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three pairs of lovers with space


being Chapter 5 of
The Memoirs of a Voluptuary (Paris, 1905)


The following morning, a little before lunchtime, I went into one of the classrooms to get a Greek lexicon which I had left there. When I got to the room I found two of the boys standing there talking together. One was named Fred Davenport and the other Reggie Lawrence. They belonged to the ranks of the older pupils, both being about fifteen. I had scarcely more than a nodding acquaintance with them, as I had hardly had any occasion to speak to them up to the present, save in the most casual way, and indeed, I had not taken a strong liking to either. Davenport, who was the elder, was a rather tall and lanky lad, with a long nose and a decidedly vain air, though why he affected the latter I do not know, for I never discovered anything about him that he need be particularly conceited about. Lawrence was a short and thick-set boy, with sandy hair and a broad, freckled face, continually on the grin.

I said nothing to them, as they appeared to be engrossed in conversation, but walked straight across to the desk where my dictionary was lying, and picked it up, turning to go out again.

Then Davenport called out, "What are you doing with that book, kid?"

"It's mine," I replied shortly, not liking his tone.

"It isn't. It's mine. Put it down at once," he said.

"I shan't do anything of the kind," I retorted. "This is my book. I left it here this morning, and I just came in to get it, as I want to use it this afternoon."

"Look here, youngster! You just be careful how you talk to me. I say you're not to take that book away."

"And I tell you it's mine, and I want it," I returned, and retreated to the door, but Davenport placed himself between it and me.

"I don't want any cheek," continued Davenport. "I told you to put the book down, and you've got to do it. Just catch hold of him, Reggie, will you?"

Lawrence seized me by the arms, and in struggling to get away, I dropped the book. Still holding me with one hand, he stooped and picked it up. As he did so the cover fell open, and he caught sight of my name written on the first page.

"It's quite right, Fred. It is his book; his name is in it," he said.

"Is it?" replied Davenport. "Well, anyhow, it doesn't matter. He shouldn't have been so cheeky. These new kids give themselves no end of airs."

"We had better let him go hadn't we?" said Lawrence.

"I don't know," replied Davenport. "I think we ought to teach him manners. Suppose we freemason him, eh?"

"All right!" returned Lawrence. "Lend a hand, then, Fred."

Lawrence retained his hold of my arms, while Davenport seized me by the legs, and between them they lifted me bodily up and laid me on the desk.

"Shut up, you cads!" I tried, but they paid no attention, beyond Lawrence clapping a hand over my mouth. I struggled with all my might, but could do nothing against the two of them, and in spite of my efforts, they held me so firmly that I could not move a limb.

"You might as well keep quiet. We've got you safe," said Davenport; and then, with a malicious grin all over his face, he calmly began to unbutton all the front of my breeches. I felt overcome with shame as he pushed up my shirt, baring my private parts to his and Lawrence's rude gaze.

"There it is! Look at it, Reggie," he tried, taking my cock in his fingers, and both of them laughed hugely, while I was full of mortification at the outrage, and the blood reddened my cheeks and forehead. Lawrence also had a feel, and when both had satisfied themselves with handling me, Davenport spat freely on my genitals, Lawrence following him by doing the same.

"Let him go now. He can take his book and be off," exclaimed Davenport; and they released me, watching with mocking smiles as I sat up and set myself to the ignominious task of wiping off their spittle, which covered my cock and balls and overran my belly and thighs. As I did this and put my clothes in order again, I felt in anything but a pleasant frame of mind; and the taunting jeers which both hurled after me as I picked up my book and left the room made me thirst for an opportunity for revenge. I communicated my wrongs to my chums, who sympathised with me greatly.

"That chap Davenport is a cocky ass," said Bob; "and Lawrence follows his lead in everything. Nobody likes them, and they both want taking down a peg. Davenport's rather in with old Percival, because he is well up in class, and he thinks he can do as he likes. I've interfered several times when he has been trying to bully some of the youngsters, and once he'd have got a good licking if Chadwick hadn't stopped us. They say he is very fond of playing rough jokes on new kids in his dormitory, but, of course, I don't know anything about that. If he tries any more nonsense on with you, Charlie, just let me know, and I'll see that he doesn't do it again."

