three pairs of lovers with space



Hubert Howe Bancroft’s monumental The Native Races of the Pacific States of North America, published in five volumes in New York in 1875-6, included several references to pederasty, while showing that much of the indiginous practise of it was in the form of gender-differentiated homosexuality, with boys adopting, apparently indefinitely, the behaviour of women.

Greek love in French Guiana, 1870s is a 19th-century French doctor's account of pederastic practices in a land then best-known for its brutal penal colonies.

Homosexuality Among Tramps by Josiah Flint is an authoritative essay, published in 1897 in the first scientific English-language study of homosexuality, which describes Greek love as the predominant form of sex amongst tramps and hoboes in the USA.

"Jockers" and "Punks" in the early 20th-century north-western USA explores the diverse reasons why working-class boys often sought out sexual relationships with men.

Scotty Bowers on his boyhood is an Illinois boy's account of his Greek love adventures in the 1930s, notable for the influence positively-felt early experience seems to have had in developing the narrator's lifelong pansexual enthusiasm, as suggested in a review here. It also brings to life the hustlers' scene in the Chicago of that era.

L'arrivée de Christophe Colomb by Pierre Joubert

An American initiated in war-time Naples, 1943-67 is the account of one George C. as to how he had become sexually enthusiastic about boys.  In the context of North America, where the notion of fixed sexual orientation had taken hold as firmly and as long as anywhere, and with far-reaching consequences for people's self-perception, George's account is especially interesting as an instance of the survival there into the 1960s of pre-modern assumptions about sexuality. George explains his willingness to try out sex with a boy as occasioned purely by his strong sex drive combined with circumstance, and his eventual preference for boys in middle age as learned from experience. Likewise, Ben, the boy with whom he had his most important affair, beside his need for love, wanted sex with men only because they offered an outlet for his exceptionally strong sexual urges, not because he was "gay".

Fifteen American case studies ranging in date from the 1930s to 1964 are presented in Some Uncomplicated Greek Love Affairs and Some Difficult Greek Love Affairs, two chapters from Greek Love by J. Z. Eglinton.

The United States in Boys for Sale by Drew and Drake (1969) is a short history of boy prostitution there. Boy Prostitution in New York in 1968, A survey of eighteen New York boy prostitutes and A biography of Len, a New York pimp are parts of their detailed survey of New York in the late 1960s for the same book.

Writing under the pen name of Casimir Dukahz,  Brian Otto Drexel (1909-88), an American boysexual (to use the word he coined himself) wrote four successive books recounting his sexual adventures with boys: The Asbestos Diary, Vice Versa, It's a Boy, and Growing Old Disgracefully. Unsurprisingly, he obscured the question of whether they were memoirs or fiction with the typically witty disclaimer that "all characters and incidents ... are impurely imaginary". However, word on the grapevine is that, allowing for a little literary license, they were very autobiographical, and thus they are presented here as a valuable and amusing illumination into ways that pederasty was practised in the United States between 1946 and the latish 1970s, an era when it was repressed, but not yet hysterically so.