Jimmy! What have you to say for yourself that you should not receive punishment?" asked Rutherford.

Jimmy looked up, his round, smooth cheeks wreathed in smiles, and for all answer put out his tongue mockingly.

"Worse and worse!" exclaimed Bob; "I declare, he is incorrigible. What shall we do to him, Charlie? I know, let's have a look at his cock. I have never seen a duke's cock. Have you, Charlie? I wonder if it's a better one than other people's?"

"It's no go. I shan't let you," said Jimmy, clutching the bedclothes. "It doesn't matter whether you let us or not," replied Bob, with much amusement; "we're going to have a look all the same," and he took hold of Jimmy's wrists. "Uncover him, Charlie," Rutherford continued; and, nothing loath, I quickly turned down the sheets and counterpane. The young duke wriggled himself on one side, and tried to disengage his wrists, but his captor held him fast. I was about to pull him over on his back, when Bob cried, "I've got him fast! Unbutton his nightshirt and pull it off, while I hold him." I did not find this a very difficult task, and when I had drawn the garment over his head, Bob forced Jimmy flat on his back, so that he was fully exposed to our observation. He was a splendidly made boy, with a very plump body, beautifully rounded arms and limbs, and a soft clear skin of extreme whiteness; but our gaze was principally directed to his private parts.

"Look, Charlie! The little beggar has got a cockstand," cried Bob; and, releasing one of Jimmy's wrists, he took hold of his member, which stood up quite stiff and nodded its head in the most impertinent manner conceivable.

Jimmy laughed convulsively, and drew his legs up, at the same time pushing Bob away with his free hand. But Rutherford seized Jimmy's wrist again, and cried out to me, "Keep his legs out straight, Charlie!" I did so, and leaned across his knees to keep them flat. He was now at our mercy, for although he struggled at first, he was unable to release himself; but he evidently took the whole proceedings as a joke, and only giggled when I laid hold of his cock and began to pull it about.

"He's got a bigger one than you, Charlie," said Bob; and, though I did not say so, I felt bound to confess that this was true. It was certainly a shapely member, fairly fat and long, although not too much so for his age, and a pair of tolerably well-developed balls hung gracefully below. The milk-white thighs and belly, through the transparent surface of which the veins showed in a delicate blue tracery quite devoid of hair, however, as yet-a fact upon which Bob remarked, saying, "He hasn't got any hairs yet. A good thing too; I like to see it ever so much better without. I wish I didn't have any; I think they are a nuisance, and I don't know what they grow for."

I agreed with him, as I passed my left hand over Jimmy's middle, as though to satisfy myself by touch as well as by sight that there was no growth there, while with my right I was all the time handling his member, pressing it backwards and forwards, squeezing and stroking it, and pulling back the skin.

"Isn't he stiff, Bob?" I said, and to bear out my statement pulled Jimmy's cock down towards his legs and then, suddenly releasing it, let it fly back against his belly with quite a loud thump.

"Give him a little rub, Charlie. I think that will do him good," Bob returned, smiling at me meaningly; and I immediately acted on the suggestion, moving the duke's member quickly up and down with my right hand, while with my left I held his balls.

"How do you like that, Jimmy?" asked Rutherford. "I hope we have not offended your grace."

"You wait," replied Jimmy; "I'll pay you out. But his face did not bear out the fierceness of his words, and it was plain that he did not mind the proceedings, for he lay quite still now and did not attempt even to draw his wrist away from Bob's grasp.

I went on with my task with much enjoyment, and I was, indeed, not a little pleased to find that our companion evinced no objection to our form of amusement, which promised well for the future.

"Oh!" cried Jimmy to me presently; "you were pulling down the skin rather too hard then; it hurt a bit. Can we just wet the top? It will go much easier afterwards."

In answer, I stooped and took his member between my lips, well lubricating it with saliva. When I had done so, Jimmy laughed at me, saying, "You evidently know something. I thought you would wet it with your finger; I didn't expect you would take it in your mouth. Go on, now; I feel awfully randy."

"I don't think I need trouble to hold his hands any longer," said Bob, a few minutes later, "I'm sure he'll keep quiet; I can see he's enjoying himself." He accordingly released his hold, and contented himself with patting Jimmy's cheeks and tickling him under the chin, stroking his legs and chest, and smoothing and rubbing his face and body with his palms and the tips of his fingers, by these means vastly increasing the duke's excitement.

