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three pairs of lovers with space


being Chapter 8 of The Memoirs of a Voluptuary (Paris, 1905)

I find that I have hitherto conducted my narrative rather in the form of a diary; but it is by no means my intention to continue in this manner, as I do not desire to make too great a call upon the reader's patience.

It may be objected, also, that my memory could not possibly be sufficiently vivid to enable me to pen a truthful journal of what happened a considerable number of years ago. This would be perfectly true, were I to attempt to proceed in portraying the events of my earlier years from day to day; but as regards what I have already written, I am able to vouch for its entire correctness, all the doings and happenings of my first week at school being impressed upon my brain with a remarkable clearness.                                                                               

With regard to de Beaupré's tales, too, it will probably be thought: How can he retain such precise remembrance of these when they were not experiences of his own? In answer to this charge, I readily admit that no doubt the words and phrases have undergone some changes in the course of transcription by me, but I have endeavoured to retain, as far as my mind will serve me on looking back, the general style of the narrator as he delivered them to us. So far as the facts and incidents are concerned, these are exactly as related; indeed, to make sure of this, I submitted the whole, when written, to my friend de Beaupré, who kindly revised and corrected this portion of my work, so that I have the weight of his authority in giving an assurance of its authentic character. I also take advantage of this opportunity to thank him publicly for his valuable assistance.

At the end of a week I was thoroughly settled down at school, and certainly enjoyed it much better than home, where the surroundings were dreary in the extreme for a boy, particularly when my father's coldness towards me was taken into consideration. I looked forward with no pleasure to the long holidays which would ensue at the close of term, and I sincerely hoped that Jimmy would not forget his promise to get Lord Henry to extend an invitation to me to visit him, for I had little doubt that my parent would consent to let me go, as in general he was only too anxious to have me away from his sight.

In the daytime the varied duties and pastimes of school gave plenty to occupy my attention and interest. I was not lacking in intelligence, and took considerable pleasure in my work, acquitting myself very creditably, and much to the satisfaction of the masters, who made extremely favourable reports on my progress, as I learned later.

The evenings after retiring to the dormitory were taken up as before, alternately with story-telling and, more exciting enjoyments, but I shall not weary the reader any further with a minute recital of our doings, and will only stop to give one or two instances which occur more particularly to me.

One night de Beaupré was more at a loss than usual to suggest a scheme for us to pursue. But his inventive mind finally rose to the occasion.

"Have you ever tried the baton de sucre ?" he asked. "No!" we replied.

"What is that?"

"Wait a minute, and I will show you," he said. "You remember in that hamper I had sent to me the other day there was a pot of honey; and I brought it up here and put it in my box, so that we could tuck into it whenever we felt inclined. Well, thinking of that put the idea into my head."

He fetched the pot, and said, "Now, Bob! you are the eldest so we will start with you. Lie on the bed!"

Bob did as he was bidden, and de Beaupré then took out some of the honey with a spoon and smeared it on Rutherford's cock. "There you are! That's the baton de sucre!" exclaimed Blackie; "Cécile told me how the Parisian cocottes do this sometimes; they are very fond of these sugar-sticks. Come along, Charlie! You can have the honour of the first trial."

