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three pairs of lovers with space


being Chapter 4 of
The Memoirs of a Voluptuary by Charlie Powerscourt (Paris, 1905)

The next day was a half-holiday, and in the afternoon Bob, de Beaupré, the duke and I set out for a ramble, following the course of a little river which flowed through the woods and meadows in the neighbourhood of the school.

As we made our way slowly along the duke revealed, "Blackie has gone one better than most of us. He's had some adventures with girls."

A boy's initiation: an illustration by by Martin van Maële in a book also published by Charles Carrington in Paris

"Oh! do tell us," exclaimed Bob and I eagerly, turning to de Beaupré.

He laughed. "Jimmy is always piling on the agony about me, I believe his brain has turned after listening to one or two of my yarns." After a little more pressure, however, he gave in and said he would tell us of his first experience with the other sex.

"It was in Paris about six months ago," he began. "There was a great friend of my mother's named Cécile de Regnier, who used to visit us very frequently. Although she wasn't very old - only about twenty two - she had been married, but her husband had died nearly two years before, and only a few months after the wedding.

[…] Gaston recounts in detail how Cécile seduced him …

De Beaupré's clear and vivid narration had moved us greatly as we listened to it and my cock got so unruly that I had to keep my hand in my pocket and hold it in an endeavour to calm its excitement. I could tell also, from Bob's and Jimmy's movements, that they were similarly troubled. We stopped for a moment as we came to a stile, and the duke and de Beaupré climbed to the top rail and sat themselves astride it. Taking advantage of the halt I pulled out my cock, which was causing me a good deal of discomfort by reason of its rubbing against my shirt and breeches.

"I could just do with a rub now. It's so stiff, I can hardly walk," I said. They all looked down at my member, standing straight up like a piece of stick, and smiled; but de Beaupré said, "Not now, Charlie. Keep cool, and wait till tonight. It's ever so much more fun then."

"Oh, I say! I can't really," I replied. "If nobody else will help me, I shall have to do it myself," and I began to put the threat into operation.

Blackie jumped quickly off the stile, crying, "Don't let him. Make him wait till tonight." My hands were seized and held, while Bob put my cock inside and buttoned up my trousers, and they stood ready to pounce on me in case I should make a further attempt upon myself.

"You will thank us tonight, Charlie, really," exclaimed Bob apologetically, and I had to make the best of the situation.

Summer by George Alexander Lawson, 1888

"Do you see that paddock right over there?" presently said Rutherford, pointing ahead; and on our signifying an affirmative answer he went on, "I remember a very funny thing in connection with that. It belongs to a farmer named Hopkins, an eccentric old chap and not over amiable; and there are some very fine fruit trees in it. Well, one very hot day last summer I was out for a stroll with a chap called Thompson he has left now; and we made a short cut across that paddock in coming back, as we were a bit late. While we were running across, we heard a noise as if someone were crying. We looked round, but couldn't see anyone, so went on, but the noise still continued, seeming to get louder. "I believe it's coming from among those trees over there," said Thompson; "let's go and have a look. Perhaps somebody has been hurt." Well, we went across, and when we got there we both had a fit at what we saw. There was a chap about as big as Jimmy here, tied stark naked to a tree, and in front of him was a young calf, not many weeks old, and, would you believe it! the little brute had the fellow's cock in its mouth and was sucking away for all me world as if it were at its mother's teat. The poor chap was in an awful funk, moaning - and sobbing; and I dare say the animal was hurting him a bit as it could give a pinch with its mouth, if it couldn't bite; but the sight was so absurdly funny that Thompson and I doubled up. However, as soon as we got our breath we came to the rescue, drove off the calf, and unfastened the captive, whose cock was all red where the calf had got hold of it, while the beast's sucking had made it come on the stand. As soon as we had set him free, the boy began to tumble into his clothes, which lay in a heap close by, and while he was doing this we asked him how he had got into such a pickle. As far as we could make out from his rambling yarn, it appeared that old Hopkins had caught him picking his fruit, and, instead of giving him a licking, had made him strip, and men tied him up to the tree and left him to repent his crime until he should return to release him. The calf was prowling about the paddock, and, coming along, advanced to examine the strange object attached to me tree; being in its sucking stage, it had fastened on me boy's cock, no doubt under me idea that it was a teat, while, of course, the unfortunate chap, triced up as he was, couldn't do anything to stop it. As soon as he was dressed, he was off as fast as his legs could carry him, while Thompson and I made our way back to the school full, of amusement. We often had a good laugh over the affair afterwards.

