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Films are listed by their original titles and in alphabetical order (ignoring the definite or indefinite article), followed by their year of release (taken from when not stated in the Asher Archive, and sometimes given in correction of it). If they were documentaries or television releases, this is indicated by “doc.” or “tv”.Some original names of films (which Freeman was unable to find with the resources then available to him) have also been taken from All information given (both in the list below and in the PDFs to which they link) that was not in the archive is in square brackets.

Note that some films not listed here are described in the unpublished short book, Special Friendships, by Steven Adrian Freeman, the creator of the archive, which also describes at greater length some that are described here. The Archive also contains additional photographs of many of the films listed here and from many that are not.  A further 1138 files on films in it are marked "pending" and have information on other films too brief to be worth presenting.

This page is under construction.


A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
A.J. Wentworth B.A. (tv, 1982)
Aab, Baad, Khak (1985)
Aaj Ka Robin Hood (1987)
Aasman se Gira (1991)
Abayam (1991)
Abel twój brat (1970)
Abeltje (1998)
Abentuer Wildnis (doc., 2000)
Abide With Me (tv, 1977)
About a Boy (2002)
Absolution (1978)
Abuse (1983)
Accident to Tommy’s Trousers (1905)
Accidental Family (tv, 1967)
Accounts (tv, 1983)
Ace Eli and Rodger of Skies (1973)
Act of Piracy (1990)  
Actor’s Studio: “My Heart’s in the Highlands” (tv, 1949)
L’adolescente (1979)
Adventures of a Jungle Boy (tv, 1957)
The Adventures of Bill and Bob (1920)
The Adventures of Black Beauty (tv, 1972)
The Adventures of Champion (tv, 1955)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1939)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1960)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (tv, 1981)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (tv, 1986)
The Adventures of Jody Shanan [(1978)]
The Adventures of Long John Silver (tv, 1955)
The Adventures of Peter Joe (tv, 1946)
Adventures of Red Ryder (tv, 1940)  
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938)
The Adventures of William Tell (tv, 1957)
Adventures on Kythera (tv, 1991) 
After Dark or the Policeman and his Lantern (1902)
After the Promise (tv, 1987)
L’agonie des aigles (1922)
Aika Hyvä lhmiseksi (1977)
Åke och hans Varld (1984)
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (1899)
Alan and Naomi (1992)
Albero degli Zoccoli (1978)
Albion Boys (tv, 2000)
Aldri mer 13! (1996)
Alias the Deacon (1940)
Alice (tv, 1965)
Alice (tv, 1978-84)
Alice au pays de merveilles (1951)
Alice in Wonderland (1903)
Alice in Wonderland (1933)
Alice in Wonderland (1946, tv)
Alice in Wonderland (1966, tv)
Alice in Wonderland (1976)
Alice in Wonderland (1985, tv)
Alice in Wonderland (1986, tv)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1972)
Aligermaas äventyr (doc., 1972)
All Mine to Give (1957)
All My Hope is in You (1992)
All That Money Can Buy (1941)
All the Little Animals (1999)
All Things Bright & Beautiful (tv, 1994)  
Allá en el rancho chico (1937)
All-American Girl – The Mary Kay Letourneau Story (tv, 2000)
Almost Famous (2001) 
Almost Home (tv, 1986) 
Along Came a Duck (1966)
Altri tempi (1951)
Amahl and the Night Visitors (tv, 1951-)
Amazing Mr Blunden (1972)
Amazonie: Les Indiens Wayanas (doc., 1996)
American Gothic (tv, [1995-8])
Amici per la pelle (1955)
Les amitiés particulières / This Special Friendships (1964)
Ammu ki Bakari (1980)
And So They Were Married (1936)  
And the Earth did not Swallow Him (1994)
The Andy Griffith Show (tv, 1960-8)
Angela nas asas da imaginacão (1996) 
Angela’s Ashes (1999)
Angyali üdvözlet (198[4])
Ani Ohev Otach Rosa (1971)
Aniki-Bóbó (1942)
Anna Anna (1993)
Anna ot Shesti do Vosemnadt (doc., 1994) 
Annie Oakley (tv, 1953-7)
Anthracite (1980)
Any Friend of Nicholas Nickleby is a Friend of Mine (1981)  
Anything for Peace & Quiet (1906)
Apa (1966)
Apt Pupil (1998)
L’arbre de Nöel (1969)
Archangel (1990)
L’arroseur arrosé (1895)
Art for Teachers of Children (1995)
An Artful Young Truant (1904)
[Areumdawoon sheejul (1998)]
Artus Merlin a Prchlici (tv, 1997)
As Seen On TV (tv, 1996-7)
At (1982)
Attempted Capture of an English Nurse and Children (1900)
Atunci i-am condamnat pe toti la moarte (1972)
[Aurzari salkhinetsi (1975)]
Author! Author! (1982)
Avalon (1990)
Aventura en al palacio viejo (1967)
Aventuras de Joselito en America (1959)
Avonturen van een Zigeunerj (1960)
De Avonturen van Pietje Bell (1964)
Avrianos Polemistis (1981)
Babe – Pig in the City (1998)
Background (1953)
Bad Boyes (tv, 1987)
Bad Little Angel (1939)
Bad Sister (1931)
Baden-Powell Junior (1911)
Bait (1999)
Baker and Boy (1902)
Baker’s Hawk (1976)
Ballad in Blue (1964)
Le ballon rouge (1956)
I bambini ci guardano (1942) 
Bambini in Città (doc., [1946])
La banda de los ocho (1961)
Bandidos (1990) 
Bandit of Sherwood Forest (1946)
The Bantam Cowboy (1928)
Bar Mitzvah Boy (tv, 1979)
Bare skyer beveger stjernen (1999)
Barefoot Boy (1938)
Bari Theke Paliye (1959)
Barnen på Luna (tv, [2000])
Barnens ö (1980)
Bashu (1986)
Bastard Out of Carolina (tv, 1996) 
Batman (tv, 1943)
Batman (1966)
[Batoru rowaiaru
Battle of Billy’s Pond (1975)
Battle of the Ages (tv show, [1952-])
Battle of the Villa Fiorita (1964)
The Beastmaster (1982)
Beautiful People (1999)
Bébert et l’omnibus (1963) 
Behind the Bike Sheds (tv, 1984)
Being Normal (tv, 1983)
Belle et Sébastien (tv, 1965)
Benjamin Dufa (1995)
Bennie Bartlett’s Band (1938)
Bert – den Sista Oskulden (1996)
Beshkempir (1998)
Beulah (tv, 1950-3)
Bez konca (1984)
The Big Catch (1969) 
The Big Fella (1937)
Big Henry and the Polka Dot Kid (1978)
Bill Bumper’s Boy (1913)
The Bill Poster (1899)
Billy Bunter (tv, 1952-62)
Billy Elliot (2000)
Bing Crosby Show (tv, 1964)
Bíódagar (1994)
Birds (1963)
Birdsnesting (1898)
Black Adder II: Bells
Blauvogel (1979)
Blind Boy (1900)
Blind Fury (1900)
Blinker (1999)
Blinker en het BagBag juweel (2000)
Blood and Sand (1941)
Blood on Satan’s Claw (1970)
Bloody Birthday (1986)
Blossoms in the Dust (1941)
Blue Bird (1910)
Blue Bird (1918)
Blue Bird (1940)
Blue Bird (1976)
Blue Jeans (1976)
Blut und Ehre – Jugend unter Hitler (tv, 1982)
Bobby Wideawake (1909)
Body by Garret (doc., 1981)
Bogus (1996)
El Bola (2000)
Bombi Bitt och jag! (1968)
Un bon petit diable (1923)
Un bon petit diable (1983)
Bonino (tv, 1953)
Boot Polish
Born to be Bad (1934)
Born to Run (1976)
Born to Sing [1942]
Bottoms Up! [1960]
The Bowery (1934)
The Boy and the Convict (1909)
The Boy and the Pirates (1960)
The Boy Cried Murder (1965)
Boy Dominic (tv, [1974-6])
The Boy From Andromeda (tv, [1991])
The Boy From Mercury (1996)
The Boy From Stalingrad (1943)
A Boy of Flanders (1924)
Boy of Mine (1923) 
Boy Trouble (1939)
The Boy Who Cried Bitch (1991)
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (1973)
The Boy Who Stole a Million (1960)
The Boy Who Stopped Niagara (1947)
The Boy Who Talked to Badgers (tv, 1975)
The Boy Who Tuned Yellow (1972)
The Boy With Green Hair (1948)
Boys Don’t Cry (1999)
The Boys From Brazil (1978)
The Boys of Paul Street (1969)
Boys’ Ranch (1946)
Boys Will Be Boys (1911)
Bram Stocker’s Shadowbuilder (1997) 
Bravissimo (1955)
A Breach of Promise Case (1908)
The Breadwinner (1898)
Breakout (1984)
Brennendes Geheimnis (1933)
Brennendes Geheimnis (tv, 1975)
Bright Red Star (1975)
Broadway Bill (1918)
Bröderna Lejonhjärta (tv, 1977) 
Broken Bonds (doc., 2001)
Brontosaurus (1979)
A Broth of a Boy (1915)
The Browning Version (1951)
The Browning Version (1994)
Brusten himmel (1982)
The Buckaroo Kid (1926)
Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas (1950)
Bufere (1952)
Bugie bianche (1980)
Burning Secret (1988)
Burnt Offerings (1976)
Bush Christmas (1946)
Bush Christmas (1985)
Buster Brown (tv, 1925-9)
Busters verden (1984)
The Butcher Boy (1997)
Buzzy and the Phantom Pinto (1941)
Buzzy Rides the Range (1940)
[Bye Bye chaperon rouge] (1989)
The Byrds of Paradise (tv, [1994])
Ça commence aujourd’hui (1999)
Cache Cash (1994)
La cage aux rossignols (1944)
La caida (1958)
Call it Courage (tv, 1973)
The Callahans and the Murphys (1927)
Camada negra (1977)
Camel Boy (1984)
Camp Runamuck (tv, 1965) 
[Campioana] (1990)
Caperucita roja (1947)
Caperucita y Pulgarcito contra los monstruos (1960)
Caperucita y Roja (1976)
Caperucita y sus tres amigos (1962)
Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion (tv, 1955-56)
Captain January (1924)
Captain January (1936)
Captain Johnno (1988)
Captain Kangaroo (tv, 1955)
Captains Courageous (1937)
The Captain’s Kid (1936)
Carny (1980)
The Carringford School Mystery (1958) 
Carry On Teacher (1959)
The Castaway Cowboy (1974)
Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum (1999)
Cat’s Eye (1985)
Cattle Drive (1951)
Ce que savait Morgan (tv, 1973)
