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three pairs of lovers with space



“Anal Intercourse” is the largest section of Chapter Six, “Sexuality and Eroticism” of Loving Boys, the encyclopaedic study of Greek love by the eminent Dutch lawyer, Edward Brongersma. Published in 1990, it is by far the most substantial essay in English about pedication to be written from an almost entirely Greek love perspective.

Though it purports to be a general study of the subject, it should be stressed that its coverage of the subject is heavily skewed towards the practice of pedication between men and boys within living memory at the time of writing, essentially between the 1920s and the mid 1980s and in countries speaking the western European languages in which Dr. Brongersma was most proficient, Dutch above all, but also German, English and French. This is because much of it is based on his correspondence and the roughly five hundred personal case histories in his archive (the most valuable part of the study, since in this respect it is a primary source), and much of the rest is based on the writings of other 20th-century writers in those languages. With respect to the latter, it is worth drawing attention to the fact that Brongersma’s is the only published translation into English of most of the passages he quotes from writers in other European languages.

Instead of footnotes, Brongersma gave a surname and year of publication where he wanted to cite an authority or the source of a quote, and these then had to be sought in his massive bibliography. This was a tiresome system in book form and hopeless for online text, so it has here been replaced by conventional footnoting.

The illustration of this article has drawn heavily on Pan, a magazine about boy-love (Amsterdam, 1979-85) simply because Brongersma was a regular contributor to it while writing Loving Boys, so it is close to him in spirit.


Anal Intercourse

                                                            You, tall boy, I like most of all.
                                                            A popish face doesn't suit you, really,
                                                            So cast me one of your salacious looks!
                                                            It would be better, too, if you were naked:
                                                            This long pleated shirt is much too chaste.
                                                            Now they turn. Seen from the back
                                                            These rascals are really most appealing!
                                                            -  Goethe: (Faust, Part Two)                                                                  

Anal intercourse is in no way peculiar to homosexuality.[1] In 1973 a French study revealed that 30% of the married men in its sample sometimes performed anal intercourse with their wives and that the practice seemed to be increasing: among the 18- to 24-year-olds it had risen to 50%.[2]

Dr. Comfort's 1972 bestseller, which drew attention to the prevalence of pedication

The well-known English sexologist Dr. Alex Comfort wrote in 1972 that nearly every heterosexual couple “tries anal intercourse once, and some women find it gives them intenser feelings than the normal route.”[3] An enquiry among American students, performed in 1976 by Playboy, concluded that 20% of the males had tried it, 14% had liked it, and 41% would like to try it.[4]  

This situation we find along all peoples in all periods of history. The French novelist Peyrefitte writes how in India, for instance, a bride had to be deflowered by the deity in the temple of Siva. To effect this, a penis made of iron protruded from a wall. While priests prayed loudly, the girl first inserted this member into her mouth, then sat down upon it, so as to make it penetrate in her anal opening; finally she introduced it into her vagina, encouraged by the calls of her family and the bridegroom to suffer the pain. A woman had be deflowered behind as well as in front.[5]  

According to Haeberle,[6] anal intercourse is commonly so satisfactory to both parties in heterosexual relations that it is often recommended by therapists consulted for marital difficulties. Barrington’s findings,[7] from his homosexual research that only about 5% practiced it seems incredibly low. Hite[8] arrived at a very different estimate. Of the gay males she questioned, 76% did it or had tried it, 11% had never tried it but would have liked to try it, 3% had neither tried it nor wanted to try it, and 10% had tried it but hadn’t liked it. Considering the popularity of anal intercourse in heterosexual relations, it is hardly surprising that in societies where man-boy sex is considered normal and is engaged in by most boys and men, it nearly always seems to be the preferred sexual technique. This was so among the ancient Greeks and Romans, among the Chinese, the Japanese and the Arabs, as well as some of the North American Indian tribes where the men also enjoyed using their women in this way.[9] “For North Africans and Southwest Asians it is self-evident that men like to sodomize all kinds of objects. It is understandable that men prefer boys over women.”[10] One of the words Arabs and Turks use for “boy” is the same word for “someone who gets fucked.”[11] The Albanian language even has a special affectionate word for a 10- to 16-year-old favourite with especially sensuous-looking buttocks, smooth and firm as an apple: buthmollak (i.e. “apple-arse”). (Personal communication)                                                                   

In the fantasy of militant feminists like Rush[12] all pedophilia is directed toward achieving penetration: the huge phallus shoved into an all-too-small orifice in the child’s body. In a national population survey carried out in 1984 by the Canadian government, 2.1% of all males reported they had been subjected before the age of 16 to actual or attempted penetration by a penis, a finger, or other object.[13] In Carpentier’s investigation[14] a minority of 42% of the men said they were attracted to anal intercourse. It would be interesting to know how many of them would have agreed with the Renaissance humorist Beccadelli who said in his Hermaphroditus,[15] “The man who has just once made a boy bend over will never afterwards be able to abstain.”

The Hite report[16] reveals that the experience of anal intercourse comes, on average, much later than the experience of fellatio. Table 13 shows, for all males who had had experience with both techniques, the percentage of them who by the ages listed had experienced fellatio and anal intercourse.

Table 13

Cumulative percentages of boys who had had experience with fellatio and anal intercourse.[17]

   At age



Anal intercourse


The Hite Report

In the present day of the AIDS epidemic, it is generally recognized that anal intercourse, especially in the insertee role, is the most risky sexual activity of all. The danger, as we all know, can be greatly reduced by the cautious use of condoms, especially condoms of the more resistant type specially made for anal intercourse, where the penis has to be forced through an opening much tighter than most female vaginas. Unless one is absolutely sure that he or his partner is not a carrier of the virus, it is foolish, if not irresponsible, not to use a condom in this kind of sex. In 1987 the Danish government organized the distribution of condoms to schoolboys from 12 years of age on up in order to make them aware of, and protect them from, this disease (Parool 18.4.87).[18]

There is no doubt that, until an effective means of dealing with AIDS is developed, it would be best to avoid this form of intercourse completely, but experience shows that there is no great willingness to wholly abandon an activity which to many is most important and offers them very special sexual pleasures. There are, moreover, psychological aspects of anal intercourse which give special insight into sexuality. Thus we will proceed with a more thorough discussion of the practice.   

American hobos (vagabonds) often seduced 10- to 15-year-old boys into accompanying them on their wanderings. This softened the hobos’ loneliness, and the boys often served as substitutes for the nearly unobtainable woman by allowing interfemoral and anal intercourse to be performed on them.

531: Josiah Flynt, sharing his life with the hobos, told how one day he was in Pennsylvania travelling with eight other tramps “in a freight-car attached to a slowly moving train. A colored boy succeeded in scrambling into the car, and when the train was well under way again he was tripped up and ‘seduced’ (to use the hobo euphemism) by each of the tramps. He made almost no resistance, and joked and laughed about the business as if he had expected it. This, indeed, I find to be the general feeling among the boys when they have been thoroughly initiated. At first they do not submit and are inclined to run away or fight, but the men fondle and pet them, and after awhile they do not seem to care. Some of them have told me that they get as much pleasure out of the affair as the jocker does. Even little fellows under 10 have told me this, and I have known them to willfully tempt their jockers to intercourse. What the pleasure consists in I cannot say. The youngsters themselves describe it as a delightful tickling sensation in the parts involved.”[19] 

These experienced boys knew better than Josiah Flynt that the anus is a sexual organ. Just like the penis, which serves the double purpose of excreting urine and connecting bodies in sexual intercourse, the anus has the double function of eliminating faeces and joining people in sex. As with the entrance to the female vagina and the surface of the male penis, nature has richly endowed the anus with nerves which, if stimulated, produce sexual lust and pleasure. “Anal erotic reactions are very simple, common to all mammals throughout history, zoologically obvious and just as much a part of any human being’s reactions, and as involuntary as breathing or waste disposal.”[20]

When Kinsey[21] wrote, “As many as half or more of the population may find some degree of erotic satisfaction in anal stimulation,” we must keep in mind that the population he refers to is that of America, one impregnated with the strongest taboos against anal intercourse. There must have been a large percentage of people who dared not admit, even to themselves, that anal titillation could produce “some degree of erotic satisfaction”. Nevertheless Kinsey went on to say, “There are some females and males who may be as aroused erotically by anal stimulation as they are by stimulation of the genitals, or who may be more intensely aroused.”

“The anus is an erogenous zone for many people. Goligher (1980) claims that the ‘anal skin is one of the most erotic areas of the body.’ The anus and perianal area are richly supplied with nerves and tactile sensors, and many of these nerves and some of the muscles are shared directly with the genitals.”[22] In sucking a boy’s penis, many boy-lovers titillate the boy’s anus with their fingers. Moving the finger around the area, inserting it into the opening, they produce intense pleasure in their partners. Many go no farther than this,[23] but others use manual anal stimulation to make their boys long for anal intercourse, and to prepare them for it.  

Stimulation of the anal opening causes spontaneous contraction of the sphincter muscle. “Reactions of the muscles which normally keep the anus closed may be erotically stimulating.”[24] “Contractions of the anal sphincter (...) may bring contractions of the muscles that extend into the genitals and produce erection in the male...”[25] or increase feelings of lust. “Many males are quickly brought to erection when a pressure is applied on the perineal surface at a point which is about midway between the anus and the scrotum. (...) Deep penetration of the rectum may stimulate the same perineal nerves, and prove to be similarly erotic.”[26]

The sphincter is very much involved in the penetration and thrusting of the partner’s penis, and in addition another erogenous zone, the inner thighs, is rubbed by the thighs of the inserter. 

The rectum itself is elastic and extensible, but it is only sparsely supplied with nerves.[27] In erotic literature the passive partner is often made to say something like, “I felt his sperm erupt high up inside me like a hot flood.” This is unrealistic nonsense. First of all, the semen, having the same body-temperature as the penis and rectum, is never “hot”. Secondly, it is impossible for the rectum to feel what is happening above the anal area.                                                             

Stimulation of the interior of the rectum, however, “may also exert pressure upon the perineal nerve masses and it is known that this may bring specifically sexual responses with orgasm. This is frequently realized by persons who have been the recipients in anal intercourse.”[28]

Male anatomy around the prostate

Other things happen inside the body. During medical examinations it is possible, through the thin wall of the rectum, to touch and massage - by means of a finger introduced into the anus - the prostate. This gland wraps around the neck of the bladder and produces nearly all of the fluid in semen. During orgasm it is spasmodically compressed. It is probably the spurting of prostate liquid into the urethra which unleashes the sexual climax. During anal intercourse the tip of the inserted penis may press against and rub (through the thin rectal wall) the prostate of the insertee, but normally this does not happen. The prostate is located about two inches from the anal opening, so, in order to stimulate it, the penis, once inside the canal, should be pressed against the anterior wall of the anus and down slightly; continued concentration of stimulation there may bring on orgasm.[29] If the inserter wishes to evoke his partner’s orgasm this way, he “must feel specifically for the prostate and ask the insertee for guidance, watching for signs or reactions.”[30]

Pressure on the prostate may even bring on spontaneous orgasm. I have seen a home-made film in which a boy, shortly after being penetrated by a man, emitted quite a large quantity of white fluid, not in the usual ejaculatory spurts of orgasm but in a continuous flow from his flaccid penis. Nørretranders[31] mentions this “pure prostatic orgasm” without stimulation of the penis and calls it “a very strong sensation.”

Hite’s subjects told her “that an orgasm from prostate massage is quite different in feeling from an orgasm caused by stimulation of the penis; prostate orgasms are described as being ‘deeper’ and ‘more generalized’.”[32] One said, “The feeling on my prostate makes me feel like I am about to come for the longest period of time – after a while it is too intense and I can’t stand it any longer.”[33]

Stimulation of the prostate (centre)

In the Indian Shiva cult, orgasm by massaging the prostate is intentionally induced.[34] Larkin, an American devotee who extensively tested it, affirms that “it is the vigorous massage of the prostate gland in males which triggers the incredible intensity of the orgasm.”[35] Bisexual men, having intercourse with both sexes, have been known to give up women after discovering that rubbing their penises in the vagina can never elicit the orgasmic intensity of manually rubbing their penises accompanied by prostate massage during anal intercourse.[36]

532: Karl-Heinz (13) had a secret club with his school mates. “We took pieces of flexible electric cable, and entwined them with odd ends of fabric until they were about seven centimeters thick, pulled a condom over them and lubricated them well. The smallest measured 17 to 18 centimeters, the longest nearly 25. Then our leader made us perform group sex in front of the big mirror near the entrance of our cabin. Each of us in turn was held firmly by two others, had to bend over, and then the artificial cock was pushed into his arse, where it was slowly moved in and out. Many of us climaxed under this treatment alone, but most of the boys had to be assisted by someone rubbing their cocks.”[37]

Rossman[38] believes “that at least 30% of pubescent males are highly sensitive anally, although this capacity for pleasure begins to fade in mid-adolescence.” Leo, a subject in my own research (see examples 2, 130 & 480[39]), when questioned at 15 what kind of sexual technique he liked best, replied “to be fucked by a slightly older boy.” When asked the same question at age 17 he answered, “to fuck a boy my own age.”

