three pairs of lovers with space

BOOKS or book chapters at least half about Greek love that are neither fiction nor poetry nor historical (though some have historical information). Arranged in alphabetical order of the authors' surnames.

The grounds for treating a book as non-historical are that its focus is largely on Greek love as an eternal phenomenon rather than on the practise of Greek love in the past, but this distinction becomes hard to draw when the book itself belongs enough to the past that it is uncertain whether it is more useful for illuminating the phenomenon or its past.  Hence, some books in the historical section are also of non-historical interest, especially some of the oldest ones.


Bentham, Jeremy, Offences Against Oneself: Paederasty, written ca. 1785, but only finally published in the Journal of Homosexuality, (III 4 pp. 389-406 & IV 1 pp. 91-107, both 1978, edited by Louis Crompton).  Presented for reading here.

Brongersma, Edward,  Loving Boys,  2 vols., New York, 1986. A well-organised and readable study of boy-love by a Dutch senator who was the most prominent man of his time to be openly boysexual. Based on a lifetime of research and correspondence, and encyclopaedic in its coverage of every aspect of the subject, but historically unreliable.

Brunoz, Dr. O., Pedofilie, Amsterdam, 1960.  In Dutch.  Despite the title, a study of boy-love only, anecdotal in tone.

Burton, Sir Richard, "Pederasty", being Section D of the Terminal Essay to his The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night (1886).  Presented in full here.

Duvert, Tony, L'Enfant au masculin, Paris, 1980. In French only.

Eglinton, J.Z., Greek Love (originally USA, 1964, British edition, London, 1971).  A scholarly and ground-breaking study of pederasty, mostly devoted to addressing the social concerns about it most in vogue in the 1960s, but including some history and a useful anthology of literature.

Fraser, Dr. Morris, The Death of Narcissus, London, 1976.

Geraci, Joseph, Dares to Speak, Swaffham, 1977.

Gide, André, Corydon, 1924, translated from the French by Hugh Gibb, 1950.

Kincaid, James R., Child-Loving,  London, 1992.

Levine, Judith,  Harmful to Minors, Minneapolis, 2002.

O’Carroll, Thomas V., Paedophilia, The Radical Case, London, 1980. A well-argued and fearless challenge to the orthodoxies of the day condemning adult/child sex.  Though indeed about true paedophilia, regarding which it remains the best sympathetic exposition, its concern with British legal prohibitions meant that pederasty was taken on board too, and there was rather more content about boys than girls.

Ogrinc, Will H. L., Boyhood and Adolescence, Ephebophilia, Hebephilia, and Paedophilia: A Selective Bibliography, Quintes-feuilles, 2017.  A thorough bibliography of the named topics, with references in twenty-five languages ranging from the 16th century to the present.

Rossman, Parker,  Sexual Experience between Men and Boys,  original edition USA, 1976; British edition: London, 1979. 

Sandfort, Dr. Theo, Boys on their Contacts with Men: A Study of Sexually Expressed Friendships, New York, 1987.  Based on interviews conducted 1977-9 with 25 Dutch boys involved in Greek love.

Silverstein, Dr. Charles, "Love Between the Generations", a chapter in his Man to Man, New York, 1981.

Tsang, Daniel (editor), The Age Taboo: Gay Male Sexuality, Power and Consent, Boston, 1981.

Warren, Edward Perry, writing as Arthur Lyon Raile, A Defence of Uranian Love, privately printed 1928-30.



PERIODICALS mostly or entirely devoted to Greek love


The Chameleon: a Bazaar of Dangerous and Smiling Chances, one issue, London, 1894.  Edited by Oxford undergraduate John Francis Bloxam, a contribution by Oscar Wilde led to it becoming notorious during his trial.

Contact, at least one issue, London, 1981.  

Destroyer: Journal of Apollonian Beauty and Dionysian Homosexuality, 10 issues,  Prague & Berlin, 2006-10.

International Journal of Greek Love, 2 issues, Oliver Layton Press, New York, 1965-6.  Edited by J. Z. Eglinton and devoted mostly to the history of Greek love, no publication has ever been closer to the spirit of this website.  Scholarly and well-written.

Koinos, 73 issues, English and German, Amikejo Foundation, Amsterdam, 1993-2012.  

The Lover: journal of sexual politics, 4 issues, Berlin, 2015-17.

Magpie, at least 15 issues, London, 1977-81+.

Nambla Bulletin, 25 volumes,  New York, 1980-2005.

Nambla Journal, at least 7 issues, New York, 1980-86+.   

Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia, 12 issues, Stichting Paidika Foundation, Amsterdam, 1987-95.  A scholarly, literary and activist journal with an impressive editorial board of quite distinguished academics.  Despite the secondary title, the subject matter was much closer to the primary one (the Greek for a loved, typically adolescent, boy), there being relatively little material on either true paedophilia or "girl-love".  Many articles are of great historical interest, whilst others suffer from modern academic jargon.

Pan: a magazine about boy-love, 21 issues, Spartacus, Amsterdam, 1979-85.  Edited by Frank Torey and John D. Stamford. News, articles, reviews and very short stories, most interesting as a contemporary history of Greek love during six critical years in which high hopes were finally dashed.

P.I.E. Bulletin, London, Jan. 1981 

The Spirit Lamp: An Oxford Magazine without news, 4 issues, Oxford, 1892-3. Edited by Sandys Wason and Lord Alfred Douglas, and mostly poetry, the last issue had only a little, covert Greek love content.

Thamyris,  at least one issue, Ariel's Pages, New York, 2002-.