Central do Brasil (1998)
Le cercle parfait (1996) 
Ces sacrées vacances (1955)
C’est la vie (1990)
C’est pas ma faute! (1999)
Cesta do praveku (1955)
The Champ (1931)
The Champ (1979)
The Champeen (1923)
Champion (tv, 1989)
Charles Windsor’s Schooldays (tv. doc., 1998)
Chernaya kuritsa, ili Podzemniye zhiteli (1980)
Cheyenne Wildcat (1944)
Chico and the Man (tv, 1974-77)
Chico o chica? (1962)
Chicos de la guerra (1984)
Chiens perdus sans collier (1955)
The Child (1977)
Child Bride (1938)
A Child is Waiting (1963)
The Child Who’s Older than her Mother (tv doc., 2003)
Childhood’s Happy Days (1916)
The Children (1980)
The Children (1990)
The Children and the Lions (1900) 
Children Galore (1954)
Children in the Nursery (1896)
Children of the Fog (1935)
Children of the Forest (1912)
The Children of Theatre Street (doc., 1977)
Children Paddling at the Seaside (1897)
Children v. Earthquakes. Earthquakes Preferred (1905)
Child’s Play (1954)
Chiller: “Prophecy” (tv, 1995)
Chimpmates (tv, 1976-78)
Chlapi prece neplácou (1980)
Chris and the Wonderful Lamp (1917)
Christmas Cheer (1929)
Christopher Columbus (1949)
The Cider House Rules (1999)
Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother (1898)
A Circle of Children (1977)
Circus Boy (1947)
Circus Boy (tv, 1956-57)
Circus Boys (doc., 2002)
Circus Days (1923)}
The Circus Kid (1928)
Circus op Stelten (1972)
The Cisco Kid (tv, 1951-55)
La città sconvolta: caccia spietata ai rapitori (1975)
City After Dark (1980)
City Boy (tv, 1994)
The Clan of the Cave Bear (1985/86)
La classe de neige (1998)
The Clown and the Kid (1962)
The Clown and the Kids
Clubhouse Detectives (1996)
The Clue of the Missing Ape (1953)
Il cocco di mamma (1957)
A Comédia de Deus (1995)
Como a veces llueve en mayo (tv, 1999)
Computron 22 (1988)
Conductor 1492 (1924)
Conflict (1936)
Coping with Grown-Ups
(tv doc., [1994])
Correspondent: America’s School Kid Soldiers (tv doc., 2003)
Count Your Blessings (1959)
The Country Boy (tv, 1991)
The Country Kid (1923)
Courtship Under Difficulties (1899)
The Covered Wagon (1923)
Crazy Like a Fox (tv, 1984)
Cría cuervos (1975)
CrissCross (1992)
Critic’s Choice (1963)
Critters 3 (1992)
Cronica de un niño solo (1964)
The Crowd Roars (1938)
The Cry of the Children (1912)
Cukrová bouda (1980)
Culottes courtes (1955)
The Culpepper Cattle Company (1972)
The Cure (1995)
Curing the Office Boy (1912)
Daddy (1923)
Daddy’s Boy and Mammy (1911)
Daddy’s Little Didums Did It (1910)
Dad’s Outlaws (1916)
Daisy’s Adventures in the Land of the Chrysanthemums (1904)
Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. (1966)
De Daltons (tv, 2000)
Damien – Omen II (1978)
Dandy Dick (1935)
Danger Point (1972)
Daniel of the Towers (1984)
Danny Boy (1934)
Danny Boy (1941)
Danny Boy (1946)
Dans le petit bois (1995)
Daredevils of Red Circle (tv, 1939)
The Dark at the Top of Stairs (1960)
Dark Enemy (1984)
Darkness Falls (2003)
A Date With Judy (tv, 1951-52)
David Copperfield (1911)
David Copperfield (1913)
David Copperfield (tv, 1974)
Dawandeh (1984)
A Day in the Country (1912)
The Day of the Locust (1975)
Daylight Robbery
The Dead Zone (1983)
The Dear Boys Come Home for the Holidays (1903)
Dear Ruth (1947)
Death in the Seine (1989)
Het debuut (1977)
Deca igrayet ven (1973)
Decline & Fall … of a Birdwatcher (1968)
The Deep End of the Ocean (1999)
Deep End (1970)
Deep Waters (1948)
Den-en ni shisu (1974)
The Dennis O’Keefe Show (tv, 1959)
Dennis the Menace (1993)
The Detective Kid (1989)
Detstvo Gorkovo (1938)
Deux imbeciles heureux (1973)
The Devil’s Playground (1976)
Dharmaga Tongjoguro kan kkadalgun (1989)
Dick Whittington (1899)
Dickens’ London (doc.)
Didums at School (1912)
A Different Kind of Winning (1980)
Digging to China (1997)
Dimenticare Venezia (1979)
Dirty Creature (1995)
La discesa di Acla a Floristella (1994)
Discipline for the Left-Handed (1999)
Les disparus de Saint-Agil (1938)
Dívka s mušlí (1980)
Do Bigha Zamin (1953)
Dobrodruzství na Zlaté zátoce (1955)
Dobrodruzství s nahým klukem (1964)
Doctors and Nurses (1981)
Dodgem (tv, 1991)
A Dog of Flanders (1959)
A Dog’s Love (1914)
Dolina miru (1956)
The Dollar Bottom (1981)
The Doll’s Revenge (1907)
Dolly’s Toys (1901)
Don Quichottes Kinder (1981)
The Donna Reed Show (tv, 1958-65)
Don’t Look Now (tv, 1983)
Don’t Look Now (1973)
Doodzonde (1978)
Doro no kawa (1981)
Los dos golfillos (1961)
Los dos pilletes (1942)
Dos y dos, cinco (1980)
Dotheboys Hall (1903)
Double Exposure (2000)
Douglas Fairbanks Presents: (tv, 1954-56)
Down by the Old Bull & Bush (1906)
Down to the Sea in Ships (1949)
Drenge (1977)
The Dress Code / Bruno (2000)
The Driver of the Deadwood Coach (1912)
Driving Mum Crazy (tv doc., 2000)
La drôlesse (1979)
The Drum (1938)
Drummonds (tv, 1985)
Du er ikke alene (1978)
Due croci a Danger Pass (1967)
The DuPont Show of the Month: The Browning Version (tv, 1959)
The DuPont Show of the Month: The Red Mill (tv, 1958)
The DuPont Show of the Month: Treasure Island (tv, 1960)
Durango Kids (2000)
Dusty Bates (tv, 1947)
e’ Lollipop / Forever Young, Forever Free (1975)
Eagle Rock (1964)
Easy to Take (1936)
The Ed Wynn Show (tv, 1958)
Edgar and the Teacher’s Pet (1920)
Edgar Camps Out (1920)
Edgar Takes the Cake (1920)
Edgar the Detective (1921)
Edgar the Explorer (1920)
Edgar’s Country Cousin (1921)
Edgar’s Feast Day (1921)
Edgar’s Hamlet (1920)
Edgar’s Jonah Day (1920)
Edgar’s Little Saw (1920)
Edgar’s Sunday Courtship (1920)
Edges of the Lord (2001)
Eerie Indiana (tv, 1992)
Ek het Jou Gesien! (1991)
Ekdin Pratidin (1979)
El Hakim (1957)
Electric Frank (1998)
The Elephant and the Skipping Rope (1945/47)
Elisa antes del fin del mundo (1996)
Emil i Lönneberga (1971)
Emil och Griseknoen (1973)
Empire of the Sun (1987)
The End of the Golden Weather (1991)
End to End (tv, 1995)
L’enfance nue (1968)
[Eno nakano bokuno mura] (1996)
Entertaining Uncle (1914)
Entezar (1974)
[Eoksutang] (1997)
The Escape Artist (1982)
[El espinazo del diablo] (2001)
The Eton of Africa (tv doc., 1991)
The Evacuees (tv, 1975)
Every Mother’s Worst Fear (1998)
Every Picture Tells a Story (1984)
Everything But the Truth (1956)
Exit to Eden (1994)
Extreme (doc. series, 1999-2002)
Eyewitness (1970)
Fair Exchange (tv, 1962-63)
Fairy Tale: a True Story (1997)
The Fairy (1898)
Faith and Henry (tv, 1969)
Family Honeymoon (1948)
Family Jars (1899)
Farrebique ou les quatres saisons (1946)
Fast Companions (1932)
Father and Scout (1994)
Father is a Bachelor (1950)
Father Knows Best (tv, 1954-59)
Father Makes Good (1950)
Father’s Hat or Guy Fawkes’ Day (1904)
Father’s Son (1931)
Father’s Son (1941)
Father’s Wild Game (1950)
Fatty Finn (1980)
A Favourite Nursery Scene (1898)
The Feathered Serpent (tv, 1976)
Fellini Satyricon (1969)
Das Ferienkind (1943)
Der fidele Bauer (1908)
The Fig Tree (1986)
Fighting Back (1982)
Le fils du requin (1993)
Fimpen (1974)
The Final Conflict (1981)
Final Destination (1999)
Final Run (1988)
The Firefighters (1974)
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew (1939)
Five Little Peppers at Home (1940)
Five Little Peppers at School
Les fleurs sauvages (1982)
Das fliegende Klassenzimmer (1954)
Flight of the Doves (1971)
Flight of the Navigator (1986)
Follow That Dream (1962)
Follow Your Leader and the Master Follows Last (1908)
The Fool Killer (1965)
Forbidden Adventure (1931)
Forbidden Memories (tv, 1995)
Ford Startime – The Turn of Screw (tv, 1959)
Fortress (tv, 1985)
Fortune Lane (1947)
Forty Minutes – Knickerbockers (tv doc., 1989)
Forty Minutes – Many Happy Returns (tv doc., 1992)
The Four Tomboys (1909)
The Franklin Brothers’ Kiddie Comedies (1917-1)
The Freckled Rascal (1929)
Freckled Rice (1985)
Freckles (1928)
Freckles (1935)
Freedom Gang (1994)
A French Mistress (1960)
Friends (1971)
Friends (tv, 1978)
Frog Dreaming (1985)
From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler (1973)
The Frontiersman (1938)
Fucking Åmål (1999)
Fun House (tv, 1995)
Fuzi Qing (1981)
Gabriel and me (2001)
Gallant Bess (1946)
The Gallant One (1964)
The Gamblers (1897)
Gamin de Paris (1953)
The Gamma People (1955)
Gardener Watering Plants (1898)
The Gate (1987)
Gaucho (tv, 1980)
Geheim – oder was? (tv, 1994)
General Spanky (1936)
The Genesis Children (1972)
Geordie (1955)
[Die Geschichte vom kleinen Muck] (1953)
Get-Rich-Quick Edgar (1920)
The Ghost of Thomas Kempe (tv, 1979)
Ghost Stories – The Step-Sister (tv, 1997)
The Ghosts of Motley Hall (tv, 1976-77)
The Gift of Love (1958)
The Gift of Love (tv, 1993)
The Gift (tv, 1990)
Gigot (1962)
Ginger (1935)
Ginger Meggs (1982)
The Gipsy Fortune Teller (1905)
Girlfight (2000)
Girls Indulging in a Pillow Fight (1901)
Glamour Boy (1941)
Glasblåsarens barn (1999)
Go kart Go! (1964)
God’s Gun (1976)
The Gold Bug (1980)
Good and Bad at Games (tv, 1983)
The Good Bad Boy (1924)
Good Luck, Mr Yates (1943)
The Good Son (1993)
[Goreshto pladne (1965)]
Un gosse en or (1938)
Gossenkind (1991)
The Grand Escapade (1946)
Grandes amigos (1966)
Grandma’s Reading Class (1900)