I was fated to meet with still further misfortune that day, for after tea I had occasion to go to a little room where we kept bats, tennis-rackets and articles of that kind. Who should be in there but Davenport and Lawrence, and two little chaps-one called Williams, and nicknamed Fatty, on account of his stodgy build, and the other Davenport Minor, who was only eleven, but was as insufferable in his way as his brother.

As soon as Davenport caught sight of me he smiled broadly, and said, "Look, Reg! Here's that Powerscourt kid again. Hallo, youngster! have you kept your hair on since this morning?"

I did not condescend to reply, and hurried to get a box of games that I had come for, anxious to secure this and be off again. But Davenport, who had a great idea of always cutting a big figure in front of the juniors, so as to impress them, came up to me and caught hold of my wrist, giving it a little twist as he said, "Why don't you answer when I speak to you?"

"Let go!" I cried, struggling in his grasp; "I don't want to speak to you."

"Oh!" he exclaimed, with a laugh. "How particular some people are! Did you hear that, Reggie? He doesn't want to speak to us. I think we had better give him another lesson; don't you?"

"Shut up, Davenport!" I cried, firing up hotly, and trying to wrench my arm away. "You had better not play about with me any more, or perhaps you will be sorry for it."

"Really!" he replied, with a cold sneer. "Things are coming to a pretty pass, aren't they, Reggie? when bits of kids talk to us like that," with a grand emphasis on me word "us". "I was going to let him go if he hadn't given us any slack; but I'm not going to stand that from him. He must learn to keep a civil tongue in his head. Come on, Reg!"

I was furious, and strove to tear myself away, hurling threats of dire consequences at them, but they paid no attention and, tripping me up, bore me to the ground. I began to shout at the top of my voice. "Stop his row, or we shall have someone in here," said Davenport; and Lawrence held his handkerchief over my mouth, almost stifling me. I was now reduced to complete helplessness, Davenport sitting on my legs and holding one wrist, while Lawrence held the other one, the two younger boys looking on at the scene with great relish. To my infinite disgust and humiliation, for the second time that day I was compelled to submit while they unbuttoned my breeches and uncovered my genital parts, and Davenport grinned in triumph as he felt them with lewd fingers and spat on them, then beckoned to the two youngsters to do the same; and when that wretched little shrimp, his brother, knelt over my middle and dropped his spittle, he smeared the slime all over my belly and balls with his hand. Davenport's tyranny was not yet satisfied, however. "Fetch that pot of grease," he said; and when his brother brought it to him, he dipped in his finger and proceeded to anoint my cock with the dirty fat. "There you are! You can clear out now," he exclaimed, when he had finished. "You won't forget to behave properly another time, perhaps."

I was smarting with vexation, and tears of impotent anger stood in my eyes as I got up and wiped the nasty substance off as well as I could; and all the time I was fastening my breeches I kept turning over in my mind plots for vengeance.

When I rejoined Bob and the others I gave them a recital of my woes, at which they were highly indignant.

"Davenport is going a bit too far," cried Bob warmly. "Never fear, Charlie! You shall have satisfaction for your wrongs, I promise you. I've always hated the fellow, but he has a sneaking way of avoiding me. I don't mean to let him, however, now. I'll show him he mustn't bully any friends of mine and I'm sure we won't have to wait long for an opportunity of bringing this home to him."

During the course of the evening, I was able to recover my composure, and by bedtime was restored to good temper.

"What have you arranged for tonight, Blackie?" asked Bob.

"Well! Look here, you chaps; suppose we have a rest for tonight. It won't do any harm, and we can make up for it all the better tomorrow night."

We were inclined to murmur, but at length agreed to the proposal as a good one. "But on one condition, Blackie," added Bob, "and that is, that you give us another yarn."

"All right! I'll do that," replied the person addressed; "but you must promise not to wank while I'm telling it. I warn you that if I see anyone start that, I shall chuck it"

"You can depend upon me. You can tie my hands, if you like," said Bob; and Jimmy and I also gave our word to keep control over ourselves.

"What shall I tell you about?" then asked Blackie, looking round at us.

"Let us hear some more about Cécile," I said.

