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three pairs of lovers with space



The Power of Mesmerism, a Highly Erotic Narrative of Voluptuous Facts and Fancies by an unnamed author was, according to its title page, “Printed for the Nihilists. Moscow, 1891.” According to Kearney’s catalogue of the books bequeathed to the British Library by Charles Reginald Dawes[1], it was really “Printed at Amsterdam by Auguste Brancart for Edward Avery in London.”

It is a minor erotic novella of value for its rarity as Victorian erotica, rather than for any literary merit. It includes heterosex, lesbianism, incest, bestiality and flagellation as well as the scenes of sex between men and boys presented here, and is influenced by the works of the Marquis de Sade, to which the author alludes.


The Power of Mesmerism, a Highly Erotic Narrative of Voluptuous Facts and Fancies

Brackley Hall was a fine old place in the lovely country of Devon and had been in the possession of the Etheridges for centuries.

The park was beautifully wooded, and stretched down on one side to the coast, commanding in all directions the most enchanting views.

Devon Rockbear Ho. U

Mr. Etheridge was a man of some forty years of age, of singularly handsome appearance, and bore evident traces of the Italian blood which flowed in his veins. He had the appearance of a man having strong amorous passions, but his manners were as gentle as those of a woman, and he was universally popular throughout the whole county.

He lives with his lovely 34-year-old wife and their daughter Ethel, who has just reached 17.

On a bright summer afternoon, in the year 18—, father, mother, and daughter were waiting at the railway station, anxiously expecting the arrival of the remaining member of the family, Frank, who, a year older than Ethel, had been finishing his education in Germany, and was now returning to take up his residence at Brackley.

At last the train arrived, and they hardly recognised the handsome, tall, and fine-looking young fellow who leaped out to greet them.

Frank has spent four years spent in Germany, where he perfected his education and, among other things, learned how to mesmerize[2] people. As soon as he is home, Frank uses his power on his sister Ethel, then on his mother and his father so as to take sexual advantage of them. After a while, Frank won’t have to resort to mesmerism anymore and the family will joyfully (and sometimes guiltily) have sexual intercourse one with the other, fully aware of what they are doing.           

Much later, an explanation is forthcoming “as to the cause of the mesmeric power and voluptuous development so strikingly manifested in Frank” going back to his first days in Germany, when he was 14:

When he first reached school in Germany he was perfectly innocent, but was speedily initiated into all the mysteries of frigging and prick sucking by his school-fellows, who also used to fuck each other between the thighs, while a third behind received the point of his prick in his mouth each time it was pressed forward and sucked out every drop of spend that he could obtain.

One day when passing one of the master’s rooms, he peeped in and saw him making mysterious motions in front of a pale, sickly boy, who was celebrated amongst his companions for the enormous size of his prick and balls.

He watched with curiosity, and saw the boy fall apparently asleep. The master then proceeded to divest him of his trousers, handling with evident delight the boy’s private parts. He then tucked up his shirt under his waistcoat, leaving the whole of his belly, bottom, thighs, and his lovely prick exposed.

The master gazed with rapture, and Frank saw by the lump that suddenly appeared in his trousers that his cock was evidently standing erect and hard.

Keary Mrs. Hy. A Peep Through the Keyhole novel 1886

He then said. “Kneel on that sofa, and lean your arms on the head of it, I will it!”

Frank was intensely surprised to see the boy obey as though he were walking in his sleep.

The master took from an adjacent cupboard a birch and went to the head of the sofa, then leaning over the prostrate form of the boy commenced to flog him with it on his bottom and the inside of his thighs, but not severely.

He next unbuttoned his own trousers, and out sprang his prick in a state of glorious development, skinned and hard.

Frank could scarcely resist the inclination to rush in and beg to be allowed to suck it, but he refrained from fear and also lest his curiosity as to what was about to take place should be baulked.

The master spoke to the boy, “Raise your head, and take my prick in your mouth, and suck it till I spend.”

