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The Asher Archive contains 15, 081 still photographs arranged under film titles, another 15,331 of boy actors and 3,743 of girl actresses. Some of the better ones of these were use in the archive's individual articles about these films, boys and girls, but most were not and indeed relate to films and actors on whom articles were never written.

Though the archive's collection of stills was impressive by the standards of the first years of the present century, when it was made, the huge advances made online since then in the availability of old films and high resolution stills has made it largely obsolete. All that is therefore presented here are stills of a tiny sample of the boy actors on whom there are no biographies. The numbers indicate how many stills there are in the linked PDF.


Boy actors

Aaker, Lee   6
Aames, Willie   2
Aaron, Brian   4
Abdykalykov, Mirlan   3
Abu Libda, Ghassan   1
Adkins, Seth   11
Afravian, Adnan   1
Agenso, Anders   5
Ahali, Rissa Amani   1
Åhlfeldt, Mats   2
Ahui, Camacho 5
Åkerblom, Johan   2
Albright, Wally   3
Alcala, Jose   1
Alexander, Tad   3
Alexandersson, Gösta   1
Alfio 1
Aliendi, Christopher   1
Alford, Philip   5
Allen, Jason   7
Allred, Corbin   2
Alskog, Erik   2
Altomaro, Martin   5
Amedori, John Patrick   6
Amic-Kelley, Andrew   5
Andersen, Mads Bugge 3
Andersson, Martin   4
Andersson, Tobias   5
Andert, Ludwig   1
Andô, Kazuhito 2
Andrews, Giuseppe   1
Angeletti, Marietto   1
Archibald, Stephen   2
Arnaz, Desi, Jr.   1
Arnott, David   10
Asher, Peter   1
Asmussen, Troels   4
Astin, Mackenzie   10
Atkins, Christopher   6
Attmore, Billy “Pop”   1
Aubrey, James   9
Auffay, Patrick   4
Autiero, Gaetano   2
Avalon, Frankie 1
Axberg, Eddie   1


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