I went forward, laughing at the quaint conceit and applied myself to the task of sucking the sweet morsel. It was a peculiar sensation, altogether, and the novelty of the idea tickled my fancy greatly, I could not help feeling amused as I licked the sugary stuff from off Bob's body, the warmth of which had imparted a strange and indescribable flavour to it. The substance had slowly run down over the column of his member on to his balls, and I released his cock, so as to bestow attention to these lower parts, stopping the flow with my tongue just as it got between his legs and in dangerous closeness to the sheet. When I had saved the situation thus, I returned to his genital organ, which I again took in my mouth, and under the heat so set up, it rapidly increased its already dominant erectness. My lips adhered to the glutinous skin, and seemed to give me redoubled power of suction, and I felt sure that I should soon bring forth an upward flow from the reservoir within. De Beaupré was impatient, however, and presently said, "Haven't you made him come yet, Charlie? Here, hold up a minute! This will do it, I think." I lifted my head and held Bob's member upright, while Blackie dropped a huge clot of honey right on the uncovered knob. I watched it for a moment until it had settled into a smooth and even coat over the distended head, and then once more put my mouth to the latter, rolling my tongue over its surface in the act of removing the stuff that overspread it. The unmistakable aroma pertaining to the human generative parts permeated it, and had an effect on the senses like alcohol on the brain. I appeared to be drinking in the distilled essence of sensuality, so that I might be said to be literally tasting voluptuousness. The effect upon Bob was equally keen, as was attested by his actions, for he squirmed with pleasure under the ardour I was devoting to him, especially as I could not travel with my tongue in the usual ease over his member, the stickiness of the skin preventing me, so that I was constrained to exert more than ordinary force in sucking, and had constantly to apply my natural moisture in order to assist matters. I also set my hands to work on his balls and the base of his cock, which materially aided operations. The anticipated development ensued in good time, and with a rush his sperm emptied itself into my ready mouth. A soupcon of the honey was mingled with it as it touched my palate, so that it was a truly nectareous draught that finally found its way down my throat.

Both Bob and I voted the baton de sucre a great success, and a general trial of it was made all round. De Beaupré employed the method on Jimmy, and afterwards the latter devoted himself to making the experiment on me, while Blackie reserved himself until the last for Bob's benefit. In Jimmy's case and in mine, a liberal application of honey was needed before we were taken up into the regions of joy.

Indeed, there was barely anything left in the pot when we had finished, but it had well served its purpose, so we did not deem it wasted. Altogether, it had a remarkable effect in increasing one's sensations, as I was well able to testify, and we were unanimously of the opinion that the whole proceedings added yet another sprig of bay to de Beaupré's crown.

We heard of no more trouble in connection with Davenport, and our meting out of ready justice to him had apparently had a salutary effect. He and Lawrence had not only refrained from attempting to ride rough-shod over the juniors, but for quite a considerable time had not even the heart to perpetrate even the mildest form of joking upon them. After a space, a degree of assurance returned to them, but exhibited itself in a very modest way. Williams used to keep us pretty well posted as to what happened in his dormitory, but we never ascertained that anything took place which could not be undergone in a good-tempered spirit. Davenport and his chum would occasionally bring into play their propensity for looking at a youngster's private parts, but they imposed no further terrors than this, and their victims soon recovered themselves after these trifling indignities.

One day I was taking a bath, and had not locked the door of the bathroom. While I was in the midst of my ablutions, Davenport came in. Although I was on speaking terms with him now, our acquaintance was not an intimate one, and, in fact, never gained this status as long as we were together. I therefore felt no particular pleasure at his appearance, but the feeling was not exactly reciprocated, judging by Davenport's actions, for he cast upon me what he no doubt intended to be an engaging smile, and began to undress. Although I did not care for him, and liked his company less in such circumstances, I had to bear with his presence, as I naturally could not order him out, for if I were to do so it was scarcely likely he would go, nor was I capable of turning him out by force - a thing which I certainly should not have tried to do in any case, as it would only have been provocative of an outburst of resentment towards me. My sole plan, then, was to finish as quickly as possible, and with this object I hurried on with my wash. Even in this, however, I was frustrated, for he had only his dressing-gown and slippers on. It did not take him two seconds to divest himself of these, and next moment he had stepped into the bath and stood over me. I rose to get out and give him entire possession, but he did not mean me to do so, and proceeded to show some little playfulness, seizing me by the shoulders and endeavouring to force me back to a sitting position again. I protested that I had finished, but he urged me to remain a little longer. I explained that I was anxious to dress quickly, as I had something I particularly wanted to do, but he continued his persuasions. Finding I was firm, he did not press me again, but put his hand down and took hold of my cock. I pushed him away, but he only laughed and returned to the assault. I covered my thighs with my hand, and made an effort to step out, whereupon he took me by the arm and drew my attention to his own member. I had never seen it since that time which I have already put on record. It was quite stiff now, but looked uglier than ever in its excited condition. "Let's have a frig,[1] Powerscourt!" he said, trying to pull one of my hands towards his organ; but I repelled his overtures, the suggestion not presenting itself at all favourably to my mind.