The victim complied in the same mechanical manner.

The birching was now resumed, and as the master’s excitement increased the blows fell heavier, the boy's bottom becoming red and inflamed.

He also commenced fucking the boy in the mouth, pushing himself backwards and forwards, when suddenly he dropped the birch, and seizing the boy’s head forced his prick within his mouth as far as he could ram it, spent, saying with spasmodic gasps, “Swallow it all—my—spunk—shall—go down—your throat—if it—kills you.”

When he withdrew his reeking cock, the spend was glistening in and around the boy’s lips, but he had most undoubtedly swallowed nearly all but a few drops.

The master now came to the side of the sofa, and passing his hand beneath the boy’s belly, felt his lovely prick, but it was not stiff. He separated the thighs a little, and tickled his testicles, still it would not stiffen. He then skinned it, and stooping took the head between his lips. This had no better effect. He again commenced to birch him, stopping for a moment to rub his testicles and prick with eau de cologne.

The master’s prick was again furiously erect, so throwing the birch down again he took a small pot of cold cream and produced an implement somewhat resembling an artificial prick (it was in fact a dildo), which he plentifully rubbed with the ointment, then taking more on his finger, approached the boy, and pressing apart the cheeks of his bottom, began to anoint the tight, wrinkled bumhole with it, gradually inserting his finger further and further inside. He then took the dildo, and applying it to the orifice, pushed it steadily in, until its entire length was buried in his anus; leaving it there he again examined the boy’s prick, and was evidently delighted to find that at last it stood as stiffly as his own.

Dildo ivory late 19th
Late 19th-century ivory dildo

He then withdrew the dildo, and after rubbing his own prick with cold cream, knelt on the sofa behind the boy, and pointing the head of his cock at the well moistened orifice, pulling apart the buttocks with both hands, he eventually succeeded in penetrating the boy thoroughly. He next proceeded with both hands, which he passed in front of the boy’s belly, and seized his glorious prick and balls, and while fucking him in the bottom, frigged him also, now stopping, and then again proceeding with rapidity, until at last the boy spent profusely, at the same moment that the master deposited within him his exhilarating emission.

Frank now passed on, fearing discovery, as the master had evidently finished for the present. He was puzzled at the mysterious manner in which the boy seemed to have been rendered insensible, and the fact of a great prick perforating a bottom-hole also filled him with astonishment.

He resolved to make the attempt to achieve this latter result with this very boy, who slept in his dormitory, and try what it was like. And it may be added that he successfully carried his project into effect the same evening, to the great surprise and extreme delight of the boy, who had knowingly been operated on in a similar manner, probably on many occasions.

Shortly after this he spoke of the extraordinary power one being seemed to possess over another, making them unconscious, and then compelling them to obey their orders.

This was to a young student at a neighbouring college, with whom he had become intimate, even to the extent of frigging each other. This friend explained the theory and practice of mesmerism, and Frank soon found that he could also experimentalize successfully.

This young student was also an ardent voluptuary of the most pronounced type, and proposed that Frank should try if he could mesmerize his sister, a charming girl of about fifteen, who was staying with him for a few days, awaiting the arrival of her father. Frank’s friend proposed they should go to a certain house, where he was in the habit of going, to try the experiment. It was, in fact, kept by a lady who allowed the strangest scenes of unbridled lust to be enacted there, the contemplation of which caused her the most exquisite delight.

Family at dinner U

Frank, now back in England, has already put his mesmerism skills to use on his sister Ethel and both his parents, with whom he plays sexual games.

One day Frank and Ethel related to their parents their experiences at college and school. Mr. Etheridge was so inflamed at the tale of the professor sodomizing the boy with the big prick that he declared he should never rest until Frank had procured him the same pleasure.

“Let me see,” he said, “if I can think of a handsome, finely developed youth, who we can invite here some day for you to experimentalize upon. Yes, there's young Harry Mortimer. He has got a fine looking lump in his trousers—a perfect Adonis—I've often longed to handle his cock.”