"Keep on," cried Jimmy to me in a tone of deep appeal, as I slackened speed a little. "Go as fast as you like. It won't be much longer;" and he wriggled and twisted about like an eel in the excess of his emotions, as I exerted myself to the utmost in compliance with his request.

"Tickle my balls, Powerscourt," he called out presently, and, as I worked and kneaded them with all the skilfulness I could bring to bear for the occasion, his writhings increased.

"That's fine!" he exclaimed, his voice full of agitation. "Oh, oh! my cock's bursting; I'm burning all over," and he began to shiver and tremble with convulsions of voluptuousness. His belly sank and rose in quick heaves, his hands opened and shut, clutching at the sheet, his sweetly curving, dimpled, rich scarlet lips were parted as he drew deep breaths, his brilliant white teeth ever and anon clenching firmly, and his eyes rolled under the stimulus of the sensations he was experiencing. He panted so deeply that it was almost a groan, immediately after crying in an agonised tone, "Look out! It's coming! Stop, stop!" while his cock gave a succession of little jumps, and a drop of light-coloured fluid jetted onto my finger, a further flow oozing slowly out from the swollen knob.

"Quick; Charlie! Suck him," said Bob; and I lost no time in applying my lips to Jimmy's member.

"Oh, oh!" he exclaimed, nearly in a scream. "It's too much. You're killing me. I shall faint."

He was nearly beside himself with inordinate delight, and contorted his body in a vain attempt to obtain release from the too great spasm of voluptuousness, but we kept him in position and he subsided into an enervated languor, disturbed only by the heavy sighs which he was unable to suppress.

In a few minutes, however, he had recovered, and when we had set him free he raised himself up.

"You did give me a doing," he said, smiling at us, his normal self again. "It was just heavenly, though it seemed as if I could hardly bear it at the time."

"I thought your grace appeared to be in a bad way," said Bob. "Anyhow, you know, we had to give you something for your cheek, and if you are impudent again we shall have to repeat the dose, so you know what to expect."

"Oh! I don't mind at all. I am only glad you chaps are all right. We'll have no end of fun when Blackie comes; he's the most out-and-out sort you ever came across."

"Who is Blackie?" asked Bob. "Is that the fellow who will be in this room with us? Mrs. Percival did say something about him, but told me that he hadn't turned up today.

"Yes. That's right," replied the young duke; "he won't be here till tomorrow. He's the son of a very great friend of my mother's; I've known him ever so long as he used to spend a lot of time with us. His name is Gaston de Beaupré - he's a Frenchman, you know. I nicknamed him Blackie because he's so dark. He is an awfully jolly sort, and always ready for some fun. My eye! he knows a thing or two; I tell you, he will surprise you. But he's not a bit cocky with it."

"How old is he?" enquired Bob, after listening with interest to the foregoing word-portrait.

"He's about a month or two older than I," replied Jimmy. "He has never been to school before, as he had a tutor. He has always been about with his mother, and, I can give you my word, he has seen no end of sights. The tales he can tell you will make you open your eyes."

"If he is anything like as good as you say, we shall have a ripping time, Jimmy," said Bob. "I'm dying to know your chum."

"My cock is stiff," I exclaimed, turning the conversation; and, to emphasise the words, I pulled up my nightshirt and thrust out my belly, to bring into greater prominence my genital organ, which was turning up its nose in the most aggressive way, as if bent upon calling attention to itself.

"Come on the bed," cried the duke, taking pity on my condition, "and I'll give it a shaking up for you."

It did not take me many seconds to follow his direction, and, tucking up my nightshirt as high as possible, I stretched myself out at full length while Jimmy sat on one side of me and seized my cock.

"I want to give you as good a one as you gave me," he said; and he seemed bent on carrying out his object, for he held my member and moved the skin rapidly up and down with a dexterousness that had apparently been well-trained, while with his other hand he tickled my balls, handling them in the most exciting manner, following this up later on by feeling the cheeks of my buttocks, persuasively tickling the furrow in between and thrusting one finger gently in and out of my bottom-hole, so that I was soon thrilling all over with lustful pleasure.

"I'm going to wet the top, just to make it go better," he said presently.

"All right," I replied. "Do what you like." And he gave my cock a good long sucking, which only served to increase its already overheated state. When he had finished doing this, he went on rubbing, and also continued tickling my bottom, laughing from time to time at the way I squirmed under the intense excitation.