"Very well. Here goes!" he replied. "A week or two after my first visit to her that I was telling you about, my mother had to go down into the country for a short trip to see someone she knew who was ill, and consequently she didn't like to take me. Cécile got wind of this, and at once offered to put me up at her place until my mother returned to Paris. The offer was immediately accepted, as it put a satisfactory end to the difficulty my mother had concerning me. […]

Illustration by Martin van Maële in a book also published by Charles Carrington in 1905

Gaston recounts how Cécile took him disguised as a girl to a lesbian party where he was a mere observer and his true gender remained a secret. At its conclusion, …

"On reaching the entrance-hall, we made our adieux, as all were going their several ways, but before we left Cécile begged me to wait for her a few minutes, as she was desirous of paying a visit to the lavatory. I had been standing about for a little while when a distinguished-looking man in faultless evening-dress descended the stairs in company with another gentleman. They both looked hard at me, and the first individual, who bore himself very haughtily, went up to one of the lackeys and spoke to him in low tones. From the way they threw glances at me, I judged that I was the subject of their conversation, and I was not therefore altogether taken by surprise when the unknown individual, who seemed to be treated with an extraordinary amount of deference, advanced to me and bowed saying, 'Will you do me the honour of accompanying me, mademoiselle. Madame la Duchesse will follow later.' The request somewhat astonished me at first, but on reflecting for a moment, I concluded that Cécile must have made some further arrangements of which she had not notified me, so I permitted the stranger to lead me out, his companion following us.

"I was conducted to a well-appointed carriage, in which we all three took our seats. I noticed that the second man invariably addressed the other as 'Monseigneur', a title only used when speaking to personages of the highest rank, and I was not a little perturbed as I kept wondering who he could be. He was quite evidently, however, labouring under the impression that I was a female, as he continued to talk to me about Cecile, and asked me various questions relative to my history that put me at my wit's end to reply to without contradicting myself, but the devilment of the idea possessed me, and the whole adventure seemed so humorous that I determined to do my best to keep up the farce as long as possible.

"We were driving for perhaps a quarter of an hour, and I had a very remote notion of where we were, although I fancied it to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of the Boulevard Haussmann, but at last we alighted at an imposing mansion, and I was ushered into a spacious and magnificent vestibule, where an obsequious footman in a livery of blue and silver and a powdered wig relieved me of my opera cloak.

"Monseigneur, whose grand air seemed to sit upon him like a well-fitting garment, conducted me up the marble staircase to an elegant salon above, where amble, set out with a fine display of plate and hothouse flowers and softly-tinted lamps, was laid for three. I thought at first that the third place might be for Cécile, but when our companion, who was addressed by Monseigneur as François, took the seat, I began to feel much disturbed at my friend's desertion, and enquired when she would make her appearance. Monseigneur's manner was not altogether reassuring, although he answered and said, 'Madame la Duchesse will be here later on, but she was unavoidably detained. In the meantime, mademoiselle, let us make the best of the occasion during her unfortunate absence, and enjoy what pleasure the present moment can give us.' There was nothing more to be said, so I concealed the vexation I felt as well as I was able, and set myself to do as much justice as I could to the dainty supper which the deft and attentive servants placed before us. In the middle of the meal, Monseigneur filled my glass with champagne and, raising his own, stood up, exclaiming with all the bearing of a grand Seigneur , 'Mademoiselle, will you permit me? I drink your health!' I bowed low, hiding my face for a moment lest it should express my feelings at the ludicrousness of the situation, but as I looked up again nothing in Monseigneur's grave smile betrayed that he had any suspicion of me.

"A considerable amount of wine was consumed, although I took care not to allow too much to be pressed upon me, and my neighbours' faces were rather flushed before we had finished supper. Then Monseigneur rose and held out his arm to me, saying, 'May I have the honour, mademoiselle, of conducting you into the next room?’ I could find no excuse for refusing, although I think I would have done so had I noticed that François did not come with us, but I was not aware that he had not followed us until the door of the adjoining apartment had been closed, leaving me alone with Monseigneur. I found that I was in a luxurious bedroom, which had apparently been prepared for our reception, for all the crimson-shaded lamps were alight; and a fire burned brightly on the hearth. It began to dawn upon me that I had fallen into some sort of a trap and I can tell you that I felt considerably alarmed as Monseigneur, throwing off his majestic reserve caught me to his breast and kissed my mouth. What was I to do? I hesitated to declare myself, fearing his anger, and glanced wildly on either side, seeking an opportunity for escape. But I could find none, and in the meantime Monseigneur appeared to be working himself up to a high pitch of amorous passion, regarding me fixedly with ardent eyes as he continued to lavish embraces on my lips and cheeks, while his hot breath, reeking of champagne, fanned my face like the Arabian simoom. 'At last we are alone! Come to my arms, mademoiselle,' he cried. 'Ah! Monseigneur,' I exclaimed in desperation, 'you overwhelm me. Have pity, and let me go, I implore you.' 'Mademoiselle,' he cried, 'your wishes are commands to me. But before you deprive me of your society, will you not allow me the privilege of tasting those charms which I am sure are yours in the highest degree?' 'Oh! Monseigneur; I cannot,' I said, looking at him as piteously as I knew how; 'and what will Cécile say if she discovers me here?' 'You can rest assured,’ he responded, ‘That Madame la Duchesse will be lenient with you. One so fond of pleasantry as she is, would not be hard on another.'