Frank reads two poems to his parents.

The second day after Frank had read these curious old bits to his parents and sister, they were all delighted by the arrival of young Harry Mortimer to spend a day with his old school-mate.

To judge by appearances Mr. Etheridge had every cause for the curious desires he had confessed to, two days before. Harry was a really handsome youth of seventeen, with golden coloured hair, the bloom of the peach on his cheeks, and a most loveable pair of deep blue eyes which seemed full of the humid fire of love. He had also a finely developed form, which his close-fitting garments set off to the best advantage, and, above all, what had the most charm for the eyes of his friends as they so heartily welcomed him to their house was the evident precocity of his organs of love, which in their quiescent state showed a most prominent lump in his trousers.

Mrs. Etheridge: “Why Harry, what a fine fellow you have grown since I saw you a year ago. No doubt you are too bashful to kiss Ethel now, but you will surely embrace an old friend like me, who used to nurse you in my arms as a baby, giving him such an amorous hug and smack upon his cheeks that the young fellow blushed up to his eyes.

After luncheon Frank took Harry for a walk, and asking him if he would like to look at their horses, they bent their steps to the stables where the groom Thomas, a fine handsome young fellow of about twenty, was polishing the coats of his charges, at the same time as he emitted that curious hissing which all stablemen so mysteriously accustom themselves to when busy over their work. He did not see the two young gentlemen till they had been watching his operations for a few seconds, but as soon as he did so, respectfully touched his cap and asked them to look at his horses.

Stable boy in film

Walking into the stable, Thomas, cap in hand, respectfully pointed out all the perfections of his pets and the neatness of all the appointments. Then he conducted them into the harness room, which was at the top of a short flight of stairs.

Thomas was about to close an interior door, which half open gave a view into his own private quarters, when, a sudden idea striking him, Frank said, “You won't mind, Thomas, if we take a peep into your sanctum—unless you have got a young lady you would rather we did not see. I only want to let Mr. Mortimer see how cosy your room is, besides, you know, I have often had a sly smoke with you there on wet days when I was home for the holidays before, and I know you have always got some nice clean glasses in your cupboard, if not anything better than water to offer us. But I have taken care of that and brought a good flask of finest brandy. I got the housekeeper to give me some of papa's real vieux cognac. It's ever so old and goes down like milk. Just the thing, Thomas, to keep you up to your work when you have a nice girl. But I forget you never do anything of the sort, eh! How about little Lucy, the under-housemaid, who I hear had to go home with a big belly not long ago?”

“Lord, sir!” said Thomas, quite enjoying Frank’s joke, “that'll be another of old Stroker's kids when it's born. He did it when she went up to be taught her confirmation lesson. I’m told he confirmed seven girls in fucking, this examination. He’s a regular ram of a parson, and will soon be the father of all the young’uns in the parish. I wonder Master let Miss Ethel go to him at all. I always suspected the old fellow after the way he treated me.”

They entered the snug little bedroom, where everything was a clean as a new pin, and seated themselves on the only two chairs that were there, whilst the groom brought out the glasses and fetched a jug of bright sweet spring water from the pump outside.

Frank, mixing a rather stiffish drop, said, “Now, Thomas, drink the Rev. Mr. Stroker’s health, and then tell us all about his tricks with you.”

Himself and Harry also took a little of the brandy. And Thomas, pressed to begin, cleared his throat and commenced:

“Well, Mr. Frank and Mr. Mortimer, I don’t mind letting you into the secret, but the fact is every time I think of the old rascal’s indecency it makes my cock stand, but you must not tell a soul what I now tell you.”

“All right, go on, old fellow, just a drop more brandy to encourage your bashfulness, eh!” laughed Frank.