The effect of prostate massage is reinforced by the general erotic sensibility of the anal opening. Thus, even without their penises being stroked, a number of boys can climax simply from the motion of a penis within them. “When he moves,” a subject of Hite[40] said, “the massaging action sends a radiant pulsating warmth throughout my body, which I find very exciting.”

533: Sandfort’s subject Mark (35) said about Gerrit (15): “He loves to be fucked in the usual way. (...) If you’re fucking him he climaxes without you jerking him off. It’s quite amazing. I thought this was something you only read about in sex books, but with him it realty happens!”[41]

534: “My fourteen-year-old Arabian friend Ahmed is completely ‘normal’, i.e. he likes girls. We once had three-way sex with a girl, and he gave a plucky performance. But he also likes anal intercourse. I never openly demand it of him, but sometimes he’ll come to my home saying, ‘I want to jerk off’. He then strips naked, lies down on my bed and plays with his cock – after inserting a vibrator up his behind. He’ll be lying on his side, and then I’ll strip, lie down behind him, pull out the vibrator and replace it with my cock. Ahmed’s reaction is immediate. All I have to do is made a few thrusts, without me even touching his penis, and he’ll be spurting his sperm. Alas for me, it is then completely over for him: he doesn’t like me to continue fucking him to achieve my own climax. So I have to break things off; my chief pleasure is in Ahmed’s pleasure.” (Personal communication)

Ernesto directed by Samperi, 1979

535: Seventy-year-old Italian author Umberto Saba may have made use of some personal recollection in his fine tale about what happened between his 16-year-old hero Ernesto and a docker. The man had talked with the boy about sex, admitting he would like to use the boy’s behind. Irresistible curiosity drove the boy to come back the following day.

     “ ‘You still remember what I wanted to do to you?’

     “ ‘You want to put it up my arse,” Ernesto said with calm innocence.’ (...) That was the boy’s way: he liked to come right out with what he was thinking. (...) He wanted to please his friend, give him a good time, and experience, himself, a new sensation which he desired simply because it was unknown and unusual. But he was also afraid of being hurt. For the moment he didn’t care about anything else.

      “ ‘Does it really feel good?’

      “ ‘It’s the nicest thing in the whole world.’

      “ ‘For you, maybe, but for me...?

      “ ‘For you. Too. You’ve never done it with a man before?’

      “ ‘Never. Have you done it to other boys?’

      “ ‘Many. But none of them were as handsome as you.’ (...)

      “ ‘What did they say?’

      “ ‘Nothing. They didn’t say anything. They were happy. Some of them even asked me to do it.’ (...)

      “ ‘Show it to me. (...) Can I pull it out? (...)  It’s big,’ he said, partly afraid, partly amused. ‘It’s twice as big as mine.’ ”

      As Ernesto is afraid, the man promises to stop right away if the boy asks him to. They both undress, and Ernesto bends over a pile of sacks.

Ernesto deflowered

      Ernesto “got a curious sensation of something warm (at first rather pleasant) as the man found the right spot and united their bodies. Neither of them said a word, until, just before he climaxed, the man sighed, ‘Like an angel!’ and the boy muttered an ‘Ow!’ when he felt the thrusting grow too fierce. But the man kept his promise: he didn’t really hurt him; he’d taken pains not to. It all happened very simply, and it was all over much sooner than Ernesto imagined it would be. He wanted to stand up, but the man urged him not to just yet. ‘Now what?’ he thought, but relaxed when he saw the man pulling out a handkerchief: he simply wanted to wipe him off. Consideration, or to remove the traces. (...)

     “ ‘You were fine as fresh head,’ the man said.

     “ ‘Did you enjoy it’!’ he asked.

     “ ‘It was paradise. But, admit it, you enjoyed it, too.’

     “ ‘Not very much. At first a little, but afterwards it hurt some. I even cried out (...)’

     “ ‘We enjoyed it together,’ the man said.

     “ ‘How do you know?’

     “ ‘I felt it when you came. That’s something you can always feel. And look...’

     “ ‘Where?’ Ernesto asked, upset. The man pointed to a stain left behind on the flour-sack (...) over which he had bent. Ernesto examined it, and was convinced.”[42]

Tony Duvert (centre)

536: Duvert[43] had a similar experience with a handsome 14-year-old. “At first he doesn’t want to be fucked, but my friendly encouragement makes him turn upon his side and I try to penetrate his arse. He doesn’t squeeze. I push with soft insistence. I feel him giving in, relaxing, making himself hollow, and I pass through to the other side of his muscle. But right away he asks me to stop and breaks free. He has spurted onto the sheet. He hasn’t masturbated: it has come spontaneously. (...) At the very moment my cock penetrated him his sperm shot out. He was so sure about his abhorrence of abandoning himself. Now he is embarrassed about the pleasure he felt. He wants immediately to get into his clothes.                                                              

The pleasure of feeling something moving inside the anus is such a common experience that many boys and men, lacking a male partner, insert candles, vibrators or dildos into their anuses while masturbating. 49.5% of Barrington’s subjects[44] did so.

537: I am a boy of thirteen and have enjoyed sex with myself from about the age of nine or ten (...) which I do until this day - at least twice a day. (...) One of my fantasies takes place when I insert tampons in my anus, while I masturbate. I imagine one of my friends really giving it to me good up the ass. I’m not a homosexual, but I would love to really make it in every way possible with a couple of my friends. (...) Sex is on my mind constantly, but I’m still a virgin – not for long, I hope.”[45]   

So the man who wrote the graffito in a public toilet[46] may not have been making his tale up: “I’m a truck-driver of 30. One night I took a boy of 14-15 who was hanging around the square. I brought him here and filled his arse. He liked it.” For most males, however, the anal stimulation alone is not enough to bring on orgasm in the insertee, and some manipulation of his penis is necessary.

538: In Roy, Peyrefitte’s novel about a boy from a well-to-do family seduced by the Los Angeles Commissioner of Police, the man says to Roy, “Don’t be surprised at what will happen to you now. I’ll penetrate you as gently as possible, so as not to hurt you. This muscle that I’m now touching with my fingers and which makes you tremble with desire, is very elastic. Relax, don’t squeeze, and I’ll possess you, just as one does a woman.” Roy obeys, and the penis, “big as a horse’s”, goes in half way without causing too much pain. Instinctively, now, he tightens his muscle, which brings on the man’s emission. The man then rapidly moves his hand over Roy’s penis, bringing relief. “Was it good?” the police chief asks, kissing the little hairs on the boy’s neck and his right cheek which was turned toward him. “Yes,” Roy says, his eyes half shut as his pleasure subsides. “It seems you are made for this,” the police chief says a little later. “It’s wonderful the way you opened yourself up. You’re a real find.” Roy was pleased again by the affectionate care with which the police chief wiped him dry. Behind and in front, washed him and dried him off again.[47]

Besuche in Sackgassen by Peter Schult

539: A handsome schoolboy visited Peter Schult. One day Peter said to him, “I’m gay.” The boy was surprised, but nevertheless came back again. “Actually the anti-homosexual prejudices are far less prevalent in 13- to 16-year-old boys than is commonly supposed. (...) P. was one of those boys, who, once his initial inhibitions are conquered, simply explodes in bed. (...) At first he balked at allowing me anal intercourse, but very quickly he came to like it. I not only sensed this; he told me so himself. He would hardly be inside my house before he was lying beside me on the mattress waiting for the love-play to begin. It always had to end up with me fucking him from behind – and while this was going on he wasn’t just lying there passively: he participated, by moving his buttocks back and forth, pressing himself back against my cock when I thrust forwards, and audibly moaning. And I always jerked him off at the same time. This is a question of sensibility. I have known many gay people who are only after a good fuck and forget that the boy, too, wants to come. For this kind of gay the other person is just a sexual object, not a partner. With P. I could immediately tell when he was about to climax, for he would wiggle back, practically on top of me, in order to engulf my cock as deeply as he could. And God help me if, in the heat of our struggle, it happened to slip out! He’d then grab it with his hand to put it back in his hole as quickly as he could. Sometimes my cock wasn’t stiff enough. P. noted this right away; he’d turn around and help matters with his mouth. And that usually worked: sucking zealously, and with the help of the tip of his tongue, the required rigidity would almost always be re-established.”[48]

If the Greeks wouldn’t manipulate the penis of a free-born “respectable” boy while making love, this certainly wasn’t the case when they had contacts with hustlers:[49] in anal intercourse they sought a heightening of their own pleasure by bringing on the involuntary contractions of the boy’s sphincter accompanying his orgasm.[50]


Schult[51] described the whole process in a poem which starts with hand and mouth foreplay, then continues:

So, are you willing? That’s the main thing!
Then turn around. I like to see your back,
but I like to see your sweet bottom even more.
Don’t jump: the pain will ease;
It’s only at first. Once inside
You won’t feel my hardness any longer.
You see? It’s going better now...
Yes, that’s wonderful, that little twist.
Swivel with your hips, thrust your behind...
Oh, if you knew how this adds to my lust!
Now it’s turning you on, too. I hear you moaning.
Pain can also be lust. I see yours is hard...
Wait, I’ll help you... or do you want to do that yourself?
As you wish: I’ll do it gladly.
You’ll let me? Can I put it in deeper?
Well, lie half on me
So with my right hand I can better
Take your cock and fondle it,
And you’ll quickly give up your load.
Now, raise your leg, let me slide in deeper
To bathe you inside with my sperm,
To bless you, to baptize you. Do you feel the pressure?
Don’t moan that way: you’re driving me mad.
I’m nearly worn out, my little Ganymede.
You’ve wet my fingers, I see.
You’re spouting – a boy’s fountain. It spurts
With jets which nearly reach your shoulders.
Wait, now, it’s my turn... just a little deeper...
And now it runs and runs and runs...

Pan Magazine XIII (Oct. 1982) p. 4

The inserter’s penis has its reward, too, for the pleasure it gives. As the insertee reaches climax, his anal sphincter contracts simultaneously with the muscles at the roots of the penis which cause ejaculation “and the anus may open and close in violent convulsion as an after-effect of orgasm. Most persons are unconscious of this anal action unless they have had anal intercourse.”[52] The pleasant sensation of the inserted penis being squeezed by the anal ring can sometimes also be induced by tickling the bare glans of the insertee: this can cause a series of spasmodic reflex contractions of the anal sphincter.

The way the anus clasps and squeezes his penis may strongly increase the inserter’s pleasure – or even bring on orgasm. Some “active” partners acquire, or improve with practice, the ability to climax simultaneously with their lovers.[53]

In any case, the inserter can control, to a certain extent, the level of lust in his partner by the manipulation of his partner’s penis.[54] When admonished that he could just as well take his anal pleasure with a girl, a famous French marshal cried scornfully, “A girl? It’s like chicken without the drumstick: there’s nothing to hold on to.”

In the event that the inserter cannot or doesn’t wish to masturbate the insertee, the latter often has to do this himself. In Masters & Johnson’s[55] laboratory observations, only two of his ten insertees attained orgasm, and both accomplished this by rubbing their own penises.

540: (Continued from [Brongersma’s quotation number] 434) Max, at age 16, said, “If I’m alone and jerking off, it always takes a long time before I come. When my friend fucks me and has penetrated me, I only have to move my hand once or twice and my sperm comes right out, because I’m so excited. Sometimes at home I shove some kind of cylinder up my arse and make believe it’s my friend’s cock.” (Personal communication) 

Anal intercourse demands a certain amount of skill on the part of both partners. One must be very experienced to be able to insert an unlubricated penis without causing pain. “The lubricant is best applied to the anus itself. This also offers the opportunity for a gentle massage of the anal sphincter or even the insertion of a finger. After this preparation, the penis can be inserted. The insertion itself should be very slow, and, once inside, the penis should not be moved for a while until the anal sphincter is completely relaxed. Then one or both partners can begin some cautious pelvic thrusting.”[56] 

“Though the external sphincter is maintained in a state of tonic contraction except during defecation, contraction and relaxation of the sphincter is under voluntary control.”[57] The insertee, therefore, must relax. If he contracts his muscles and lies down rigid, deathly afraid of what is happening to him, he will certainly experience pain. Sphincter relaxation can be practiced and learned.[58] The insertee acts as if he wished to defecate. It might take a boy some time to learn how to do this.

541:   “When I played hooky with some of the other boys we used to hide in cellars. (...) There we played with each other. One day older boys came in on us. I told one of them I would jerk him if he wouldn’t tell. From that we used to jerk them all. Then the older boys had relations with us between the legs and this went on to sodomy. Then we tried it on each other. (...) I was only twelve. I used to have a guy try it on me every day until he succeeded. I fell in love with this guy.”[59]

It is best to have the insertee guide the penis, help it find the opening and determine at what rate penetration proceeds. If there is pain, no movement should be made before the pain subsides, which, if force isn’t used, usually happens rather quickly. As soon as the ridge of the glans has passed the sphincter, the pain disappears. At that point one should pause for both partners to get used to the position. After this, the thrusting may start, but at first gently and cautiously.