"Go on!" he continued. "I'll do you, if you do me." But I declined.

"Yes; do!" he went on. "Don't be a muff! You've done it before; haven't you?"

"Yes," I said. "I know what you mean. But I don't care about it much. I'm in a hurry, too, really!" I got one leg over me side of the bath, and as he saw that it was no use making any further endeavour to engage my services, he exclaimed in an off-hand manner, "very well! If you won't, you won't! That settles it. I'll do it myself, then."

He stood up and began to rub his cock quickly with one hand. I proceeded to dry myself and dress, but took a casual look at him now and then, being unable to resist the inclination. I could never have brought myself to engage in this sort of practice with him, the notion was too distasteful to me, but if he chose to operate upon himself, I saw no reason why I should not take advantage of the opportunity to watch his procedure. He finished before I had completed dressing, and called out to me just before he was about to discharge, "Here it comes, Powerscourt!" I should not have been human if I had refrained from turning my eyes in his direction. Indeed, I did more than this, for I stepped closer in order to see me denouement. Davenport gave a last quick rub, and men directed his cock straight before him, thrusting out his belly as he did so. A drop of white shot out and fell into the water below, while a little further liquid followed more gently, and slowly dripped off the end of his member. "That was a good lot, wasn't it?" he cried to me.

I assented, but made no further comment, and he pursued, "Why don't you let me have a go on you? It won't hurt, and everybody does it."

"It isn't that!" I replied. "I know what it is like, but a chap doesn't always feel up to doing it. I'm sure I couldn't manage to make anything come now. And Rutherford is waiting for me, so I must make haste. We'll leave it till another time."

"All right! Just as you like," he said, and dropped down into the water. I lost no time in completing my preparations for departure, and hurried away as soon as I was ready, glad to escape from his society, for I cherished an unconquerable antipathy to him, which had seemed to arise the first time we met. Some people have this effect on one. You take a dislike to them, which is never overcome, and yet you cannot give a very definite reason for the feeling. Davenport had never done me any particular harm, and lately had striven to ingratiate himself with me; but it was no use: I could not bring myself to be on really friendly terms with him. It was a case of Dr. Fell - "I do not like thee, Dr. Fell; the reason why I cannot tell; but this I know and know full well: I do not like thee, Dr. Fell."

I told Williams of what had passed, and asked him whether he had ever seen Davenport do such a thing before up in the dormitory. “I didn't like to mention it before, as they told me not to, and I never heard you say a word about anything of the sort."

I ignored this remark, and made no reply, thinking it best not to let him know too much; presently he continued, "He asked Sturgess to get into bed with him one night, and I could see they were doing something; they had the clothes over them, but I was sure Sturgess was pulling Davenport's cock - in fact, he told me so next day. Davenport wanted me to come in with him another time, but I couldn't. And one night he and Lawrence got hold of Benson, and made his cock stiff, and then started to rub it up and down. He made no end of a fuss, but I don't think they were able to get anything to come. It's sticky stuff, isn't it? Davenport showed it to me once, and I touched it. It was awfully funny, and something like cream. I tried to make some the other day, when I was in the privy. I got a very rummy sensation, but nothing came, although I did my best to make it, and squeezed the end of my thing until I hurt myself."

"How is young Elgar now?" I asked. "I suppose he gets on all right since they have stopped their rough tricks on him?"