11 322

Thomas, wiping his mouth after a good swig at the brandy and water: “Well, sirs, that righteous old sinner, as an Irishman would say, began by asking me questions about who made me. If I knew there was a God and a Devil. Then about the world and the flesh, and so on, a lot of rubbish out of the church prayerbook. ‘You know, Thomas, my boy,’ he said, ‘that the “flesh” means having to do with girls and other dirty indecent things which come into the heads of rude boys. Now tell me if you ever did anything of that kind with other boys or girls?’

“This was rather a poser for me. I didn’t like to tell a downright lie and knew I had been a party to one or two little games of that sort, such as we used to do in the hayfield, throwing the girls down, turning up their clothes, and showing them our cocks, which no doubt the old rascal knew. I could feel my face was turning quite red with confusion. ‘Ha, I see what it is, Thomas! I must thoroughly examine you and tell by the look of your penis’[3] (that is the word I think he used, but you know he meant my cock), as he ordered me to unbutton and show him my privates, and he would soon tell if I had been up to any of the Devil’s wickedness.

“As soon as I was exposed to him he told me to draw the skin of my cock back, which I did.

“’Do it again, my boy, there now, again—two or three times mind.’

“Then I expect he saw slight signs of a rise, saying, ‘Do it quicker—quicker, boy’ till I had the horn quite stiff.

“’My gracious! You're finely grown for your age, Thomas. Now did you never show that to a gal?’

“’Well, sir,’ I said, rather shamefaced at what he was making me do, ‘I did once, but only once, sir, and Polly Jones felt it with her hand, and let me feel what her cock was like, too.’

“’Fine goings on in my parish, ‘pon my word, Thomas, but what sort a thing had she got? Because you know gals have nothing like this,’ he said, taking hold of my standing prick.

“’She’d—she’d only a little crack, sir,’ I replied. ‘Pray let me go now, sir, I don’t like it.’ He was regularly frigging me.

“’Silly boy, here’s a half-crown to keep quiet, if you let me handle it a bit, and you shall have another every time you come to me,’ he said, giving me the money, and soon frigged me to a spend and then let me go. I didn’t think much harm in it, and was very glad to get the parson’s half-crowns, so went twice a week for examination. He wasn’t satisfied with just frigging me, but sometimes went down on his knees and sucked my cock till I spent in his mouth, which I liked better, but when he wanted me to do the same for him, and even offered me a sovereign, I wouldn’t do it, only let him rub his great cock against my belly and balls, and then he would spend, holding the head of my prick against his own and so drawing his own foreskin over it. Then I had the sovereign never to open my lips about it, and at last was confirmed.”

Anon. The Power of Mesmerism. 2017 Ruggieri edition

After which episode, Frank mesmerizes both Thomas and Harry.

“Now, Thomas, keep yourself stiff by gentle frigging, but mind not to spend till I order you,” he said; then he turned to the beautiful Harry Mortimer, who came to his side as soon as ordered. He was indeed an Adonis—splendidly shaped in every limb, delightfully plump and firm white flesh, rosy cheeks, sparkling blue eyes—but Frank was so engrossed with his jewel of a prick, which was a perfect gem of the first water, nearly eight inches long when erect, as white and hard as ivory, yet of velvety softness to the touch, and set in a bed of soft, curly, golden-brown hair, which ornamented the roots and shaded the full bag of tricks in their receptacle below.

How Frank handled, caressed, and kissed this treasure of love, as he ejaculated, “Oh, Papa, oh Mamma, what a thrill the sight of this will give you both. But I must enjoy it first!

Placing himself on the bed, sitting up with his back supported by a pillow, he ordered Thomas to straddle his lap. Taking up the box of cream, he first anointed the head of his own impatient priapus, then did the same to Thomas' fundament, working his two fingers well in it, which made the groom's prick throb and stiffen enormously. Then Frank adjusted his tool to the wrinkled orifice; in obedience to his mysterious influence Thomas slowly impaled himself upon it, till his buttocks embraced its whole length and Frank had his man's cock deliciously chafing and rubbing between their naked bellies at every movement. Passing his hands under Thomas' armpits, Harry was made to come forwards behind the groom and present his glorious prick over the left shoulder so that Frank could take that lovely ruby head in his mouth, whilst his hands drew back the foreskin and tickled and played with its appendages, the mere touch of which filled Frank with maddening lust.