542:   Jouhandeau described the process with his friend: “You feel the glans pressing against your lips, playing with them, teasing them open a bit. It tries to pass beyond them; passage is refused; it breaks through at last. You give a piercing scream. I am master of the fortress without having caused any real havoc. Then your pleasure begins. You’re feeling me; you’re feeling the serpent’s head swelling inside you, filling you out, and the rest slowly follows, taking a long time to introduce itself, slowly, going farther, so far you wonder how you can get so much of it inside you without bursting.”[60]

Pan Magazine XI (1982) 12

“Quick, powerful thrusts can more easily absorb the sensations of the insertee, and to such an extent that he may lose awareness of all else and can thus abandon himself to orgasm. With slow and tender intercourse it is much more difficult to attain this condition of ‘conscious unconsciousness’ (orgasm), but on the other hand it may lead to a really cosmic explosion at the end.”[61]

Thrusting in and out is the most stimulating motion for the inserter, while an additional lateral or rotary motion, as we saw described in the Siwa man/boy orgies, is often the most satisfying for the insertee, “because of the consistent, rather than intermittent, stimulation this kind of activity creates.”[62]

Allen Ginsberg[63] says in his poem Please master:

...please master shove it in me a little, a little, a little,
please master sink your droor thing down my behind
& please master make me wiggle my rear to eat up the prick trunk
till my asshalfs cuddle your thighs, my back bent over,
till I’m a line sticking out, your sword stuck throbbing in me
please master pull out and slowly roll into the bottom
please master lunge it again, and withdraw to the tip...

According to one contemporary popular book on the subject, clients of Japanese boy-brothels enjoy prolonging their couplings. After the man has inserted his penis into the boy, “much of the pleasure consists of lying absolutely still for long periods of time, only quivering or moving as little as possible. Penetration may, therefore, continue for hours---without climax but presumably with many near orgasms.” Following near-climax, this source continues, the man lies still again, spending much of his time sleeping or dozing. Even after a full climax is reached, the penis stays in the boy’s anus in anticipation of a new erection. The whole may well last for up to ten hours, and this technique is considered very restful. The man tells the boy this is what he wants to do by saying “I am going to seek my peace in your heaven.”[64]

The insertee is often described as the passive partner, but this isn’t always accurate, since he may be a very active participant. Much depends upon the position of the two bodies, but in any position he can use his anal sphincter to knead his partner’s penis with voluntary constrictions, squeezing it and then relaxing.  

If the insertee is lying on his side with his legs drawn up, the inserter positioned behind him, he can move his buttocks back and forth. With the inserter lying on his back and the insertee sitting astride him, impaling himself upon his partner’s penis, it is the insertee who has complete control of the rate of insertion, he who makes the major movements. In this position the partners can look at each other’s bodies and faces, although from the standpoint of touch, the contact is not as close and intimate as others. With the insertee lying on his back, his legs raised and resting on the shoulders of the inserter, there is much more body contact and the two lovers can even press their faces together and exchange kisses. The movements then will mainly be performed by the inserter, but the insertee may respond to thrusts with counterthrusts of his own.

In the Big Namba tribe mentioned in Chapter Two, it is thought that the nilagh sen’s intercourse with the boy to whom he is married should be different from intercourse with his wife. Thus it is performed standing.[65] The same is told about ancient Greek boy-love, but there are vase paintings showing other positions.[66] Standing upright or bending over, the boy was able to swing his hips and to rotate his buttocks, a movement the Greeks thought especially sensuous – in fact so much so that their language had quite a few expressions for it: a boy skilled in this trick was called “proktosophos”, or wise with his arse (Borneman 1978, 73).[67]   

Movement on the part of the insertee is almost impossible if he is lying on his stomach with the inserter stretched out on top of him. But even here one variation has been discovered:

Naples, 1944 by Wayne Miller

543:  During World War Two an American soldier in his fifties, married and father of three children, visited a boys’ brothel in Naples. He spent a night with an 11-year-old who had lost both of his parents in the bombing. At first the American thought the boy was too small anal intercourse, but the child showed he was disappointed by this reluctance for and the man decided to go ahead and do just what the boy instructed him to do. The boy lay down on the bed on his stomach and told the man to drop to his knees and bend over him, leaving a space between their two bodies. “As soon as my glans penetrated him, he began to work with his hips. Pressing himself upwards, until my penis entered him up to the root, he then sank down again, until only my glans was still inside him. His sphincter then worked violently, sort of sucking the glans. After this he returned, going to whole way, making my member disappear completely into his bottom. To me it seemed a mouth was working on it, but a tight-fitting, hot mouth. He was an expert in this movement of his abdomen. What this child knew to do at eleven many adults wouldn’t succeed in doing. Finally I got a violent orgasm. Mentally and physically I felt shattered. I laid stretched upon him, heavily, embracing him firmly, moaning, kissing his shoulders and his neck. He seemed delighted by my attention. When I had withdrawn my member from his body, I saw his little penis, erected. It was hard and throbbed visibly with the beating of his heart.” The American satisfied the boy with his mouth and then said good-bye. The boy wept and wanted to stay with him. (Personal communication)[68]

The most usual position is for the insertee to kneel, bend over and support his body with his arms, while the inserter kneels between the insertee’s legs, keeping his body upright or lying forward over his partner’s back. This has the advantage that the inserter is free to rub his partner’s penis. As we have seen before, “Many men enjoy being masturbated by their partner while they have his penis in their rectum. He, in turn, may be glad to oblige because he knows that the anal sphincter will contract during orgasm and thus provide additional stimulation for his penis.”[69]

If the insertee is sitting astride the inserter, and his penis is long enough, the inserter may simultaneously suck his partner’s penis, and so they can attain a kind of circular exchange of semen, emitting and receiving it, just as in the oral “69” position.[70]


According to a French investigation, 34% of gay men enjoyed both active and passive anal intercourse; 21% wanted to be inserters exclusively, and 15% exclusively insertees.[71] Among Belgian boy-lovers, with 42% practicing anal intercourse, 4.5% limited themselves to penetrating the boy, while another 4.5% wanted only to be penetrated by their boy-friends.[72] Contrary to public opinion, such preferences have nothing to do with being or not being “macho”, or “virile”. “Certainly, in clinical experience one finds men of indisputably masculine physique and attitudes who derive immense erotic satisfaction from the experience of penetration per anum.”[73]

544:   A 24-year-old subject of Gauthier[74] said, “At first I tried to penetrate men, but I couldn’t enjoy it. I ejaculated without sensation of lust. Being penetrated myself, however, I felt pleasure and no pain. Very soon I got used to being taken without preliminaries, without lubricating creams, without spittle. It is not that my opening is so large. Even if it hurt, I just cried out and that was all. Once it was inside, it didn’t hurt anymore.”

Pan Magazine XI (1982) 32

When very small boys begin playing sex games, they often try to carry out anal penetrations. Frequently they lose their erections during the attempt and insertion becomes impossible. Age mates “usually require a mutual role exchange as an agreement. (...) This need for mutuality in the homosexual interaction has been observed in four-year-old boys.” But as soon as there is an age difference between the two partners, “probably in all cultures the older boys mount the younger ones, and the younger seems to accept this passive role pattern. (...) Interviews with men and boys having sexual relations show that boys between 10 and 16 very often prefer the presenting (passive) role, and this preference does not seem to be related to the requirement of such a role by the adult man.”[75] Duvert[76] even regrets that “a terrifyingly large number of boys want the passive role, and that exclusively.” Peter Schult’s experience[77] is somewhat different: “I often find that boys, though strongly aroused during anal intercourse, don’t like to admit it. This is caused not by the anal intercourse itself but by our morality which defines such activities as abnormal, perverse and criminal. What boy wants to be ‘abnormal’? There are enough boys, however, who have been honest enough to admit to me their enjoyment, especially those less infected by our morality, thus mostly youngsters from the proletarian classes and minority groups.”    

In this connection it is interesting to note the experience of one French gay male during 3-way anal sex where the man in the middle penetrates and is penetrated at the same time. He found it impossible in this position to participate in both activities simultaneously without feeling “dissolved”. For the most part he concentrated less upon what he did than upon what was done to him.[78] 

In “classic” Greek, Roman, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabian boy-love, as well as in contacts within primitive cultures, the boy traditionally serves as insertee. It was said about the poet Abu Nuwas that, of course, in his boyhood he used his beauty to earn money serving men while, as an adult, it was his turn to pursue boys.[79] From him we have the lines, “A lover is not healed from his love by embracing and kissing; his only cure is intercourse”, and “It is nonsense to sleep with the beardless unless the arrows are put in their quiver.”[80] It was not becoming for the man to be the insertee: it was even scandalous. Martial scoffs in his epigram (III, 71):      

         If the boy’s cock hurts him, and your arse is sore...
         I’m no seer, Naevolus, but now I know what you’ve been up to.

It’s a quite different situation, however, in man/boy relationships where the partners are equal and everything is permitted that both of them enjoy. There are, then, no fixed rules. According to Thorstad, in contemporary Western boy-love, it is even more common that “the boy fucks the man (...) than the man fucking the boy.”[81]  

One of Henry’s subjects who had experience as a hobo (see also Example 531) said that in these relationships very often it is the old man who gets his pleasure “being buggered” by his young companion.[82] Two other cases from the same investigation:

545:  “Early in the evening I was picked up in the subway by a man about thirty-five. I was then fifteen. He took me to his apartment and we went to bed. (...) He was a very masculine looking man. I saw him a few times in the next couple of years. Sex consisted mostly of rubbing my penis against the stomach of this man until I had an orgasm. I practiced sodomy on him and there was also mutual fellatio. I took the initiative as much as he.”[83]  

“I was still only fifteen years old but I got a job as a cabin boy on a yacht going up and down the coast. Before long one of the deckhands put his arms around me and another got hold of me. They wanted to perform sodomy on me. I fought and the mate put a stop to it. When it was over I went back to the mate’s cabin. He asked me if I would like to see a woman. He got out the old Vaseline jug and I performed sodomy on him. This was repeated every other night. Suddenly I got a raise in wages. (...) He never did anything to me. (...) He would have an erection and an emission.”[84]

Pan Magazine XI (1982) 8

546:  An American related: “When I was in junior high school, some of the older boys would goose me and play with my ass in a teasing way and I found that extremely erotic, and when I masturbated I fancied being AIed. I’m sure that those fantasies, in which I greatly enjoyed the AI, paved the way for my persuading myself to sometime let someone do it. That sometime came sooner than I expected, and that first time though painful was extremely exciting and erotic, and so from then on my masturbatory fancies were full of spankings and AI. (...) There is nothing still that I enjoy as much as being AIed by a very young boy, especially if he greatly enjoys it, with musical sighs and ecstatic groans when he comes. Also, of course, there isn’t ever any pain with a very young boy, and he can usually bounce in with spit, without any lubricant even, with no problem at all. However, there were a few occasions when I took on someone that was too huge and too rough, and I had some rather serious after-effects (although I must say that the roughest so greatly enjoyed it that I found it magnificently exciting). And the after-effects, painful for days, were extremely erotic, indeed the mild pain as I moved and sat, reminded me continually of the excitement of the act, and the pain during bowel-movements was intensely erotic.” (Boy-Love Newsletter, Nov 8, 1971)

It is not unusual for the two partners to want to take turns, just as boys will do with their peers. In the orgies at the Siwa oasis (see page 40 ff Vol. 1) the boys are alternatively passive and active, and, in non-orgy times, the boy is the active one “in many but not the majority of instances. (...) They call it ed dudah, ‘the worm’, because it feels like a worm in the rectum.” (Schieffelin, quoted by Bauserman 1986, 76).[85] In the “Arabian Nights’ Entertainments”, Abu Nuwas proposes to three boys, offering them wine and meat:         

              Then eat of these and drink of those old wines that bring you jollity:
              And have each other, turn by turn, shampooing this my tool you see.

Burton, the translator,[86] notes, “It refers to what Persian boys call, in half-Turkish phrase, Alish Takish, each acting woman after he has acted man.”

547   Interesting in this connection is a case history cited by Henry.[87] Victor (23) said, “When I was fourteen I had an affair with a garage employee whom I admired, a strong, well-built man, six feet tall and twenty-one years old. He performed sodomy on me. He more or less forced me into it. I thought it was terrible at first but afterwards it was all right. After that I went with another man of twenty-seven for about a month and then I decided I wouldn’t do it anymore. (...) At sixteen I met another masculine boy of twenty-one. We became very good friends and one night we slept together. I pretended I was asleep and he performed sodomy on me. I didn’t care for it as I was interested in kissing and embracing. After an affair of three or four months I started doing it to him. Then he got married and I didn’t see him for quite a while, not until a Thanksgiving party. He was dressed in women’s clothes and he asked me downstairs and forced me to do it. I said I wouldn’t let him unless he let me do it first. (...) For three or four months nothing happened until I met a large and strong Swedish fisherman at Coney Island. He was twenty-eight years old and had had experience. He took me to his home and performed sodomy on me. I asked him to do it and I paid the bills.”

