three pairs of lovers with space



                                 by Pierre Joubert

The Boy-Wives of the Azande of the Sudan

Buggery in Buganda is the story of the violent clash over Greek love in 1885-87 between Christianity and the traditional local values of Burundi upheld by its young king Mwanga II and his nobility.

The Mossi, by Louis Tauxier, 1912 describes the pederastic practices of the chiefs of the Mossi in the upper Volta region, whose boy pages took on the sexual role of their wives on Fridays, when there was a religious prescription against heterosex.

Michael Davidson in South Africa, 1920-ca.1921 is an English journalist's description of his love affair in Natal with a boy of Welsh extraction, and Dakar in 1948 is his account of the Greek love scene there, which he thought exceptional for Africa.