Calf by C. Harte

This little anecdote diverted us all greatly, and also served to take my attention away from the little article inside my trousers which had been causing me so much trouble.

After a time, we turned our faces homewards, and I do not remember anything else, worth recording until we retired to our room that night.

"What are the orders for this evening?" said Bob, after we had undressed.

"I vote we make Blackie master of ceremonies, and do whatever he tells us," cried Jimmy.

Bob and I agreed, and de Beaupré gracefully signified his acceptance of the honour.

"I promised to give Bob a turn tonight," he said; "so you and Charlie can amuse yourselves together," he added, turning to Jimmy.

"Very well," replied the duke. "We are quite ready to obey; aren't we, Charlie? How shall we begin?"

"Try a suck," responded Blackie. "You lie one way, and Charlie the other. That's what they call in France soixante-neuf - sixty-nine, you know, because a six and a nine are made exactly the same, only one is turned in the opposite direction."

"We'll have a fuck, Blackie, eh?" said Bob. Will you kneel on the bed?"

"Yes. But don't put your cock in my bottom. I will show you a better way."

"Very well," replied Bob. "I am ready to try anything you suggest."

Before we started, Jimmy and I stood by to watch the operations of the others. Blackie lay flat on his back on the bed, and told Bob to lie on top of him, putting his cock between his (Blackie's) legs. Then Bob began to fuck, while Blackie's cock, squeezed between their two warm bellies, was submitted to a gentle and regular friction under Rutherford's movements. The natural result was not long in being brought about, and within a few moments after. Bob, following on some extra energetic pushes, sank down on Blackie in a state of happy quiescence, while his love-juice delivered itself between de Beaupré's thighs, Blackie's cock throbbed between their two bodies and gave out a discharge, wetting their bellies, which were almost glued together by the warm sticky stuff.

As soon as we had witnessed this consummation, Jimmy and I went over to my bed. I got on my back, and Jimmy placed himself over me in accordance with Blackie's instructions. The relative positions afforded excellent scope for mutual enjoyment, and spoke volumes for the genius of its inventor, whoever that unknown individual may have been. The feel of Jimmy's stiff and warm cock in my mouth excited me tremendously, and I used my tongue and lips on it with impatient eagerness, while at the same time I pulled and twisted his balls about, tickling the little pink hole with one finger, so as to do all I could to add to his pleasure. He returned the compliment with equal zest, sending me nearly wild with delight as he tongued my glowing member, working it up and down with his lips and rubbing the root with one finger and a thumb. Our bellies and thighs heaved and wriggled with the excess of our enjoyment, which only grew in strength as we continued. Bob and Blackie were now spectators in their turn, and watched us with great interest. Presently, Blackie commenced to tickle Jimmy's spine with his fingers; and Bob followed his example, as far as he was able, by stroking my thighs. This went on for some little time, until I felt a tingling sensation creeping over me, and knew that the end was not far off. I judged, too, by the way Jimmy quivered every now and then that he was in a very similar predicament; as he sank lower, thrusting his cock further into my mouth, I heard him gasp, his hot breath pouring thickly out over my thighs. Then he almost fell on my face, his teeth closed tightly on my member, his own organ palpitated, and felt something wet and warm trickling down my throat. Next minute the transport seized upon me, too; I gave a big heave upwards, and then all my muscles relaxed their tension, and I was conscious of nothing but the glorious, thrilling happiness that was setting my entire frame on fire as my cock jumped about excitedly in the act of throwing off its essence in Jimmy's mouth. The exquisite bliss prostrated us both, and we did not even move to change our position until the first effects had passed off, although we were causing each other the acutest physical sensations as our lips pressed upon one another's super-sensitive members; but at last Jimmy raised himself up, and we both proceeded to get into our nightshirts.

"Wasn't it just jolly?" exclaimed the duke, his eyes sparkling with enthusiasm at the vivid reminiscence.

"I should think it was - only more so!" I replied; adding, "I propose that Blackie retain his office as master of ceremonies permanently. He reminds me of that chap you read about in the Roman histories - Petronius, was his name, wasn't it? - who used to plan out all the entertainments for Nero. Blackie would have done all right in that job, if he had lived then."

They laughed, and after a little further talk we said good-night, the light was put out, and we prepared for sleep.


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