"I entreated and besought him to let me go, but he turned a deaf ear to my earnest request, and sought to stop my words with caresses, while my apparent unwillingness infected him with increased fervour. His growing impatience added to my fright, and my eyes glistened with genuine tears as I endeavoured to tear myself away. Finding my efforts useless, I adopted an angry tone and threatened to complain to Cécile of his importunity as soon as she arrived. 'That reminds me,' he responded, speaking slowly and with some effort; 'it is possible that Madame la Duchesse may not come. In fact I do not think that she will.' He paused in order to let the effect of this speech sink in and in a moment the truth came upon me that he had brought me hither for his own purposes, unbeknown to Cécile, and I upbraided him with his treachery. 'It was cruel of you, Monseigneur; why have you done this? Cécile will be in terror thinking that I am lost.' 'Fear not,' he replied; 'I left word that you were safe, and in good company. Come, mademoiselle, you cannot escape me. Surrender yourself to my embraces. See! I kneel and kiss your hand,' and he chose his actions in accordance with his words. I was silent and irresolute, pondering over this new turn in the situation, and before I had made up my mind what course to pursue, he rose and attempted to drag me to a sofa. I struggled and cried out; but was helpless in his strong hold, and in a moment he had forced me down on the cushions, supporting me with one arm and pressing his lips to mine again in a wine-soaked caress. I grew hot and cold by turns, and a numbness seized my limbs. Before I could summon up strength for further resistance, or even recover my voice, he had with a lightening movement got his free hand underneath my petticoats, and next instant it was resting between my thighs. The shock at what he felt there must have been great. He drew a long breath and did not move for a moment, then exclaimed hoarsely, 'Mon Dieu! It is a boy.'

"He gathered himself up and looked down at me with an amazed expression, while I averted my eyes, anticipating an outburst of wrath. But when at length he spoke, he was quite calm, although the deep tone of his voice betokened inward emotion. 'Is this a ruse to fool me?' he demanded, 'or what is the explanation? Does Madame la Duchesse de Regnier know of your masquerading?' Thinking it best to be entirely frank. I told him everything, and when I had finished he laughed aloud. 'You scapegrace!' he cried. 'Yet I have nothing to blame you for. If I was tricked, it was entirely my own fault. Meeting you where I did, and finding on enquiry that you were a friend of Madame la Duchesse, whom I know well, and being besides struck by your appearance-for you indeed make up wonderfully well as a girl – I conceived the idea of bringing you here in order to spend an enjoyable hour or two in your company, thinking that the message which I left for the duchess would be a satisfactory explanation of your departure.'