"Oh, yes! replied Williams. "He's brightened up a lot. He's not really such a bad chap. But he's got an awfully funny cock - all the skin on the top has been cut off. Davenport is always telling him he's a Jew, and he gets frightfully waxy about it - I expect he wishes his people had never had it done. Of course, he isn't a Jew really, but all Jews have the skin cut off like that. Rather them than me! I don't like the look of it much! Very often, if Davenport wants to badger him a little, or if Elgar has been a bit cheeky, he will get hold of him, and say, "Let's have a look at the little Jew!" Elgar flares up, and fights for all he is worth; but he can't do anything against two big chaps like Davenport and Lawrence, and they always put him on his back and get hold of his cock; they generally spit on it, or put some soap on it, or something of that kind."

Happening to go to the lavatory one day, and finding Elgar in there, I remembered the above conversation, so I said, "Let's have a look at your cock, Elgar!" He made no bother, but showed it to me at once. It was the first time I had seen a circumcised member, so I was rather interested in examining it. It looked rather peculiar with its bare head, and I cannot say that I was at all agreeably impressed with its appearance. It was too naked altogether, and gave one the feeling that it lacked something. As I got to know in more well-informed days, circumcision is a practice adopted by many different peoples, and is by no means confined to Jews. It is universal among Mohammedans, and numerous savage races in different parts also perform the operation, varying it more or less, according to their own particular customs, while a number of modern medical men approve of it; but such a mutilation would never commend itself to me. It not only detracts from the natural symmetry of the male organ, and therefore offends the artistic sense, but to my mind the absence of the prepuce lessens the sensual effects to be obtained by bringing the member into action, as the movement of the foreskin on the glans is in itself productive of a considerable amount of pleasure, while the deprivation of its natural covering hardens the knob, and takes away a degree of its sensitivity. This may be a mistaken opinion of mine, and I merely give it for what it is worth. On two or three subsequent occasions, Davenport endeavoured to beguile me into giving him my company for the purpose of mutual indulgence, but I always managed to evade his solicitations by some plausible excuse. I received plenty of evidence, however, at different times, that he was fond of this kind of pleasure.

Once I went to the water-closet, and just as I got there he came out, looking rather flushed. He passed me quickly, with a little nod, and when I got inside I could see plainly that he had been using himself; for a drop of semen was running down one of the lower panels of the door, while a few other spots glistened on the floor. Another time, when I was out for a walk with my usual chums, Jimmy crawled through a little gap in a tall hedge, in order to see what was on the other side. He was back in a moment, with his finger to his lips, and beckoned to us to come through. We did so very cautiously, and on penetrating the screen of foliage saw Davenport and Lawrence about a dozen yards away, sitting in a little hollow thickly shaded by trees. Both had their cocks out, and Lawrence was giving his companion's a rub. They had no idea that they were overlooked, and seemed to be enjoying themselves greatly. We watched until Lawrence had finished, and saw Davenport start upon him next; but we did not wait any longer, as we did not wish to disturb their privacy, not being desirous of the company of either of them.

by John Everett Millais, 1887

There was a boy at the school named Lacy, who was a particular favourite of the assistant-master, Ferguson. The latter, who was rather popular with us, for he was of a very genial disposition and took a great deal of interest in our pastimes, was extremely fond of Lacy, and on whole or half-holidays frequently took him out, while he allowed the lad a free run of his study as well. Rutherford told me once or twice, confidentially, that he was sure there was something between them, and as I kept my eyes open, after this, I noticed several little things which all seemed to point to a suspiciously close intimacy between the two. If Lacy were taking a bath, Ferguson would seize an opportunity to look in upon him. When the boy was confined to his bed with a cold, Ferguson was continually visiting his room. And for a whole weekend they were away together, supposed to be on a visit to Ferguson's father, who was a retired naval officer, I knew very little about Lacy; as, although he was an agreeable enough fellow, he did not associate very much with his comrades, most of his recreation time being spent with Ferguson, so I had no facilities for forming an opinion of his character.

