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Italy's firm reputation in the Renaissance and earlier as the European country most favourable for Greek love endured into the middle of the twentieth century, so much so that she drew in many of the most famous pederasts from the more repressive countries of the north.

In surviving correspondence and memoirs from the 1890s to the 1960s, writers such as Oscar Wilde, Lord Alfred Douglas, André Gide, Frederick Rolfe, Norman Douglas, Michael Davidson and Roger Peyrefitte all enthused about the beauty and sexual willingness of Italian boys. The pederastic antics of the German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp in Capri led to a major scandal in 1902.

An American initiated in war-time Naples, 1943-67 begins as a soldier's account of his chance initiation into pederasty with a boy prostitute in war-time Naples.

Ischia, Island of Lavish Boys, 1951-3 is the aforementioned Davidson's account of his liaisons with its ever-willing adolescent inhabitants, "Rome" his description of the post-war venues for man/boy trysts in the Eternal City, Naughty Naples, 1958 an account of a misadventure in that city, and Catania in Sicily, 1959 his account of what he witnessed there of the open sexual antics of boys.

Modern Italy in Boys for Sale is a brief account of boy prostitution in the 20th century, mostly in Naples.

According to the Swedish photographer Nicola, who visited Naples in the 1970s and took stunning photographs of boys proudly disporting their beauty in minimal swimwear, during his first visit there was still a flourishing prostitution scene of boys of 13 or 14 "who cruised Via Roma around midnight", but it had disappeared by the time of his second visit.[1]


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