Grandpapa’s Revenge (1906)
The Great Brain (1978)
Great Day in the Morning (1955)
The Great Gildersleeve (tv, 1955)
The Great Lover (1949)
The Great Mike (1944)
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984)
Gribiche (1925)
Griff nach den Sternen (tv, 1955)
The Grove Family (tv, 1953-56)
Der gruene Heinrich (1994)
La guerra de los niños (1980)
La guerra de papá (1977)
La guerre des boutons (1961)
La guerre des gosses (1936)
The Guiding Light (tv, 1952-2009)
Guitare (1975)
Guldregn (1988)
Gummi Tarzan (1981)
Gun Smugglers (1948)
The Gunpowder Plot (1900)
The Guy Who Came Back (1951)
[Hachi no su no kodomotachi] (1948)
[Hahó, Öcsi!] (1971)
[Hakai] (1948)
Half-Pint Panel (tv, 1953)
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1983)
The Happiest Days of Your Life (1950)
A Happy Family (1899)
The Happy Road (1956)
The Happy Time (1952)
The Happy Years (1950)
Hår kommer Pippi Långstrump (tv, 1970-72)
Hardwicke House (tv, 19[87])
A Harp in Hock (1927)
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)
The Haunted School (tv, 1986)
The Haunting of Helen Walker (tv, 1995)
Hawaii Calls (1937)
The Heart of a Child (1913)
Hearbeat (tv, 1992/2003)
Hearts in Atlantis (2001)
The Heavenly Twins (1912)
Heidi (1952)
Heidi und Peter (1954)
Hell’s House (1932)
Hem ljuva hem (2001)
Det Hemmelighedsfulde X (1913)
Her Adventurous Night (1946)
Heroes of the Street (1922)
Hideous Kinky (1998)
The Highland Fling (1898)
Himalaya (2000)
Himmel oder Hölle (1990)
Hindoo Jugglers (1900)
His First Cigar, Probably his Last (1902)
His First Top Hat (1907)
His Little Son Was With Him All the Time (1910)
His Master’s Ghost (tv, 1991)
His Only Pair (1902)
His People (1925)
His Sister’s Kids (1913)
Historia zóltej cizemki (1961)
A Hitch in Time (1978)
Hitler’s Children (1943)
Hitlerjunge Quex (1933)
H.M.S. Defiant (1962)
Hodja fra Pjort (1985)
Hol volt, hol nem volt (1986)
Holiday Affair (1949)
Homeland (tv, 19--)
Hoosier Schoolboy (1937)
The Hoosier Schoolmaster (1924)
The Hoosier Schoolmaster (1935)
Horace (tv, 1972)
Horace (tv, 1982)
Horizon – The Boy Who Was Turned into a Girl (tv doc., 2000)
Horizon – Taming the Problem Child (tv doc., 2001)
The Hostage (1967)
The Hostages (1974)
The House I Live in (1945)
The House the Jack Built (1900)
Houseboat (1958)
Housemaster (1938)
How Green Was My Valley (1941)
How Tommy Saved his Father (1912)
Hsiao-Ch’eng Ku-Shih (1979)
Huck and the King of Hearts (1993)
Huck and Tom (1918)
Huckleberry Finn (1919)
Huckleberry Finn (1931)
Huckleberry Finn (1974)
Huckleberry Finn (tv, 1975)
Huckleberry Finn & Friends (tv, 1979)
Hugo och Josefin (1968)
Hungry Hill (1947)
Hur Marie träffade Fredrik, Åsnan Rebus, Kangarun Ploj och… (1969)
Hurra, unsere Eltern sind nicht da (1970)
Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu (1991)
I din fars lomme (1972)
I Like it Like That (1994)
I Remember Mama (1948)
I Want to be Famous (1976)
Ich hatte einen Traum (1980)
Idi i smotri (1985)
If ... (1968)
If We Had Our Way (1946)
Igelfreundschaft (1961)
Iki Haole (1995)
Ikingut (2000)
Die Ilse ist weg (1976)
Imam dvije mame i dva tate (1969)
Impossible Object (1973)
In the Blood (doc., 1990)
In the Green Room (1901)
Incompreso (1967)
Das Indianerspiel (1992)
Un indien dans la ville (1994)
Infanzia, vocazione e prime esperienze di Giacomo Casanova, veneziano (1969)
Into the Arms of Strangers (doc., 2000)
Into the West (1992)
The Invisible Boy (1957)
The Invisible Kid (1988)
Invisible Mom (tv, 1995)
Iracema (1976)
Irgendwo in Berlin (1946)
The Irish Jig (1898)
Isä meidän (1993)
Island of the Blue Dolphins (1964)
The Island on Bird Street (1997)
The Island (1980)
Islands in the Stream (1977)
L’isola di Arturo (1952)
It Came From the Sky (1999)
It’s a Big Country (1952)
It’s Always Jan (tv, 1955-56)
It’s Not Easy (tv, 1983)
It’s Your Move (tv, 1984)
Ivanovo detstvo (1962)
Izpiti po nikoe vreme (1974)
J. K. Rowling and the Harry Potter Express (tv doc., 2001)
J’ai rencontré le Père Noël (1984)
Jack and the Bean Stalk (1913)
The Jack Rider (1921)
Jackie Cooper’s Xmas Party (1931)
Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang (1977)
Jacquot de Nantes (1991)
Jag är din krigare (1996)
Jag är Maria (1979)
Jake and the Kid (tv, 1995-99)
Jakko (1941)
Jako zajíci (1980)
Jamie (tv, 1954)
Jamie (tv, 1971)
Jánošík (1936)
Je suis le seigneur du château (1989)
The Jealous Doll / The Frustrated Elopement (1909)
Jen si tak trochu písknout (1980)
Jennings (tv, 1966)
Jeremiah Johnson (1972)
Jeux interdits (1951)
Jim, the World’s Greatest (1976)
Jimmy B. and Andre (tv, 1980)
Jimmy the Boy Wonder (1966)
Jimmy the Kid (1983)
Jim’s Gift (1994)
Jo, the Wanderer’s Boy (1912)
Joanie Loves Chachi (tv, 1982)
Joe the King (1999)
Joey and Redhawk (tv, 1978)
Johnny Holiday (1949)
Johnny on the Run (1954)
Johnny Rocco (1958)
Johnny’s Rim (1907)
The Johnstown Monster (1971)
Joni Jones: Y Faciwis (tv, 1982)
Joniko and the Kush-ta-ta (1969)
Le jouet (1976)
Le juge et l’assassin (1975)
Juliana (1988)
Jumanji (1995)
Junge Adler (1944)
Junior Showtime (tv, [1969-74])
Jurassic Park III (2001)
Juror (1996)
Just Pals (1920)
Just Us (tv, 1992-4)
Just William (1937)
Just William (tv, 1962)
Just William (tv, 1994)
Juvenile Jury (1947)
Kadisbellan (1993)
Kadoyng (1972)
Kam doskáče ranní ptáče (1987)
Kampf der Tertia (1928)
Kampf der Tertia (1953)
Kan du vissla Johanna? (1994)
Kañka do pohádky (1980)
Kapitanat (1963)
Kashti bez ogradi (1973)
Kathy O’ (1958)
Katie and Eilish (tv doc., 1992)
Kelly and her Sisters (tv doc., 2001)
Kentucky Jones (tv, 1964)
Kes (1969)
Kevin and Co (tv, 1992)
The Keys of the Kingdom (1944)
The Kid from Canada (1957)
The Kid from Not-So-Big (1978)
Kid Gloves (1985)
The Kid Stakes (1927)
Kid Vengeance (1977)
The Kid (1921)
Kiddie (1911)
Kidnapped (tv, 1994)
The Kidnapped King (1909)
The Kidnappers (1953)
Kids Behind Bars (tv doc., 2001)
The Kids From 47a (tv, 1973-75)
Kidstown U.S.A. (tv, 1983)
Kikujirô no natsu (1999)
Ein Kinderstar im Waisenhaus / Der Kinderhasser (1998)
King of the Turf (1939)
The Kitten Nursery (1901)
De kleine blonde dood (1993)
Der kleine Detektiv (1909)
Der Kleine (1983)
Kleine Teun (1998)
Klyatva Timura (1942)
Kniven i hjertet (1981)
The Knocker and the Naughty Boys (1903)
Kochankowie mojej mamy (1985)
Kocicí princ (1978)
Kodomo no koro sensô ga atta (1981)
Kommst du mit (tv, 19--)
Konec strašidel (1953)
Konnikut (1964)
Koridorius (1994)
Krakonoš a lyžníci (1980)
[Krasnye dyavolyata] (1923)
Krayat na edna vakantsiya (1964)
Kruimeltje (1999)
Kummatty (1980)
Kun isällä on hammassärky (1923)
Kundskabens træ (1981)
Kusa-meikyû (1979)
Lachenite Obuvki na neznayniya voin (1979)
Der Laden (tv, 1988)
Lajanje na zvezde (1999)
Lakki gutten som kunne fly (1992)
Lapin (1995)
Laramie (tv, 1959-62)
Las largas vacaciónes del ’36 (1976)
Last Action hero (1993)
The Last Days of Pompeii (1935)
Last Don (tv, 1997-98)
Lattermaskinen (1910)
Lawn Dogs (1997)
El lazarillo de Tormes (1925)
El lazarillo de Tormes (1959)
The Lazy Boy (1909)
Lazy Lightning (1926)
Leapfrog as Seen by Frog (1900)
Leapin’ Leprechauns! [(1995)]
Leave it to Beaver (tv, 1957-62)
Leave it to Henry (1949)
The Leaving of Liverpool (tv, 1992)
Lena – My 100 Children (tv, 1987)
Léon: The Professional (1995)
Let ‘Er Go, Gallagher! (1928)
Leto u Školjci (1985)
Let’s Kill Uncle (1966)
La leyenda del Tambor (1981)
The Lion (1962)
Lionheart (1968)
Liten Ida (1981)
Litil Búfa (1979)
Little Accident (1930)
Little Accident (1939)
The Little Adventurer (1972)
Little Annie Rooney (1925)
The Little Ark (1972)
The Little Ballerina (1947)
Little Big League (1994)
Little Big Shot (1935)
Little Billie and the Bellows (1913)
A Little Bit of Heaven (1940)
Little Boy Blue (1936)
Little Boy Bountiful (1919)
A Little Boy Called Taps (1909)
Little Boy Lost (1953)
Little Boy Lost (1978)
The Little Boy Scout (1917)
The Little Boys Next Door (1911)
The Little Buckaroo (1928)
The Little Captain of the Scouts (1915)
The Little Conjurer (1906)
The Little Convict (1980)
Little Darlings (1980)
The Little Doctor and the Sick Kitten (1901)
The Little Feller (1982)
The Little Flower Girl and the Fighting Parson (1908)
Little Flower Girl’s Christmas (1909)
A Little Game (tv, 1971)
The Little Girl Next Door (1912)
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976)
Little Girls Blue (1977)
A Little Hero (1908)
Little Jungle Boy (1970)
The Little Kidnappers (tv, 1990)
A Little Lad in Dixie (1911)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1914)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1921)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (tv, 1956)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (tv, 1976)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (tv, 1980)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (tv, 1994)
Little Men (1935)
Little Men (1940)
Little Mickey Grogan (1927)
Little Micky the Mesmerist (1913)
The Little Minister (1934)
Little Miss Lillian (1902)
Little Monsters (1989)
Little Mr Jim (1946)
Little Nell the Drunkard’s Child (1909)