Since it takes some skill on the part of the inserter to penetrate his partner without hurting him, it is much better if he himself has been penetrated and so can know what his partner is feeling. Strato likened the act to wrestling (“Bend your opponent, take aim, push, thrust it in, hold him tight!”), during which the trainer calls out to his pupil:[88]                               

                                    Move, now still yourself, my Kyris,
                                    And bear my breaking in.
                                    Before you try to do it yourself,
                                    Have it first done to you!

“You do it, and have it done to you, in very different ways, depending upon how familiar or unfamiliar you are with the other role, and like or dislike it. If you have experienced it both ways, the act gives pleasure to two equals; it’s not a scene with people playing roles rigidly assigned beforehand. I would thus advise ‘macho’ men to allow themselves to be vigorously thrust into: nothing is more productive of the spirit of equality than habitual give and take.”[89] 

It was just this possibility of alternating roles in intercourse that made Paul Verlaine think homosexual love, tender and raging, preferable to its trite heterosexual counterpart:

                              To comply with their desire, each of them, in turn,
                              Performs the most sublime act, raised to perfect ecstasy.
                              Now it is the hand, now the mouth, now the vessel,
                              Dizzy as the night, glowing like the day.
                              Their tangling is great and merry. No cries,
                              No faintings, no nervousness: rather dare-devil play. And, after,
                              Happy, tired arms embracing necks, to sleep,
                              The two together, less pining than closely linked,
                              Their sleep only broken off to play anew.

Patzer[90] claims that in ancient Greek boy-love anal penetration was strictly prohibited; it was only done to prostitutes. He offers no proof of this, and his opinion is contrary to what is generally believed. It is true that in many of the vase paintings genital contact never gets beyond copulating between the thighs, but Ungaretti[91] reasonably suggests that this could depict foreplay rather than consummation. In Sparta it was said “that virgins there were used in the same manner as boys.”[92] In one group of vases depicting sexual acts between contemporaries, anal intercourse is clearly taking place.[93]    

Greek and Roman authors themselves often differed about what the boy felt while serving as insertee. According to Dover[94] the conventional Greek answer was that the boy derived no physical pleasure from the act at all. Vase paintings not unusually show boys apparently uninterested or bored when approached by an adult lover.[95] And Xenophon, indeed, stated pessimistically, “The boy does not share in the man’s pleasure, as a woman does; sober himself, he observes how the other is drunk with lust; small wonder, then, if he even begins to despise his lover.”[96] Lukianos actually denounces the practice in a plea against boy-love: he makes Charikles observe: “The lover thinks the boy affording him this delight is enjoying himself, but really that boy experiences only stinging pain and tears, and when he finally accommodates to it and the pain subsides it is still only disagreeable and he finds no pleasure in it.”[97] The Greeks used to say that the boy was rendering a service to the man, was serving him as a subordinate.[98] To Plato, intercourse, for the boy, was a sacrifice he made.[99] In Rome, Ovid expressed similar thoughts in his The Art of Love:

                            I hate a union that exhausts not both.
                            To fondle boys ‘t is this that makes me loth.

(II 683-684, transl. B. P. Moore)

It was thus supposed that the boy ought to be recompensed. Gundela Koch-Harnack made a study of the animals traditionally presented by men as gifts to boys they courted.[100] Birds were often given, and in Aristophanes’ comedy the chorus of birds sings, “Many an attractive boy, refusing coldly, has, at the approach of the frontiers of youth, been won for loving by our power.” (The Birds I 701-702) 

Munich Staatliche Antikensammlungen Men courting a youth Attic ca 540 dtl
A  "man tickling the penis of a boy with one hand and caressing the boy’s chin with the other". Attic, ca. 540 BC

But there is contrary evidence as well. We have already referred to Aristotle’s fear that boys could be turned into homophiles through the pleasure they experienced during intercourse with men.[101] Moreover, men often fondled the boys’ penises during the act, and this certainly was stimulating to the boys. In quite a number of vase paintings we can see the man tickling the penis of a boy with one hand and caressing the boy’s chin with the other: this was a traditional expression of love; it was an invitation, and also a prelude to intercourse. The ability to fondle the young partner’s genitals as he was anally penetrated was, as we have already seen, considered an advantage boys had as lovers over girls.[102] Strato said bluntly that the girl’s vagina had no sphincter muscle with which to clasp your penis, and if you took her from behind she had nothing in front to take hold of (Anthologia XII, 7). Hupperts[103], moreover, points out that there are several vase paintings of boys showing by their erections the pleasure they feel at being fondled by men who were evidently intent upon arousing them.  

But the most eloquent testimony comes from Roman literature, Petronius’ Satiricon (LXXXV-LXXXVII). The hero of this fragmentary comic epic written during the reign of Nero, meets an old “hypocrite” who tells him this amusing story:

548:  During a tour of duty in Asia I made together with a quaestor, I was welcomed with much hospitality in Pergamon. I felt very happy there, not only for the beautiful lodging, but also for the presence of the extraordinarily handsome son of my host. I pondered how I could start an affair with him, without making his father suspicious. So, when during dinner the conversation turned to boy-love, I blushed deeply and by my severe countenance I made it clear that such obscene talk offended my ears. The mother especially considered me then to be a very virtuous philosopher. Soon I was allowed to accompany the boy to the gymnasium and to supervise his homework. Shortly afterwards I started to instruct and educate him myself, so as to prevent anyone wanting to court him from entering the house. Arrived a festal day when there were no lessons. We were both lying in the dining-hall. It had been a jolly evening, and we were too lazy to get up. At midnight I perceived that the boy was still awake. Softly and shyly I addressed the goddess of love with my vow: “Almighty Venus, if you permit me to kiss this boy without him becoming aware of it, I’ll give him tomorrow a pair of pigeons.”

As the boy heard what I was willing to pay for my pleasure, he immediately began to snore loudly. I went to the little hypocrite and gave him a few kisses. Satisfied with this start, I got up early in the morning and bought a pair of nice pigeons. I brought them to him, who sat already waiting for the fulfilment of my promise.  

The next night the opportunity was favourable again, but this time I advanced a little more: “If I may touch him with an enterprising hand without him perceiving it, I’ll grant him for his tolerance two pugnacious game-cocks.”

At this promise the boy drew willingly nearer. I believe he was afraid I’d fall asleep again. I satisfied our desires, with my entire body snuggling against him, enjoying my lust, although avoiding the ultimate. As soon as daylight returned I bought him, who was highly pleased, what I had promised. Then there was the third night, anew a favourable occasion. I got up and whispered in his ear, while he was pretending to be asleep: “O gods immortal, if I can enjoy the complete, desired delight with this sleeping boy, I will give him tomorrow as a prize for my happiness a magnificent Macedonian riding horse, on condition, however, that he’ll not perceive it.”  

Petronius's Satyricon: frontispiece illustrated by Georges-Antoine Rochegrosse, 1910

There was never anybody so deeply asleep. First I felt his white, tender breast, then I kissed him on his mouth, and finally there was the happy fulfilment of all my desires. At day-break the boy kept sitting upon his bed, awaiting that I would accomplish my promise, as usual. Everybody knows that it is easier to procure pigeons and cocks than a horse. I was afraid, moreover, of provoking suspicion by such a very large gift. So I went out for a walk for some hours. When I returned, empty-handed I kissed him. He looked everywhere, embraced me and asked “Well, Sir, where is the horse?” (...)  

My bad faith had destroyed everything I had accomplished so far; nevertheless it was my most fervent wish to re-establish our former relationship. After a few days, good luck assisted me again. When I had ascertained that his father was sleeping soundly, I begged the boy to reconcile himself with me; that is, to allow me to satisfy him. I said all such things as are dictated by raving lust. But he was evidently still mad at me and his reply was: “If you don’t go to sleep I’ll tell my father everything!”

But in life nothing is unattainable. Impudence leads to victory. “I’ll call my father,” he threatened.     

Notwithstanding this, I threw myself upon him, and in spite of his feigned resistance I enjoyed my climax. The boy wasn’t without some pleasure at my insolence, and only complained lengthily about my deceiving him. He had boasted of my gift to his comrades, and now they were laughing at him and ridiculing him. “But I’m more generous than you. If you want, you can do it again.”  

So everything was pardoned and I was in favour anew. Tired after a repeated effort, I fell deeply asleep. But the boy wasn’t satisfied by only one repetition. He was in his bloom, at an age which pushes him toward passionate abandonment. He woke me up and asked, “Don’t you want to do it any more?”    

His willingness was not entirely unwelcome to me. Panting and moaning, I achieved what he wanted and, exhausted from lust, I fell asleep again. Within an hour, however, he was pinching me awake again, “Why don’t we do it another time?” Furious at this continued interference, I told him, in my turn, “Go to sleep – or I’ll tell your father everything!”

The division of opinion can be explained by ambivalence about being inserted. Greek boy-love was thought to help the beloved boy achieve virile adulthood, i.e., to make him more male. But on the other hand the position of insertee was despised and considered unmanly. Therefore one could not admit that the boy could really enjoy it;[104] the convenient fiction was invented that the boy only suffered what was done to him, deriving no pleasure from it, and this fiction was adhered to even in the face of contrary evidence.[105] Among Western boys of today it is much the same: they may like passive anal sex, but, as this is not approved of – is, in fact, considered “queer” – they deny they enjoy it, or pretend they do it only for the money they can earn.[106] We will come back to this point later in the present chapter. 

Of a similar origin is the claim some boys make that they were used while asleep without their knowledge or consent:

549:  Rafael tells: “At sixteen I practiced sodomy for the first time. I was with Boy Scouts in the country. One boy would pretend to be asleep and the others performed sodomy. I enjoyed it. This boy liked it that way. He pretended he was asleep as otherwise the boys would knock him in the head or pinch him. Only one of my brothers participated. He said it was all right to take the active role.”[107]

Of course this is just pretence. Abu Nuwas used to ply boys with wine in order to rape them when they were sleeping off their drunken state. And even then one victim woke up: “I went to him with my member straight, having my battering-ram prepared for its head-thrust. When I had sunk my dart inside him, he regained consciousness, like someone regaining consciousness after being wounded. I said to him ‘By your father, this thing won’t trouble you, and you have no need to revile me.’ He replied ‘You’ve won, you’re welcome to fuck me, but do it cautiously, and as generously as possible.’ And when I had laid my weight upon him, he seemed to be singing hymns of praise.”[108]

The anus is much more extensible than is commonly supposed. The British Wolfenden Committee, certainly not a public body bent on minimizing sexual problems, stated “that cases in which physical injury results from the act of buggery are very rare” even where the passive partner is young (1963, Sect. 85).[109] Helen Navin[110] described “handballing parties” in the USA, where 10 to 15 naked men come together and for five or six hours take turns inserting their fists and arms up to well past the elbow into each others’ anuses while the others look on. Since this demands a great deal of concentration, talking is prohibited. The insertee gets an erection and ultimately ejaculates. This practice is strenuous and risky (since the colon higher up is insensitive and wounding might not be noticed), but not necessarily painful. “Many participants claim that even those who have practiced handballing regularly for many years have had no lessening of anal muscle tone, or at least have not been troubled by incontinence.” Peter A. Larkin (“Purusha”) calls this “the most powerful and reliable ecstatic ritual of our time” and mentions “the incredible intensity of the orgasm” brought about by “the vigorous massage of the prostate gland.”[111] 

In the prudish nineteenth century the French physician Tardieu[112] put forward his theory of the “infundibulum”: with repeated insertion of a penis, the anus would become funnel-shaped, a smooth-funnel form replacing the original wrinkles. Thus inspection of the anus could establish whether someone had been subject to anal intercourse. (Tardieu was evidently a rather imaginative man: he claimed in addition that the inserter’s penis would be distorted through the act until it took on the shape of a dog’s.).[113] This, of course, was utter nonsense, since the anal tissues are quite elastic enough to rapidly resume their original form.[114] Perhaps this old wives’ tale has its origin in the poet Eubulos’ tale about the Greeks during the Trojan war. It was said that, in the absence of women, the soldiers had to use each other, and after ten years of siege they had “bottoms more gaping than the city’s gates”. (Anthropophyteia VII, 164) Anal funnelling may be nonsense, but for many decades it persisted in the scientific literature, and it has only recently, reluctantly and incompletely, been abandoned. There are still policemen, prosecutors and judges who believe it, or pretend to believe it in order to intimidate witnesses. Recently in England one Marietta Higgs, a physician at a hospital in Cleveland, caused great distress to children and parents by inspecting anuses, putting many children into foster homes and accusing their fathers of incest.