One evening, Mr. Percival sent me with a message to Ferguson. I went to his study, knocking at the door and opening it almost directly, Lacy was seated in an armchair near the fireplace and Ferguson was in another chair near him. As I entered, the master rose to his feet hurriedly, turning towards me and picking up a book from the table as he did so. I delivered my message and left, but while I was in the room I was able to notice that the fly of Lacy's trousers was open. There was nothing else to be seen but it looked strange for him to be unbuttoned, I thought. I told Rutherford, and he agreed with me that Ferguson must have been doing something with Lacy and I had taken them so much by surprise that Lacy had not had time to fasten his breeches up properly.

A few days after this, I found myself alone after tea, Bob having gone with de Beaupré into the neighbouring village to see about a tennis racket which had been left there for repairs, while Jimmy had been condemned to do some lines in the schoolroom. Having nothing particular to do, I went into the boys' library, which was a room particularly intended for our use in the winter, or in bad weather when it was impossible to go out. We played bagatelle and other indoor games there, while the shelves which gave the room its name were well supplied with the works of Henry, Fenn, Collingwood and other authors dear to the boyish heart. I picked out a volume from among these, and sat myself down to read in a corner of the old-fashioned, deeply-recessed bay-window. The thick curtains which hung here completely hid me from view, so that anyone coming into the room might have thought it empty, unless they walked right up to the window. I had not been there very long before someone did come in. I did not move, being interested in my book; while I was not expecting any of the fellows would be looking for me. The newcomers, for it sounded to me as if there were two, did not approach where I sat, but took their places on a settee at the other side of the apartment. As soon as they began to talk, I recognised the voices at once as those of Ferguson and Lacy, and on raising my eyes I could see them through a narrow space between the curtain behind me and the wall. They evidently thought themselves to be the sole occupants of the room, and, not wishing to pose in the uncomfortable shape of an eavesdropper, I made up my mind to declare myself. But I could not resist the temptation to watch for a moment to see what they would do. Ferguson was saying something of a jocular nature to Lacy, while he bent an affectionate smile upon him as he spoke. He held one of Lacy's hands in his, and presently bent forward and touched the boy between the legs. Lacy pushed him away gently, saying, "Not here, Don!" - Ferguson's Christian name was Donald - "Wait till we go upstairs to your room." But Ferguson laughed, and said, "It's all right! No one will come in here," and, overcoming Lacy's very mild objections, he unfastened the lad's breeches and took out his cock. It was limp, as I could see, but Ferguson began to caress it, no doubt with the object of making it stand up with more dignity. I felt my position extremely embarrassing now, for I had missed the right moment to make known my presence to them, and to do so after things had gone this length would be a very delicate matter. Not only would it occasion a painful shock to Ferguson, but it could hardly fail to result in his viewing me in the future with no friendly feelings, and I was not at all anxious that this should be so, as I rather, liked him. As may be imagined, I was in a quandary. The thought occurred to me to wait until they had gone, without betraying myself; but then, I could not tell how long they would be, and, judging from appearances, they did not intend to hurry, for Ferguson seemed to be quite content with his present task of gently handling and stroking Lacy's member, which was by this time beginning to erect itself. Then, again, they might come over to the window when they had finished, and this also would be very awkward for all of us. Thus immersed in doubt, I. sat still, watching the pair, whose actions exerted a kind of fascination on me. But finally, affairs were settled in an unexpected way. Something tickled my nostri1, so that I felt a sneezing fit coming on. I tried to stifle the inclination, but it was no use, and I had to give vent to a violent noise. I could hear the couple jump up with a start, and in another minute Ferguson advanced to where I was. He looked at me in a peculiar way, and there was just a trace of nervousness on his features as he said, "I didn't know you were here Powerscourt! You kept very quiet."