The Little Ones (1965)
Little Orphan Annie (1932)
Little Orphan Annie (1938)
The Little Orphans (1915)
Little Orvie (1940)
The Little Picture Producer (1914)
The Little Poacher (1912)
The Little Princess (1917)
The Little Princess (1939)
A Little Princess (1986)
A Little Princess (1995)
Little Red Riding Hood (USA, 1911)
Little Red Riding Hood (GB, 1911)
Little Red Riding Hood (1982)
Little Red Riding Hood (1983)
The Little Savage (1929)
The Little Savage (1959)
The Little Schoolma’am (1916)
Little Sir Nicholas (tv, 1990)
The Little Spy (1911)
Little Stanley, Lightning Cartoonist (1898)
Little Sunset (1914)
The Little Witness (1900)
Lloyd’s of London (1936)
The Long day Closes (1992)
Long John Silver (1954)
Long Live the King (1923)
Long Pants (1927)
The Long Summer (tv doc., 1993)
Looking for Miracles (tv, 1990)
Loperjenten (1981)
Lost in Space (tv, 1965-68)
The Lost Son (1999)
The Lost Volcano (1950)
Love of Life (tv, 1951-80)
A Lover’s Troubles (1903)
Lucky Cisco Kid (1940)
Lunes de carnaval (1999)
[Lust och fägring stor](1996)
Lütt Matten und die weisse Muschel (1963)
Lyutyi (1973)
Mac and Me (1988)
Madelief: Krassen in het tafelblad (1998)
Madelief[: Met de poppen gooien (tv, 1994-6)]
Mademoiselle Rosie Aquinaldo (1901)
Magdanas Lurdzha (1955)
The Magic Boomerang (tv, 1963)
The Magic Class (1914)
Magic Kid II (1994)
The Magic Toyshop (tv, 1986)
La mágica aventura de Oscar (1999)
The Magnet (1950)
[The Magnificent Six and ½:] The Astronoughts
Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal (1970)
Majestät auf Abwegen (1958)
Major Payne (1995)
Make Room for Daddy (tv, 1953-55, 1957-63)
Make Room for Granddaddy (tv, 1970)
Malcolm in the Middle (tv, 2000)
Mali vojnici (1967)
Malizia (1973)
Malý Partyzán (1950)
Mame (1974)
Mamlyuk (1958)
Man and Boy (1972)
The Man From Nowhere (1975)
Man on Fire (1957)
Man of Fire (1987)
Mandragora (1997)
La mano dello straniero (1953)
La mano en la trampa (1962)
[Manoel dans l'île des merveilles] / Manoel na ilha das Maravilhas [1984]
Marcinello (1992)
Marie (1985)
Marinai senza stelle (1943)
The Marriage Playground (1929)
Maya (1966)
Mayberry R.F.D. (tv, 1968-70)
Me and You Kangaroo (1974)
Meet Me at the Fair (1953)
La meilleure façon de marcher (1976)
Mëngjeze lufte (1971)
Merlin the Return (2000)
Merry Schooldays (1900)
Mery per sempre (1989)
Het mes (1961)
Meska sprawa (2001)
Mezhdu dvamata (1966)
Mi niño, mi caballo y yo (1958)
Midshipman Easy (1935)
The Mighty (1998)
The Mighty McGurk (1946)
Mikres Afrodites (1963)
Mimi: la bouche de Jean-Pierre (1996)
Min fynske barndom (1995)
Min søsters ørn når de er værst! (1971)
Mine tossende drenge (1961)
Ministern (1970)
[Mir vkhodyashchemu] (1961)
The Misses Finch & their Nephew Billy (1911)
Mixed Bathing at Home (1905)
A Modern George Washington (1910)
Modern Times – Family Values (tv doc., 1998)
Moev og funder (1991)
Moi Ivan, toi Abraham (1993)
Moi pervyy drug (1979)
The Monkey’s Revenge (1899)
The Montana Kid (1931)
Montreal Main (1974)
Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life (1983)
Moonfleet (1955)
Moonrise (1948)
Moritz, lieber Moritz (1977)
Mother Goose in a Sixteenth Century Theater (1912)
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes (1902)
Mother Goose Stories (tv, 1990-93)
The Mountain People (doc., 1976)
Mozart: Aufzeichnungen einer Jugend (1976)
Mr Belvedere (tv, 1985-90)
Mr Bumble the Beadle (1898)
Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation (1962)
Mr Horatio Knibbles (1971)
Mr I. Magination (tv, 1949-51)
Mr Majeika (tv, 1991)
Mr Merlin (tv, 1981)
Mr Peepers (tv, 1952-55)
Mr Perrin and Mr Traill (1948)
Mr Rogers’ Neighbourhood (tv, 1968-74)
Mr. Scoutmaster (1953)
Mr Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
The Munsters’ Revenge (tv, 1981)
El muro de silencio (1975)
Murphy’s Romance (1985)
Mutter, dein Kind ruft (1923)
Mutterliebe (1939)
Mutterliebe: Bauernhof und Grafenschloss (1909)
Muž pres palubu (1981)
My Dad’s the Prime Minister (tv, 2003)
My Dog Shep (1946)
My Dog Skip (2002)
My Family and Autism (tv doc., 2003)
My Friend the King (1931)
My Girl (1991)
My Girl 2 (1994)
My Life So Far (1999)
My Old Dutch (1926)
My Side of the Mountain (1969)
My Son Jeep (tv, 1953)
My Son, Kevin (1976)
Mystery Island (1980)
Na komete (1970)
Na pytlácke stezce (1979)
Na samote u lesa (1972)
Nachruf auf eine Bestie (doc., 1983)
Nackte unter Wölfen (1963)
[Nagaya shinshiroku] (1947)
Nailbiter (1999)
The Name of the Rose (1986)
The Nanny (1965)
Nanny and the Professor (tv, 1969-71)
The Nature of the Beast (tv, 1988)
Los náufragos del Liguria (1985)
Naughty Boys and Soldiers (19--)
Něco je ve vzduchu (1980)
Neco z Alenky (1988)
[Nes B'Ayara (1968)]
Neues vom Süderhof (tv, 1996)
Never Take Sweets from a Stranger (1960)
The Neverending Story III (1994)
The New Adventures of Black Beauty (tv, 1994)
The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking (1988)
The New Boarder (1912)
The Next Voice You Hear (1950)
El nido (1980)
Night Editor (1946)
Nightmare (1981)
Nightmare (tv, 1991)
Nijisseiki shônen dokuhon (1989)
El niño de la luna (1989)
El niño de las coles (1934)
El niño de las monjas (1935)
El niño de las monjas (1958)
El Niño y el Muro (1964)
El niño y el tiburón (19[78])
No Deposit, No Return (1976)
No Greater Glory (1934)
No Hard Feelings (1973)
No Kidding (1960)
No Medals for Pop (tv, 1952)
No Place For Jennifer (1949)
No Time for Tears (1957)
Nordsee ist Mordsee (1976)
Norman Loves Rose (1980)
Norrtullsligan (1923)
North (1994)
Not For Sale (1924)
Nous les gosses (1941)
[Now That It’s Morning] (tv, 1992)
The Nursemaid’s Surprise (1898)
Nursing the Baby (1897)
Nya hyss av Emil i Lönneberga (1972)
O Sangue (1989)
October Sky (1999)
The Odd Couple – The Frog (tv, 1970)
Oded the Wanderer (1932)
Of Human Hearts (1938)
Official Officers (1925)
Oggi a Berlino (1963)
Oh Scissors! (1911)
Ohayô (1959)
[Okaasan] (1952)
Old Enough (1984)
The Old Favourite & Ugly Golliwog (1908)
Oliver Ridding’s Schooldays (tv, 19--)
Oliver Twist (1909-Pathé)
Oliver Twist (1909-Vitagraph)
Oliver Twist (1912 UK)
Oliver Twist (1912 US)
Oliver Twist (1916)
Oliver Twist (1922)
L’ombre du doute (1993)
On My Own (1992)
One Good Turn (1954)
One Little Indian (1973)
Operation Third From (1966)
Oppol (1981)
L’Or des Anges (doc., 1998)
Ora Pro Nobis or The Poor Orphan’s Last Prayer (1901)
The Original Amateur Hour (tv, 1948-70)
Örökbefogadás (1975)
Orphan of the Sage (1928)
Ostrov stříbrných volavek (1976)
[Otesánek] (tv, 2000)
The Other (1972)
Otto er et naesehorn (1983)
Our Children (1913)
Our Mother’s House (1967)
Our New Errand Boy (1905)
Out West with the Peppers (1940)
The Outlaw Stallion(1954)
The Outlaw’s Son (1957)
Over the Garden Wall (1901)
Overboard (1987)           
Oye Rey, A donde vamos? (doc., 1980)
På Rymmen med Pippi Långstrump (1970)
Paco (1976)
Padre padrone (1977)
Le pain noir (tv, 1974-75)
The Painted Hills (1951)
Pampered Youth (1925)
Páni kluci (1975)
Papa and Me (tv, 1976)
Partizani i vogël Velo (1980)
Passage secret (1984)
La Passione (1996)
The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1914)
Patsani (1983)
Paw (1959)
Pay it Forward (2000)
Paying the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq (tv doc., 2000)
The Peashooter or A New Weapon for the Army (1905)
Peck’s Bad Boy (1921)
Peck’s Bad Boy (1934)
Peck’s Bad Boy with the Circus (1938)
Peck’s Bad Girl (tv, 1959)
Pedagogicheskaya poema (1955)
Le pélican (1974)
Pelle erobreren (1984)
Penrod (1922)
Penrod and his Twin Brother (1938)
Penrod and Sam (1923)
Penrod and Sam (1931)
Penrod and Sam (1937)
Penrod’s Double Trouble (1938)
The People’s Parliament – Corporal Punishment (tv debate, 1994)
Personality Kid (1946)
Pet Shop (1994)
Peter en de vliegende autobus (1976)
Peter im Schnee (1937)
Peter Lundy and Medicine Hat Stallion (tv, 1977)
Peter Pan (1924)
Peter Pan (tv, 1955)
Peter Pan (tv, 1976)
Le petit bougnat (1969)
Le petit garçon de l’ascenseur (1961)
Le petit garçon (1994)
Le petit poucet (1972)
Le petit roi (1933)
La petite voleuse(1988)
Les petits frères (1999)
Phantasm (1979)
Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (1994)
The Phantom Kid (1983)
Phatik Chand (1983)
Phörpa (1999)
Pianese Nunzio, 14 anni a maggio (1996)
Pic et Pic et Colegram (1972)
I picchiatelli (1958)
Piccoli fuochi (1985)
Der Piccolo vom Goldenen Löwen (1928)
The Pied Piper (1942)
The Pie-Eating Competition (1902)
Pikku Pietarin piha (1961)
Pillow Fight (1898)
A Pin for the Butterfly (1994)
The Pinto Kid (1928)
The Pioneer Scout (1928)
Pippi i Taka-Tuka Land (1970)
Pippi Långstrump (1968)
Pippi Långstrump (tv, 1968)
Pippi Långstrump på de sju haven (1969)
Pippin up to his Pranks (1912)
La Playa Prohibida (1984)
Playhouse 90 – Child of Our Time (1959)
Playhouse 90 – Eloise (1956)
Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (1960)
Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (tv, 1965-66)
Plucked from the Burning (1900)
Pod Jezevci skálou (1978)
Podranki (1976)
Poika ja Ilves (1998)
