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three pairs of lovers with space



So far as is known, the following poem has only been published online, where it appeared on https://boy.chat/messages/1130527.htm on 15 July 2008.


When I was fourteen, I boarded a bus
and the driver was making one hell of a fuss.

For ahead in the queue, a boy with blond hair
was searching his pockets to find the right fare.

So I bought his ticket and he was delighted
as he thanked me I found I was getting excited.

By his boyish good looks and the deepest blue eyes
and those 70’s shorts that revealed his smooth thighs.

Though I’d known him at school for two years or more
I’d never been turned on like this before.

I knew lots of girls and liked one or two
but to find a boy sexy was something quite new.

At the back of the bus only one seat was spare
I told him to take it but he wanted to share.

As he sat on my lap and chatted to me
I became quite aroused and wondered if he

Could feel something stirring beneath his cute butt.
How I loved it each time that the bus hit a rut!

Well we both bounced along down a bumpy old track
till I got quite an urge that I couldn’t hold back.

Then, turning, he flicked the blond hair from his face
and gave me a smile that made my heart race.

I held him so tight but he didn’t resist
and that’s when I came. It was absolute bliss.

Each time I remember, I always enjoy
that wonderful ride with that beautiful boy.

Though younger than me, could have been my kid brother
but from that moment on I became a boylover.




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Simon Houston,   05 January 2019

Young boys can be encountered on buses who are looking for love and attention. Physical needs are in children from birth. The boy may stretch his bare foot over the aisle wanting touch. Is this alarming?

* * *

Mr. Smith,   07 April 2019

In response too simons comments, yes there are boys who need love and attention because they receive little elsewhere , but I don't believe for a second that your average boy ,pre pubescent , pubescent, or adolescent would welcome being used as a sexual plaything, because a boy cheerfully agrees to and partakes in such contact, this rarely means he wants it. although im sure at that moment many boys experiaance physical pleasure att being gently tickeld and stroked ina different way …….I know I did , but after a nearly a year of sexual contact with quite a few different men, I never, found pleasure in a grown mans body , I did nt like him getting in my face , and found mature male genitalia quite disgusting, I feel that most hetro boys would feel the same. the number of very young boys who would enjoy the body of a grown man I believe would be quite small, though im sure they exist. I feel that a lot of what men perceive as the boys enjoyment is in fact the boy showing gratitude and good manners for attention and kindness he has already received mr smith

* * *

The Philhellene,   08 April 2019

I’m sure you are right as regards how very many boys feel about sex with men, but there are some important considerations that prevent this nearly adding up to a universal argument against it. Of course, no one is likely to welcome “being used as a sexual plaything” or having sex with anyone he finds physically disgusting, but there are abundant examples in the literature on this website of boys who didn’t feel either used or disgusted. Based on this and other writings, I would venture to make some suggestions as to why many boys did not share your disgust. The disgust which you assume comes from being “hetro” depends to an extent on having the word, which was only invented in the late 19th century, and the concept, which doesn’t go back much further. Even since then, boys have often not until their mid teens felt the limitations to their sexual tastes that comes with a conscious orientation. It has been common for boys then to feel a distaste they had not before and for the sexual aspect of their love affairs with men to wither. Related to this, it may be pointed out that, unlike older boys and men, boys at or near puberty do not need to fantasise in order to wank; more like women than men in this respect, they are not dependent on real or imagined visual appreciation for stimulation and can thus enjoy sex with a person without desiring him. The pubescent boy has had various alternative reasons for sexual excitement with a man. One is narcissistic: the thrill of finding himself the object of sexual excitement could be very stimulating, as well as flattering and demand being put to the test. Secondly, in the context of the man penetrating the boy, which was historically the usual way such relationships were consummated, the boy could get an intense psychological and sexual thrill from submission. The Danish psychiatrist Thorkil Vanggaard wrote about this eloquently in his book Phallos (1969), which I recommend to you. Finally, longed-for “love and attention” is not a bad reason for having sex with someone genuinely offering them. Perhaps the men you were with did not, a great shame if true, but many men have. As Nietzsche said of man/boy love in ancient Greece: “young people have probably never since been treated with so much attention and kindness or so completely with a view to enhancing their best qualities.”

* * *

dik hedd,   14 September 2021

Young boys are obviously more compelling and alluring to look at than any other age group or gender. It's only natural for men to notice the vitality and superior physical attributes young boys have. Relationships between men and boys in one form or another are crucial for the survival of our species. Adult men pass on useful knowledge to a younger generation. This is the stage when a young boy on average is the healthiest and best looking. Nature designed men physically so that boys would stand out as objects of desire. Humans still have to breed after all, and it would make sense they would find one another attractive for various reasons,  even if it's only on a social level among the same gender. If such  relationships were so unnatural as some people believe, then why would they occur in so many examples through history? 

I'm not saying there shouldn't be laws regarding such activities, but the greatest empires tolerated such behavior and encouraged it for whatever reason. 

Obviously there are some things no one has an excuse for doing with a child. Imposing laws on adults with such ferocity as our society does is so hysterically extreme eventually the system itself will collapse from the illogical behavior and injustice of the system. 

Fanatics, prudes, and opportunists always find a reason for justifying a totalitarian system. Militarized police states hunting down people who are accused of thinking the wrong thoughts, always end up on the trash heap of history for some ugly reason. Most people do not recall such societies with fondness. They are considered examples of what any system or nation should never emulate. 

Fighting a war on your own subject population eventually destroys a nation. 

Violent force and terror never saves anyone if they're sole purpose is to victimize the population so they are groveling in fear at every sign of authority. Tyrants are eventually more despised than the enemies they claim they are fighting in the name of the people. They are remembered mostly for the statistics they leave behind when the dead bodies are counted.

What we call "Western Civilization"  today has become such a foul stronghold of everything we were warned about in the past when the government becomes the persecutor rather than the protector of the people. 

When people no longer trust their government because they're assaulted p by it over accusations of carrying the wrong thoughts in their head, it's only a matter of time before systems like that crumble into dust.

The USA seems to be on the same suicidal path. Everyone appreciates security and safety, but when a government commences a fanatical crusade of destruction on its own people claiming they are a moral authority with the right to drown their own population in a blood purge or chain them in dungeons, that's when you start seeing concentration camps.

It's only a matter of time before no one supports a  monstrous beast like that. If our only purpose for getting out of bed in the morning is laboring for a wicked ogre who thrives on our pain,  our system will come to a swift end. It will be feared but not respected. It will be hated but not loved. If anyone conforms to it, or gives lip service to it, it's because they have no illusions how they, themselves, their friends, or families, will be crushed should they even hint at turning against it.

For the moment, the best we can hope for is to endure it. That doesn't mean everyone's going to like it.

I'm sure cute young boys will always be popular though?

* * "

Anonymous 83,  3 February 2022
The movie "Knowing"gives me hope.
* * *
Anonymous 11023 October 2022
Most lovey  picture of a most beautiful boy a perfect picture to accompany the poem