550 In one town, probably Marrakech, Duvert[115] got to know a boy he calls Francisco. He took the boy to his room. “I had reflected upon what I wanted from him and what he doubtless wanted from me. Thus I was prepared for him to penetrate me. But we had hardly begun to touch each other when Francisco, who was lying on his back, turned to press himself against me. He seized my cock, spat upon it, lubricated it and inserted it into himself. Or rather he engulfed it in one movement. Now, this candy-stick is rather big. It is not a banquet in itself, but neither is fashioned for Lent, and it isn’t often someone takes it into himself the way Francisco did, without strain or grimace. Yet his anus wasn’t stretched; he had a normal hole, very active, small, muscular, and he could open it at will. Later I discovered that the other boys here who have it done to them often have a similar control over their bodies. Instead of confronting the cock with a ring which has to be forcefully pierced, they spare themselves pain by opening the anus as though it were a mouth. I was surprised that I was almost completely unable to exercise a similar control over my own body.”

Once a boy become accustomed to it his anus will accommodate even frequent and vehement use. In the porno film Harem by Tony Dark (Cadinot Studio, Paris), we see a young Frenchman being fucked by a Tunisian, who repeatedly and roughly thrusts his rather large penis into the young actor’s anus, withdraws it all the way, and again thrusts it in all the way to the scrotum – all this apparently without hurting his partner. If we can believe a somewhat suspect source,[116] in Mediterranean and Near East brothels, the boys often satisfy up to ten clients a day without their anuses being hurt. Eglinton (Boy-Love Newsletter 22/11/71) cites the example of a certain “R” “who has been experimenting with anal intercourse from age 11 to 14, was so cautious in use of lubricant, choice of partners, etc., that despite a certain amount of concern on that score over the years he had no trace of muscle damage”, and also “Billy H.” “the Texas boy who from age 15 made it with an average of 100 sailors a month” and never had such trouble.

551   One of Léonetti’s subjects was a hustler who told him he satisfied an average of five or six clients a day. “There are also days when I do it with 12 or even 20. (...) The anus is a circular muscle, a muscle like any other that will be strengthened by being put to work. I don’t see why using your anus should harm your health. And I frequently go to a physician who gives me a thorough check. He hasn’t found any deformity.”[117]

Sestri levante by David Bueno de Mesquita, 1931

552   (Continued from 530)[118] Onno had a similar experience. “At tines Nick, who had his own social life, sent me to John for the weekend. The night before my departure Nick would satisfy himself thoroughly upon my body – needing an advance, as he put it. That meant he needed an orgasm Friday night and again on Saturday morning. Later that day I would take the train to John, and John would have intercourse with me that night. Early the next morning he let me go upstairs and get into bed with his young servant Dieter, who also penetrated me. And then that afternoon the three of us went to Rob, another of Nick’s friends. In the summer there were always a group of at least half a dozen gays on Rob’s sundeck, all naked, oiled, and randy. A long orgy ensued, Dieter and I, as the youngest, were both frequently fucked, with the others watching and waiting their turns. The next night I would again spend in John’s bed, and he would be active once more. Monday I would return to Amsterdam, taking the tram directly to the painter G., where I would pose nude for him, and waiting at the tram stop I would experience a curious ‘singing’ feeling in my arse, reminding me of all those hours of delight with all those men. Posing for G., I would be radiantly happy, playful, exuberant – and acting so sexily it would affect G., who would throw off his clothes and once again I would be fucked. At night, when Nick and I were naked together again, I had to tell him everything, all the details, and this would arouse him violently, make him brutally horny. In his frenzy he would fuck me without a lubricant, mercilessly. I wouldn’t have missed this experience for anything in the world. It was the period of my bloom, of perfect bliss.” (Personal communication)

Anal injury is only be to feared in instances of forceful rape or other brutal practices.

553  Lord Byron (1788-1824) said he had to consult a physician about the “overworked anal sphincter” of his beloved 15-year-old French-Greek friend Nicolò Giraud.[119]

554  Ellis[120] mentions the case of a 16-year-old American boy who used to let a large dog do it to him. One day something startled the dog and “in attempting to extricate his swollen penis from the boy’s rectum he tore through the sphincter and an inch into the gluteus muscles.”

Copulation between boys and dogs has been staged in brothels as a live show for clients. Guyotat[121] depicts such a scene down to the finest details and describes the boy’s mortal fear of being subjected to the dog’s salacity.    

It is often thought that a very large, especially a very thick penis is an obstacle to anal intercourse. Bowie[122] reproduces a humorous Japanese drawing depicting the plight of a man with an enormous erection. “He is unable to insert it into the fundament of the youth (kneeling in front of him) without causing serious damage.”

555  Jackson[123] reproduces a letter from a gay “lonely hearts” column (Dear Uncle Go) in a Thai newspaper: “When I was about fourteen I came to work in Bangkok. (...) My friend N and I used to share the same bed. One night I woke up because I felt someone holding my dragon. Uncle, would you believe I was fourteen and still hadn’t helped myself? N. came in the back gate. At first it hurt a lot but then I felt a strange sort of happiness. (...) A couple of weeks later the boss’s son, a year older than me, befriended me and asked me to sleep with him. Uncle, on the third night I got quite frightened because my back gate hurt a lot. I didn’t let him continue because his thing was too big. (...) Uncle, how could anyone take him when it was as big as a horse’s?”

556  Barrington tells the story of a 25-year-old postal officer: “I’m a fat 6½" erect, so I can’t fuck young guys,” while a brown-black Jamaican of 28 told him, “Even at 15 I had a huge cock; it’s 9" now. (...) Screwing is my main scene sex-wise, man. I first did it with a man at 17 and he had me too. Mostly it’s done to me, ’cos mine’s too big for most guys to take.” But a 26-year-old dramatist, on the other hand, said, “I tend to collect big cocks, anything up to 9½" I’ve taken happily. I love to be fucked by 6”-plus studs, all hard muscle and shiny black skin with cocks that are huge and never go soft no matter how long we screw.”[124]

The age of the boy-insertee (within reason) would seem to be no obstacle either. According to Aristophanes (Ecclesiazusae 112-113) the Greeks admired boys who sustained “vigorous thrusts” and said they made the best orators.[125]

Pan Magazine XVII (1983) 10

557  “When I was ten and eleven, a neighbor boy, five years older than I, would visit me and persuade me to have sex with him. Frequently he would penetrate me anally, which was painful at first but soon became surprisingly pleasurable and I found myself anxiously waiting for his next visit.”[126]

558  A French journalist who loved 11- and 12-year-old boys and for whom anal penetration was an essential element in his relationships with them, said, “My cock is very large, but I’ve never yet met a boy whose anus was too small to let me enter.” (Personal communication)

559 (Continued from 552) Among the many men with whom Onno had relationships, there were two with very large erections. One was the young man mentioned in Example 44 who made a living out of displaying his organ. The other, a dentist, used to tell him, “Now, just grin and bear it!” As an old man, Onno, upon seeing a photo of a teenager with a very large penis, wrote, “Looking at this enormous cock and remembering all the similar-sized cocks that have penetrated me---completely, right up to the balls---all I can think of is what wonderful times I have had!” (Personal communication)

In Chapter Four we mentioned “peg houses”, brothels in the Near East and Mediterranean countries where boys were prepared for their task by having wooden pegs inserted into their anuses. Gradually longer and thicker pegs were used, and so a boy could accommodate progressively larger members. Being accustomed to this stretching facilitated insertion without any pain or effort.[127] Japanese boy brothels where more sophisticated sex play was expected of the boys, often used another system of education. They employed experienced trainers who taught and exercised the novices for months until they were suitably prepared for their jobs.[128]

560  An American tourist met a 12-year-old boy at Amsterdam’s Central Station and took him to his hotel. The boy asked for 30 cents to go to a movie (this was 1971). “Hard as soon as clothes were off, but wouldn’t jerk me off or oral intercourse. (...) So I requested anal intercourse. (...) He had never been anally intercoursed before. He moaned, whined, and whimpered (in English), ‘Oh de pain, de pain’. I felt a whine and stopped, but he said, ‘Go on, I want 30 cents.’ So I did. Sobs, tears, and wiggles, but he was a virgin no longer. Five seconds after it was all over, he gave me a passionate kiss because I gave him $ 1.00. ‘All for me?’ Huge eyes. The next day I had him again and it didn’t hurt so much because I let him poke a vibrator up first and keep it there for about half an hour while I orally intercoursed him. He loved it, but still gasped and squirmed when I went in.” (Boy-Love Newsletter 13/12/71)

Theokritos (V, 41-43) made fun of this situation in the conversation of two shepherds recalling their boyhood coupling:

Komatas: Then I took you from behind. You jerked in pain, and all the nanny-goats around us started bleating, and the Billy-goats jumped them.

Lakon: Why you crooked old hunchback, may they bury you no deeper than you pushed it in me then!

In Ancient Rome anal rape, painful and humiliating, was an official punishment for certain crimes.[129] Many boys, of course, are afraid of having this done to them.

561  There is an Arab anecdote about a man who offered a lad two dirham. The boy went off with the man, but at the crucial moment resisted, saying, “Put it between my thighs.” The man replied, “You little cheat, for forty years I’ve had it between my thighs and nobody’s ever paid me two dirhams for that!”[130]

562  In his short story The Drunken Ship Pierre Herbart[131] also treats the theme with humour. A ship has just returned from a long trip and the crew, after unloading the cargo, refuses to set off immediately before the men have a chance to go into town and have their pleasure with the local women. But the captain is in a hurry: he offers the men his two cabin boys as substitutes. Mortally afraid, the two boys jump overboard and save themselves from this fate by swimming ashore.

If pain and fear were all there was to it, the solution would be simple: a man who really loved boys would want to see them happy and cheerful, and he would therefore abstain from a practice which hurt them. A man who didn’t would be an egoist: even, if he enjoyed their pain, a sadist.

Actually the situation is far more complicated. First of all, the pain usually wears off rather quickly and the boy begins to experience pleasure; sometimes that pleasure is so intense that he will come to prefer anal penetration to all other sexual practices. Second, being penetrated affords the boy a kind of experience he cannot gain otherwise and that may prove quite helpful to him in his later sex life. Third, anal intercourse gives the partners a profound feeling of being united, and so sometimes boys insist on this being done to them, willingly and gladly suffering any accompanying pain.

Let us first consider the pain. Pain and pleasure are not necessarily opposites; if we don’t keep this in mind it will be difficult to understand the following examples. Pain and pleasure may, in fact, fuse together. It is then only when pain becomes too intense that pleasure can no longer be perceived through it.   

Ampallang and penis piercing tool from Dayak Bahau tribe, Borneo

A striking example is the custom reported in former times of some Borneo native tribes where the glans penis of boys was pierced from right to left by drilling a hole through it into which a 2-inch stick (ampallang) was inserted before intercourse. The ampallang caused considerable pain, both to the vaginal walls and the mutilated penis, but both partners seemed to enjoy this extra stimulation, and the practice was quite popular. Similarly, Europeans and Americans sometimes use condoms with strings or “goats’ eyes”; like the Indian followers of the Kamasutra, they often bite their partners out of sheer lust during intercourse.[132]  

With quite “normal” people, a little pain intensifies pleasure.[133]

563  A woman told Gauthier,[134] “Anal intercourse hurts - really hurts - you can’t fool yourself, it really hurts. But it is marvellous!” And Nichols[135] tells of a boy crying, “Put it in deeper, ’cause it hurts so nice!” Sheik Nefzawi (1963, 55)[136] quotes a poet:

Between his buttocks I thrust home, and tears streamed from his eyes. “Why not drive it hard?” he cried.

“Out of pity for you, my lad,” I said. “Oh, to hell with that!” he cried.

John Bishop described a similar scene with some subtlety in his short story Del.[137]                                                               

Perhaps it is partly this mixture of pain and pleasure which makes insertees long for partners with large penises.

564  In a public convenience in Geneva, Ernest found the following graffito: “I’m 14. I like it when my uncle licks my arsehole and my balls and then drives his thick, long cock slowly very deeply inside me. By jerking me off he excites me and makes me come. His cock is 23 cm., and 5½ around.”[138]

565  Hennig[139] interviewed a young hustler, Marc:

When a man penetrates you with his cock, it feels to you as though you are absorbing all energies, and this is closely connected with your adoration of supermen...

And of men with very, very large cocks - I’d say with abnormally big cocks.

You say this is almost like worship, taking part in a sacred ritual.

It’s sacred anyhow. To me, a man with gigantic genitals is someone you must kneel down in front of. It’s so magnificent, an immense phallus. You’re getting back to the primeval religions of mankind, which were like that: you just have to see those stones they erected.

Lust and pain are especially linked in boys with masochistic tendencies (and in puberty and adolescence sexuality is often colored with masochism). A prison rape victim wrote, “I know that my experience (...) was the most terrifying event of my life. It was also the most intense sexual experience I have ever had. Memory suppresses the terror and retains the sexuality.”[140] And one of Barrington’s[141] subjects said, “I do like the first pains a big cock on a strong passionate man gives, and then the pain after he goes on for a long time, and the pain next day to remind me of last night’s thrills.”

And so a boy may allow himself to be subjected to this practice with mixed feelings of fear and joy.