Poil de carotte (1925)
Poil de carotte (1932)
Les poings fermés (1984)
Poison Candy (tv, 1990)
Polly the Girl Scout & Grandpa’s Medals (1913)
Pontiac Moon (1994)
Popi (1969)
Les portes tournantes (1988)
Poto and Cabengo (doc., 1979)
Pourquoi? (1976)
The Poverty of Riches (1921)
Powder (1995)
A Practical Joke (1898)
Prairie Moon (1938)
Prázdniny pro psa (1980)
Prehysteria (1993)
Prehysteria 2 (1994)
Prehysteria 3 (1994)
Prélude à la Gloire (1949)
Prelude to Fame (1950)
Préparez vos mouchoirs (1977)
Pri nikogo (1974)
Pride of Place (doc., 1976)
The Pride of the Family (tv, 1953-55)
La primera aventura (1964)
The Prince and the Pauper (1909)
The Prince and the Pauper (1915)
The Prince and the Pauper (1932)
The Prince and the Pauper (1937)
The Prince and the Pauper (tv, 1957)
The Prince and the Pauper (1962)
The Princes in the Tower (1913)
The Printer’s Devil (1923)
Prinz und Bettelknabe (1920)
Problem Child (1990)
Problem Child 2 (1991)
Professor Puddenhead’s Patents: The Aerocab and the Vacuum Provider (1909)
Project Z (tv, 1968)
Proletardrengen (1915)
La promesse (1969)
Promise at Dawn (1970)
Psycho IV: the Beginning (tv, 1990)
P’Tang Yang Kipperbang (tv, 1982)
Public Enemy No. 1 – The Man Who Killed a Hundred Boys (tv doc., 2001)
Public School (tv doc., 1980)
Puika (1977)
A Pullman Nightmare (1913)
The Pumpkin Eater (1964)
Punktchen und Anton (1950)
Punktur, Punktur, Komma, Strik (1981)
Punta a ctyrlístek (1955)
Purely belter (2000)
Putyovka v Zhizn (1931)
QED – On his Own Two Feet (tv doc., 1991)
Qi xiao fu (1988)
Quand j’avais 5 ans je m'ai tué (1994)
Les quatre cents coups (1959)
¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto? (1984)
Que la bête meure (1969)
Queen of Hearts (1989)
Question Seven (1961)
The Quick and the Dead (tv, 1987)
¿Quién puede matar a un niño? (197[6])
The Quiet One (doc., 1948)
The Quiz Kids (tv, 1949-56)
Rabbit Proof Fence (2002)
Radio Flyer (1992)
Radio Patrol (tv, 1937)
Ragazzo (1951)
Rags to Riches (1922)
Rags to Riches (1941)
Rags to Riches (tv, 1987-88)
Rahul (2001)
[Rang-e khoda] (1998)
Rangi’s Catch (tv, 1972)
Rasputin (tv, 1996)
Ratcatcher (1999)
Rebel Without a Cause (1955)
The Red Hand Gang (tv, 1977)
The Red Pony (1949)
The Red Pony (tv, 1973)
Red Ryder (General note on 29 films including tv: 1940-56)
Reifezeit (1976)
Reise der Hoffnung (1990)
The Reivers (1969)
Il relitto (1961)
Remedial Reading Comprehension (doc., 1970)
Return to Oz (1985)
Reunion (tv, 1994)
La Révolte des Enfants (1992)
Revolution (1985)
El Rey de los Gorilas (1976)
Richard Burton’s A Christmas Story (tv, 1991)
Riders of the New Forest (tv, 1946)
Ritzar bez bronya (1965)
Rivals (1972)
The River of No Return (1954)
River’s End (1930)
The Road Home (tv, 1994)
The Robber Symphony (1936)
Robin Hood Junior (1975)
Robinson Crusoe and the Tiger (1969)
[Robo no ishi] (1938)
[Rocco, ang batang bato (1982)]
Rockford (1998)
The Rocking Horse Winner (1949)
The Rocking Horse Winner (1987)
De Rode Zwaan (1999)
Room For One More (tv, 1962)
A Room for Romeo Brass (2000)
Les roseaux sauvages (1994)
Roughly Speaking (1945)
Roveh Huliot (1979)
Rubber Tires (1927)
Run to Earth by Boy Scouts (1911)
The Runaway Knock (1898)
The Runaway Knock & the Suffering Milkman (1898)
Runaway Railway (1965)
Runaway Ralph (tv, 1988)
The Runaways (tv, 1975)
Runners (1983)
S Detza na More (1971)
El Sacerdote (1978)
The Sad Horse (1959)
Saddle Tramp (1950)
Sado (1978)
Safe at Home! (1962)
Safer (tv, 1999)
The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea (1976)
The Sailor’s Return (1898)
Salem’s Lot (tv, 1979)
The Salvage Gang (1958)
Sammy Going South (1963)
Sans famille (1912)
Sans famille (1925)
Sans famille (1934 and 1957)
Santa Claus (1898)
Santa Claus and the Children (1898)
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)
Il sapore del grano (1986)
Satyricon (1969)
School Days (1921)
School for Randle (1949)
Schoolboys’ Pranks (1907)
The Schoolboys’ Revolt (1908)
The Schoolmaster’s Portrait (1898)
Der Schüler Gerber (1981)
Sciuscià (1946)
Scotty of the Scouts (1926)
The Scoutmaster’s Motto (1911)
A Scout’s Strategy (1911)
Scrooge or Marley’s Ghost (1901)
The Sea Urchin (1926)
Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)
Sébastien et la Mary-Morgane (tv, 1970)
Sébastien parmi les hommes (1967)
Second Best (1994)
The Secret Agent Club (1995)
The Secret Tunnel (1947)
See it Now – The Secret World of Danny Kaye (tv doc., 1957)
Seed (1931)
Seryozha (1960)
Seven Little Australians (tv, 1973)
The Seven Little Foys (1955)
Sex B.C. – The Greeks (tv doc., 2002)
Shao Lin xiao zi (1984)
Shep Comes Home (1948)
Sheriff Street Kids (tv, 1993)
Shonen (1969)
Short Eyes (1977)
The Silent Playground (1964)
Silver Spoons (tv, 1982-86)
Jugend (1937)]
[Skakavac] (1975)
Det skaldede spøgelse (1992)
Skateboard (1977)
Skeezer (tv, 1982)
Skippy (1931)
Sling Blade (1996)
The Slingshot Kid (1927)
Smart Guy (tv, 1997-98)
Smike (tv, 1973)
Smilla’s Sense of Snow (1996)
Smukke dreng (1993)
Snatched (1975)
Snowballing Oom Paul (1900)
Sojky v hlave (1983)
Solarbabies (1986)
The Solitary Sin (1919)
Sølvmunn (1981)
Somersault (2001)
Something Always Happens (1934)
Sometime in August (tv, 1990)
Sonen Tantei Dan (1958)
Der Sonnblick ruft (1952)
Sons of the Legion (1938)
El sordo (1958)
Le souffle au coeur (1971)
The Soupy Sales Show (tv, 1953)
Sovsem propashchi (1973)
The Spanking Age (1928)
Spare the Rod (1961)
Spartak i Kalashnikov (2002)
Spomen (1973)
Spriditis (1985)
Spring and Port Wine (1970)
Star Kid (1998)
Star Trek: the Next Generation – The Bonding (1989)
Star Trek: the Next Generation – New Ground (1992)
Starlight Hotel (1987)
Start Here (tv, 1987)
Stawiam na Tolka Banana (tv, 1973)
Stick With Me, Kid (tv, 1995)
Een stille liefde (1977)            
Stone Tears (1997)
Storm Center (1956)
The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris (tv, 1979)
The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler (1943)
Strip, Strip, Hooray! (1932)
Stuart Little (1999)
Sugar and Spice (tv, 1989)
A Summer to Remember (1985)
A Surrey Garden (1896)
Swallows & Amazons (1974)
Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! (1913)
Swell Guy (1946)
Switchback (1997)
Sydney’s Sharp Points (1912)
Ein Tag mit dem wind (1979)
Tåg till himlen / El tren al cielo (1989)
[Takhté siah] (2000)
Tales From the Darkside – The New Man (tv, 1984)
Talk About a Stranger (1952)
[Tana a Dva Pistolnici]
Tantrums (tv, 1974)
Taralezhite se razhdat bez bodli (1970)
Target Luna (tv, 1960)
Tarzan Finds a Son! (1939)
Tarzan Goes to India (1962)
Tarzan’s Savage Fury (1952)
Tayna zheleznoj dveri (1970)
Teasing Grandpa (1901)
Teasing the Monkey (1899)
[Telo bez duse] (1996)
Ten okrutny, nikczemny chlopac (1972)
The Tender Years (1948)
Tendres Cousines (1980)
Tension at Table Rock (1956)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
Terry on the Fence (1985)
That Eternal Ping-Pong (1902)
That Naughty Girl (1903)
There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble (2000)
They Found a Cave (tv, 1962)
Thomas er fredløs (1967)
Thoroughbred (1978)
Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry (1937)
Those Troublesome Boys (1902)
Three for the Road (tv, 1975)
Three of Them (1913)
Ti kniver i hjertet (1994)
Ti, koyto si na nebeto (1989)
Tiger Bay (1959)
Ti-Koyo e il suo pescecane (1962)
Tim Driscoll’s Donkey (1955)
Time Bandits (1981)
A Time to Live (tv, 1986)
Timm Thaler (tv, 1975)
Timur i yego komanda (1940)
Tire Trouble (1924)
Titi premier, roi des gosses (1926)
Titus (1999)
To Each his Own (tv, 1991)
To Kill a Day (tv, 2002)
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
To Sir With Love (1967)
Tobi (1978)
Tobor the Great (1954)
Toby McTeague (1985)
Today is Ours (tv, 1958)
Toggle (tv, 1967)
Tom Brown’s Schooldays (1916)
Tom Brown’s Schooldays (1940)
Tom Brown’s Schooldays (1951)
Tom Brown’s Schooldays (tv, 1971)
Tom Sawyer (1917)
Tom Sawyer (1930)
Tom Sawyer (1973)
Tom Sawyer (tv, 1973)
Tom Sawyer, Detective (1938)
Tomas – et barn du ikke kan nå (doc., 1981)
Tommy and the Mouse (1902)
Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller (1988)
Tomorrow, the World! (1944)
Tom’s Gang (1927)
Tom’s Midnight Garden (tv, 1989)
Tom’s Midnight Garden (1998)
Tom’s Ride (1944)
Tomten år far till alla barnen (1999)
Tongdang wansui (1989)
Tony Draws a Horse (1950)
Too Much of a Good Thing (1902)
Too Much (1987)
Top Ten: Teen Idols (tv, 2001)
Topsy-Turvy Villa (1900)
Torzok (2001)
The Toy (1982)
The Tramp and the Baby’s Bottle (1899)
Transit (1979)
Die Trapp-Familie (1956)
Die Trapp-Familie in Amerika (1958)
Das Traumschiff – New Orleans (1990)
The Travels of Jamie McPheeters (tv, 1963)
Tre engle og fem løver (1982)
Treasure in the Haunted House (1964)
Treasure Island (1912)
Treasure Island (1917)
Treasure Island (1920)
Treasure Island (1934)
Treasure Island (1950)
Treasure Island (tv, 1968)
Treasure Island (1971)
Treasure Island (tv, 1977)
Treasure Island (tv, 1990)
Treasure Island (General note on 25 films including tv: 1912-95) 