I put on my most innocent expression, and explained that I had been so deeply engrossed in my book that I did not notice anyone entering the room.

"Oh! it's all right!" he said, and there was a note of relief in his voice; "only I made sure the place was empty, and it gave me quite a start when you sneezed."

Boy in a Punt by Henry Scott Tuke

I was very glad that the affair, which gave promise of some unpleasantness, had ended in this manner, but I had made a discovery, and determined to put a leading question to Lacy when I had an opportunity. The chance came one afternoon when I strolled into the bathing-pavilion. There was no one there but Lacy, and after the interchange of a little conversation he asked if I would come on the river with him for a little while.. The stream was broad enough to paddle about on, and there were one or two small skiffs and punts kept here for us. We got into a punt, and made our way slowly along with the current. It was a hot day, and we did not go far before drawing up by the bank beneath the grateful shade of a wide spreading tree which threw its branches far over the still water, out of which tall flags and bulrushes reared themselves, while water-lilies floated on the surface, the white flowers and broad, green leaves adding not a little to the beauty of the scene. This cozy nook in the stream, with its dense walls of verdure and canopy of over-arching boughs made an ideal place for a tête-à-tête , the only intruders on our solitude being the dragonflies as they took their dancing flight across the rivulet, or an occasional bird soaring by above. The time and place were suited admirably to the opportunity I had sought; so, after some general talk; I said, "How's Mr. Ferguson? You seem to be jolly friendly with him. I heard you call him "Don" when you were together in the library the other day."

He looked rather foolish for an instant; and replied, "That was a sell, you being there! Ferguson went as white as a sheet when you did that sneeze. I was a bit flurried, too; of course, we both thought we were quite alone."

"Yes! I must have made you feel rather funny," I answered, looking him straight in the face. "You wouldn't have been doing what you were, if you had thought anybody else was there."

"What do you mean?" he said, shifting his seat and turning his head away. "Oh, well! I couldn't help seeing what I did," I went on, determined to stick to my point. "I wasn't spying on you, you know, as I was there sometime before you came in; so you can't blame me."

"No! It was all Ferguson's fault; I told him what a fool he was, afterwards. He ought to be more careful. It was a good thing that only you saw us. I shall see that we are not caught again."

"Ferguson seemed to be amusing himself very well. It looked to me as if it wasn't the first time, either, by a long way. Come, Lacy! you needn't be afraid of telling me. I shan't say a word about it. It isn't likely I should want to get you into a row - or Ferguson either, he's a very nice chap. Do you often do anything like that with him?"

The Boy's Own Paper, 26 April 1884

"You saw so much, Powerscourt," replied Lacy, "That it's no use trying to spin any yarns to you, so I might as well be candid. You all know that I'm very thick, with Ferguson. He took a fancy to me when I first came here, about eighteen months ago - I don't know why, exactly; and he's been stuck on me ever since. At first; he only used to give me stamps or coins for my collections, and lend me books, and so on; then he got more friendly still, and took me for walks with him. I didn't mind at all, as he was always awfully nice, and things went on in this way for a good time. He never lost an opportunity of having me with him, and sometimes he would take me to the beach for a swim; also, if he knew when I was having a bath, he would peep in while I was washing. I didn't care very much at first for the way he would look me over when I was undressed, but I got used to that soon, and took no notice of it. Then he gave me a standing invitation to come to his study whenever I liked, to do my prep, and I gradually got into the habit of going there regularly. He used to sit by my side to help me, and was fond of fiddling about with my leg or arm, and that kind of thing. Well, one day we were sitting together like this. I was doing a Greek exercise, and he was leaning over my shoulder, watching me. He had one hand on my leg, and gradually moved it close up against my thigh. I said to him, 'Don't! You are tickling me!' and laughed. He laughed too, and dug his fingers into my leg, making me jump. 'Are you ticklish like that all over?' he asked, and started to squeeze my leg about again. 'Which is the worst part?' he went on, 'is it up here?' and he got hold of me right between the legs. I went all of a heap; the way it tickled making me laugh loudly, and I tried to pull his hand away. 'Don't make such a noise!' he said; but I couldn't help it, he was tickling me so much. He gripped my hands, and before I knew what he was going to do, he had pulled my cock out. His playing about had made it come on the stand, and as he looked at it, he cried, 'How very rude, Archie! Just look at it! You ought to have better manners.' He was not holding me now, so I put my hand on the front of his trousers, and said, 'I've a good mind to take yours out, to pay you back for doing it to me.' Of course, I wasn't really meaning what I said, but he took it up at once, and replied, 'All right! you can if you like. It's only a fair return.' This quite took my breath away, but when I looked up at him I saw that he was in earnest I thought it was rather a good joke, so I unbuttoned his breeches and took his thing out. It was a whopper, and no mistake! and it was as stiff as a cricket-stump. He let me pull it about for a minute or two, then he suddenly said that I had better finish my exercise, and we both buttoned up again. I promised him not to tell anybody; but after that, it was the usual thing, when we were alone together, for him to get me to show him my cock, and he used to let me look at his as well."