"You must let Blackie have a go with you. He'll make you sit up. He's a wonder, I can tell you. I don't believe anybody could do it better than he does. My uncle Henry says there is a sort of magnetism or something of that kind in his hands. There! I've let something out now. Well, you mustn't say anything about it, but Blackie and I go to stay with my uncle sometimes, and then there are some rare doings,"

"I know something about your uncle, or Cousin Harry, as I call him," said Bob, with a grin that conveyed a great deal. "He has often mentioned you, Jimmy; but of course he has never told me of the little games you have together."

"Oh! He wouldn't, I know. But, look here! I'll see if I can't get him to invite us all to his place. I'm sure he will if I ask him; and if you fellows can only come, I can promise you some glorious fun, Uncle Harry is a rattling good sort; and no mistake; isn't he, Bob?"

"Rather!" agreed Bob. "I should just think he is." Jimmy had not relaxed his occupation while talking, and I felt that the supreme moment would be upon me soon. My muscles stiffened and my legs closed tightly, imprisoning the duke's hand between my thighs. I pursed my lips closely, and knitted my brows, in a strong effort to keep calm under the stress of emotion. And then, with an almost violent suddenness, the finality came. A tremor passed through my body, my tongue seemed to cleave to the roof of my mouth. I strove to speak, but the words would not come; my interior economy felt as if it were bursting asunder, and I thrust forward my hand spasmodically as a great wave of raging fire consumed me.

"He's come!" cried Jimmy, as an effusion of my boyish essence wetted his fingers. I had screwed up my eyes tightly in the desperateness of my sensations, but, opening them the moment after he spoke, I saw that the top of my cock was running over with the liquid it had exuded, which glistened in the light; but the glimpse was only a brief one, for directly afterwards the duke had fastened his lips upon it, sucking with such effect that it seemed as if my entrails were being drawn forth, and I felt utterly benumbed by the potency of physical delight, so that I could only lie back incapable of movement, prostrated with the intensity of the pleasure.

After a time I regained control of myself and sat up.

"How did you like it?" said Jimmy. "Did you find it all right?"

"First-rate," I replied, with enthusiasm. "If your friend Blackie can manage any better, he must be a good hand."

"Ah! You wait and see. He'll astonish you."

"I suppose we had better be settling down for the night, now, hadn't we?" I ventured.

"What about me?" put in Bob. "It seems as if I am to be left out in the cold."

"Look here!" rejoined Jimmy;" let's wait now until tomorrow night. I'll put Blackie up to it; and I promise you a better bit of fun than you have ever had before in your life."

"Well, I suppose I shall have to wait, then," said Bob, rather glumly; "but I shall keep you up to the mark. And you have been telling us such a lot about this chap Blackie; I hope we shan't be disappointed with him."

"You needn't be afraid about that," answered Jimmy airily. "If he isn't all I have made him out to be, you can give me a good licking, so there!"

"All right," said Bob, with a laugh. "I shall remember that, so you had better look out. But just turn over for a moment, Jimmy, and let us have a look at your bottom. I've got rather a fancy for nice bottoms."

"There you are, then," replied the duke. "I suppose you would like to fuck me, eh? Well, I'll promise you that, too, if you wait till tomorrow:" And he turned over on his face, exhibiting to view his fat, snow-white buttocks, smooth as satin, and voluptuous enough in their swelling rotundity to turn the head of a far more experienced connoisseur than Rutherford.

The-latter stroked and patted the soft surface and pinched the plump, velvety cheeks with a lingering abandon of pleasure, and a gleam of longing in his eyes; but he had finally to tear himself away from their deep attractions, and, with a last look at the delicious prospect, said, "Very well, Jimmy. I'll let you off for tonight. But I am like the boy in the advertisement for Pears' Soap, I shan't be happy till I get it. So you mustn't forget your promise tomorrow night. I feel awfully hot now, and I don't know whether I shall be able to keep from wanking when I get into bed, but I mean to try to, so that I shall enjoy myself all the better tomorrow night. Are you chaps ready now, because I am going to put the light out?"

Jimmy and I got into our beds, and arranged ourselves comfortably, after which Bob extinguished the light and followed our example.

"Good-night," he called out when he had settled down. "Good-night,"' we replied; and as we were all now feeling a little tired, or at least; speaking for myself, I was, silence reigned, quickly followed in my case by sleep.

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