Treasure Island in Outer Space (tv, 1987)
Tri Brata (1999)
Trois enfants dans le désordre (1966)
Les trois tambours (1939)
Troop Beverly Hills (1989)
Trotzkopf (2000)
Trouble (1922)
The Trouble with 2B (1972)
Troublemakers (tv, 1990)
The Truants’ Capture (1906)
True Friends (1998)
Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen (1999)
Tschetan der Indianerjunge (1972)
The Twins’ Tea Party (1896)
Two Bits (1995)
Two Little Vagabonds or The Pugilistic Parson (1903)
Two Naughty Boys (1909)
Two Naughty Boys Sprinkling the Spoons (1898)
Two Naughty Boys Teasing the Cobbler (1898)
Two Naughty Boys Upsetting the Spoons (1898)
L’ultima neve di primavera (1973)
Uma (1941)
Uncle Buys Clarence a Balloon (1911)
Uncle Joe Shannon (1978)
Uncle’s Picnic (1908)
Under the Frozen Falls (1948)
Under the Mountain (tv, 1981)
Unhappily Ever After (tv, 1995-99)
Unman, Wittering and Zigo (tv, 1971)
The Unseen (1945)
Unser kleiner Junge (1941)
Up the River (1896)
[Uroki v kontse vesny] (1989)
The United States Steel Hour - Beaver Patrol (tv, 1958)
Úteky domu (1980)
Útek s Cézarem (1990)
[Utomlennye solntsem] (1994)
Uz zase skácu pres kaluze (1971)
V lyudyakh (1938)
Valahol Európában (1947)
Vandarhögg (1980)
Veidiferdin (1980)
Venner for altid (1986)
Venoušek a Stazicka (1922)
En verden til forskel (1989)
Vi kunde ha’ det saa rart (1942)
Vice Versa (1947)
Vice Versa (1988)
Village of the Damned (1995)
Vincent and Me / Vincent et moi (1990)
Violin (doc., 1976)
Les violons du bal (1973)
The Virgin Suicides (2000)
Visit to a Chief’s Son (1974)
Le visiteur (1946)
The Visitor / Stridulum (1978)
Viva la muerte (1970)
Vojnik (1965)
Vor (1997)
Vracenky (1990)
Vrijgezel met 40 kinderen (1958)
Vyatarat na pateshestviyata (1972)
Vzorný kinematograf Haska Jaroslava (1956)
Wait Till I Catch You (1910)
Wakacje z duchami (1970)
WarGames (1983)
The Webster Boy (1961)
Wedding Worries (1941)
Welcome to the Dollhouse (1996)
Die Welt in jenem Sommer (tv, 1980)
Wênd Kûuni (1982)
Wenn der Vater mit dem Sohne (1955)
Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994)
West of Zanzibar (1954)
A Wet Day at the Seaside (1900)
Whack-O (tv, 1956)
What Kids Want… and How They Get It (tv doc., 2001)
What Next? (1974)
What the Moon Saw (1988)
When a Feller Needs a Friend (1932)
When Daddy Comes Home (1902)
When I Grow Up (1951)
When the Cat’s Away (1898)
When Uncle Took Clarence for a Walk (1910)
When Women Rule (1908)
Where Adam Stood (tv, 1976)
Where Have All the People Gone? (tv, 1974)
Where the Red Fern Grows (1974)
Where’s Johnny? (1974)
Where’s Willie? (1977)
The Whipping Boy (tv, 1994)
Who Killed Tutankhamun? (tv doc., 2002)
Who’s Looking After Your Child? (tv doc., 2003)
Why Tommy was Late for School (1909)
The Wicker Man (1973)
Wild America (1997)
Wild Beauty (1946)
Wildwechsel (tv, 1972)
William Comes to Town (1948)
William Tell (1901, R.W.Paul)
William Tell (1901, Warwick Trading Co.)
Willie Goodchild Visits his Auntie (1907)
The Window (1949)
The Winslow Boy (1948)
The Winslow Boy (1999)
With Six You Get Eggroll (1968)
De Witte (1934)
Wolga-Wolga (1928)
The Wonder Kid (1951)
The Wonderful John Acton (tv, 1953)
The World of Mr Sweeney (tv, 1953-54)
The Worried German (1900)
The Worst Witch (tv, 1986)
[Xilu xiang] (1999)
[Yi ge dou bu neng shao (1999)]
[Yumurcak] kücük sahit (19[72])
[Zvahlav aneb Saticky Slameného Huberta (1971)]
3 Minute Wonder (tv, 2000)
3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain (1998)
13 Ghosts (1960)
The 100 Greatest Kids’ TV Shows (tv, 2001)
1732 Høtten (1998)
1999 – Nen no natsu yasumi (1988)


Alphabetical listing by English names of films with other names in their original languages

Note that the Asher Archive gives its own (generally accurate) translation of the names of films, and often ignores the names under which the films were released in English-speaking countries, but preference is given to the latter in the following list. The purpose of this list is only to enable the reader to find films which he may only know by the names under which they were released in such countries, so no English names or translations are included which are given by neither the Asher Archive nor

Abandoned:  Torzok (2001)
Abel, the Flying Liftboy:  Abeltje (1998)
Abel, Your Brother:  Abel twój brat (1970)
Acla’s Descent into Floristella:  La discesa di Acla a Floristella (1994)
The Adolescent (Girl):  L’adolescente (1979)
Adoption:  Örökbefogadás (1975)
An Adventure in the Bay of Gold:  Dobrodruzství na Zlaté zátoce (1955)
Adventure in the Old Palace:  Aventura en al palacio viejo (1967)
Adventures of a Gypsy Boy:  Avonturen van een Zigeunerj (1960)
The Adventures of Petey Bell:  De Avonturen van Pietje Bell (1964)
Adventures with a Naked Boy:  Dobrodruzství s nahým klukem (1964)
The Agony of Eagles:  L’agonie des aigles (1922)
Ake and his World:  Åke och hans Varld (1984)
Alice:  Neco z Alenky (1988)
Alice in Wonderland:  Alice au pays des merveilles (1951)
Amazonia – The Wayan Indians:  Amazonie: Les Indiens Wayanas (doc., 1996)
Ammu’s Goat:  Ammu ki Bakari (1980)
And Quiet Rolls the Dawn:  Ekdin Pratidin (1979)
Angela On the Wings of Imagination:  Angela nas asas da imaginacão (1996)
Anna from Six to Eighteen:  Anna ot Shesti do Vosemnadt (doc., 1994)
The Annunciation:  Angyali üdvözlet (1984)
Apostasy:  Hakai (1948)
Arthur, Merlin and Prchlici:  Artus Merlin a Prchlici (tv, 1997)
Arturo’s Island:  L’isola di Arturo (1952)
Bachelor with 40 Children:  Vrijgezel met 40 kinderen (1958)
Bandits:  Bandidos (1990)
Barking at the Stars:  Lajanje na zvezde (1999)
Battle of the Third Form:  Kampf der Tertia (1928)
Battle of the Third Form:  Kampf der Tertia (1953)
Battle Royale:  Batoru rowaiaru (2000)
Bert – the Last Virgin:  Bert – den Sista Oskulden (1996)
Beshkempir, the Adopted Son:  Beshkempir (1998)
The Best Way to Walk:  La meilleure façon de marcher (1976)
Betrayal:  Loperjenten (1981)
Between the Two:  Mezhdu dvamata (1966)
Black Bread :  Le pain noir (tv, 1974-75)
Black Brood:  Camada negra (1977)
The Black Hen, or The Dwellers Underground:  Chernaya Kuritsa, ili Podzemniye zhiteli (1980)
Blackboards:  Takhté siah (2000)
Blinker and the BagBag Jewel:  Blinker en het BagBag juweel (2000)
Bloody Angels: 1732 Høtten (1998)
A Blot in the Fairy-Tale:  Kañka do pohádky (1980)
Bluebird:  Blauvogel (1979)
Blood:  O Sangue (1989)
Blood and Honour – Youth Under Hitler:  Blut und Ehre – Jugend unter Hitler (tv, 1982)
Body Without Soul:  Telo bez duse (1996)
The Bogey Man:  Kummatty (1980)
Bombi Bitt and Me:  Bombi Bitt och jag! (1968)
Boy:  Ragazzo (1951)
Boy:  Shonen (1969)
The Boy:  Puika (1977)
The Boy and the Shark:  El niño y el tiburón (1978)
The Boy and the Wall:  El Niño y el Muro (1964)
A Boy Called Third Base:  Sado (1978)
The Boy God:  Rocco, ang batang bato (1982)
Boy of the Nuns:  El niño de las monjas (1935)
Boy of the Nuns:  El niño de las monjas (1958)
Boy or Girl?:  Chico o chica? (1962)
Boys:  Drenge (1977)
Boys’ School:  Les disparus de Saint-Agil (1938)
The Brno Trail:  Tana a Dva Pistolnici (1967)
Broken Sky:  Brusten himmel (1982)
The Brothers Lionheart:  Bröderna Lejonhjärta (tv, 1977)
Burning Secret:  Brennendes Geheimnis (1933)
Burning Secret :  Brennendes Geheimnis (tv, 1975)
Burnt by the Sun:  Utomlennye solntsem (1994)
Buster’s World:  Busters verden (1984)
A Cage of Nightingales:  La cage aux rossignols (1944)
Call of the Sonnblick:  Der Sonnblick ruft (1952)
Can You Whistle, Johanna?:  Kan du vissla Johanna? (1994)
The Captain:  Kapitanat (1963)
Carnival Monday:  Lunes de carnaval (1999)
Carrot-Top:  Poil de carotte (1925)
Carrot-Top:  Poil de carotte (1932)
Castaways of the Liguria:  Los náufragos del Liguria (1985)
Castle Ra-Tim-Bum:  Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum (1999)
Central Station:  Central do Brasil (1998)
The Champion:  Campioana (1990)
Childhood in Amacueca:  Oye Rey, A donde vamos? (doc., 1980)
The Childhood of Maxim Gorky:  Detstvo Gorkovo (1938)
Childhood, Vocation and First Experiences of Giacomo Casanova, Venetian:  Infanzia, vocazione e prime esperienze di Giacomo Casanova, veneziano (1969)
The Children are Watching Us:  I bambini ci guardano (1942)
Children in the City:  Bambini in Città (doc., 1946)
Children of the Beehive:  Hachi no su no kodomotachi (1948)
Children of the Luna:  Barnen på Luna (tv, 2000)
Children of War:  Chicos de la guerra (1984)
Children Playing Outdoors:  Deca igrayet ven (1973)
Children’s Island:  Barnens ö (1980)
The Children’s Revolt:  La Révolte des Enfants (1992)
A Children’s Star in the Orphanage / The Child-Hater: Ein Kinderstar im Waisenhaus / Der Kinderhasser (1998)
The Children’s War:  La guerra de los niños (1980)
The Christmas Tree:  L’arbre de Nöel (1969)
Chronicle of a Boy Alone:  Cronica de un niño solo (1964)
Circus Boys:  Nijisseiki shônen dokuhon (1989)
Circus on Stilts:  Circus op Stelten (1972)
Class Trip:  La classe de neige (1998)
The Colour of God:  Rang-e khoda (1998)
Come and See:  Idi i smotri (1985)