"Didn't you ever do anything else?" I asked, being greatly interested by what he had already told me, and eager to know more.

Lacy smiled a little. "I can tell that you're not a greenhorn, Powerscourt!" he replied. "It isn't likely we were going to stop at what I have said. Ferguson put me up to a lot of things on the quiet. The next time I had his cock out; he let me play with it and pull it about just as I liked, and I was in the middle of doing this when a lot of stuff came out, shooting onto the carpet and running all over my hands. He told me what this stuff was, and, of course, I wanted to try and see if I could make some, too. We have often done it since then. I dare say you do it also, don't you?"

"Yes," I said. "I know all about it; everyone learns about these things sooner or later. Is that all you have done with him?"

"You want to know a lot," Lacy retuned. "Anyhow, there's no harm in telling you the whole story. We have only had a very few chances once or twice, when I was supposed to be seedy; and sleeping in a room by myself; and then again, when I went with Ferguson to his home. At these times, Ferguson has got into bed with me, and fucked me between the legs. He wanted to go in my bottom once, but I wouldn't let him. He told me that he had often done it; or had it done to him, when he was a boy at Harrow, but I didn't fancy the idea somehow, so he never asked me anymore. But, I say! I've got a cockstand after all this talking; haven't you?"

"I should think I have," I answered, and showed him; "shall we have a rub? There is no one about."

"I don't mind a bit, if you don't," he replied, unfastening his trousers. He had a very elegantly shaped cock, not small, though not immoderately large, and with this added attraction, I could well understand Mr. Ferguson liking him, for he was a handsome and graceful boy in every way.

I sat down in the bottom of the punt by his feet and commenced to finger his member, which was fully as erect as I could have wished it to be. After I had bestowed some gentle friction on it, I said, "Would you like me to give it a suck?"

"What an idea!" he exclaimed. "You can, if you wish. I've never heard of that before. Oh, doesn't it feel funny!" he continued, as I brought my lips into play; "but go on, though! I rather like it."

"Hasn't Ferguson ever done that to you?" I asked, after a pause.

"No, indeed!" he replied, "He's never suggested such a thing. I've not thought of it before, either. It's a very good notion; I shall tell him about it."

"Don't you say where you learned it, or who taught you," I cried, with an admonishing gesture. "You mustn't tell tales, you know."

"Certainly not!" answered Lacy; "you needn't fear about that. But I believe you could teach me a lot - and I used to think you were such an innocent chap. It doesn't do to go by appearances always! Where did you pick up all these things?"

"Oh! I don't know," I responded, offhandedly. "I've done this kind of thing before, and you soon get to know a bit. Perhaps I had an extra good training, though."