Never had he experienced such ecstasy and erotic fury as this conjunction with his groom and friend now caused him to feel, he thrilled from head to toe with voluptuous excitement as his spendings seemed to shoot from him again and again, with a very few seconds between each emission, whilst Harry on his part deluged his mouth and lips with the balmy juice of his virginity and Thomas also flooded his belly with convulsive jets of spunk, all of them being so young and vigorous they seemed almost inexhaustible.

At last Frank began to feel it was too much and sank back, overcome by such an acme of enjoyment, as his prick dropped gradually out of the groom's fundus.

Presently recovering himself a little, he took a sip of neat brandy, hastily dressed himself, and willing his subjects to lie quietly on the bed till he came back, he ran with bated breath, and flushed as he was with delight, to call his father and mother to the scene.

They all came back together after the lapse of a few minutes. Papa and Mamma, on entering the little bedroom over the stable, were struck at once by the entrancing sight which met their eyes, of these two beautiful young fellows lying naked on the bed; but in a minute or two both of them threw off all their clothing, in order to thoroughly avail themselves of the treat provided by their dutiful son.

Anon. Power of Mesmerism   Anonymous 1891

Frank, by his influence, now willed Harry to kneel up on the bed on his hands and knees, whilst Thomas was to lie flat on his back.

Mr. Etheridge, who had brought a fine dildo with him, now put cold cream on it and also on Harry's bum-hole, then inserting the instrument slowly it gradually won its way in, and he watched its effects with delight as young Mortimer’s cock began to stand again in all its previous glory. He mounted on the couch behind him, and withdrawing the dildo, put his own rampant prick in its place, having first lubricated it with cold cream, then clasping his arms around the dear youth, he frigged that fine prick, exactly as Frank had seen the professor do with the boy at college.

Mrs. Etheridge mounts Thomas.

Frank, who had intended to enjoy the scene as a passive spectator, was again fired by the sight of such a voluptuous group, his prick beginning to stiffen again, notwithstanding his previous exhaustion, so mounting on the bed he faced his Papa, and letting down his trousers presented his half erect cock to Harry Mortimer's lips, as he willed him to take it in his mouth and suck it lusciously. The youth's lips opened mechanically, the very first touch of them sending a thrill of pleasure through Frank's frame so that he stiffened up immediately, and fucked the boy's mouth gently, so as not to come again too soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Etheridge both spent quickly, being each of them so excited by the idea of what they were doing, but keeping their places they all went on without stopping, Papa frigging his dear boy Harry, and making his prick spend copiously, receiving the love juice in his hand and rubbing it deliciously over the balls and shaft of the cock he was caressing.

They kept it up deliberately and slowly for some time, so as to enjoy the two fine young fellows to the utmost, then all come together with screams and cries of extasy—Frank seeming to control the whole party by his mesmeric influence in such a way that their very souls vibrated in accordance with his wishes, the enjoyment of father, mother, and son being simply inexpressible.


[1] Patrick J. Kearney, The Erotic Library of Charles Reginald Dawes, Santa Rosa, California, 2016, p. 27. [Website note]

[2] Mesmerism was a protoscientific theory named after the 18th century German doctor Frank Mesmer, and called by him “animal magnetism.” A form of hypnotism, it was not discredited until early in the 20th century. [Website note]

[3] The necessity to explain what “penis” meant illustrates how far from universally understood this prissy euphemism for “cock” still was in 1891, though the Oxford English Dictionary traces its use in English back to 1578 with italics (as a foreign term) or 1676 without. It derived from the Latin word for a “tail”, but by the first century BC was one of many Latin euphemisms for mentula, the frank word for “cock”. [Website note]




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