Corridor: Koridorius (1994)
Cross My Heart and Hope to Die:  Ti kniver i hjertet (1994)
The Cup:  Phörpa (1999)
Daddy’s War:  La guerra de papá (1977)
The Deaf Man:  El sordo (1958)
The Debut:  Het debuut (1977)
The Devil’s Backbone:  El espinazo del diablo (2001)
Don Quixote’s Children:  Don Quichottes Kinder (1981)
Don’t Deliver Us From Evil:  Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal (1970)
Dot, Dot, Comma, Dash:  Punktur, Punktur, Komma, Strik (1981)
The Dream Boat New Orleans:  Das Traumschiff – New Orleans (1990)
The Drifting Classroom:  Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu (1991)
The Early Bird Catches the Worm:  Kam doskáče ranní ptáče (1987)
Eenie Meenie Miney Moe:  Pic et Pic et Colegram (1972)
Elder Sister:  Oppol (1981)
Elisa Before the End of the World:  Elisa antes del fin del mundo (1996)
Emil and the Piglet:  Emil och Griseknoen (1973)
Emil of Lonneberga:  Emil i Lönneberga (1971)
End of the Holidays:  Krayat na edna vakantsiya (1964)
An End to Ghosts:  Konec strašidel (1953)
Escaping Home:  Úteky domu (1980)
Exams at Any Odd Time:  Izpiti po nikoe vreme (1974)
The Fall:  La caida (1958)
Farrebique, or the Four Seasons:  Farrebique ou les quatres saisons (1946)
Father:  Apa (1966)
Father and Son:  Fuzi Qing (1981)
Father Master: Padre padrone (1977)
The Fierce One:  Lyutyi (1973)
The First Aventure:  La primera aventura (1964)
The Fishing Trip:  Veidiferdin (1980)
The Flavour of Corn:  Il sapore del grano (1986)
The Flying Classroom:  Das fliegende Klassenzimmer (1954)
[Footloose]:  Bugie bianche (1980)
Forbidden Beach:  La Playa Prohibida (1984)
Forbidden Games:  Jeux interdits (1951)
Forever Mery:  Mery per sempre (1989)
Forget Venice:  Dimenticare Venezia (1979)
Friends for Life:  Amici per la pelle (1955)
Friends Forever:  Venner for altid (1986)
Gales:  Bufere (1952)
The Gang of Eight:  La banda de los ocho (1961)
Gentlemen, Boys: Páni kluci (1975)
Get Out Your Handkerchiefs:  Préparez vos mouchoirs (1977)
Gift of God:  Wênd Kûuni (1982)
Girl with a Shell:  Dívka s mušlí (1980)
The Glassblower’s Children:  Glasblåsarens barn (1999)
God’s Comedy:  A Comédia de Deus (1995)
Gold of Angels:  L’Or des Anges (doc., 1998)
A Golden Kid:  Un gosse en or (1938)
Good-bye Nana:  Ministern (1970)
Good Morning!  Ohayô (1959)
The Grasshopper:  Skakavac (1975)
Great Pals:  Grandes amigos (1966)
Green Henry:  Der gruene Heinrich (1994)
The Hand and the Snare:  La mano en la trampa (1962)
Haunted Holidays:  Wakacje z duchami (1970)
Heaven or Hell:  Himmel oder Hölle (1990)
Hedgehog Friendship:  Igelfreundschaft (1961)
Hedgehogs Are Born Without Spines:  Taralezhite se razhdat bez bodli (1970)
Hi Junior!:  Hahó, Öcsi! (1971)
The Hideaway:  Moev og funder (1991)
His Majesty Goes a-Wandering:  Majestät auf Abwegen (1958)
Holiday Child:  Das Ferienkind (1943)
Holiday for a Dog:  Prázdniny pro psa (1980)
The Holy Terror:  Bébert et l’omnibus (1963)
Hodja From Portugal:  Hodja fra Pjort (1985)
Home Sweet Home:  Hem ljuva hem (2001)
Hopelessly Lost:  Sovsem propashchi (1973)
Horse:  Uma (1941)
The Horse:  At (1982)
The Horseman:  Konnikut (1964)
A Hot Noon:  Goreshto pladne (1965)
Houses Without Fences:  Kashti bez ogradi (1973)
How Marie Met Fredrik, Rebus Donkey, the Kangaroo Ploughman, and... :  Hur Marie träffade Fredrik, Åsnan Rebus, Kangarun Ploj och… (1969)
A Hungarian Fairy Tale:  Hol volt, hol nem volt (1986)
Hurrah! Our Parents Aren’t Around!:  Hurra, unsere Eltern sind nicht da (1970)
The Hussy:  La drôlesse (1979)
I Had Condemned Them All to Death:  Atunci i-am condamnat pe toti la moarte (1972)
I Had a Dream:  Ich hatte einen Traum (1980)
I Have Two Mummies and Two Daddies:  Imam dvije mame i dva tate (1969)
I Love You Rosa:  Ani Ohev Otach Rosa (1971)
I’m Betting on Tolek Banana:  Stawiam na Tolka Banana (tv, 1973)
I’m the King of the Castle:  Je suis le seigneur du château (1989)
I Met Father Christmas:  J’ai rencontré le Père Noël (1984)
I Saw You!:  Ek het Jou Gesien! (1991)
Ilse is Gone:  Die Ilse ist weg (1976)
In Daddy’s Pocket:  I din fars lomme (1972)
In the Little Wood:  Dans le petit bois (1995)
Island of Silver Herons:  Ostrov stříbrných volavek (1976)
It [All] Starts Today:  Ça commence aujourd’hui (1999)
It’s not my Fault!:  C’est pas ma faute! (1999)
Ivan & Abraham:  Moi Ivan, toi Abraham (1993)
Ivan’s Childhood:  Ivanovo detstvo (1962)
Jabberwocky:  Zvahlav aneb Saticky Slameného Huberta (1971)
Jaroslav Hasek’s Exemplary Cinematograph:  Vzorný kinematograf Haska Jaroslava (1956)
Jasper’s Ghost:  Det skaldede spøgelse (1992)
Joselito’s Adventures in America:  Aventuras de Joselito en America (1959)
Journey into Prehistory:  Cesta do praveku (1955)
Journey of Hope:  Reise der Hoffnung (1990)
The Judge and the Assassin:  Le juge et l’assassin (1975)
Jumping Over Puddles:  Uz zase skácu pres kaluze (1971)
Just a Little Whistle:  Jen si tak trochu písknout (1980)
Kidnap Syndicate:  La città sconvolta: caccia spietata ai rapitori (1975)
Kids From Shaolin:  Shao Lin xiao zi (1984)
The Kids’ War:  La guerre des gosses (1936)
King of the Gorillas:  El Rey de los Gorilas (1976)
The Knife:  Het mes (1961)
Knife in the Heart:  Kniven i hjertet (1981)
Knight Without Armour:  Ritzar bez bronya (1965)
Krakonos and the Skis:  Krakonoš a lyžníci (1980)
Labyrinth in the Field:  Kusa-meikyû (1979)
Lakki – The Boy Who Grew Wings:  Lakki gutten som kunne fly (1992)
The Last Snows of Spring: L’ultima neve di primavera (1973)
Latest from Suderhof:  Neues vom Süderhof (tv, 1996)
The Laughter Machine:  Lattermaskinen (1910)
The Legend of the Drummer Boy:  La leyenda del Tambor (1981)
The Legend of Tim Tyler:  Timm Thaler (tv, 1975)
Lenin, the Lord and the Mother:  Vracenky (1990)
Lessons at the End of Spring:  Uroki v kontse vesny (1989)
The Lie:  El Bola (2000)
Like Hares:  Jako zajíci (1980)
Little Aphrodites:  Mikres Afrodites (1963)
The Little Blond Death:  De Kleine Blonde Dood (1993)
The Little Boy:  Le petit garçon (1994)
Little Brothers:  Les petits frères (1999)
Little Charcoal:  Le petit bougnat (1969)
Little Cheung:  Xilu xiang (1999)
Little Crumb:  Kruimeltje (1999)
Little Dot and Anton:  Punktchen und Anton (1950)
The Little Detective:  Der kleine Detektiv (1909)
The Little Eye-Witness:  Yumurcak kücük sahit (1972)
Little Flames:  Piccoli fuochi (1985)
The Little Guide of Tormes:  El lazarillo de Tormes (1925)
The Little Guide of Tormes:  El lazarillo de Tormes (1959)
Little Ida / Growing Up:  Liten Ida (1981)
Little Indian, Big City:  Un indien dans la ville (1994)
The Little King:  Le petit roi (1933)
The Little Lift Boy:  Le petit garçon de l’ascenseur (1961)
Little Mook:  Die Geschichte vom kleinen Muck (1953)
The Little One:  Der Kleine (1983)
Little Otik:  Otesánek (tv, 2000)
The Little Partisan:  Malý Partyzán (1950)
Little Partisan Velo:  Partizani i vogël Velo (1980)
Little Peter’s Yard:  Pikku Pietarin piha (1961)
[The Little Rebels]:  Chiens perdus sans collier (1955)
Little Red Devils:  Krasnye dyavolyata (1923)
Little Red Riding Hood:  Caperucita roja (1947)
Little Red Riding Hood and her Three Friends:  Caperucita y sus tres amigos (1962)
Little Riding Hood and Red: Caperucita y Roja (1976)
Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb versus the Monsters:  Caperucita y Pulgarcito contra los monstruos (1960)
A Little Swelling:  Litil Búfa (1979)
Little Teun:  Kleine Teun (1998)
The Little Thief:  La petite voleuse (1988)
Little Vaclav and Little Anastasia:  Venoušek a Stazicka (1922)
The Long Holidays of ’36:  Las largas vacaciónes del ’36 (1976)
Long Live the Childhood Gang:  Tongdang wansui (1989)
Long Live Death:  Viva la muerte (1970)
Love Lessons:  Lust och fägring stor (1996)
Lutt Matten and the White Shell:  Lütt Matten und die weisse Muschel (1963)
Magdana’s Donkey:  Magdanas Lurdzha (1955)
Malicious:  Malizia (1973)
The Mameluke:  Mamlyuk (1958)
Mamma’s Boy:  Il cocco di mamma (1957)
Man Overboard: Muž pres palubu (1981)
A Man’s Thing:  Meska sprawa (2001)
Manuel on the Island of Wonders:  Manoel dans l'île des merveilles / Manoel na ilha das Maravilhas (1984)
Maria and Me:  Jag är Maria (1979)
Memory:  Spomen (1973)
Men Never Cry:  Chlapi prece neplácou (1980)
The Merry Peasant:  Der fidele Bauer (1908)
The Miracle:  Nes B'Ayara (1968)
Misunderstood:  Incompreso (1967)
The Mixup in Salkhineti:  Aurzari salkhinetsi (1975)
MoonChild:  El niño de la luna (1989)
Moritz, Dear Moritz:  Moritz, lieber Moritz (1977)
Mornings of War:  Mëngjeze lufte (1971)
Mortal Sin:  Doodzonde (1978)
Mother: Okaasan (1952)
Mother, Your Child is Calling: Mutter, dein Kind ruft (1923)
Mother Love: Mutterliebe (1939)
Motherly Love: Farmhouse and Count’s Castle: Mutterliebe: Bauernhof und Grafenschloss (1909)
Movie Days: Bíódagar (1994)
Mozart: A Childhood Chronicle:  Mozart: Aufzeichnungen einer Jugend (1976)
Muddy River:  Doro no kawa (1981)
Murmur of the Heart:  Le souffle au coeur (1971)
My Boy, My Horse and Me:  Mi niño, mi caballo y yo (1958)