"I smiled in turn, greatly relieved at this agreeable breaking of my suspense. 'But you will now let me return, will you not?' I said, 'for I am sure Cécile will be worrying herself to death about me.' 'You shall go, certainly,' he replied; 'but I think you owe me something for the deception. Before leaving, you shall gamahuche me.' I did not understand the term, and he explained that he meant I was to suck him. I demurred, objecting to the further delay this would mean, but he insisted and would take no refusal. Sitting himself down, and bidding me kneel on the floor before him, he unbuttoned his trousers and directed me to take his cock out, which I did. I had ever seen such a weapon before. It was at full stand, and must have been at least six inches or more in length, and thick in proportion, with a great bulging head at the top of the long pinky-white column, on which the veins were swollen into a deep blue prominence. He would not permit me much time for examination, however, but pressed my head down towards it. It was the first time I had touched the member of a full-grown man, and I felt rather chary, while it seemed impossible that I could get the huge thing into my mouth. But he intended that I should adhere to his proposal, and as he appeared to be obdurate, I determined to get the task over as soon as possible, and, overcoming my hesitancy, applied my lips to the rounded knob. When he found that I had conceded his desire, he lay back, giving himself up to the pleasure I was affording him as I sucked and licked the burning head of his member; and he made no further movement beyond giving a gentle push now and then in order to force it a little farther into my mouth, continuing this until it was quite half-way within my lips, and seemed to fill all the space inside, causing me to breathe heavily through my nostrils. After a time he placed his hands on my head, holding it with a light pressure. Soon after doing this he leaned forward, forcing me back and raising himself up a little. His cock swelled still more and got stiffer, then suddenly became endowed with life, leaping and rattling against my teeth, and he held me firmly while such a torrent of boiling spunk poured forth into my mouth, with so much force and volume, that I doubt very greatly whether the opinion which had been expressed by Helene of the superiority of the dildo in this respect could be vindicated. The superabundant flow nearly choked me, but as he did not release his hold, and my face being inclined slightly upwards, I could not prevent it from rolling down my throat. I closed my teeth on his member, in an endeavour to stop the discharge, but released my grip on his uttering a sharp ejaculation, not wishing to hurt him; and; being compelled to retain my position, I perforce swallowed the liquid, through sheer inability to do anything else, and it was not till he felt that I had drawn off the last drop that he suffered himself to withdraw. When he did so, he patted my cheek approvingly and, without adjusting his clothes, went to a table and poured out two glasses of a strong liqueur, handing one to me. I did not want to drink it particularly, but finally yielded to his persuasions, finding the cordial very warming and invigorating.

"'Really!' he said, presently; 'you showed yourself so apt that I think I might have fared worse after all; I feel I cannot let you go without making a total conquest and invading your bottom.' 'But, Monseigneur!!' I cried in affright; 'it would be quite impossible for you to get your enormous thing into me.' 'Not at all, as I will show you,' he replied. 'And I claim the trial as complete recompense for the very ridiculous position you placed me in during the first part of our meeting.' 'I cannot, really!' I answered; ‘The very idea frightens me. And think of Cécile waiting for me all this time!' 'The sooner you grant my request,' said he, "The sooner will you rejoin her. Come! I will not be denied. And I would like you to remove your clothing also.' 'You ask now what I cannot do,' I said; 'I could never get the things on again. It is my first acquaintance with female attire, and I'm sure I couldn't redress without proper assistance.' 'Set your mind at rest on that,’ he continued. 'I will give you my help; and even should there be anything not quite right it would not matter, as you will go straight home afterwards, and the necessity for any extreme precaution no longer exists.'

"He would listen to no further argument, and was already busying himself in loosening my bodice at the back. He displayed himself such an adept in the intricacies of feminine apparel, that in a very short time he had removed everything except my shoes and my long black silk stockings with their pink satin garters, and I could not help surveying myself curiously as I appeared thus in a great mirror opposite, the jewels on my neck and arms and fingers making a brave show as they flashed and glittered beneath the lamplight.

Study of a Young Man by Paul-Abel Lefebvre

“Monseigneur looked me over critically, and caressingly touched my cock, which hung down limp, the agitation I was suffering preventing me from thinking of anything else but the coming ordeal. He appeared to be satisfied with his inspection, and, after making me give his member a little suck in order to bring it up to the ready again, he told me to get on all fours on the bed. When I had taken up this posture he well greased my bottom-hole and the top of his weapon with some pomade, and then mounted the bed behind me. I began to tremble as he closed up against my posteriors, whereupon he spoke soothingly to me. This did not overcome my apprehension, however, and it was with great misgivings that I felt his organ beating at my stem for admittance. I am sure he could never have affected an entrance had it not been for the pomade, and as it was I felt as if I were being split open.

“I cried out to him to stop, but he paid no heed, and it seemed as if a bar of hot iron were being forced into me. Once the head of his cock had gained the interior of my orifice, however, the enormous strain eased a little, and as he commenced to thrust, I became more accustomed to the sensation. More than once, nevertheless, I had to bite my lip in order to repress a cry under the stress of his pushes, but when he put his hands round my loins and held my privates this helped to soften my emotions, and I forced myself to bear up. Fortunately, his operations were not very long in bringing him to a finish, and after three or four minutes he gave a few final quick shoves and then sank down motionless upon me, while I experienced a new but decidedly pleasant sensation as he discharged violently inside my bottom, sending a warm glow all over me, while the flow of the hot liquid acted as an effectual emollient and immediately relieved the previous well-nigh intolerable tightness. Shortly after this, he drew out his member, making a sound something like the pulling of a cork as he did so; and when he had wiped both me and himself carefully, he bestowed a kiss on each cheek of my bottom, and said with a smile, as I rose up, 'You have fulfilled your part well; so admirably, indeed, that I feel it is I who am now indebted to you. Let me assist you to dress now.' He performed his duty so expertly that I was fain to confess, when he had finished, that my appearance had not changed for the worse - I looked almost as well as when Marie had superintended my toilet.