566  Drew and Drake reported hearing boy prostitutes speak about an “itching in the rectum”, “of the heart beating faster and the breath becoming shallow and difficult, of being fascinated by the desire of the customer.” “ ‘I enjoy every minute of it, until he actually begins,’ ” said a 14-year-old. Another boy, with a preference for brutal, primitive customers, said. “ ‘When I find out that that is what he wants, I begin to get woozy and I feel that I will faint.’ ” A 12-year-old was exploited by a pimp who didn’t let him have anal intercourse more than twice a week, and that only with a rich customer. The boy said “he was almost hypnotized for hours by a man’s penis once he knew that anal intercourse was on the evening’s agenda.”[142]

567  Peter Schult analyzed his feelings in considerable detail when he had his first experience of this kind with a hustler whom he called Marlon Brando for his resemblance to the well-known actor. “Marlon Brando was a powerful fellow with a gruesome thick cock, and I let him fuck me simply out of curiosity. It was enormously painful, but that pain was all mixed up with a lustful sensation which I found strangely moving. I was torn by the wish that he would stop, that it would all come to an end, but also that he would continue. The initial pain gradually subsided as he went on fucking and the lust feelings prevailed, until finally I actually wanted the pain to return, and I abandoned myself more and more intensely to my partner. After that experience, before I fucked another person, I always let him fuck me. That meant playing the passive role which was against my nature. Soon I stopped doing that. But later, in the Foreign Legion, I went through another period when I got turned on by being fucked, and I made young Arabs fuck me and had the same kinds of feelings I had had with Marlon Brando in Stuttgart: initially fear of the pain I would have to endure mixed with lust caused by this pain; then the subsiding pain and the wish it would resume which inevitably caused me to provoke my partner to thrust more and more violently and deeply, until pain and lust merged into one single feeling of bliss. The next time the scene began, the initial fear was there again.”[143]

568  Tony Duvert described his own reactions, “I had to wait until I was twelve before I was really taken from behind. I had done it with age-mates---they tickled my anus very nicely indeed---but that couldn’t appease my desire for a really big cock. All I could do was jerk one of those off from time to time.” To get what he wanted “rape was needed---with, of course, me as actor. My victim was a boy of 15 or 16 with whom I’d sometimes mutually masturbated. I went to great pains to persuade this big-cocked block-head to mount me. He didn’t want to do it---it wasn’t to his taste. But finally I got what I wanted. And all that reckless hammering, those vigorous thrusts like a madly rutting dog – it hurt a lot, but I didn’t say a word and let him finish the job. In the midst of the pain there were a thousand pleasures. Afterwards I sat on the toilet for a quarter of an hour: I thought something was flowing out, but nothing came. Then the feeling subsided. What remained was an endless series of sensations incubating my memories. I was dying with desire to repeat it.”[144]

It is little wonder, then, that a loving, tender man shrinks from imposing such suffering upon his young friend. But he may be astounded to find the boy insisting upon his own “execution”!

Pan Magazine XV (1983) 23

569  (Continued from 427) Conny’s friend Jan had previously had a relationship with Botho, beginning when the boy was ten and a half and continuing thereafter for more than three and a half years. They initially satisfied each other by mutual masturbation, but one day after they had known one another for quite some time they were standing together under the showers at a swimming pool when suddenly Botho announced, “Today I have a big surprise for you: you can take me from the rear.” As soon as they were back in Jan’s home they decided to try. Botho lay face-downwards on the bed and Jan lay on top of him. As soon as Jan’s penis attempted penetration Botho began to cry “Does it hurt a lot?” Jan asked Botho nodded. “All-right, then,” Jan said, “I don’t want to do it.” He withdrew, but Botho immediately shouted,“No, no! Go on! Go on!” As time went on, after both became more skilled everything went much more smoothly. Botho used to like to seize Jan’s erection and guide it himself into his anal opening.

We will describe Jan’s relationship with a second boy, IJsbrand, later. Conny was the third, and that relationship, which began when Conny was twelve and a half, persisted until his fifteenth year, when it evolved into an intimate but non-erotic friendship, Conny was eager to experience every sexual practice. He pleaded with Jan to have anal intercourse with him, but the first time the pain was so intense that he yelled and wept. Jan firmly refused to continue. Conny ran to the bathroom and stayed there so long that Jan became concerned and went to see what was going on. He found Conny sitting there trying to prepare his anus by inserting into it the handle of a toilet brush. Conny continued to insist upon being taken anally and Jan finally gave in. As a young man of 20, Conny told me, “The first time it hurt really tremendously; the second time it gave me a sort of nauseated feeling; the third time it felt good!” Conny would kneel down, spreading his buttocks with his hands for Jan to enter him, or he would have Jan lie on his back and then squat over him and impale himself upon Jan’s erection. (Personal communication)

Some men are driven to ignore the boy’s initial resistance not only by their own desires but also by the knowledge that, once the first discomfort is over, the boy himself will soon come to enjoy being penetrated.

570  “When I was thirteen a paternal cousin, a married man aged thirty-five, started to feel my breasts. I could feel him getting a hard-on and I put my hand right on it. I started to move my hand up and down and he started to play with my ass. He pulled it out and it seemed I got a kick out of it, it was so big. Next thing he put me on the bed and I couldn’t walk or sit down. The next day he said he would try it easy. He kept on going and I got to like it.”[145]

A more sadistically inclined man may be excited by the boy’s expression of pain.

571  Jacques de Brethmas[146] tells a cogent story about his adventure with a 13-year-old bellboy in a Marrakech hotel. He has surprised the boy having sex in a clothes closet with another 12-year-old employed by the hotel. The boy then comes to Jacques’ room and impudently demands that he be allowed to do it to Jacques, too. But the boy’s erection proves too limp for penetration, so Jacques switches roles to teach the little rascal a lesson. The boy screams, “ ‘Oh, oh, oh, ow!’ (...) In the moment of pleasure my cock swells even more, and this makes him scream again, I give him more of it than he promised to give me, then withdraw. He turns around, gives me a furious look. He is strongly aroused, showing that all parties have been pleased, even that little rapscallion. For a while he handles his cock, but he feels so humiliated he doesn’t dare ask me again if he could try once more to do it to me. Now he starts seriously jerking off. It all happens surprisingly fast: the first splatters of his ejaculation are hanging on the wall 30 centimetres above the edge of the bed, which is already quite high. Far-flung spurts have covered the pillow, his trunk, his face with long creamy globs: only the last drop of it falls upon his belly. (...) With a rapid movement of his pointed tongue he licks around his mouth, greedily lapping up the sperm he had just jetted there.”

Where both partners share sadomasochistic impulses, the boy’s torment may prove mutually exciting.

572 (Continued from 559) This was certainly the case in the friendship between Onno and Nick. From time to time Nick liked to make Onno suffer, and even when Nick hurt him rather cruelly, Onno not only accepted this but felt it drew him closer to Nick, and never doubted of the man’s love. Throughout the months when Nick was “training” Onno sexually, he had tried out every sexual technique on the boy except anal intercourse. “He then taught me the best position for being fucked: kneeling, knees wide apart and leaning forwards on my elbows, head downwards upon my hand, thus presenting my anus to my lover. Nick had often pressed his glans against my opening but hadn’t attempted penetration. Finally he began to express a desire to have his cock completely inside my body. At first I protested: ‘Please, be patient... wait...!’ Because I was really afraid, especially of the pain. Until now our love had been completely free of pain; it had only been bliss, pure, sunny pleasure, only sweetness. I liked it when he rubbed his cock-tip over my anus, but penetration... oh, no!  

“Then one night he carried things through, ignoring my refusal, my resistance, quite disregarding my desires. And I struggled. By rotating my bottom I tried to escape his cock and sabotage his attempt to penetrate me. In a rather threatening voice he said, ‘The master will be obeyed!’ With all the strength of his muscular arms, he held me helpless in the fucking position, which stopped my rotating maneuver, put his glans upon the hole... and suddenly he gave this tremendous thrust. The pain was enormous, but he was inside me, going deeper, deeper, up to the balls. All other sensations were completely blocked by the pain, and that pain continued. At first it blanked out all lust, but gradually it began to subside, and I became conscious of what was happening with me and inside of me. I could feel Nick’s lust radiating out of him. I began to enjoy his caresses; hearing his words inspired in me an excess of love. Inside my body I could feel Nick’s strong cock going up and down. And I’ll never forget Nick’s triumphant cry as he came deep inside me with a series of quick repeated thrusts. (...)  

Sleeping Youth by David Bueno de Mesquita

“After that night he allowed me a week for recovery and reflection. I became aware of the immense happiness this kind of intercourse could give. I had entered, sexually, a wholly new territory. Nick’s penis took on a new, deeper significance and I loved it more than ever before. The next day I was playing with it, looking at it curiously, and Nick said, his voice vibrant with happiness, ‘It’s been in you!’I came to realize that the pain had been mainly due to my resistance.  

“After a week Nick resumed my anal education, now using a lubricant. It was my job to make his erection slippery and his to do the same for my anus. He then guided me to relaxed abandonment. He pressed his cock at my anus but didn’t enter. He talked reassuringly, softly: ‘Stay calm... It’s so wonderful... I want it so much!’ And so he worked upon my mind until I was no longer tensed up and afraid. Several times he acted as if he was about to insert it, but then didn’t, and so my attention wandered. Then suddenly came this penetrating thrust. It hurt for a moment, but the pain was nothing compared to the previous time. He immediately withdrew his cock and the same play was repeated. He did this several times: inserting, pulling out. At last he was so horny he thrust home, hammered me violently with his whole trembling body, until his sperm shot out, deeply inside my body.

“After this kind of practice I became quite familiar with being ‘pierced.’ It always hurt a little, but that’s just part of it, and it even can be a pleasure. Bicycling the day after, I sometimes had to rise up and stand on the pedals to ease the soreness from the seat pressing into my sore backside. But soon we were well adjusted to one another. I also performed the act on Nick, and a few weeks of practice made me quite dexterous in the active role. In fucking another person you get to understand better how to behave in the passive role. But to a boy with my nature it was always more fun to be fucked by mature men than to be active myself. I used to obtain my own satisfaction by passionate hugging or being sucked off by my partner.   

“Soon Nick stopped using lubricants so he could give me a ‘raw fuck’, as he called it. This always elicited a tearing sort of pain but was nevertheless to me the most delightful way of doing it because on our way to orgasm through anal intercourse we didn’t have to interrupt our love-play for the lubrication process. And Nick enjoyed inserting himself brutally, although after the act was complete he was always extremely careful and tender. When the lover pulls out, part of the injected sperm, alas, oozes out of the anus, and the man should then wipe it off with a sponge or towel. Nick often kept his cock inside me for a long time after he ejaculated, in order to keep his sperm in me as long as possible. This was a delightful way of relaxing, intimately connected.” (Personal communication)

573  When Bill, a 17-year-old Australian boy, was asked, “Who was the first bloke who rooted you?” he replied, “I was about fifteen. It was at a Christian Youth Camp down the coast. We sat up talking one night and got talking and eventually got around to sex. There were ten of us in the hut. Assembly of God Church Rally, I think. The others were all asleep. About 1 a.m. this guy started rubbing his hand up and down my leg. I put my hand on his leg and soon our clothes came off. We were on my bed, he reached for his hair oil and put it right up me for the first time. It hurt at first but after a while I liked it very much. He did it the once. He lasted a long time. He was a very big boy. A neighbor of ours. He’s square and roots girls. He lasted about twenty-five minutes up me. It was marvelous while it was up there. He didn’t pull me off after it. I did that myself. I sucked his cock too, but he didn’t blow again. I went looking for sex after that down the public toilets in the city.”[147]

With some boys it is not so much masochism as love for their partners that determines them to endure the pain.

574  (Continued from 540) When he was 16, Max told me, “I had already been intimate with David for some time, but I was only 12 when he said he wanted to take me from behind. He massaged the opening first, but it still hurt a lot – not enough to make me cry, but enough to be unpleasant. But I loved him so much I was happy to make this sacrifice. And one gets used to it very quickly. Now I think the feeling is indescribably wonderful – it makes me really horny.” (Personal communication)

It may very well be, however, that the real problem with anal intercourse is often not the initial pain a boy experiences but rather the intense pleasure which accompanies “being used like a girl” and which may terrify a boy deeply concerned with his manliness.

575  Erskine Lane discussed this matter with a 15-year-old boy named Alvaro after having performed anal intercourse upon him. “If by some strange circumstance you were forced to suck another boy or to let him fuck you, which, I asked him, would you prefer?    

“ ‘I’d probably suck Yeah, I’m sure. I’d suck him.’    

“ ‘Why?’    

