three pairs of lovers with space



Vietnam in 1885

In footnote 4 to his 1889 survey of pederasty in China, the French physician J.-J. Matignon briefly described the sexual involvement with Vietnamese boys of French colonial officials whom he blamed for introducing pederasty to the country.

A far more detailed and lurid, but equally hostile account of ubiquitous pederasty in Annam was given soon afterwards in his Untrodden Fields of Anthropology (1893) by French army surgeon Jacobus X..., who was stationed there.

In a section on Vietnam in their Boys for Sale (1969), Drew and Drake briefly described boy prostitution during the French occupation

The English journalist Michael Davidson reported for several weeks from Saigon in 1949-50 and Hanoi late in 1950, and described his trysts with boys in both cities in his memoir Some Boys.

The afore-mentioned Drake, writing under his real name of Parker Rossman, recorded interviews with a European and an American soldier about their sexual liaisons with Vietnamese boys around the time of the Vietnam War.



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