My Childhood:  Min fynske barndom (1995)
My Crazy Boys:  Mine tossende drenge (1961)
My First Friends:  Moi pervyy drug (1979)
My Mum’s Lovers:  Kochankowie mojej mamy (1985)
My Sister’s Kids Are Going Astray!:  Min søsters ørn når de er værst! (1971)
The Mysterious X:  Det Hemmelighedsfulde X (1913)
Naked Among Wolves: Nackte unter Wölfen (1963)
Naked Childhood:  L’enfance nue (1968)
Nature’s Warrior:  Jag är din krigare (1996)
The Nest:  El nido (1980)
Never More 13!:  Aldri mer 13! (1996)
New Mischief by Emil:  Nya hyss av Emil i Lönneberga (1972)
No End:  Bez konca (1984)
The Norrtull Gang:  Norrtullsligan (1923)
The North Sea is a Killing Sea:  Nordsee ist Mordsee (1976)
Not Bad for a Human:  Aika hyvä ihmiseksi (1977)
Not One Less:  Yi ge dou bu neng shao (1999)
On His Own / My Apprenticeship:  V lyudyakh (1938)
On the Poacher’s Path: Na pytlácke stezce (1979)
Only Clouds move the Stars:  Bare skyer beveger stjernen (1999)
An Orphan Boy of Vienna:  Singende Jugend (1937)
Orphans:  Podranki (1976)
Oscar’s Magical Adventure:  La mágica aventura de Oscar (1999)
Otto the Rhino:  Otto er et naesehorn (1983)
Our Little Boy:  Unser kleiner Junge (1941)
Out of the Blue:  Aasman se Gira (1991)
Over at Boys Ranch:  Allá en el rancho chico (1937)
The Page-Boy at the Golden Lion:  Der Piccolo vom Goldenen Löwen (1928)
Painted Faces:  Qi xiao fu (1988)
Paris Urchin:  Gamin de Paris (1953)
Pastoral Hide-and-Seek:  Den-en ni shisu (1974)
The Patent Leather Shoes of the Unknown Soldier:  Lachenite Obuvki na neznayniya voin (1979)
Pater Noster:  Isä meidän (1993)
Peace to Whom Enters: Mir vkhodyashchemu (1961)
A Pebble by the Wayside: Robo no ishi (1938)
The Pelican: Le pélican (1974)
Pelle the Conqueror:  Pelle erobreren (1984)
Perfect Circle:  Le cercle parfait (1996)
Peter and the Flying Bus: Peter en de vliegende autobus (1976)
Peter in the Snow: Peter im Schnee (1937)
Phatik and the Juggler:  Phatik Chand (1983)
Pippi Goes on Board:  Hår kommer Pippi Långstrump (tv, 1970-72)
Pippi in the South Seas:  Pippi Långstrump på de sju haven (1969)
Pippi in Taka-Tuka Land:  Pippi i Taka-Tuka Land (1970)
Pippi Longstocking: Pippi Långstrump (1968)
Pippi Longstocking:  Pippi Långstrump (tv, 1968)@
Pippi on the Run:  På rymmen med Pippi Långstrump (1970)
Playing at Soldiers :  Mali vojnici (1967)
Playing Indians:  Indianerspiel (1992)
Prelude to Glory:  Prélude à la Gloire (1949)
Pretty Boy: Smukke dreng (1993)
The Priest:  El Sacerdote (1978)
The Prince and the Pauper:  Prinz und Bettelknabe (1920)
A Proper Little Devil:  Un bon petit diable (1923)
A Proper Little Devil:  Un bon petit diable (1983)
Public Bath:  Eoksutang (1997)
Punta and the Four-Leaf Clover:  Punta a ctyrlístek (1955)
Quex the Hitler Youth:  Hitlerjunge Quex (1933)
Rain Falls in May:  Como a veces llueve en mayo (tv, 1999)
Reach for the Stars:  Griff nach den Sternen (tv, 1955)
Record of a Tenement Gentleman:  Nagaya shinshiroku (1947)
The Red Balloon:  Le ballon rouge (1956)
The Red Swan:  De Rode Zwaan (1999)
Requiem for a Beast: Nachruf auf eine Bestie (doc., 1983)
Return of Robin Hood:  Aaj Ka Robin Hood (1987)
The Revolving Doors:  Les portes tournantes (1988)
Road to Life:  Putyovka v Zhizn (1931)
Road to Life:  Pedagogicheskaya poema (1955)
Rubber Tarzan:  Gummi Tarzan (1981)
The Runaway:  Bari Theke Paliye (1959)
The Runner:  Dawandeh (1984)
Sacred Silence:  Pianese Nunzio, 14 anni a maggio (1996)
Sailors Without Stars:  Marinai senza stelle (1943)
Santa Claus is Every Child’s Father:  Tomten år far till alla barnen (1999)
Schoolboy Gerber:  Der Schüler Gerber (1981)
Scratches in the Table:  Madelief: Krassen in het tafelblad (1998)
Sebastian Out in the World:  Sébastien parmi les hommes (1967)
Seclusion Near a Forest: Na samote u lesa (1972)
Secret of the Iron Door:  Tayna zheleznoj dveri (1970
Secret – or What?:  Geheim – oder was? (tv, 1994)
Secret World:  La promesse (1969)
Shadow of Doubt:  L’ombre du doute (1993)
Shelter:  Abayam (1991)
Shoeshine:  Sciuscià (1946)
The Shop:  Der Laden (tv, 1988)
Short Trousers:  Culottes courtes (1955)
Shower of Gold:  Guldregn (1988)
A Silent Love:  Een stille liefde (1977)
Silver Mouth:  Sølvmunn (1981)
The Slingshot:  Kadisbellan (1993)
Soldier:  Vojnik (1965)
Something in the Air:  Něco je ve vzduchu (1980)
Somewhere in Berlin:  Irgendwo in Berlin (1946)
Somewhere in Europe:  Valahol Európában (1947)
Son of the Shark:  Le fils du requin (1993)
Spartacus and Kalashnikov:  Spartak i Kalashnikov (2002)
Spring in My Hometown:  Areumdawoon sheejul (1998)
The Story of a Small Town:  Hsiao-Ch’eng Ku-Shih (1979)
The Stranger’s Hand:  La mano dello straniero (1953)
Streetchild:  Gossenkind (1991)
Stubby:  Fimpen (1974)
Sugar Cottage:  Cukrová bouda (1980)
Summer in a Seashell:  Leto u Školjci (1985)
A Summer to Remember:  Seryozha (1960)
Summer Vacation 1999: 1999 – Nen no natsu yasumi (1988)
Tale of a Yellow Slipper:  Historia zóltej cizemki (1961)
Teasing the Gardener:  L’arroseur arrosé (1895)
Tender Cousins:  Tendres Cousines (1980)
That Cruel, Disgusting Boy:  Ten okrutny, nikczemny chlopac (1972)
That’s Life:  C’est la vie (1990)
There was a War When I was a Kid:  Kodomo no koro sensô ga atta (1981)
These Bloody Holidays:  Ces sacrées vacances (1955)
Thief:  Vor (1997)
This Man Must Die:  Que la bête meure (1969)
This Special Friendship:  Les amitiés particulières (1964)
Thomas the Restless One:  Thomas er fredløs (1967)
Thou, Which Art in Heaven:  Ti, koyto si na nebeto (1989)
Three Angels and Five Lions:  Tre engle og fem løver (1982)
Three Brothers:  Tri Brata (1999)
Three Chaotic Kids:  Trois enfants dans le désordre (1966)
The Three Drummer Boys:  Les trois tambours (1939)
Time of Ripening:  Reifezeit (1976)
Times Past:  Altri tempi (1951)
Timur’s Oath:  Klyatva Timura (1942)
Titi the First, King of Kids:  Titi premier, roi des gosses (1926)
Today in Berlin:  Oggi a Berlino (1963)
Tom Thumb:  Le petit poucet (1972)
Tom Thumb:  Spriditis (1985)
Tomas: a child out of reach:  Tomas – et barn du ikke kan nå (doc., 1981)
Tommy and the Wildcat:  Poika ja Ilves (1998)
Tomorrow’s Warrior:  Avrianos Polemistis (1981)
Tough Kids:  Patsani (1983)
The Toy:  Le jouet (1976)
The Tree of Knowledge:  Kundskabens træ (1981)
Tiko and the Shark:  Ti-Koyo e il suo pescecane (1962)
Timur and his Gang:  Timur i yego komanda (1940)
Train to Heaven:  Tåg till himlen / El tren al cielo (1989)
The Trapp Family:  Die Trapp-Familie (1956)
The Trapp Family in America:  Die Trapp-Familie in Amerika (1958)
Tree of Wooden Clogs:  Albero degli Zoccoli (1978)
Tsatsiki, Mom and the Policeman:  Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen (1999)
Tschetan the Indian Boy:  Tschetan der Indianerjunge (1972)
Two Acres of Land:  Do Bigha Zamin (1953)
Two and Two, Five:  Dos y dos, cinco (1980)
Two Crosses at Danger Pass:  Due croci a Danger Pass (1967)
Two Happy Fools:  Deux imbeciles heureux (1973)
Two Little Ragamuffins:  Los dos golfillos (1961)
The Two Rascals:  Los dos pilletes (1942)
Under Badger’s Rock:  Pod Jezevci skálou (1978)
Us Kids :  Nous les gosses (1941)
Valley of Peace:  Dolina miru (1956)
Village of Dreams:  Eno nakano bokuno mura (1996)
Violins of the Ball:  Les violons du bal (1973)
The Visitor:  Le visiteur (1946)
Volga Volga:  Wolga-Wolga (1928)Waiting:  Entezar (1974)
The Wall of Silence:  El muro de silencio (1975)
Want to Come with Me?:  Kommst du mit (tv, 19--)
War of the Buttons:  La guerre des boutons (1961)
The Wastrel:  Il relitto (1961)
Water, Wind, Sand:  Aab, Baad, Khak (1985)
We Could Have it So Good:  Vi kunde ha’ det saa rart (1942)
What have I done to deserve this?:  ¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto? (1984)
What Morgan Knew:  Ce que savait Morgan (tv, 1973)
When Father and Son:  Wenn der Vater mit dem Sohne (1955)
When Father Has Toothache:  Kun isällä on hammassärky (1923)
When I was 5, I Killed Myself:  Quand j’avais 5 ans je m'ai tué (1994)
Whiplash:  Vandarhögg (1980)
Whitey:  De Witte (1934)
Who Can Kill a Child?:  ¿Quién puede matar a un niño? (1976)
Why?:  Pourquoi? (1976)
Why Did Bodhi-Dharma Leave for the Orient?:  Dharmaga tongjoguro kan kkadalgun (1989)
Wild Flowers:  Les fleurs sauvages (1982)
Wild Game:  Wildwechsel (tv, 1972)
Wild Reeds:  Les roseaux sauvages (1994)
Wilderness Adventure:  Abentuer Wildnis (doc., 2000)
The Wind of Travel:  Vyatarat na pateshestviyata (1972)
With Children at the Seaside:  S Detza na More (1971)
With Nobody:  Pri nikogo (1974)
Without Family:  Sans famille (1912)
Without Family:  Sans famille (1925)
Without Family:  Sans famille (1934)
Without Family:  Sans famille (1957)
The Wooden Gun:  Roveh Huliot (1979)
Working Class Boy:  Proletardrengen (1915)
A World of Difference:  En verden til forskel (1989)
The World That Summer:  Die Welt in jenem Sommer (tv, 1980)
You Are Not Alone:  Du er ikke alene (1978)
Young Eagles:  Junge Adler (1944)
The 400 Blows:  Les quatre cents coups (1959)

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