“ ‘Because if I let him fuck me, I’d probably like it and then I’d do it again. And then I’d be queer...’ ”[148]

576  How painful the struggle between indoctrinated rejection of the insertee role and a boy’s underlying desires may be is well illustrated in Bernard’s history (see No. 370). He had already been intimate with his friend for two years; they had done virtually everything sexually together save anal intercourse. One night in bed during their love-making Bernard persistently turned his back to the man. At last he was lying on his side, and he reached behind himself, grabbed the man’s erection and started pushing it into his anal opening. The man tried to cooperate in what the boy so obviously wanted, but suddenly Bernard threw him off, sprang out of bed, ran to the bathroom and plunged into a shower. (Psychologically it is easy to interpret this as an attempt to cleanse himself of forbidden desires.) A little later the boy returned, naked but frowning, and started to slap his friend (Again, this can be seen as punishing the man because, with all tenderness, the man seduced him into nearly abandoning himself so shamefully!) But the slapping changed into wrestling, wrestling into romping. And with the romping their erections returned... and so, with the need for discharge, came reconciliation. It was only several months later that Bernard was at last able to conquer his timidity and summon the necessary courage to allow his friend to do what he so deeply wanted him to do. The capitulation was ecstatic: Bernard moaned with delight and shouted with wild passion when he achieved the peak of his pleasure.

An open, friendly discussion could dispel many fears. A boy should be told that this kind of sexual response is a thoroughly normal experience of puberty and early adolescence, and in a heterophile youth it will gradually fade away with time. In his novel The Chronicles of St. Barnabas[149] Colin Murchison gives an excellent example of such a conversation with a 12-year-old. With sensible upbringing and proper sexual education, an adult man should be able to look back to this period of his evolution without anxiety or regret.

577  Nineteen-year-old Albert, during a discussion about sex, openly admitted, “When I was younger, I liked, among other things, to be fucked”.[150]

578  An extreme example of such an evolution was related to me by Dr. George Rossman. A 15-year-old American boy was so enthralled with passive anal intercourse that he used to let three or four adult men use him one right after the other. By the time he had reached 19 years of age, however, he was living a thoroughly heterosexual life.

To sum up, we can now say that the initial pain a boy experiences in the insertee role is not in itself sufficient reason for even a very tender and considerate boy-lover to abstain from the practice, for he might thus be depriving the boy of a source of intense delight.

But there is a second argument: playing the insertee role gives the boy an experience he cannot obtain in any other way and which will be of great benefit to him later in his sexual life. If he evolves into a predominantly homophile man, it is, as we have already seen, important for the inserter to be familiar with the insertee role, and vice versa. If he evolves into a predominantly heterophile man, he will know far better what the girl is experiencing when she is penetrated by her partner’s penis and receives it deep into her body.

579  “I never really understood how a woman could let a man enter her until I was entered myself. I enjoyed the feeling. It’s an experience or a feeling, a state that most men never have. To be penetrated is very different from penetrating.”[151]

580  Clarence Osborne reported many instances of boys attracting the attention of older males, enticing them and inviting them to have anal intercourse with them. In all sorts of ways they were active seducers---but active only in making the initial contact and during foreplay, for nearly always they chose to be the passive partner. What they wanted to know was what it felt like to a girl to have a cock inside her. They always kept coming back to this question in their conversations.[152]

And Dr. Gisela Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg observes that, during initiation rites of primitive peoples in which anal intercourse occurs, the boy discovers “from the example of his partner how to be active in sex; i.e. he learns how an adult man behaves sexually, and thus how he later should behave with girls and women.”[153]

A boy’s first experience as insertee (“losing his cherry”) is thus rather similar to the deflowering of a girl. We may wonder why nature has made such initiation so painful. Some cultures consider it the product of profound wisdom, since pain makes the act more important and unforgettable; a few peoples even seek to increase the pain by demanding the act be performed brutally. In some Sahara desert areas, the tribesman want to see the bridegroom bleed and suffer just as much as the bride: circumcision is performed during the wedding ceremony, and the young husband must use “his newly-flayed penis in a test of his manly strength when he consummates the marriage.”.[154] Even under normal conditions it is not unheard of for the penis to be hurt in breaking the hymen.[155]  

Even when intentional brutality is absent, the psychological impact is enormous. This was beautifully expressed by Vincent, the German student quoted in Example 455. When his loving teacher made him kneel naked on the bed and penetrated him, this Roman Catholic boy experienced the act as “something solemn, like a church ritual.”

Quite apart from the pleasure the act may bring him in the end, and the enriching experience he may gain from it, the boy may have a third motive for accepting any suffering he may initially have to endure: the intense satisfaction of union, of amalgamating two bodies into one. “Anal intercourse is a feeling of fullness, warmth, being possessed, cuddled, explored, manipulated, loved, used, needed, and surrounding another man with your own warmth, love, usefulness and needs, etc.”[156]

581  (Continued from 572) Onno reflected, “Gradually I came to want men to take me this way. It gave me a powerful feeling of confirmation, of my own value, consciousness of self, of responding to my true destiny. It completed me as a gay boy. It made me more handsome, exultantly handsome and horny. With time the entry of all those cocks went more smoothly; they slid in with more suppleness.” (Personal communication)

Other boys may through intuition grow more and more certain that this is what they want.

Pan Magazine XXI (1985) 16

582  “When I was about twelve, for a reason that quite escapes me, most of my fantasies involved anal penetration.” This boy searched the National Geographic Magazine for articles on primitive tribesmen. “Using the pictures as a base, I would fantasize being ritually sodomized by the tribe’s warriors, one after the other. This fantasy was infused by a longing that I did not at all understand, or want to. This was a recurrent and very powerful fantasy. (...) I fantasized endlessly about the unattainable bodies of the seventeen- and eighteen-year-old Adonises that I could see in the changing rooms of our swim club. Their thickly sprouting pubic hair, lithe movements, and firm bodies haunted my imagination.”[157] 

“If a boy loves an adult, he knows perfectly well he is still too young to be the giver. He knows this, and accepts the fact that he must be the receiver. And it’s an act of love. It is one of his ways of loving you, of proving his love. That was the case with a number of boys I had anal intercourse with. Let me tell you exactly what goes on. He loves to feel the cock of the man he loves inside his body and to be united with him in the flesh. This gives him great satisfaction – and what is also satisfying to him is giving the man who is having intercourse with him, who is enjoying himself inside him, pleasure. That creates in him great joy, because love is giving as well as receiving. It may be difficult for outsiders to understand, but what I’ve said really is the truth. A child is quite capable of loving sexually.”[158]

Many boys express their deep gratitude by giving of themselves in this way.[159] Even small boys may wish to do it.

583  One of Léonetti’s subjects told him he had met boys even as young as 8 and 11 who insisted on being penetrated. He regretted his inability to accede to their wishes, but his erection failed him.[160]

584  From Oskamp’s investigation:[161] “ ‘One of society’s misconceptions is that every pedophile wants to thrust his cock into little asses. Have you ever done it?’“ ‘Oh, yes. The first time it happened to me the boy himself asked me to do it. He grabbed it and put it in. I’m always afraid it’s impossible.’         

“ ‘Is it possible?’         

“ ‘Yes. Some can take it easily and like it.’ ”

585  Sandfort’s subject Erik (42) told about 13-year-old André: “André likes to make love. First he starts fooling around with me; that can happen down here in the living room. And then he likes to lie naked in bed with me. At first a little masturbatory play. André is unique in my experience with other boys in wanting in the end to have anal intercourse – from very early in our relationship he wanted that. (...) He also likes to kiss my genitals but won’t go any farther. He enjoys it to a certain extent but he doesn’t like real oral sex. It turns him off.”[162]

586  The potential strength of a boy’s urge is amusingly illustrated by the tale of a tourist who was sexually approached by a 13-year-old boy in the streets of Naples. When his proposal was rejected, the boy offered to give the man 2000 lire if he could introduce him to another tourist more willing to perform anal intercourse upon him. (Archives of the Brongersma Foundation KE-18-5-87)

The intense longing for this unification was most poignantly expressed by Jouhandeau’s loving boy:

587  “Even if you make me bleed, give it no thought. In your embrace, though you squeeze all the wind out of me, I breathe more freely than anywhere else. There is nothing in this world I venerate so much as this great bough of your being as it penetrates me. It is you, yours, and what ecstasy it is to feel the lust, your lust, in the panting breath of the rider on my back, when you cry out, biting into my ear! Then it’s as though I’m lost, melted, fused together with you, and the two of us are just one entity. Shame on those profane who never know the sublimity of these desperately entwined, connected arms and legs.”[163]

Anal intercourse may provide some men and boys their most complete satisfaction and will then be the most decisive step in their sexual contact. As such it is extremely important that it be free of compulsion.

588  When Hieron, tyrant of Syracuse (478-466 BC), discussed his love for young Dailokos, a boy widely admired for his beauty, with Simonides the poet, he said, “Of course my love for Dailokos makes me want from him certain favours such as nature impels every man to desire from a beautiful boy. But I’d like him to offer me these out of friendship. I’m incapable of wresting them from him by force. I’d rather kill myself. (...) Taking your pleasure with a boy in a way that’s only unpleasant to him, giving him caresses which he loathes---isn’t that miserable, insupportable, and sad? But if the beloved boy gladly abandons himself to the loving man, then his very willingness is proof that he grants his favours out of friendship.”[164]

A striking example of how to test such willingness in a young boy was given by Nichols:[165]

Pan Magazine XVI (1983) 23

589  Johnny has lately become much more affectionate, and when he kissed me this evening, he said. “I’d do just anything for you.” So I told him how much pleasure it would be for me if he would let me go inside. He explained that he knew about such things, but had never thought of doing it himself. Johnny sat quietly on my lap for a long time. He then kissed me and said, “You really want to do that?” “Yes,” I replied, “more than anything in the world.” He sighed and kissed me again. “Why?” he asked. “Because I love you,” I said. “And I don’t want to do it until you love me enough to want to do it.” I wondered what was going through Johnny’s mind as he sat on my lap, snuggling against me. I kissed him again, and, probing between his legs, I found that he was quite aroused. “Do we have to do it tonight?” he asked. “We never have to do it,” I replied. “You asked me what you could do for me, and I told you the thing that would please me the most, to have you feel my love more deeply and intimately than you have ever before.” I do not think Johnny understood what I said; perhaps it was over his twelve-year-old head, and his mind was evidently too full of thoughts and emotions---how I would like to know what they were. What does a boy think at a time like that? He kissed me, and as he did so, he felt between my legs, more gingerly than ever before, as if he didn’t want to rouse up something he couldn’t take care of. When he found how hard I was, he jumped off my lap. “I’ve got to go,” he said. “When are you going to let me in?” I asked. “Not tomorrow,” he replied. “If I go to the country with you on Sunday, then we’ll do it. I’ll let you know by Friday.” Johnny kissed me lightly on the cheek and fled. By now he is in bed and thinking about me. What is he thinking?”

If the big decision is taken and a boy decides to let himself be loved in this way, every precaution should be taken to prevent him from suffering unnecessarily and to lessen any resulting pain. 

A boy is “deflowered” when for the first time in his life a penis penetrates his anus. It is important that it be done tenderly, lovingly, in such a manner as to inspire confidence. If the inserter makes vigorous thrusts and plunges in without extreme consideration, the resulting torment may make the boy unwilling to attempt anal intercourse ever again.

590  “When I was about fifteen I went to the seashore with my mother and sister. (...) I was absorbed in a mystery book and a man walking along the boardwalk stopped and asked me what I was reading. He told me he was unmarried, thirty-two, and had a good deal of money. He asked me to come to his room” (...) There “he put his hand on my thigh and then on my penis. I was so excited I was ready to die. He asked me if I would like to take off my clothes. (...) I was terribly excited. He asked me if he could use his mouth. It frightened me terribly. All of a sudden something happened – I had an emission. I asked him to stop. Then I masturbated him. He wanted sodomy so I turned over but it was disastrous – much too painful. I made him stop. I have never permitted sodomy again but I went back to him”[166]                       

591  At thirteen “I got a job as a bellhop and of course I was wise. I had two or three amours with men. They would masturbate me or go down on me or vice versa. I didn’t go in for much buggery because it was too painful and it didn’t especially appeal to me.”[167]

In deflowering a girl, experts advise tearing the hymen quickly with a sudden, powerful thrust of the penis.[168] We could liken this to giving an injection: if done quickly, the piercing of the skin is hardly felt; not so if the needle is pushed slowly into the flesh. But this advice does not apply to anal intercourse: there is no rectal membrane to be pierced or torn, rather a ring of muscles inside which has to be stretched in order to allow entry of the penis. And if this is done suddenly, with one powerful lunge, the result is extreme, agonizing pain: the muscle is forced inward and the person feels as though he is being torn apart.  

The anus is kept closed by the sphincter muscle. If something tries to penetrate, the muscle’s involuntary reflex is always a strong spasmodic contraction. With inexperienced persons this spasmodic contraction may last for a minute or even longer.[169] An experienced inserter will soothe the sphincter’s protective mechanism by tiring the muscle: introducing the tip of his finger or penis and then withdrawing it again.