"I should think you must have had!" he said. "You needn't suck any more. Wank me properly, now!"

I obeyed, and soon brought him to a discharge; in fact, a much shorter time than I had anticipated elapsed before the looked-for moisture sprang forth and damped my fingers. After his own affair had been carried to a finish, he turned to me, and by now I was quite ready for his ministrations, in which he showed himself an expert, and he watched the final result with great interest.

"I think there is not much difference between us," he exclaimed. "We both made about the same, didn't we? Now we have got to know each other better, Powerscourt, we can pal up to one another more. That is, if you don't object!"

"Not in the least!" I said. "And my chums, Rutherford and de Beaupré and the duke will only be too pleased, I'm sure, if you join our circle that is, whenever you can drag yourself away from Ferguson." I added, with a smile.

"Oh! Shut up!" he answered with a laugh. "Anyhow, I shan't forget what you have said, as it's ever so much nicer to be chummy together. Well, I suppose we had better be getting back now. It's time!"

After the breaking of the ice between us as I have related, Lacy often joined our company when we were going out for a jaunt together, and we found him a very pleasant associate. In particular, he made a confidant of me, and would inform me of all his adventures with Ferguson. "I made him very mad the other day," he said once. "You know the privy upstairs, don't you? It has some coloured glass in the door, which you can see through if you get close up to it. Well, I was going there, and Ferguson came after me up the stairs. He called me, but I wouldn't stop; and he followed me right up to the closet. I saw him looking through the door as I was letting down my breeches, and, just to annoy him, I pulled up my shirt and began wanking in front of him. I knew it would upset him, and he begged me to open the door, and let him come in. I wasn't going to do that, and I just screwed up my nose at him and went on. He got in a frightful state, and I believe that he would have burst the door open if he hadn't been afraid of attracting somebody's attention. Anyhow, he stayed there with his nose up against the glass, pulling a long face, and drawing in his lips tightly, but I wouldn't have any pity on him and kept at the job until I had finished, calling out to him to watch as I shot. He waited until I came out, and began to blow me up, but I told him not to be silly, and he calmed down after a bit. Still! I got it back in the evening, for he kept on to me to let him wank me again; he wouldn't take no for an answer, and I almost believe he would have done it by force if I hadn't given in, he was so keen on it."

It will be seen that in one way - and another I found plenty of diversion, and I felt very contented with my lot. I could not congratulate myself sufficiently on having the good fortune to make such staunch friends, and both work and play were so congenial that I was as happy as the day was long. There could not be four better comrades than myself and my three special chums, and I do not think we ever had a serious dispute or difference during the whole time we were associated together. I often now go over again in my mind the fun we four had, and, if it were possible to fulfil such a wish; I would be glad to live through that period once more. There is a freshness and vivacity about boyhood that never comes a second-time, once it is past; but fortunately, memory remains, and carries the recollection with us to brighten our after years. Charles Lamb says, in his essays of Elia, that it is not good or advisable for grown people to associate intimately with the young; but I, for one, refuse to bow to the weight of his authority; I have always found the greatest delight in juvenile society, speaking as a man; and I can regard with some envy those fortunately placed persons, such as schoolmasters, who pass their lives in the midst of a perennial atmosphere of youth; and in so doing, are able themselves to retain a youthfulness of spirit even in advancing age. But I must not stop thus to moralise, only Lamb's words occurred to me as I wrote, and I could not let them pass unrefuted.

Continue to Chapter 12: Lord Henry


[1] As Keri Davies and Angus Whitehead point out in their “An Early Usage of Wank, Antedating OED Entry” in Notes and Queries, Oxford University Press, 2013, p. 3, which draws attention to The Memoirs of a Voluptuary as containing “wank”’s earliest known usage, “the unpopular bully Davenport’s persistence in using the outmoded ‘frig’ underlines his exclusion from Rutherford, Lord Jimmy, de Beaupré, and Powerscourt’s coterie.”




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