"Monseigneur rang for his carriage to come for me, and while we waited he conversed most affably. 'I have no need to feel disappointment at the mistake I made in the beginning,' he said. 'You have afforded me much enjoyment. Really! It is a fortunate thing for the sex that you are not a girl. As it is, you are quite charming; had you been a woman you would have been irresistible - and I fear, also, that in such a case you would have made many enemies among your kind, for women are jealous creatures, so I think you are much happier as you are.'

"Going to his dressing-table, he took up a magnificent gold watch, and, returning to me, said, 'Remember, if ever I can be of service to you, I shall always be at your disposition. Keep this trifling souvenir in memory of-', but I have given my word of honour not to disclose his name, which at that moment I heard for the first time; I can only tell you that he who addressed me was none other than one of the princes
of the royal house of France.

"At length a footman appeared to announce that the carriage was at the door. Monseigneur led me downstairs, and, himself accompanied me to the Avenue Roche, on the way exacting from me a sacred promise that no one except Cécile should ever know the exact circumstances of the evening. As I bade farewell to him on alighting, he said, 'Pray pay my respects to Madame la Duchesse, and tell her that I will personally offer my apologies at the earliest opportunity for any inconvenience I may have caused her.' And then, in a louder voice, that the servant might hear, but with just a suspicion of a twinkle in his eyes, 'Mademoiselle, I am your humble servant. Until our next meeting, adieu.' 'Au revoir, Monseigneur," I murmured softly, and, with a low bow, he turned and re-entered, the vehicle, while I passed on into the house and made my way to Cécile's rooms.

Combing My Lady’s Tresses by Jean-Baptiste Antoine Emile Béranger

"On entering her boudoir, I found her lying on a couch, weeping in great distress, while Marie chafed her hands and held a bottle of smelling-salts to her nose. The maid was the first to notice my entrance, and on seeing me she immediately cried, 'Oh! madame! Look and be comforted! Monsieur le Comte has returned.' Cécile raised her head, dashing away with a fierce gesture the stray locks of hair which had come undone and hung over her eyes, and, as soon as she caught sight of me, ran forward with a scream and fell to hugging and kissing me, while the tears rained down over my face, 'Oh, my darling!' she exclaimed, laughing and weeping at the same time, 'where have you been? What has happened to you? I thought I should die, not knowing what had become of you - and how could I ever have faced your mother again?' I comforted her as well as I could, and, when I had reduced her to comparative calm, told her the history of my adventures. She listened attentively, only now and then making a gesture of indignation, but she could not help being amused at the way in which I had inveigled Monseigneur into believing I was a girl right up to the last possible moment, and by the time I had finished my narrative she had regained her composure. 'Monseigneur certainly did not behave so badly at the conclusion,' she said, when I had done; 'but I am not at all sure that I shall forgive him quite so easily as he imagines. He certainly did leave word that he had taken you with him, but that did not greatly relieve my anxiety, as I was quite at a loss to know where you had gone to, or what was happening to you. Of course, with him being who he is, one cannot speak too freely; but I shall certainly tell him what I think of his conduct when I see him. However, no harm has befallen you, and that is the principal thing, after all.'

"It was well on in the early hours of the morning now, so after a brief interval we retired to rest, at which I was not altogether sorry, for I was beginning to feel very tired. When we got into bed, Cécile insisted upon having a look at my bottom, to make sure that Monseigneur had not done it any injury, although I assured her that it was all right, beyond feeling a little sore. She would not be satisfied even after this, and, in spite of my protest, knelt down by my legs and took my cock in her mouth, saying that I need do nothing myself but lie still. I took her at her word, for, indeed, I was too weary to do anything else, and how long she kept on I cannot say, for I do not think it was very many minutes before I fell asleep, but I know that she was still sucking me up to the time I lost consciousness."


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