three pairs of lovers with space



There once was a very shy boy
Who strove to becalm his toy
Until he met a nice man
Who blew his pipe like old Pan
Now the toy, for the boy, is a joy!


There once was a boy with a prong
That was shaped like a sweet little song;
Upon playing its first note
A symphony done got wrote,
Where no discord could ever be wrong.


There once was a boy divine
Who I thought might like to be mine
So I said to his dad,
"That's one hell of a lad,"
         who knows, maybe he's still doin' fine.


There once was a boy and a man,
And into the evening they ran...
As the boy caught his breath
And the man cried Oh death!
The stars splashed above like a plan.


There once was a State with a sock,
Into which it archived a boy's cock.
First they soaked it in brine,
Then tied it up with red twine;
Now it's with the lint in Nanny's old smock.


There once was a boy in a limerick,
Who wanted me to suck on his li'l dick;
I said to the boy,
"That might the authorities annoy,"
So he said, "Suck it twice and do my ass a bit!"