592  (Continued from 581) When it came time to initiate Onno, his friend Nick had him get upon his knees on the bed and support the upper part of his body with his arms. Nick knelt behind the boy, between his legs, and “teased” Onno’s sphincter by pushing his glans down into the opening and then withdrawing it immediately when he felt the muscle contract. He kept this up for about a half hour. Initially afraid, Onno gradually got used to the new sensations and was surprised when, after this protracted foreplay, Nick suddenly thrust forward and easily penetrated him past the stretched and thoroughly tired sphincter. (Personal communication)

The position of the insertee’s body is important: it should be bent at the hips. If the insertee is stretched out flat on his stomach, the insertion will be more painful. The anus and the penetrating penis should be well lubricated. The mental condition of the insertee also makes a difference: he should feel at ease and be able to trust that his partner will not to cause him any unnecessary pain, and will stop immediately if it hurts too much.

Pan Magazine VIII (1981) 40

593  An American correspondent (Letter LT, 7/1/85 in the archives of the Brongersma Foundation) witnessed the initiation of a pubertal boy. “I obviously don’t like to admit it, but in my earlier years, from about 14 to 22, I wasn’t too smart in knowing how to enter a young boy without causing a degree of pain to the boy, and so hurt more boys through ignorance than was necessary. (...) I did, of course, learn a little time later from a very dear friend who also enjoyed the anal pleasures of young boys, as he showed me with a little ten-year-old boy-friend he had at home which he had not as yet engaged in anal sex, but was going to that night. The boy did not seem to be upset with me there as a witness, for he playfully romped about the place stark naked in utter joy, The boy had had oral sex with my friend on several occasions before, so was not scared of an unknown. I’d like to say that I wasn’t jealous of my friend but in fact I was, as the little boy was a delight in both beauty and open nature. (...) My 28-year-old friend was not particularly overly endowed as penises go, but it was more than sufficiently sized to have satisfied most any female should that have been his thing. Anyway, this friend of mine showed me a little later that evening the procedure he used in order to fully relax the boy so the boy would enjoy the sex play as much as my friend would. He first laid two pillows atop one another near the center of the bed, placing the boy’s pelvic area in the center of the pillows so his rump was uplifted nicely, and then he performed oral-anal sex on the boy for about 20 minutes, sporadically easing his finger in and working it around. The boy seemed totally relaxed and made no objections whatsoever when my friend put his finger into him. The first part completed, my friend then rubbed an ample amount of baby oil on both his penis and the boy’s anal opening. He then mounted the boy between his spread-apart legs and pressed his penis up against the boy’s opening until he saw the boy grimace a little bit. Instead of continuing as I would have done, my friend got back off the boy and sat down near the end of the bed and started explaining to me that the best way of doing something like this was to put enough pressure against the anal opening (which he simply called the asshole) with his penis to slightly expand it, and then back away and let it rest for a little while. Next time, he said, it will open a little more, and so forth. It took eight or ten tries and a good hour before my friend easily entered the boy quite deeply without any sign of a grimace on the boy’s face.”

Once the glans of the inserter’s penis has passed through the anal sphincter, further penetration is easy. Dr. Alex Comfort advises “steady pressure with a well-lubricated penis and a slow initial penetration.” Too much vigor can cause injury.[170]  

The duration of spasmodic contraction of the anal sphincter will decrease with the number and frequency of previous penetrations. At first the contraction, as we have already seen, will last for a minute or more; in an “experienced” anus the muscle usually relaxes in 10 to 30 seconds[171] and is increasingly able to be consciously controlled by will. 

Sexual arousal tends to numb pain, and so insertion is made easier through erotic foreplay, caressing and otherwise stimulating the insertee’s penis. A horny boy will be less put off by minor pain and more willing to continue in spite of it. Acts which in a non-sexual setting would be irritating or even rather painful, may, by increasing the over-all level of stimulation, add to the individual’s erotic ecstasy and possibly even make him solicit such “torture”.[172]

594  “Z says that he became aware of his boy-love interests at about 17 and as a sailor in his younger years he had young boys in every port. Before he was 20 he had developed great taste for and skill in anal intercourse. He says that he probably holds the world record for the number of young boys he anally intercoursed. (...) He says he is very gentle, and never knowingly hurts one, that many young boys never notice much the initial pain if they are really having fun, are excited, worked up. He never discusses the idea, simply does all things in wrestling, coming to anal intercourse after oral intercourse and many other things. He says there is a great difference between young boys, some taking it so easily, others only with difficulty, some can be anally intercoursed vigorously right off, although he rarely pumps more than 15 minutes, while others have to go slowly for weeks.” (Boy-Love Newsletter, August 7, 1971)

If the inserter, while breaking down the sphincter’s resistance, erotically manipulates the insertee’s penis, it will help to lessen his partner’s perception of pain. Tickling the anal opening with finger or tongue during pre-penetration foreplay can also engender intense feelings of lust, and this is often used by men to make their boys more willing to take the next great step.

Gabriel Matzneff[173] described this in one of his poems:                  

                    My tongue laves between your thighs,
                    Travelling the deep cleft of your buttocks
                    Where no hair has yet appeared.
                    You shout, “Oh, yes! Yes! Do it more!”
                    You thrill to the touch of my pointed tongue
                    Probing the rosy opening in your cleft.
                    And when my root slips through, into your body,
                    You whisper, “Oh, it hurts! It hurts!”But you don’t refuse it.
                    In the hollow of my hand, dear boy,
                    I feel your wild heart beating, wildly beating.

595  An American wrote in the Boy-Love Newsletter of April 5, 1971 about a 12-year-old blond boy and the delightful way “he could be persuaded when he didn’t want anal intercourse. An hour or two was required to warm him up each time, until what he wanted to refuse was eagerly sought. It was fascinating to watch him move to consent.” In the final phase the man would use a vibrator, turned off when inserted in the anus, then turned on once inside. This made the boy “go wild.” “He was extremely tight even after months of anal intercourse, which he loved because he was rather masochistic. That hard-won beauty would sustain anal intercourse for an hour, for he had a sense of when the man was about to come and would then cease all motion, for them to stay impaled, to delay it, and as he lay still he was able to produce sensational pleasure by little rippling motions of the canal - quite different from anything the man had ever before found a young boy could do - much better than the typical and delightful contractions that some learn. This canal rippling caused exquisite sensations, at the same time calming the man so that he could have a fresh start for prolonged and vigorous anal intercourse.”

by Robert Bliss

596  One of Hite’s subjects[174] related that he was similarly persuaded to let himself be penetrated for the first time by a “graceful, witty, handsome young black man.” “He managed to titillate my asshole so sensitively that I decided to let him in. He was very sensitive, taking a very long time to work his well-greased, long but not too thick tool in. Then he waited even longer, only moving slightly, until I began to grow comfortable and until he was thrusting away without hurting me in the least. I enjoyed the sensation enormously, but he grew very passionate and could not get enough. He had one orgasm, and went on to another. Then he wanted to go on to another, but I had to beg off. He immediately desisted. It can be a very powerful experience. I thought everything from, now I’m really degraded, to what would my mother think of me now? to ohh, this is really it!”

Finally, it should be added that the rule of initial pain has its exceptions. Some boys seem to have their sphincter muscles well under control and, by commanding them, are able to make penetration easy. We have already seen this with Duvert’s partner in Marrakech (Example 550), but he was an experienced boy. There are boys who have this ability to relax their sphincters right from the start.

597  A New Zealand boy said, “The first time I went to bed with a guy I knew nothing about arse-fucking. I mean, I knew it existed, but I didn’t know anything about it at all. The guy said, ‘Is it okay if I fuck you?’ I agreed, I said, ‘you’ve done everything else so you might as well do that!’ He just rolled me over on my side, facing away from him. I was quite surprised. I thought, ‘Oh!’ He said, ‘This may be a bit cold!’ I thought, ‘Oh’ again and then thought, ‘What may be a bit cold? It wasn’t cold when I last touched it.’ He said, ‘It’s just KY’ He lubricated my arse then he slid his cock in. I didn’t feel a thing, which is amazing. It just went off perfectly. He moved until he came. I felt totally passive. It was over a lot sooner than I thought, like after about 30 seconds.”[175]

598  (continued from 569) After his period with Botho and before he came to know Conny, Jan’s boy-friend was IJsbrand, Their relations started when IJsbrand was 12 years and 9 months old and continued over two years. Anal intercourse was quite easy for IJsbrand. He always cried, “Deeper! Get deeper inside! Still deeper!” Jan’s diary, written in telegraphic style, give us interesting insight into how things developed: Aug 3. Got acquainted with IJsbrand in swimming pool. Sept 21. First time I saw his genitals. Sept 25. Observed that his foreskin sticks to his glans. Oct 5. Second examination. Masturbation. Oct 7. Foreskin comes loose for a little way down. Oct 11. Foreskin entirely loose. Oct 14. The rim of his glans is freed. Oct 20. He said, “Oh, how wonderful!” Nov 18. We are extremely happy. Nov 22. He allows me to do it once a week. Nov 29. “How does it feel, now, to you, when it’s going on?” “Much better!” Nov 30. He enjoys it too. Dec 6. I’m allowed to do it three times a week. Dec 16. “You may do it as often as you want.” Jan 10. It has never been more marvelous than it is now. Jan 13. He tells me, “Being naked in bed - that’s the most wonderful thing in our friendship!” March 7. His mother tells me, “Since he’s been going around with you, he’s always singing.” May 9. His mother tells me, “He pays more attention to you than he does to us.” (Archives of the Brongersma Foundation)

599  “O was young, quite young, too young, really... O ran after me. I didn’t seduce O: O seduced me. (...) Sex to him was completely natural. He took my cock in his hand just as easily as he would have taken up a pencil at school. This isn’t a very good comparison, of course, when you consider the relative sizes. It was I who had the pencil between my fingers: O had to use his whole hand. It may have been my doing that things didn’t stop here, but the last step, although at first it didn’t enrapture him, caused him no pain either - at least he didn’t show any. Quite the contrary: I soon saw he was enjoying it; discovering pleasure in it, even if his young body was still innocent of orgasm. And he didn’t just lie there passively: he co-operated: he moved, energetically, lithely, sometimes forcefully. Is anal intercourse abnormal, painful to a boy, unnatural? If so, why did O whisper softly, “It’s slid out” every time I hadn’t noticed this in the heat of our struggle?”[176]

600  A graffito recorded by Ernest[177] would also seem to refer to a first experience: “I’m a boy of fourteen. I was jerking off here once and a man came in and took me to his home, where he undressed me and put his cock into my behind. It was nice.”

Superstition accorded healing powers to anal intercourse, especially against snake bites.

601  Peyrefitte describes the army of Alexander the Great crossing a region of Asia infested with venomous snakes. Young soldiers and servants complain of being continually assaulted by older warriors claiming anal penetration was the only real antidote to the snakes’ poison. Alexander, however, says that an even better cure is to rub one’s own sperm into the wound. Soon everywhere in the camp men can be observed openly masturbating to procure for themselves this miracle medicine.[178]

It is the mystical aspects, however, which are most commonly encountered, in primitive societies and civilized lands alike. Blood and sperm have always been perceived by man as profoundly significant: they are the carriers of life. With his penis, symbol of virility, the man penetrates deep into the body of his beloved boy, to pour into him his noblest fluid, the germ of life, and in so doing he is swept away himself for some moments in violent ecstasy. Mustn’t he, then, at that moment of ejaculation, give the boy some inspiring spark of his own soul?   

In Indian esoteric science the image of the labyrinth is very important. It is difficult for man to find the right path in life, the one which leads to its center, his real self. In his body his intestines symbolize the labyrinth. Ganesh, door-keeper of the mysteries, guards the gateway to this labyrinth, the anus. When a penis enters here, Ganesh is perturbed, and thus the penetrated person may be spiritually enlightened by the sudden intuition of a higher reality. Stimulating the rectum also stimulates artistic, poetic, and mystic faculties in males, and is thus beneficial.[179] Thus anal intercourse plays an important part in initiation.[180] These beliefs and practices are not restricted to India; as we have already seen, they occur in a number of primitive peoples who are convinced that a boy cannot grow into a strong, virile male unless men have poured their seed into him through mouth or anus.[181] 

And so the ancient Greeks called the boy-loving man the eispnèlas (the inspirer), he who communicates his breath. Even if Patzer[182] doesn’t wish to see this as a proof of the significance of sex in Dorian boy-love, he is inclined to agree with Bethe’s vision:[183] “A people living with the conviction that the soul reposes in the seed could easily arrive at the conclusion that a man’s soul, his magic, his virtue, could be transmitted to a same-sex companion through his seed, by way of an act similar to heterosexual intercourse.”  

Arabic pupils of a Koran school

Buffière[184] rejects this view. Dover,[185] on the other hand, thinks it is psychologically accurate, and Gisela Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg[186] calls Bethe’s analysis “brilliant”: “It was in precisely this act of sexual love that---according to the Doric view---the man transmitted to the boy all those things which he, the boy and the state alike thought good and worthy of procreation. (...) It was believed that it was his real self which he was bestowing upon the boy in his sperm.”

Thirty years ago, according to Davidson,[187] pupils of Koran schools in Morocco subjected themselves to anal intercourse by their teachers. These men knew the Holy Scriptures by heart, were therefore holy persons themselves. Wasn’t it, then, evident that, with the seed of these holy men in their bodies, the students should be better able to learn the sacred texts?


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